The Game of Lives Michael used to live to game Now the games he was playing have become all too real Only weeks ago Sinking into the Sleep was fun The VirtNet combined the most cutting edge technology and the most sop

  • Title: The Game of Lives
  • Author: James Dashner
  • ISBN: 9780385741439
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Michael used to live to game.Now the games he was playing have become all too real Only weeks ago, Sinking into the Sleep was fun The VirtNet combined the most cutting edge technology and the most sophisticated gaming for a full mind body experience And it was Michael s passion But now every time Michael Sinks, he risks his life.The games are over The VirtNet has becoMichael used to live to game.Now the games he was playing have become all too real Only weeks ago, Sinking into the Sleep was fun The VirtNet combined the most cutting edge technology and the most sophisticated gaming for a full mind body experience And it was Michael s passion But now every time Michael Sinks, he risks his life.The games are over The VirtNet has become a world of deadly consequences, and Kaine grows stronger by the day The Mortality Doctrine Kaine s master plan has nearly been realized, and little by little the line separating the virtual from the real is blurring If Kaine succeeds, it will mean worldwide cyber domination And it looks like Michael and his friends are the only ones who can put the monster back in the box if Michael can figure out who his friends really are.

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    1. Edit: 11/23/2015So, it's out now.I'll probably pick it up eventually. Edit: 7/16/15Am I the only one who keeps thinking this book is titled The Game of Lies!?12/14/14I began reading The Mortality Doctrine trilogy, because The Maze Runner is the best YA dystopian trilogy I have ever read. That being said, I had high expectations for this. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with this trilogy so far, in fact, I'm fairly excited for The Game of Lives, but I think the first two books, The Eye of Minds [...]

    2. My feeling with any Dasher series that I've read is that he can't sustain the story. His first books are great and the rest just seem to fall apart.

    3. Originally posted onFables Library Well everyone's over. One of my most anticipated books of the year is done. I just finished it, maybe I cried a few tears, maybe I sat in awe for a few seconds. Maybebut it's now over. What I LikedEverything about The Game of Lives rose the stakes. There were bigger battles and bigger consequences. The final battle was by far my favorite, it was chilling, horrifying, awesome all at once. James Dashner wrote the last battle so well you could see the scene like i [...]

    4. The Game of Lives is an amazing last book for a series like the Mortality Doctrine series. James Dashner captures trust, action, and even a little bit of love and emotion into the story. In the story, Michael's heart gets completely broken when one of his best friends and to-be girlfriend dies. I can relate to what he is feeling because I also lost someone really close to me once because of death. I was able to really feel what Michael was feeling during the scene and it made me picture Michael [...]

    5. I'm so disappointed. I had waited for this book for a year, and I had loved the two other books in the series so much that I even recommended them to my friends. I loved this world of codes and games, and the fast pace of the book.Then I picked up The Game of Lives.It felt like someone else had written this book, than the one who had written the previous two books. The writing was just not working. Every sentence on half a page could start with "He", and I felt like a robot when reading. My thou [...]

    6. En realidad un 3,5.La batalla final pone punto final a la trilogía de James Dashner "La doctrina de la mortalidad", una saga de ciencia ficción juvenil donde todo es posible. El juego infinito y Revolución fueron unas grandes lecturas llenas de adrenalina y acción, tenía muchas ganas de saber como acababa y en líneas generales el autor le ha dado un buen desenlace. Tenemos una trama que evoluciona al mismo ritmo que los personajes, que nos da una sorpresa en cada vuelta de hoja y donde hab [...]

    7. Pucha, lo encontré super fome y me sorprendió enormemente porque el final del segundo libro fue perfecto. Encontré muy light el libro que se supone que tiene que cerrar todos los conflictos de los libros anteriores. Tenía plot twist más predecibles que la chucha. Realmente no me gustó nada del libro, de lo único que estoy feliz es de terminar la trilogía y decirle chao por siempre a este autor.

    8. ¿Y quién dice qué es real y qué no lo es?.Me encantó, me atrapó igual que las otras entregas, peeero a ese epílogo le falto un poco más, no nos puedes dejar así Jamesssssss.

    9. Few people have a legitimately brilliant mind, but the seeds of genius were always evident in James Dashner, and his Mortality Doctrine trilogy had perhaps the greatest potential of any series he wrote. The line between reality and fiction is so blurred in these novels that the two are indistinguishable, gaming technology having advanced to the point that we're left questioning the authenticity of our life experiences. Are our joys and sorrows our own, the purely organic result of the decisions [...]

    10. Well, at least the author has been consistent through most of this series. I honestly don't know why I read the sequels; perhaps I thought it might get better, or Dashner would learn something about computer programming. I won't bother complaining about those issues since it's the same as previous entries. I'm not sure if I complained about the dialogue much in the first two books, but there as well as here it's clumsy and amateurish. I guess I'm still surprised when it was so much better in The [...]

    11. This book was really good and I enjoyed it a lot! I got shocked during the middle of the book and the ending left me wondering what was going to happen next. I hope James Dashner writes a fourth book or maybe another book explaining what happened to Sarah. The ending was perfect and it was simply amazing. I don't even know to describe the ending; it was just wow(in a good way). There were sooo many twists and turns! The book was full of action which just made me like it even more. The stakes are [...]

