A Royal Affair Doctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who believes wholly in the rational and scientific above all else In reality he is a man haunted by an unusual past and running

  • Title: A Royal Affair
  • Author: JohnWiltshire
  • ISBN: 9781627989053
  • Page: 297
  • Format: ebook
  • Doctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who believes wholly in the rational and scientific above all else In reality, he is a man haunted by an unusual past and running from his own nature While the Reformation transforms much of Europe, it has yet to touch Hesse Davia this is a land mired in superstition with cruel punishments for crimesDoctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who believes wholly in the rational and scientific above all else In reality, he is a man haunted by an unusual past and running from his own nature While the Reformation transforms much of Europe, it has yet to touch Hesse Davia this is a land mired in superstition with cruel punishments for crimes such as witchcraft and sodomy While traveling to the dying king s bedside to offer his medical expertise, Nikolai is set upon by a bandit Reaching the king s ancient stronghold, he discovers his mysterious brigand is the beautiful, arrogant Prince Aleksey Aleksey is everything Nikolai is not unguarded, passionate and willful Despite their differences, Nikolai feels an irresistible desire for the young royal that keeps him in Aleksey s thrall But Hesse Davia is a dangerous world for a newly crowned king who wants to reform his country and for the man who loves him.

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    One thought on “A Royal Affair”

    1. Written March 1, 20155 Stars - Unforgettable! Cheers and big applauseA Royal Affair was a wonderful read. An epic saga that enchanted me in the best way. What to say? —Perhaps there are flaws, but who cares?— With love full marks from me.‘We had been so innocent, so naive in our belief that we were inviolate in our little affair, our royal affair.’Huge grateful stars to this adventurous novel. ~ A spellbinding FANTASTIC journey. I love, love, love***************************************** [...]

    2. *Deep breathing*So this started out as a solid 4 stars for me. But sometime after 50%, that rating dropped. By 80%, I was skimming till the end.The biggest issue I had with A Royal Affair was the fact that it was almost all telling, and very little showing. For instance, a climatic battle between rivaling nations would be over in a few minutes of reading since you don't necessarily experience it, so much as read the narrator's very brief summary of the events. Even intimacy between the main char [...]

    3. “Win or lose, I had the distinct feeling that playing with Aleksey was dangerous for my health.”WELL I’M A SUCKER FOR GOOD, INTERESTING AND MEAN TO BE ROMANCE.

    4. Here I am writing a review for a book that I never had any intentions of reviewing. So why am I jumbling together some words in the hopes of expressing how I feel? Because this book was freakin' AMAZING and people should know that I thought it was AMAZING!I was looking to discover something new and found this book on a list. I thought after skimming the blurb: "hmm, this looks different" and "good, it's long and should keep me busy for at least a few days". HA! I finished it in one day and have [...]

    5. Fabulous! I loved loved this. I even loved the different writing style. I loved the rarely used time period. I LOVED Aleksey. My only draw back was it was unfortunately too long. I never say that about books, more words is usually good. But when you skim and find some things tedious. Otherwise, perfect story. I loved every moment that wasn't making me skim.

    6. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*A dangerous royal affair* ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Doctor Nikolai ‘Niko’ Hartmann (35, becomes 36 at the end of the book) and youngest son (General His Royal Highness the) Prince Christian Aleksey (23, becomes 24 at the end of the book) met after what Nikolai believes was a bandit. He didn't not expect to met the man again. Specially not while doctoring the King and the man is the prince. An arrogant but beautiful prince. A prince that is just as fascinated with the doctor as th [...]

    7. Four and One Half Blades on Prism Book AllianceNikolai Hartmann has a tale for us. As a doctor and someone who has spent time in many a location, he’s got a lot to tell, quite a tale to tell. After a rough start, I was well and curious before leaving chapter two. I say rough because the tone in the beginning, the style, mixed with the first person telling of Niko by Niko, made me feel a bit detached from everything. Welp, that rough start didn’t last and I was officially baited.Enter Aleksey [...]

    8. ok its official, I am John Wiltshire fan!! like totally guys! I loved A Royal Affair!! I can't get enough of John's writing!!! fab!

