Living by Ear What happens when the world you love doesn t press pause when you do Singer songwriter Christine Daley hit the streets of Boston and became a minor celebrity with a local radio hit in the s but a s

  • Title: Living by Ear
  • Author: Mary Rowen
  • ISBN: 9781620155325
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • What happens when the world you love doesn t press pause when you do Singer songwriter Christine Daley hit the streets of Boston and became a minor celebrity with a local radio hit in the 90s, but a short career break to marry and have kids changed everything Now, sixteen years later, she s a frustrated suburban housewife, struggling to find her place in life After fiWhat happens when the world you love doesn t press pause when you do Singer songwriter Christine Daley hit the streets of Boston and became a minor celebrity with a local radio hit in the 90s, but a short career break to marry and have kids changed everything Now, sixteen years later, she s a frustrated suburban housewife, struggling to find her place in life After filing for divorce, she learns that her attempts to reestablish her own rhythms both in music and in love are complicated than she d anticipated Her two teenagers are desperate for their mom, and her soon to be ex husband is throwing every obstacle he can in her way Adding to the stress is the progress in technology, which has not only changed the music industry, but also the dating world Is there room in the mix for Chris

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    1. Living by Ear is a wonderful story that is about a woman who strives to reestablish her music career and balance the needs of her family after getting a divorce. Set in Boston and told in the first person narrative, and alternating between the present and flashbacks to the 1990s, the reader follows the journey of Christine Daley as she rediscovers who she is and what she wants after being a suburban housewife for the past sixteen years.Back in the 1990s, Christine Daley was a struggling Boston s [...]

    2. I'd never come across Mary Rowen before but I read a very interesting interview with her on A Woman's Wisdom blog, thought this book looked good and downloaded it straight away. I just had a quick look at it to see what it was like, thinking I'd get to it at some point over the next couple of months - but I just kept reading it!Ms Rowen is a terrific writer, so talented. I loved every bit of this, there were no boring bits to skip read, no sections that sounded a bit contrived or unfeasible, and [...]

    3. This book is such a fun, fabulous read, I definitely recommend it! The author is a friend and she gave me a copy of this book. I thank her heartily for it, because it's really a terrific read. The story centers on Chris Daley, a woman in the process of divorce. She spent her younger life as a busker on the streets of Boston (and Boston folks will get a kick out of visiting lots of familiar locations), but she gave it all up to become a suburban mom. Now, with two teenaged kids who are struggling [...]

    4. I always quake when someone I know asks me to read a novel she wrote. Will I like it? What will I say if I don't? I didn't have to worry with Living by Ear, which I read in three large gulps. Mary's characters definitely came to life, especially the protagonist, Chris. I loved the music references and the setting in Boston and suburbs, much of which I could recognize - from Alewife to Boston Common, and the Starbucks in "Elkington Center" - been there. I found myself wanting a little more plot d [...]

    5. The brilliantly drawn and animated characters in this novel feel like people living down the street in your own neighborhood, but who knew that your neighbors could have such rich pasts and inner lives? And who knows what unexpectedly satisfying futures are just around the corner? It's hard to say much without spoiling the story, and I hate finding out too much when I read a review, so I will just say, this story of coming of age again and again will resonate with every woman, wife, mother, frie [...]

    6. Living by Ear is one of those books that changes how you view people you come across in real life forever. I will never pass someone playing music on the streets without thinking about this book. It was creative and interesting and I literally read it in a day. It made my heart ache as a mother. And it made me want to pick up the instrument sitting on the shelf in my closet and take it for a little practice. I’ve read two books by this author and I’m a fan for life. I’ll never pass up the [...]

    7. Living by Ear is a lovely, lyrical novel that tells the story of a musician who has put her career on hold to raise a family and her determination to return to the music scene in her mid-40s. On some level it is a position that most women can identify with. Chris Daley, the protagonist, is a likeable, relatable character who tells her story like she is talking to a friend in an easy and enjoyable conversation. I personally like a novel with a strong voice, and I found that here. Beautifully and [...]

    8. Living By Ear caught my attention right away. I could relate to the main character, although there were times I wished she would stand up for herself more. As a mother of teenagers,I could relate to many of the life complications and sacrifices that the main character faced and I cheered for her as she began to find her way.

    9. I loved this book. It had a calm, authentic voice, with entirely believable characters and a great plot line. I was sad to see it draw to a conclusion because the reading experience was so soothing and enjoyable. I wanted to continue on with the protagonists journey.Satisfying, compelling, and original. Loved it. Please write more!

    10. Very satisfying read!!! Characters are really well developed. The story moved quickly and was very relatable for women of all ages! Solid first novel by this author.would love to read another

    11. I'm a music fanatic, so when I saw this book pop up I knew I had to join the tour. Living By Ear is not just a story about music, it's a story about life, struggle, and finding your muse in the midst of everything falling apart.Christine is ready for some major changes in her life, but they all seem to hit her at once. Obstacle after obstacle hits her as she tries to embrace her new life and what she can do with it now. In a world where everything changes, adjustments are must but they aren't ea [...]

