Dragon Killer The epic fantasy trilogy begins In a world fearfully waiting for the return of the dormant dragon god a triumvirate of evil villains rises up to take advantage of the chaos Reluctantly pitted against

  • Title: Dragon Killer
  • Author: RobMay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The epic fantasy trilogy begins In a world fearfully waiting for the return of the dormant dragon god, a triumvirate of evil villains rises up to take advantage of the chaos Reluctantly pitted against them is Kal Moonheart, an adventurer and gambler, marked for a life of danger at a young age But Kal has friends to stand with her honest thief Will Straightarrow, smuggleThe epic fantasy trilogy begins In a world fearfully waiting for the return of the dormant dragon god, a triumvirate of evil villains rises up to take advantage of the chaos Reluctantly pitted against them is Kal Moonheart, an adventurer and gambler, marked for a life of danger at a young age But Kal has friends to stand with her honest thief Will Straightarrow, smuggler and pirate Lula Pearl, knight errant Rafe Firehand, and wiley policitian Benedict Godsword There will be blood There will be a reckoningIn DRAGON KILLER, a mysterious threat puts Kal on a collision course with terrors she thought she had left buried in her past Teaming up with a young guard captain, aspiring knight Rafe Firehand, she travels to a dragon haunted island to hunt down a murderous beast Once there, Kal soon discovers there are worse things in the world than dragons, and when an unexpected sequence of events leaves her in an impossible situation, she must summon every ounce of skill, cunning and strength in order to survive.

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    One thought on “Dragon Killer”

    1. Fantasy which stands out from the crowd.What a find! Dragon Killer by Rob May may weigh in at just 151 pages, but the quality of the prose, action, and sheer storytelling pizzazz that the author manages to pack in to those pages, makes for a gripping, unputdownable read.The plot is great fun and delivered in espresso style - Kal, adventurer, thief and gambler, is a 'bad' girl taking on the bad guys. She's a refreshing character who introduces us to a world in which May subverts classic fantasy t [...]

    2. I’M (sadly) INDIFFERENTHonestly, I can’t find much to fault in this book. For me, it just didn’t grab me. I think a lot of people will like this book. As I said, there’s nothing glaringly wrong with it.This was a short book full of action and traveling. I finished it quickly, even though I set it down a few times. It was a bit straining on my eyes because single quotation marks were used instead of double. It made me read slower since the dialog quotations don’t stand out. Small compla [...]

    3. I received a free copy of Dragon Killer in exchange for a non-reciprocal review. I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s very fast-paced and tightly plotted, but it still makes time for world-building, which is always one of my favourite aspects of the fantasy genre. The tales of the old gods were intriguing and I liked how the author showed how religion and superstition would work in a world where the gods had died. I loved the picture of life he gave us, about how the society worked and the economic [...]

    4. Why is it that we like to read books and stories which belong to the ‘fantasy’ genre? Perhaps it connects the ‘child’ within us, to a world which we have left far behind. And with the passage of time, as we regretfully turn into adults, a part of us still hankers for the fairy tales, albeit more sophisticated ones. Since JKR, the ‘fantasy’ genre has really taken off like never before. One really can’t figure out the ‘good’ stuff from the ‘bad’, if one goes only by the cover [...]

    5. What I loved about Dragon Killer is the fact that the main character is female.I strongly believe that literature needs more strong female main characters, especially for this genre. Literature does reflect the ideals of the present.This book teaches girls that princesses aren't meant to be locked up at towers. Instead of waiting for their knight and shining armor, they can choose to be the heroes of their own story. They, too, can slay their dragons. They, too, can save princes. ( There's nothi [...]

    6. For my first foray into the fantasy genre I chose Rob May's Dragon Killer, figuring that it was quite short, so at least I wouldn't be stuck too long on something I wasn't really into. Imagine my surprise when my main complaint about the book is that it was too short. May gives us a great heroine in Kalina Moonheart, and an even better bad guy, Gron Darklaw. In fact, Darklaw's back-story could make a terrific book of its own. And there is, of course, a fierce dragon killing and destroying all in [...]

    7. Reasonably good story. I am really annoyed that both of the male love interests were killed before we got to know much about them.

    8. Tight prose, quick action and sparse details make for a thoroughly enjoyable read, however, it was not always to my taste. In the Dragon Killer, Rob May gives the reader a kick-butt heroine that packs not only a punch, but a clever woman who is able to use her brains in order to get out of dangerous spots. And she gets into several. The parallel stories of her current mission to find out why production has been disrupted at a politician's gold mine and her past as a village girl turned to dragon [...]

    9. Great beach reading for the summer for any lover of goblins and dragons. The novel is a tad short, but very, very well written. The young woman hero is deadly for her potential lovers-they suffer deadly fates before they can be developed. On this point falls my only complaint about the book. I might have preferred to see the heroine's love life flourish. Hey, I get to have that experience in the next part. An anti-hero, complete with an interesting and deep background, shows the complexity of Mi [...]

    10. I liked it. The sensory-rich and consistently solid writing in Dragon Killer kept me turning the pages. Well, the tale of adventure kept me moving forward as well. It's hard not to be swept along. The protagonist is likeable, and the story is good enough, especially when buoyed by the parallel past/present experiences. Rob May both uses and subverts a number of fantasy tropes. Yes, there are goblin-kind and dragons, but May does a lot of heavy lifting too. There's a nice blend of expectation and [...]