    12. An ok end to the series. I wasn't too into this final installment. The concept is cool, but the story itself was pretty boring. I didn't really feel any like or dislike for any of the characters, and I skimmed and skipped at least 30% without feeling that I'd missed any of the important details. I can't remember why I gave the last two books 4 stars, because I don't remember much about them, but I'm not surprised to rate this final book so low. I had the same problem with The Maze Runner trilogy [...]

    13. Okay so yeah this was not the best book To be completely honest, it was boring and slow at the beginning and the whole book just sounded weird to me, like if Dashner didn't know hat he was talking about.Okay so let me start at the beginning with this BTW there will be major SPOILERS, so watch out.This book is about a guy named Michael he's a Tangent, a computer program in a realistic game that's called Lifeblood Deep. The bad guy Kaine created a program that makes Tangents get installed into a h [...]

    14. *cracks knuckles* Ok, let's do this.This is quite possibly the worst book I have ever forced myself to read. I enjoyed the first book of the series because the plot held most of my attention, but the second book was much less exciting; I noticed more issues in that one than I did in the first simply because the plot did not hold my attention. Then, there's this third book. It took every ounce of willpower I have just to finish it, and I can't say that I'm happy I made myself do it. This book was [...]

    15. I generally don't write reviews, but this was the first book that I have ever given 1* to. Granted I did not love the first two books in the series, but they were better than this. The references to "the code" and "coding" just irked me. I Loved the Maze Runner books, part of the reason I gave this series a shot, but after finishing the Rule of Thoughts about a year ago, I was very underwhelmed. I found myself cranking the read speed on my audible app to x3, just to get through it faster. Not be [...]

    16. 3.5/5 starsThis one definitely wasn't as good as the first two books in the series but I do think this series was much better than The Maze Runner. This book got to be a little confusing at times because there was a lot more talk of coding and the likes than in the other books and it was more complex talk about that stuff. It was more fun when they were going through a virtual world and battling stuff, etc. I still enjoyed the series though! Overall series rating: 4/5

    17. leslecturesdemylene/2017/20 - Un final haut en couleur qui ne nous laisse pas respirer et qui nous apporte toutes les réponses que l'on en attendait !

    18. the games are over. this trilogy is over and i am sad and happy at the same time, i have waited nearly a whole year for this book to come out but i will way this the beginning of the book started off slow but from the middle to the end it had me hooked and i was along for the journey with the characters to finish this off once and for all. I thank james so much for adding the prologue at the beginning of the book because i had forgotten what had happened at the end of the second book, i have not [...]

    19. In dit derde deel van The Mortality Doctrine was gamen Michael's lust en leven, nu is elke inlog een risico voor eigen leven. Het VirtNet is een dodelijke omgeving geworden en Kaine wordt elke dag sterker. De sterfelijkheidsdoctrine is bijna volledig uitgevoerd en de grens tussen de echte wereld en de virtuele wereld is zo goed als niet meer te onderscheiden. Om alles terug recht te zetten zoals het was zal Michael moeten uitzoeken wie hij kan vertrouwen en met deze vrienden alles op het spel mo [...]

    20. Michael y sus amigos siguen en una lucha casi interminable con kaine y tratando de desenredar la maraña que produce la SRV. Pero la batalla final a llegado y solo uno será el vencedor hay que ver si Michael, Bryson y Shara estan a la altura de los acontecimientos.A llegado el final del Juego Infinito, saga que me traía con los nervios de punta hasta el libro anterior. Que paso con este último? Le falto le falto ese factor sorpresa al que me tenian acostumbrada los libros anteriores, eso de d [...]

    21. As expected, the general of the Dashner Army concludes this series in style. Lingering questions about Kaine, the Tangents, and the Mortality Doctrine are answered - usually in the form of wild and crazy plot twists, natch. The ultimate endgame of this series has some of the more shocking results of any of this year's best YA releases - including the unexpected, and quite unwanted, death of a major character, one who has a little something in common with another YA character who was killed off t [...]

    22. La abundante acción está dividida entre el mundo real, cada vez más sumido en el caos por la acción de los tangentes, y la red, donde tendrán lugar las acciones que realmente pueden marcar la diferencia. No contaré mucho más, la trama se vuelve mucho más compleja y centrada en Seguir leyendo

    23. Yet another good book and such a great ending to the story Spoilers coming But did he really have to leave it on Michael putting Sarah back together!?!?! Is she gonna come back? What is she going to think coming back as a program rather then a human!!!! The world will never know. Maybe that will be dashners next book series! But seriously I loved every book of this series and I'm glad I read them.

    24. I really enjoyed the series. I would recommend it to people who are avid readers. I loved the characters, but I thought the romance between Michael and Sarah wasn't the best. This author is amazing with the battle scenes and the plot, but I think he needs to work on his romance and girl characters.

    25. The Mortality Doctrine series by James Dashner This is a full series review I had fallen in LOVE with the Maze Runner series - I have yet to read the prequels thought - and I was so excited when I first heard about The Eye of Minds and I was like YES I'm going to live in another James Dashner world with plot twists, enemies, deaths and friendships and a great protagonist……….but I left this series feeling a little bit…. There were certainly a number of enjoyable factors but overall I have [...]

    26. THINGS I LOVED:The concept. It’s complex and energetic. The lines between virtual reality and real life have blurred so well that even those who think they’re human are fooled. Code is so advanced that consciousness is connected to chunks of data that form virtual people sans bodies and “real” people seriously cannot tell the difference. It’s epic and terrifying at the same timeDY SNATCHING. Usually this is a thing for aliens but holy horror, tech that can invade your brain and force y [...]

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