The Desperate Love of a Lord From Kindle bestselling Historical romance author Jane Lark comes a brand new FREE novella to accompany her breathtakingly beautiful Regency series Fiercely independent Lady Violet Rimes the merry

  • Title: The Desperate Love of a Lord
  • Author: Jane Lark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From Kindle bestselling Historical romance author, Jane Lark, comes a brand new FREE novella to accompany her breathtakingly beautiful Regency series.Fiercely independent, Lady Violet Rimes, the merry widow, has played the town, dangling men from leashes like a pack of adoring hounds, always the one in control She has never let a man toy with her.An idle, attractive rake,From Kindle bestselling Historical romance author, Jane Lark, comes a brand new FREE novella to accompany her breathtakingly beautiful Regency series.Fiercely independent, Lady Violet Rimes, the merry widow, has played the town, dangling men from leashes like a pack of adoring hounds, always the one in control She has never let a man toy with her.An idle, attractive rake, Lord Geoffrey Sparks has had little to do other than enjoy life He has let Violet play her games for months without complaint, because he likes her company and admittedly her bed But in recent months he s found himself gravitating towards her and Things have changed between them He likes her for who she is and not simply the notorious widow He thought his feelings were returned, but Why then has she suddenly vanished from town without a word A couple of months ago, she d complained about his friend being a heartbreaker, but now Violet is breaking his heart

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    One thought on “The Desperate Love of a Lord”

    1. I was not impressed by this book as you can see by my rating. The H felt wet behind the ears to me. He is written as being in love with a women 7 years his senior. Geoffrey Sparks can not understand why after three days of visiting his lovers house at various times he can not seem to gain a response. That is because she has fled. "Lady" Violet Rimes has consulted a doctor and learned her fears are true, she is five months pregnant. While she claims a deep love for Geoff she feels that if she con [...]

    2. In this book the role of rake was played by Violet which was a welcome flip from normal regency era books, this was a novella for like most this length had to a lot of the development in the telling and not the length of the story unfolding. I understand that this book is part of a series and this one wet my appetite enough with the story of a strong widow, and the man who starts out as just another conquest and ends up so much more through a series of misunderstandings and trials. I liked the s [...]

    3. DelightfulThoroughly enjoyable ! Storyline flows easily from page to imagination, with characters you will love. Have a seat with a cup of tea and enjoy

    4. Author Jane Lark's The Desperate Love of a Lord is a novella that's free on . I am not into historical romance or romance in general, but I was in the mood for something quick and light, which is why I picked up this novella. Although it was very silly for my taste, it served its purpose of being a light and quick read that was, at the same time, nice as well. This is the story of Violet and Geoff, a man who is younger to her by seven years. Violet is now a widow and she meets Geoff for purely p [...]

    5. Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+I loved the character of Lady Violet Rimes in 'The Passionate Love of a Rake', despite her scandalous ways she always seemed a little sad. In this novella, Violet's secrets are revealed and they prove too damning, even for her to brazen out, amid the 'haute ton'.This short story has all the emotion, heartache and passionate romance, you find in the longer stories but it is faster paced and more [...]

    6. When I heard Jane was releasing this novella as part of her Marlowe series I couldn’t wait to read it, I immediately put this on pre order.Jane takes us back to a time where everyone travelled by horse drawn carriage and sex before marriage happens but is frowned upon when the inevitable happens, don’t forget there was no contraception back then. I was effortlessly pulled back to this time and I soon loved characters I had met before.Lady Violet Rimes courts scandal and had never hidden away [...]

    7. A sweet love story about two people finding love when they thought it was impossible.Lady Violet Rimes has lost her husband, she found her distraction in the form of Lord Geoffrey Sparks. They enjoy one another's company in and out of the bedroom. Violet discovers she's pregnant and runs away without saying a word to Geoffrey. He shows up at her home to be told by a servant that she has left with no information of where she is or if she will ever be back. So like any man in love Geoffrey sets ou [...]