    9. I'm officially adding John Wiltshire to my favorite authors list.Dear John, I love your writing. Though I normally don't read historical (I know, it seems that many reviews for historical start this this disclaimer), I very much enjoyed reading Aleksey and Nikolai's tale. Both MC's are very compelling and likable. Their love story develops slowly and the sexual tension is amazing. Their moments together are so tender. I was so rooting for them.When I started reading, I was immediately drawn into [...]

    10. 5 starsPerhaps the finest historical romance in recent memory for me. There was war, strategy, intrigue, and political machinations in a reformation Europe, all without being predictable. The characters were multi-dimensional: there was the beautiful, blond Nikolai, a Popwani-trained medical-practitioner and there was the dark, green-eyed Aleksay, second-in-line to the throne of a fictional Northern Europe country, and, at 23, general of his country's military. Between them, there was instant at [...]

    11. This book is all over the place. Kind of an unfocused love story between a savage physician and a unregal prince. There's a messy, meandering plot and some unrealized characters. But I loved it. I've read lots of criticism that there's more tell than show, and maybe that's true - but it's a first-person account, so the narrative is never hampered by this. I'll admit that it's imperfect, but it's very entertaining. I think it's just my love of forbidden romances that allowed me to enjoy it so. Bu [...]

    12. One more book for my top favorite shelf!I became a big fan of John Wiltshire's masterful storytelling while reading his amazing More Heat than the Sun series. To kill time while waiting for the 5th installment I decided to read A Royal Affair. History and Fantasy are not always my cup of tea but hey, it’s a John Wiltshire then nothing can go wrong right? :)Even though A Royal Affair is a historical romance it's an entertaining action read as well. I liked the setting in old Europe (it’s some [...]

    13. ★★★★★I had learned of this author from the past Christmas MLR freebie of Love is a Stranger which I loved and oddly enough both MC's in each book have the same first names so it was a little weird to read them close together since the characters are completely different.I happened to see Ingela's review and since I'm a sucker for historical stories, I picked it up.The historical setting was authentic, the sexual tension was delicious (view spoiler)[I wanted them to do it long before th [...]

    14. 2.5 starsReading book not of my preference with high rating often had me wary.Every so often I had different opi and experience with said phenomenon. This book was chosen as April book challenge for Indonesian MM Readers Group though so it's only fair I'd give it a try.The story was the journal of Nikolai Hartmann. Not precisely a diary. But Niko's personal experience he took pain to wrote down; horrible and good things he encountered, his feeling and thoughts, as a way to share them to Aleksey [...]

    15. I'm not sure what I was expecting with this book but after becoming a huge fan of John Wiltshire's recently after reading his More Heat Than the Sun series, I hoped it was going to be something special. I love historical fiction and this one didn't disappoint. I really enjoyed the story of Nikolai, a travelling physician and the very unconventional Prince Aleksey and I'm dying to find out where the story goes next!

    16. 4 Stellar Kingly stars. What can I say? I am totally in love with this book.The story reminded me a lot of Captive Prince. But. It is definitely not the same. The similarities are there is a Prince, except there is only 1 prince. The sarcasm. The banter. The flirting. The sexual tension.Is it me or is it that most historical's that I've read have way more sexual tension than a modern day romance? I'm assuming that there would be because back then it was such a sin. But. Sexual tension is such a [...]

    17. I loved both characters, but I'm not getting over excited just yet. A slow burn romance, and I agree with Kade that it was a tad too long, but scene setting I can understand and I already have book 2 ready and waiting. 4 stars from me.

    18. April Challenge -- Indonesian M/M Reader GroupHUGE apology to my friends at Indonesian MM Readers group because I broke our rules of not DNF-ing. I will give myself a penalty for it.This is me throughout the bookIt boils down to one thing: not my kind of book. Especially the writing style and I am a firm believer of writing chemistry (it's one of the most important thing for me when reading). I can tell from the first 10% that it's not going to work, this book and I. And I have read enough MM b [...]

