His No Matter What Dear Author I m both nervous and excited about my big brother attending my college graduation I ve always looked up to him but something changed when I was about thirteen He d gone away to college an

  • Title: His, No Matter What
  • Author: S.J. Lenox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,I m both nervous and excited about my big brother attending my college graduation.I ve always looked up to him, but something changed when I was about thirteen He d gone away to college and came home for Thanksgiving Any lingering doubts about my sexuality vanished It had just been a few months, but somehow he looked very different older, hotter, sophiDear Author,I m both nervous and excited about my big brother attending my college graduation.I ve always looked up to him, but something changed when I was about thirteen He d gone away to college and came home for Thanksgiving Any lingering doubts about my sexuality vanished It had just been a few months, but somehow he looked very different older, hotter, sophisticated.I know I shouldn t feel this way about my brother, and I swear I ve tried to stop thinking of him in that way But no guy I ve been with has measured up to him I haven t seen him since before I started college, but I ll never forget the way he looked at me that last time It gave me hope that he might feel the same for me.This weekend, I m going to find out.Photo Description The young man, his defined chest bared and jeans hanging loosely around his hips, stares out from the picture From beneath the shadow of his sweater s hood his eyes glitter, dark and enticing but troubled His hands are clasped behind his back, as though he s trying to stop himself from reaching out to grab something or someone.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

    • Free Read [Suspense Book] ☆ His, No Matter What - by S.J. Lenox ✓
      432 S.J. Lenox
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    One thought on “His, No Matter What”

    1. BROCEST!(This is my brocest smile)I love brocest, better than twincest especially with a decent age gap. (5 years, don't freak) *owns the pervosity*Other than my prompt, this was the one I wanted to read the most. And it was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Some parts dragged but overall, le yum. I bought the desperation and lust between Adam and Patrick. Nine years worth of longing and that was a smutty ending. And we get a HEA too? Well for brothers. I really liked it. There was a plot, we g [...]

    2. This is bad. This is really, really bad.For starters, incest is great, incest is cool and fine and dandy (in romance - I wouldn't know about real life, but to each their own), but what was going on between Adam and Patrick felt creepy as fuck. On Adam's part, it felt more like sibling worship plus sexual obsession than a crush, or love, or whatever it was meant to feel like. On Patrick's side well, let's just say the unbrotherly feelings began to make an appearance long before Adam was age-appro [...]

    3. Brocest. Gotta love who you love. Little rushed in the transition, but nice yearning and then plentiful smexing after they finally came together. They felt like brothers, but were in that suspended reality with no interactions with outsiders until the end. Hard to get across emotions and motivations in a short time, but pretty convincing.

    4. I can't believe I'm rating a brocest novel 4 stars considering I try to stay away from this genre. But you know what? It surprised me. I adore the type of angst that's a result of unrequited feelings and this was done so well that in the end it didn't matter to me that the two MCs were brothers. Adam has been the faithful puppy to his older brother, tagging along wherever he went, and adoring him his whole life. At 13, he begins to realize that not only is he gay, but he has some serious feeling [...]

    5. 2.5 stars rounded up.Well, I love brocest, not an issue for me. Not so keen on the under age issue (view spoiler)[ clearly there was lust occurring from Patrick at 18/19 for when Adam was 13, icky to my mind, sorry, but more squicky to me than incest could ever be(hide spoiler)]. The issues in this story for me were the nine years no contact whatsoever. None. Between two very close, loving brothers (out of the gutters people, I'm not even talking romantic love, I mean purely fraternal at present [...]

    6. Great. Except for the butter. Butter is not lube. Butter should never be used as lube. Never. *shudders* ;POther than that, loved it quite a bit. Though i have always been a very kinky girl.4.5 stars

    7. Thank you, S.J. Lenox, for taking on my prompt with the "taboo" subject and coming through with such a lovely story. Even just the title had me excited and anxious for the storyrfectly capturing the tone I'd hoped for.I loved both these boys and am now joyfully imaging where they go from hereould you ever feel inclined to write a sequel. ;-)

    8. Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!Hmm, well, the story doesn't really fit the picture at all. The brothers both have black hair, Patrick has a hairy chest and Adam is scrawny. Weird, but okay. Given the subject matter, this was a fairly light read for me. Of course there is angst initially as Adam worries over his feelings, but once the guys get together it goes pretty easily and is pretty hot. They are b [...]