    12. This is a snapshot in the life of Chris, a mum who gave up a promising music career to raise her family. Despite the lack of support from her would-be Senator, soon-to-be ex-husband she decides to try and rekindle the interest in her music and sets out to try various ways of getting back in the game. Everything she tries is marred in some way by her meddling husband and life itself but talent will always find a way, won't it?Chris's story could be one of many women who have put their own wishes [...]

    13. I received a review copyI think I’ve said this plenty of times in my reviews, but I love when I connect with books that I don’t expect to. I was curious about the story from reading the blurb and I thought the cover was fascinating, but I connected with Chris on a level that I didn’t see coming. Her story is real and has depth and was so well-written by Rowen. There isn’t any gimmicks, any outlandish scenes or jaw-dropping moments, just smooth transitions between past and present as we f [...]

    14. I was delighted to receive this book from Giveaways!Christine, a middle aged mom who is trying to reconnect with her true self. Former celebrity with a local radio hit in the 1990s, but she took a short career break to marry and have kids. After several changes in her life, she is trying to navigate and figure-out her new life.I would recommend this book and Any music fan will enjoy this book too.

    15. I really enjoyed this book. Chris Daley struggles to keep her "sense of self" and her music alive as she marries a Lawyer/want to be senator. After 2 kids, years of marriage and a pending divorce she tries to get back to her roots. This was a quick, easy read and the characters ring true.

    16. An evocative portrait of the conflicts of a musician and mother in midlife crisis. I enjoyed the depictions of the Boston music scene from the 1980s to now . . . and the struggles of an artist to maintain her integrity amid family pressures, personal ambition, and a changing industry.

    17. Fans of the Boston area will enjoy the landmarks making regular appearances throughout this little confection of a book. Not too heavy, not too light. This book was a read that was "just right."

    18. I actually had a very difficult time deciding how I wanted to rate this book. I did enjoy reading it and many aspects of the book felt very realistic in both the emotions and the situations that evolve throughout. However, I had a very difficult time connecting with Chris. Yes, her ex-husband was a jerk in more ways than one and he wronged her in so many ways. However, she made the decisions and choices that she made as well and I felt like she needed to completely own those so she could move fo [...]

    19. Great story. Chris is such a good mom and sacrificed so long got her kids. So glad that in the end she removed the toxic people from her life, realized the important friendships and was able to pursue her passion. Story is as very believable. [some swearing]

    20. Living by Ear Whether you are a music lover or not, you will appreciate this insightful and inspirational novel.Thank you, Mary Rowan for writing Living by Ear and thank you, Bruce Springsteen for writing the lyrics and recording Working on a Dream which won the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Solo.This story is about a dream and not giving up.Living by Ear begins in 1992 in the Boston area and its main character, Chris Daley, is a young, very talented busker. Music is her who [...]

    21. This is Mary Rowen's first novel. Living by Ear finds Christine (Chris) going through a divorce after being married to Mr. Attorney-at-Law who wants to be a politician. Chris met her soon-to-be ex when she was in her 20s, "busking" for a living. I had no idea what that meant, but it turns out it's what street performers are doing. Chris was a singer/songwriter on the rise, but her new husband wanted her to stay home with their kids. After sixteen years of putting her career on hold for her famil [...]

    22. Having very much enjoyed Rowen's other book, Leaving the Beach, I picked this one up as an encore. And although I liked the Leaving the Beach's bulemic, wacky, delusional but endearing protagonist slightly more than more pedestrian (sort of) suburban mom protagonist of this book, the writing style I enjoyed in the first book was also present in the second. For me, there is a Wackiness Scale for characters: If you are not wacky enough, you may bore me, but if you are too wacky, I can't relate to [...]

    23. This book, still, weeks after completion lingers with me. I didn’t think I would have much in common with the protagonist, Christine Daley, and I wasn’t all that familiar with the busking scene. But it didn’t matter. Because that wasn’t the focus of the book.Living by Ear is a story about falling in and out of love, with others, and ourselves. It is a story about passion, about commitment, about finding the perfect balance in life. It is a story about priorities and how they change. It i [...]

    24. Mary Rowen's novel, Living by Ear, is a work of literary fiction, but like all the best books, resonates with authenticity and heart. Anybody that has ever had to put aside their hopes and ambitions to take care of someone else will be struck deeply by Rowen's protagonist, Christine.On the verge of breaking into a national career, Boston busker (or street musician), Christine puts her musical ambitions on hold to marry and have children. Though she aches to tend to her dried up ambitions, Christ [...]

    25. I really liked how this moves randomly between chapters set in the present day and at previous times in Chris’s life – you’d never know where or when you’d be reading about in the next one. It didn’t seem slow or predictable or like it dragged at all. And maybe I’ve read too many books but so many seem like they’ve one or all of those problems to me lately. So Living by Ear was a refreshing change for me.Living By Ear was very enjoyable and it kept me reading because I had question [...]

    26. The only reason I'm not giving this five stars is because I found the ending a tad abrupt. Other than that I really enjoyed this. I read it in one sitting all huddled up under my blankets. The author does a great job utilizing flash back, which are usually not my favorite thing. I really liked the main character, she was strong when she needed to be, and I really loved the idea that there is no age limit on living your dreams.

    27. Quite enjoyed this book, although I often wanted to get behind the main character and give her a big push!

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