Descent Into Darkness Monotony in a town full of bitter memories can lead to a roll of the dice taking a risk Chance chooses Kat and she does just that she had to or be left forever wondering what if High hopes and the

  • Title: Descent Into Darkness
  • Author: H.A. Kotys
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Monotony in a town full of bitter memories can lead to a roll of the dice, taking a risk Chance chooses Kat and she does just that, she had to or be left forever wondering, what if High hopes and the twin horses of pride and vanity gallop her headlong into something completely unexpected and shocking, plunging her into a world of money and power, subjugation and punishmMonotony in a town full of bitter memories can lead to a roll of the dice, taking a risk Chance chooses Kat and she does just that, she had to or be left forever wondering, what if High hopes and the twin horses of pride and vanity gallop her headlong into something completely unexpected and shocking, plunging her into a world of money and power, subjugation and punishment, pain and depravity.Can the benevolence she discovers help her The only thing she can be certain of is that her life would be changed forever.Themes F F, M F, Dark, Abduction, Enslavement, Revenge, Domination, Forced Submission, Latex.

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      323 H.A. Kotys
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    One thought on “Descent Into Darkness”

    1. Hard to rateThe writing is exceptionally good and it had all the makings of a dark book I would normally loveThe first part had me captivated (view spoiler)[ a girl abducted and put through the wringer, beat down and passed off to a Domme to be trained for her Master.(hide spoiler)] The punishment is severe and the training is intense (view spoiler)[ but where it lost me is the exchange to her Master never happened.(hide spoiler)]I'm also really not that into the FF genre (don't mind a little mi [...]

    2. So this was a very intense, very dark and very sadistic thriller. Definitely not for everyone.I was anxious and held my breath for most of the book. This was erotica unlike anything I've ever read. There was so much more to this story than you're typical BDSM scenes and not a whole lot of romance. Going into it, I half expected this to be "smut" was far from it. Very well written and will absolutely be reading next book in series.

    3. Following the journey of a young woman as her life unwittingly spirals into horror is not for the squeamish. The fast-paced story line is gritty, intense and at times, quite graphic. The characters are diverse and authentic and I found myself having compassion for even the most sinister characters in the story, almost against my will. With exciting twists and turns and fast-paced action, this seductive thriller pulled me in from the first page. I am definitely looking foward to the next in the s [...]

    4. This is a very intense book, sometimes you feel yourself holding your breath. I was just thinking when is the Katerina going to be able to have a hot bath and a glass of champagne! It was relentless. Personally for me it was too dark and not enough romance which is why it got 4 and not 5 stars, however I don't think that is the intention of this book. It challenges perceptions and allows an insight into a dark world which tests each of the characters limits. Chapter 3 is the defining chapter of [...]

    5. I must say that I LOVED the beginning of the book. I've never read anything about latex suits before, this was highly interesting (any more recommendations?).It was when I got to 50% of the book, that I realised there was hardly no talking. No one spoke. It was the way the book was written, that you were inside the characters heads. Some speaking was there, of course, but majority of it, no. This is why I struggled with the reading the rest.But the ending, Ohh I loved it! Revenge is sweet someti [...]

    6. A page turner. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Wickedly sadistic. Decadently dark. A book worth reading, if you dare. Excited to see the next works by Kotys.

    7. I can't put this book down. It's well written, exciting and racy. In my opinion it blows 50 Shades Of Grey out the water! already looking forward to the next one! highly recommend.

    8. I don't really know how to rate this book. It's is a dark read about a young aspiring woman who is taken whilst on a photo shoot. She believes she's the next infamous model and is duped into doing more riske shoots. Her taking is very intriguing and kept me captivated. I loved this book till half way, then I found the book stalled for me. This poor captive is subjected to cruel practises in an attempt to make her the perfect slave. Her male master is only heard of occasionally, but she is mistre [...]

    9. This book is an amazing read, really does get your mind racing with images through the description and words used through out. Found myself holding my breath many times through out so caught up in the whole scene, exciting story thrilling plot and characters can not wait to catch up with them end of this monthant

    10. This started out as a situational bondage sex fantasy. By that, I mean that it could have been lifted from one of the amateur BDSM erotica sites. There was very little character development at first. Everything was driven by the extreme bondage being applied to a lightly sketched victim. Granted, the writing and storyline is likely better than most of the amateur erotica. I actually enjoyed this part of the novel most. After our protagonist, Katarina, had been adequately abducted, the author(s?) [...]

    11. Books with a synopsis like this one typically get 5 stars for me and end up on my, "favorite" shelf. Unfortunately, that was not the case with this complex story. I had a difficult time getting through this book, meeting to take breaks to read other stores in between and almost not finishing it several times. It has amazing potential with a creative story line and characters experiencing very unique situations. However, there was something about the writing style that threw me off and prevented [...]

    12. wow. if you're a sensitive person maybe this book isn't for you. it has some graphic and intense scenes!this is my simple review;it has all that a good novel promises. a griping intense start. a deeper view into all the characters so the reader can empathise how each has become who they are now (in the story) as a middle. and it builds up to a frenzied explosive ending. The first few chapters i got lost in the book, 'jumped into its pages, i could easily imagine myself as the character or it hap [...]

    13. VERY DARK!! This is a painful read. Heed the warnings!! Very sadistic players. Extreme. Extreme. Extreme.everything. The ending? (view spoiler)[ HEA (hide spoiler)] Highly recommend if you like this kind of thing.

    14. Do you like your BDSM all FSOG like? The billionaire mixed with the pretend sadism, masochism, etc? The over-glosssing of the harsher side of this genre, Well this book is not for you.However, if you want to dip into the real world that this culture inhabits, if you glory in leatherwear, latex, the sheer rush that the weilding of power over another brings, or the unnatural pleasure that receiving such punishment gives to some, then prepare for a journey into a world that will have you gasping at [...]

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