    9. I always thought that I wouldn't like a story about this subject matter and I have come across a few that just shouldn't have gone there, but then you find a story like this. This was so well done and the character so sweet and so torn over their feelings you can't help but root for them. It also makes you wonder if sometimes Fate or Mother Nature or God, whatever you believe in, just doesn't get it right the first time. That maybe they make a mistake in putting soul mates in the wrong roles and [...]

    10. I liked this story. Even though the love is there between both of brothers, they struggle with their feelings for many years. Finally, they are able to go against society's views and enter a relationship. They loved each other will all their heart and being. Adam and Patrick are brothers. Patrick has been away from Adam for nine years. Patrick has finally came home to Adam and Adam is an emotional roller coaster. Their type of love, is the kind that involves sexual fantasies. Adam has craved his [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI read this while sleep deprived, so unfortunately I don't have many coherent thoughts about it other than it was hot, and I loved the way the author was able to show the depth of their feelings for each other through their actions (the way they looked at one another, lingering touches, etc). Good stuff.

    12. I loved this story. It was sooo sweet, such a great build up of sexual tension and a beautiful happily ever after. The sex was soooooo deliciously hot (what can I say I love some brocest) hmm definitly will re read when I'm after a short, sweet and satisfyingly sexy story.

    13. A lovely brocest story with a nice age gap. The timeline moved a little much for me, but the overall relationship was well developed.

    14. Writing was awkward and over-wraught, spoiling some pretty hot sex scenes--brothers or no brothers.

    15. 3.5 starsI feel weird for liking this. Considering I try to stay away from this genre.But they clearly hopelessly in love with each other and I feel the chemistry between them. :)Thank you for participating in this event and sharing this with us, dear author^^

    16. I don't want to get into any ethical debate over this, but I actually enjoyed it. I was recommended this by one of the Stable at Boymeetsboy Reviews and I thought hmmmmmmmt sure about this? but it was a good, hot, sexy read betweeno brothers. Difficult storyline, but the author handled it well and I felt the love between the two. Would loved to have had the story extended a bit into their new life together, but in a short story, we can't have everything. 4* from me.

    17. This is one of those times when I'll say read Kristan's review because she said all there is to be said, especially the part about how they're gonna address their relationship now since they decide to have a go at it once they're in Seattle.

    18. Be warned this story may not be for everyone 9 years ago Patrick left after his mum found out he was gay and now his back for his brother Adams graduation. And what they feel for each other goes both ways. They in love they know it's wrong but they can't help it it just happened.

    19. To love your brother. To have this deep unbreakable bond and trust. To fall in love with your brother The idea fascinates me. Not because I can imagine this for myself, but because I like to think it is possible to have auch a special relationship.You can think this is wrong or gross, unethical. I think love has no boundaries, and who am I to judge.You can see I am intrigued by this subject. I love to fantasise. And while I liked 'His, No Matter What', it din't blew me away. I liked it, but I'd [...]

    20. I admit that gay brotherly love is a kink of mine. It's just that I'm not in it and all the gay stuff for the sex, really. It's a great bonus when well written, but I'm much more interested in the psychological aspect of it and it is usually lacking from stories like this. His, No Matter What is a short story about Adam, who's been in love with his brother Patrick since he was thirteen. Patrick got kicked out of the house because he was gay and now he's back to see Adam graduate and well, then s [...]

    21. Adam is young when we meet himabout 13 years old . He always idolized his older brother Patrick, who is 5 years his senior. However, lately his adoration of Patrick has taken a distinctly sexual turn. Adam vascillates between lust and shame when he's around Patrick, always afraid his secret will be revealed. Every day he spends with Patrick, his fixation on him grows.Patrick has always made room for Adam in his life, never talking down to him or excluding him because of his age. Patrick is horri [...]

    22. Whew, this book was SEXY! A short but very hot little fic of forbidden lust, and even better, forbidden love! A shame this author has not written anything else, but I have hopes that she will be releasing some works soon (some of these authors, I’ve noticed, use the Love’s Landscape platform to get their name out there and then start releasing books), and especially more about this couple would be appreciated. Adam and Patrick both struggle with their feelings from teenagers into adulthood, [...]

    23. (Feb)Ok, so it's a brother incest story. Who am I to judge what two consenting adults choose to do. The sex was plentiful and hot, but the writing was just not good. Sorry, but it was so filled with descriptions of everything - an abundance of adjectives and adverbs, a very overwrought style of writing that got on my nerves. And maybe even one discussion about how they'll manage in Seattle - not unheard of for lovers to have the same last name, and since no one seems to know each man has a broth [...]

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