    11. I got the ebook on when it was free a while ago, and expected it to at least be quite good, considering the reviews it got here on . It was off to a good start, the story seemed interesting, and you got interested in getting to know the characters better. However, I never did. Most characters are very superficially written, and incredibly inconsequent.When reading a well-written book, one usually gets a feeling of the characters' inner struggles and character traits by about the middle of the b [...]

    12. One of my favorite things about this book is how, despite its terse page count, it doesn’t feel like a novella, but like a full length novel. The writer has a fabulous ability to cram a ton of story and character development into a very small page count. Speaking as a professional writer myself, I can tell you, that’s no easy thing to do. Rob’s prose sparkles on many levels, not the least of which is the copy-editing. I have an eye for catching typos and awkward phrases, and it’s not un [...]

    13. Kalina Moonheart and a man in pursuit of knighthood find themselves on the same quest to rid a gold-mining island of a terrible beast. Two stories unfold, one of Kalina the Dragon Killer and the other of her present day predicament trying to solve the mystery of the island’s dragon and eventually just to stay alive. This is an adventure for those true of purpose and who are ready to take on any enemy, no matter its form or shape.It is easy to fall in love with Kalina Moonheart. Her name alone [...]

    14. Rob May does an excellent job with the prose for this story. The writing is very strong and a boon on top of it is the fact that he utilizes short chapters. It are these short chapters (and a good deal of action) that propel us through this novel at an incredible speed and by the end of it we are left wanting more. The imagination Rob has is of no bounds and the character, Kal Moonheart, he creates is unique and original and one that you can definitely connect with. In fact, I find it interestin [...]

    15. Kal Moonheart is also known as Dragon Killer. There are two stories taking place that are interwoven with each other. One occurs in the present, while the other recounts the adventure that led Kal to receive her nickname.Kal is an assassin, but she is not a cold-hearted killer. She describes herself as someone who “kills killers”. She is a strong, fierce woman who doesn’t need a man to come to her rescue. That is one of many things I loved about this story. Kal is fearless and lives life o [...]

    16. We live in an age of over-saturation of everything and fantasy is one of the genres affectedckily, Rob May manages to create a dynamic world that largely evades the cliches of the genre. The world building is good and solid while also not taking you out of an engaging story this is a first in a series and we start a journey that is sure to take us to places unexplored. There is a sense of wonder and excitement lacking in many of the works of today and I am looking forward to continuing the quest [...]

    17. Kal Moonheart is not without flaws, she drinks too much, gambles too much and puts too much value on material wealth. I absolutely love her for it. In fantasy, I find an awful lot of female characters who are written to be strong and independent, which is good, but too many of them are written to embody that one trait, lacking depth and resigning them to the fate of one more strong independent female character. Kal is strong with moments of weakness, intelligent but with moments of oversight and [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. I then proceeded to read the whole book in one sitting.Kal is a heroine who's very easy to relate to - she's good, but she's not unbeatable; nor does she come out of fights unscathed. Nor is she battle-hardened and unfeeling. No, I don't post spoilers, so I can only say I liked her treatment of the wolfhound.May's book is easy to fall into, with the superposition of the past and the present written seamlessly so as to draw yo [...]

    19. This book was a fun, quick read. I got through most of the book in one sitting and it didn't take long to finish. This book is ideal for someone who craves action and adventure and there was definitely a lot of that in here. Romance was also touched upon but I think the romantic tension could have been played up a bit more. Kal is straightforward, bold and willing to take risks but not stupid. Her character was well developed but I found it hard to connect with her as a reader on an emotional le [...]

    20. Quite an arresting fantasy-adventure story. In spite of its brevity, it amply develops the fantasy-world in which its swift and neatly plotted action takes place. Darklaw (the villain of the piece), Rafe and Ben Godsword are all complex and convincingly drawn characters. My one quibble is with the heroine herself. There is nothing intrinsically feminine about Kalina Moonheart; to change the heroine to a hero, all one would need to do is alter the pronoun Nonetheless, Kalina is strong, clever, le [...]

    21. Loved this book, the only problem I had with it was it was too short. The main character is awesome and I love the way that her past is revealed to the readers, the we don't know exactly why she is called Dragon Killer until like the last 10 pages really kept me reading. It was almost like reading two stories at the same time. I can't wait to read the next one and I hope there is also some romance in the next one.

    22. I liked the story and the characters in Dragon Killer so this was an easy, enjoyable read. The author created an unusual medieval world with a contemporary feel, and the characters are engaging and interesting. I bought books one and two at the same time (on 99c sales), and I'm glad I did. So I'm off to start book two while the protagonist is fresh in my mind.

    23. Short and sweet loved everything about the story. Kal can kill a Dragon and then some with her fighting skills and graces. I was rooting for Kal and Sir Rafe to be an iteam they are so loveable togther. I can't wait for the next book by Rob May it's going to be great.

    24. I won't go into this too deeply, other than to say this is a well written book with very believable characters set in a nicely built fantasy world. Kal is a great character, kind of like Lara Croft for the common man.

    25. A light hearted romp through the young life of Kal Moonheart dragonslayer as she takes on the evil giant Gron Darklaw and foil his plot to become governor of Balibu Island. Real page turner.

    26. A good fantasy read. Kal Moonheart is an engaging character with just enough recklessness to make her exploits exciting. I hope to read more of her adventures.

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