The Ice Prince Honor Trust Exile Will love overcome the lies Raised in lies and isolation denied all knowledge of his family Aidan awakens one day to find the manor in a state of excitement Two foreign generals ha

  • Title: The Ice Prince
  • Author: J.C. Owens
  • ISBN: 9781941692189
  • Page: 408
  • Format: ebook
  • Honor Trust Exile Will love overcome the lies Raised in lies and isolation, denied all knowledge of his family, Aidan awakens one day to find the manor in a state of excitement Two foreign generals have come for him They claim he is their long lost prince, the sole survivor of a rebellion that killed the royal family and usurped the throne of Ceratas And he, Aidan TeHonor Trust Exile Will love overcome the lies Raised in lies and isolation, denied all knowledge of his family, Aidan awakens one day to find the manor in a state of excitement Two foreign generals have come for him They claim he is their long lost prince, the sole survivor of a rebellion that killed the royal family and usurped the throne of Ceratas And he, Aidan Telan Ameris, is being escorted home to be crowned king.Naive and submissive he might be, but stupid Aidan is not Political machinations are something he has never been exposed to, but everything about his upbringing suddenly makes sense The long hours studying books of history, the training with pistols and swords He d been groomed for this moment since his earliest memories But he knows without a doubt that he s no prince He s nothing but a pawn in a game he can t possibly understand.When their carriage is attacked en route to Ceratas, Aiden is taken prisoner by the leader of the rebel forces General Torin Amaldis Greyan can t help but feel for the poor young man, even if he is the enemy And soon the heat between them grows to something neither can ignore, something that burns much hotter than warfare.But nothing is simple in the struggle for Ceratas There are those who wish to use Aidan to destroy both Torin and his country When both of them are captured, used against each other to break their wills, Aidan and Torin must find the strength to trust each other in a way neither finds easy, if they re to save each other and their country Reader Discretion contains dubious consent and intense emotional elements

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    One thought on “The Ice Prince”

    1. 4.5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed this book, ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting.I will read anything by J.C. :DCan't wait for her next book “Betrayal”

    2. 3-3.5 starsOverall I did like this, but there were things that didn't really work for me. The beginning was rough and yes, I know I was supposed to be horrified. I liked Aiden a lot, but I felt there were some inconsistencies with his character and it bothered me. I liked Torin, felt he had realistic reactions. Paulsten was great. Would like to know what comes of (view spoiler)[ Amadan (hide spoiler)]I like how most things unfolded (view spoiler)[ I didn't care for the uhaphrodisiac sex serum po [...]

    3. Promising setting, but there were too many unbelievable moments in the story for me (view spoiler)[(completely sabotaged room but secret passage left undiscovered, villain who can't keep it in his pants had actually kept it in his pants for all the years Aidan was captured, many supposedly dead but actually alive individuals etc.) (hide spoiler)]. The emphasises on "ice prince" were completely random and forced, since Aidan was more often agitated and hardly ever aloof. This made reading the sto [...]

    4. all the low one stars etc. are right. the plots, characters actions, the choice of lovers etc all was utter crap. so why 2 star? it didn't disturb me much, not annoyed me, I didn't feel rage anger to throw the book onto wall. read it, enjoyed the dramatic's all. which is a big deal. I thought maybe if the book was x2 long it would make a bit sense but immediately discarded the idea. it would only prolong the bullshit instead of making it better. terrible idea.

    5. For the most part I enjoyed the story, but thought it would be a little darker or more gritty considering the reader advisories. And even though the subject matter involved war, there was surprisingly little violence or torture of the prisoners (except for being drugged). The idea of Aidan returning as his country's long lost prince was intriguing but I think I would have liked a little more insight into what led up to this event, like the enemy invasion and murder of his family which happened 1 [...]

    6. Cliche, trite, melodramatic. Wholly unendearing. The author is trying too hard. The characters practically scream "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LIKE ME AND SYMPATHIZE AND EMPATHIZE."Aidan's not in a place for healthy relationship-building. He's been secluded most of his life and seems very starved for affection. I think it might even be explicitly stated somewhere.Torin, on the other hand, is consumed by his obsession. (view spoiler)[Plus, he used to be in a relationship with Aidan's brother? He's also go [...]

    7. The multiple low star reviews made me put off reading this for awhile.I regret that. (Don't let others opinions sway you! lol) I thoroughly enjoyed this story and ended up reading it all in one sitting.Now with that said(view spoiler)[I did think the story was a little rushed.I would have like to know more about the invasion, the royal families murder and to actually be with Aidan during his upbringing (even if in doing so revealed he was actually the prince) I feel it would of added more to the [...]

    8. This was an interesting read. The pace was steady and the main characters were developed. Aidan does not know who he is only who he is told he should be. He cannot remember his childhood and obediently do as his guardians instruct him. But underneath that submissive behavior is an individual with inner strength and determination. Aidan meets Torrin who is suspicious of him and his origin. Torrin is set to prove that Aidan is not whom he claims to be. But these two are thrown together by the comm [...]

    9. Aww, it was such a good story! How much you enjoy it probably depends on how much you like Aidan, and I liked him very much. He was beyond sweet and endearing and I fully sympathized with him. And ooh the beautiful angst! It hurt so deliciously to read some moments. But I still think Torin is a douchebag and didn't deserve to be forgiven that easily. (view spoiler)[I mean he wasn't just cruel to Aidan momentarily, he wanted Paulsten to kick Aidan out when Aidan was healing in his house for a mon [...]

    10. Wonderful, spellbinding, and thrilling in its story telling of political intrigue, and the power of love. The power of Aiden and Torin is played really well. The plot changes, hilarity helping to temper the solemn mission, only serves to drive how deep love is in its frightening intensity. J.C. Owens will have you fall in love with these men and their companions over and over again. I'd love to see at least two more stories (or maybe more, don't be bashful, J.C. Owens!) to follow up for both Aid [...]

    11. The way how J.C. Owens started that story and how story plot develops, true reading is annoying. If we had prologue reader would understand what is happening and why. So, Author had good idea but how it was written it just bad.

    12. Not sure what to say about this one. I really liked the first half, but wasn't as wowed with the second. The plot slows down a little too much for my personal tastes.It was good I'd definitely recommend it to fans of this author.

    13. Needs a sequel! Both men needed to man-up, and eventually they did. Aidan, seemed stronger than Torin at times. Maybe a prequel, then a sequel? J C Owens is a 'go-to' author soI'm not surprised I liked this.Happy reading!

    14. It took me one day to read this. I couldn't put the book down. I hope there is a book 2. There is a character in the book that you have no-ideal why he acting the way he is. So hopefully there is a book 2 that can explain it.

    15. Good, but not terribly special. I enjoyed it a lot and felt for each character, but I think there should have been more groveling/developing and transforming of internal issues between the couple, etc.

    16. Surprisingly good! I was wary for a while, but loved this book at the end. When I finished the last page, I looked up and realized I had one of those grins you can't stop, even when you really try.

    17. Finished in one sitting like with all of Owen's books. It had suspense, angst, love, intrigue, great writing and dialogue. =D

    18. The story's on the implausible side and the characters are all on the monochrome side, but I think that might actually be why I like reading this author's books. Go figure.

    19. Like the story although I think there was a a bit more telling rather than a good balance of showing and telling.

    20. The first page hooked me hard. Cant put down and finished reading it at 1.36am. What a good plot and writting it was. I am happy!

    21. Cliche. But god-awful terrible cliche. J.C. Owens has better books, so I don't recommend you start with this one.

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