Ruler s Desire Davran returns to her place of birth in this sequel to Fuel to the Fire to find her father leading the beginnings of a revolution She is determined to join the attempt to overthrow the tyrannical rule

  • Title: Ruler's Desire
  • Author: David Staniforth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
  • Davran returns to her place of birth in this sequel to Fuel to the Fire to find her father leading the beginnings of a revolution She is determined to join the attempt to overthrow the tyrannical ruler Saurian, even if it means dying for the cause First they must recruit people convince them that dying while fighting for life is not suicide But after spending heDavran returns to her place of birth in this sequel to Fuel to the Fire to find her father leading the beginnings of a revolution She is determined to join the attempt to overthrow the tyrannical ruler Saurian, even if it means dying for the cause First they must recruit people convince them that dying while fighting for life is not suicide But after spending her entire fifteen years disguised as a boy, she is even determined to do so as a woman Prophesy, it seems, has given her little choice in the matter.

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    1. Just knowing that out there, in some distant unreachable place, there was somebody who cared about her; that would have been enough to sustain her."You became a symbol of hope. Without meaning to, you've brought all these people together."In Ruler's Desire, the second installment in the Fuel to the Fire trilogy, Davran and Ronyn return to Davran's world to try and beat back the darkness that is plaguing the land due to Saurian's influence and in turn fulfill the ancient prophecy. Davran must lea [...]

    2. 'Don't you get it yet: evil can only survive in a world where people allow it to. Nobody has to die for hatred to stop, they simply have to stop hating.'(view spoiler)[PlotAfter learning of a prophecy concerning her, Davran returns to her own world to find her father leading the start of a rebellion. In order to overthrow the evil ruler, Saurian, they must first recruit new people to their cause, and convince them that to die while fighting for life isn't suicide. But a shocking turns of events [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.Davran, Khalil, and Ronyn have returned back to the dark side of the boundary to fulfill the ancient prophecy that was told to them by the Keeper Hesperus. Their plans get derailed when they are all captured by Saurian. Can they escape his ruling desire before it is too late? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a great installment of the fuel to the fire series. It was action-packed and a great fantasy read. If you love [...]

    4. Well this book is worth more than 5 stars. loved it could not stop reading it. And the last chapter was very very good , brings every thing together but sad too. Time for Elemental Cascade 😀

    5. 3.5 stars!WOW, THAT ENDING! I CAN'T EVEN!After reading Fuel to the Fire I thought I had this series all figured out. After finishing the first book, I delved instantly into this one, eager to find out what would happen to Davran and Ronyn as they rode on the back of a dragon back to her world. What I liked about this installment is that we get to experience more of Davran's world, the people inhabiting it and get into the mindset of their tyrannical leader, Saurian. This book is all about transf [...]

    6. We are once again in the twin worlds we entered in Fuel to the Fire and the barrier between them is weakening, potentially allowing evil to swamp and totally overwhelm good. Davran, the girl brought up disguised as a boy, is pivotal in fulfilling an old prophecy. She returns to her ‘dark’ world with Ronyn, her dragon trainer friend, to her family who thought she was dead. She needs to persuade the downtrodden people that hatred is fuelling the Ruler Saurian’s power, and they must refuse to [...]

    7. The second book of the ‘Fuel to the Fire’ series by David Staniforth – Rulers Desire.I loved the imagination of book 1 and there was always a part of me that worried I wouldn’t like the second book as much. Well, I needn’t have worried as I actually loved it even more. The story continues with Davran and Ronyn (the dragon tamer) arriving back into the dark world. Faced with her parents who thought her dead, and a whole host of people who had been searching for her persistently the last [...]

    8. The second book in this series is much darker than the first book. Lots of cruelty & pain and many deaths which became somewhat irritating & unpleasant. However this part ends with new problems to solve and everything to play for. Roll on book 3!

    9. Ruler's Desire Book 2 Fuel to the fireThis was the second book in this series and even though I read this and the first one as well I know that this series is one that many will find liked by all in the fantasy world. Who or what is the RULER'S DESIRE and what does or is this FUEL TO THE FIRE pertaining toese are just a few questions that you will want to search answers for on your journey through this magical worldgood luck and happy hunting

    10. This is a wonderful follow on from the first book in the series ‘Fuel to the Fire’. David Staniforth certainly knows how to capture your attention with his incredibly captivating stories. I love his imagination in coming up with so many great characters, and a very unique storyline with a world being split into two. Davran returns to her world, but this time she is not alone. She has come back riding Basalt the black dragon, along with Ronyn and Khalil. They no sooner send the dragon away th [...]