    19. I loved it lots. The period style of writing was refreshingly appreciatede lack of modern sexual references also appreciated.Unlike the majority of readers Aleksey was not my favourite main character, his arrogance reminded me of someone non royal but close to me (myself) at the same age, rather I preferred the older, wiser savage that is NikolaiWhy four stars and not five? I'm not actually sure why. I know I was a little frustrated during the middle section, I wanted more action and less domest [...]

    20. 4.5 starsA rich, sweeping epic tale that felt a bit like something by Robin Hobb- but without the fantasy elements. As Eve mentioned in her review, I too felt (view spoiler)[a bit let down by the ending (hide spoiler)] but it really didn't spoil my overall enjoyment of the story. And woot! a new author! Love John Wiltshire's writing and can't wait to dive into everything else he's written.

    21. 4.5 starsWonderful. I have to admit that this was a little bumpy at the start. I’m not sure if it was because I’m very familiar with the writer’s work in another series, More Heat Than the Sun (Love is a Stranger), which had such a different feel to me, or whether was Nikolai’s first person narrative that I had to get used to, or whether it was the odd mix of historical/fantasy in a pseudo-European setting. And yet, just a couple chapters in and I was hooked…Our intrepid hero, Nikolai [...]

    22. This was epic!! Loved every minute of reading this book - my first by John Wiltshire and certainly not my last as book two is due out in April 2015. YES!The characters stole the show in this story and my heart. Nikolai is our narrator. and his background is losing his parents as a young boy and being raised by Native Americans. With this upbringing, he's got skills: can ride a horse as fast as the wind, knows war tactics from going on raids and is currently practicing as a trained doctor in Lond [...]

    23. Indonesian MM Reader group book challenge - April!Ehmm I was contemplating between 3 or 4 stars, and after some thoughts Im settled with 3 stars. Mostly because I did not enjoy the writing. It's 250 pages long but felt way more than that. The narration was tiring and boring. The dynamic between Nikolai & Aleksey would be much more interesting if put into dialog instead of one side narration.And when I first saw the cover and read the blurb, I was expecting a bit of Game-of-Throne-ish story, [...]

    24. Absolutely brilliant. I cannot believe how well John Wiltshire has switched from the very contemporary tone of Love is a Stranger, and the other Nikolas and Ben books to this one. This is a wonderful historical novel, and it is really funny too. Nikolai narrates the story and he has absolutely no idea what his real feelings are. So busy being furious with Aleksey he doesn't realise he has fallen totally in love. The dialogue between them is a delight to read. The plot is fascinating. It was a bi [...]

    25. WOW! What an amazing story. I loved these boys so hard. I can't wait to read the rest of their story. Aleksey and Niko are both so special. This is a historical M/M story. It honestly didn't feel like a historical novel. I loved the slow build of their friendship. I love how determined Aleskey is to break down Niko and eventually win his heart. Niko is the voice of the story. But I never doubted how Aleksey was feeling. There is a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the boys. I loved the int [...]

    26. With the danger of sounding like a Stephen King character, I'm John Wiltshire's No.1 fan. Seriously, I could take this guy and keep him prisoner until he finishes Book 5 in the More Heat Than the Sun series. As I can't do that, I'm going to give this one a go. It's a standalone historical novel, apparently. It's not going to be easy to read a John Wiltshire that isn't about Ben Rider and Nikolas Mikkelsen. This book has a gorgeous cover, btw. The sort of book I can read on the way to work withou [...]

    27. 0 StarsBecause this doesn't deserve any better.Let me start by saying that I thought I would like it, since everyone seems to have loved it. Or at least a vast majority. At the very least, I expected to be entertained by a maybe shallow storyline. Instead, I was tempted to rage-quit this book a million times and I only soldiered on because I did a buddy read with Eva, who also hated the book."A Royal Affair" has the most droning, irritating narration that goes on for the nearly 300 pages this bo [...]

    28. 4.5 starsI chose this book for our April book in Indonesia M/M group because of the cover. Such a beautiful and simple cover, but you can immediately guess the content of the book by seeing it. Blood! Betrayal! War! Cold! But also elegance and beauty. I must say, I am not disappointed. I like the way the story flow and the slow-building romance. There's no explicit sex scene to titillate the readers, but you can see that the romance and sex happen. The war is fascinating and I can see the scenes [...]

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