    8. There were a couple of editing issues like the word "here" being used instead of "hear" but otherwise a nice read. It was different from some Regency books I have read in that the lady wasn't a paragon of virtue and as a "merry widow" was not unafraid to play the field. Also rather different was that it was an older woman and a younger man who were the main characters of the book, possibly the first time I have seen it done within this genre.Geoff (Lord Sparks) is passionate, caring and totally [...]

    9. Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?The Desperate Love of a Lord is a novella that accompanies the Marlow Intrigues by Jane Lark. I love this series. It's a definite favorite of mine, however this time the story felt very rushed. I felt like I didn't really get to know Violet or Geoffrey as much as I could have. There was a little bit of a role reversal. Violet was the promiscuous "scoundrel" in this case, and Geoffrey seemed more the monogamous fellow, which I really liked. That was fun and dif [...]

    10. Geoffrey Sparks and Violet Rimes story was a very short story. If you have followed Jane Lark's series, this was tying up nicely the loose ends of these two characters. It was very fast paced and very touching. I look forward to more of Jane Lark's stories, but I would love if they were longer than these short novellas. She is a great author, so I would ask for longer stories. I know her material can produce full length great stories.

    11. I wasn't too fond of this book I have to admit. It fell short and ended rather abruptly leaving me wondering, why I wasted my time on this book. I did enjoy the reversed roles where Lady Violet was the rake, but there could have been so much more character play involved, rather than Lord Geoffrey chasing after her when she left town. It felt thrown together and it was a disappointing read, to say the least.

    12. Jane Lark did it again! A lovely addition to the Marlowe opus. I liked Violet in The Passionate Love of a Rake - her fierce loyalty and her devil-may-care surface were very appealing. She deserved her own happy ending, and Sparks was the man to give it to her. A lovely little story that I devoured in one sitting.

    13. CuteViolet is a widow who has been carrying on with a man seven years her senior. Geoff. When she finds that she is with child she leaves without word to anyone, trying to avoid a scandal.After learning Violet has left, Geoff is devastated. He doesn't understand why she would leave, what he did wrong, so he sets out to find her.

    14. Very quick read. I enjoyed the story and the characters. Sometimes a quick novella is exactly what is needed. Violet and Geoff were content with the affair they were having. Violet was a widow that had made all the rules clear before starting up with Geoffrey. When Violet gets some unexpected news she has to rethink her situation and moves away. I enjoyed this book.

    15. A totally predictable story, that while short seems too long because's totally predictable. It was free, so I almost feel as if I should give it another star, but can't, because predictability of the 'total' sort is inherently boring. It's well written, but that doesn't help much.

    16. I enjoyed reading this novella. It was a sweat romance that blossomed from scandalous characters. We also get a sneak peak into the next book and it already has me wanting to keep reading more. Worth it!

    17. Its a free novella with Violet's story - definitely worth putting the kettle on and reading.Its refreshing to have a regency romance about an older "naughty" lady and her young carefree lover.Cute, easy to read but not one that sticks in your mind for that long.

    18. One of her best; this story builds with tension and yearning, beautifully crafted in her own true style.

    19. Too short to rate or for me to even think anything of it. Everything happened so quickly. Not enough development. But it's only 2.5 and I haven't read the previous books so. :D

    20. This is a very short story. I liked it. I would have liked to have more story about Violet and Geoffrey's relationship prior to Violet leaving town. 3.5 stars.

    21. Great story.Way short but so good. Thank you Jane Lark for giving us,a happy ever after for Violet. I really enjoy all the stories in this series.

    22. Wish I could give 2.5Free on , cheesy, short so a bit rushed, cheesy, too much lust not enough love, did I mention cheesy?

    23. The Desperate Love of a LordA light, entertaining historical romance. Typical Cinderella type story, that can be quickly read, but definitely escapism from everyday problems.

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