    11. Straight after finishing up Fuel to the Fire I couldn’t resist starting the second book to the trilogy, Ruler’s Desire.The story takes place right after the first one ends and things have changed in Davran’s world, more importantly the people in her world have changed. Whilst Davran was gone the people banded together to find her and in such started to trust each other, something that is new to all of them.Saurian has been rounding up pretty much every male that could work for his guards a [...]

    12. I got a free copy of this book from Mr David M.Staniforth in exchange for an honest review.Well, Thanks a lot Mr David :) I don't think i could have waited longer after finishing Fuel To the fire!I enjoyed reading it very much!! I loved it when after reading the first book of a series, i find that the next one is even better! That's what i experienced with Ruler's desire!For the beginning i felt that i turned another page of the book not reading a new one! I felt that i didn't leave Davran's wor [...]

    13. I read Ruler’s Desire immediately after finishing Fuel To The Fire, the first book in this fantastic fantasy series. Unlike many second in the series books, Ruler’s Desire picked up the story from the exact moment Fuel To The Fire left off, meaning there was no uncomfortable jolt from one story to the next. In the last book we got to see how Davran copes in the light, bright, fertile world of Ronyn, which is completely alien to her. In this one the tables are turned as we get to see how well [...]

    14. Ruler's Desire start right of from where Fuel to the Fire ended. We see Davran arriving back to her side of the world with Ronyn and discovers not only her becoming a symbol of hope for the many people searching during her time of absence but also her true role in the prophesy. This is definitely much more better than the first book and that's usually hard to find since most of the time the second book pales in comparison to its predecessor. It answered a lot things missing in the first book. It [...]

    15. So many fantasy series seem to start off well and then deteriorate rapidly - this is most certainly not the case with the Fuel To The Fire series! Following on from Fuel To The Fire, Ruler's Desire plunges straight back into the action without drawing a breath. I particularly enjoyed the characterisation, all the characters were well drawn and believable. The witch-like Grizzle merits special mention for nastiness. There are enough turns in the storyline to be interesting without becoming convol [...]

    16. Back to the brutal, and because of that, more interesting dark world which has some really despicable characters! Pressure is ramping up as the imbalance of the two worlds grows!

    17. Originally posted at - wp/p4Dssh-giWow, there is so much that I want to say about this book, it's difficult to know where to start! Just like Fuel to the Fire, this book was really well written, with believable and well rounded characters, but just wow! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even more so than the first! We really see Davran find herself in this book, which was lovely. Rather than accepting the prophecy as it is, she takes control of it (I wont spoil it, but there is one moment in pa [...]

    18. When I began Ruler's Desire, I had to wonder if there was anywhere to go and where the story could be improved from Fuel to the Fire, ur I'm quite happy to admit that I was wrong!Ruler's Desire is a direct continuation of the story, and if you thought the tension in Fuel was exciting, you're in for a real treat. As Davran and Sauian move in ever decreasing circles towards one another, we can't help but worry about the conclusion of the story and wonder if it's going to be as satisfying as we wan [...]

    19. I was given an ebook copy of this story by the author in return for my review.The book starts almost exactly where the previous one left off and doesn't give you that much back story so really don't read these out of order. With that warning done I can say these books are amazing. I think this one was even better than the first and I really liked the first.The fantasy world is very rich and feels so believable and I love the contrasts between Davran's home and Ronyn's. I think I'd have liked thi [...]

    20. Following the adventures of Davran while she searches for her destiny has been a very fun read. Ruler's Desire kept my interest so much that I didn't want to put the book down. I like how the book started right where Fuel to the Fire left off, a smooth transition right to the next book.

    21. This book is another absolutely amazing read, and an excellent addition to the series. Just like the first book in this series, this book is wonderfully written, very detailed in its descriptions, filled with well-rounded characters, and has a plot that moves at a nice pace.

    22. Wow even better than the first! So gripping, the type of book that you can't stop reading, what you can't get out of your head and makes you wish you didn't have a social life!

    23. Great book with dragons, alternate realities and all that good stuff. Ties up the story in a very interesting way with more dimension to the villain than normally seen.

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