Warriors I Bring the Fire Part V When science meets Chaos what could go wrong Bohdi Patel is keeping the revelation that he is Chaos incarnate a secret and handling the revelation about as well as one would expect He s in a downwar

  • Title: Warriors: I Bring the Fire Part V
  • Author: C. Gockel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When science meets Chaos, what could go wrong Bohdi Patel is keeping the revelation that he is Chaos incarnate a secret, and handling the revelation about as well as one would expect He s in a downward spiral losing his lease, totaling his car, and trying to keep everyone he cares about at arm s length Veterinarian Amy Lewis is wondering what happened to the funny, fliWhen science meets Chaos, what could go wrong Bohdi Patel is keeping the revelation that he is Chaos incarnate a secret, and handling the revelation about as well as one would expect He s in a downward spiral losing his lease, totaling his car, and trying to keep everyone he cares about at arm s length Veterinarian Amy Lewis is wondering what happened to the funny, flirty, curious Bohdi she knew in the land of the Norns He s become moody and sometimes cruel She is definitely glad she didn t become romantically entangled with him most of the time When tragedy strikes Amy s beloved mutt Fenrir, and Odin strikes Bohdi s best friend Steve, they have to work together again Amy s knowledge of science, Bohdi s talents for theft, and both of their survival skills are put to the test But than Steve and Fenrir s lives are at stake Amy and Bohdi may unlock the key that saves mankind from the gods or bring about the apocalypse.

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    One thought on “Warriors: I Bring the Fire Part V”

    1. I cried and cried throughout these books. My heart was broken several times as well and I literally laughed out loud in places! Wit, compassion, excitement. this series has it all. If you love having an open mind and being entertained, then this is for you! Norse Mythology at it's most fun and fabulousness :)

    2. This series must be read in order. The first book is I Bring the Fire Part I : Wolves (A Loki Story). The second book is Monsters : I Bring the Fire Part II (A Loki Story). The third book is Chaos: I Bring the Fire Part III (A Loki Story). The fourth book is In the Balance: An I Bring the Fire Novella (IBF 3.5). The fifth book is Fates : I Bring the Fire Part IV: The Hunt for Loki is On. The sixth book is The Slip: A Short Story from I Bring the Fire. This is the seventh book.Bodhi and Amy are o [...]

    3. Just Keeps Getting BetterJust Keeps Getting BetterAbsolutely love this series! Each of the stories takes us further into the next adventure and change for Amy and Bohdi. I love that Amy has Loki's memories and Bohdi is,Loki reincarnated. I really like how when you think you've got the story figured out, you realize you don't know if you do because Chaos can change things for better or worse.I am sorry that Ragnorak is going to be the end of the series as I have been following this story since th [...]

    4. I just finished this part of the series and it is certainly named correctly. There is a lot of battles going on mostly physical but some internal and emotional. I see this part setting up the reader for the next part very nicely. There were a lot of questions coming into this part and now there are so many more. It is going to be so hard to wait to find out what happens to Amy, Bodhi and Steve, as well as, the supporting cast of characters. I do love when the author gives the reader hints of thi [...]

    5. I put off starting to read this cos I knew that I'd finish it and want more. So procrastinating for a few days sorta helped defer that for me.I enjoyed the characters and plot development and almost expected to see Ratatoskr in one scene. I like the foul mouthed squirrel.I already know I'm going to have to re-read the series just before the final book is published, or perhaps after it has been so I can just keep reading.

    6. This story just keeps getting better and better. The writing seemed more tighter in this installment and the pacing of the storyline was sublime!! I cannot wait for the last book to find out what happens. If you're looking for a great series in the realm of scifi/fantasy which is well though out and full, and I do mean full of, mythology and cutting edge science - this is the series for you! Kudos to Ms. Gockel!!

    7. Talk about adrenalin! This series just gets better as we go on. Bodhi and Amy are in the centre of trouble and a major leap in evolution, all to save her dog and their friend. But that's not all they're about to do. The author maintains the wit, the laughs, the thrills and twists throughout.

    8. I haven't enjoyed a series like this in a long time. I can't wait for the finale! I have a feeling as soon as I finish it I'm going to turn around and read all six over again - this time without having to wait!

    9. I've been looking forward to this installment for months and it did not disappoint. I especially liked the combination of medicine and magic and the reappearance of Loki's family from Asgard.

    10. I absolutely loved this one :) Need more! NOW! I'm sad the next book will be the last in this series though

    11. Well, Steve has lost all good guy points I ever gave him and it’s only Ch1. Epic douche Steve. I hope he dies horribly. Possibly at Loki’s hands, but I’m not picky. Unfortunately it seems he might be set up as the next incarnation of Preservation, so he’ll likely survive. Maybe that’s why he’s sudden extra-douchey? Got to start channelling his inner-Odin.Beatrice has also undergone character assassination this novel, which was very irritating. Is she possessed by Hoenir or just follo [...]

    12. Love the intro of Loki’s family. Hate Steve – what a dick. At least in the first 3 books when he manipulated Amy it was for the greater good and he still seemed to genuinely care about her. Now he is constantly playing with people’s feelings and it seems to be less about what is right and more about Steve’s power and control. Plus he never once apologises for what he did to poor Amy re the baby or acknowledges that it was wrong. And he is a shitty Dad, ignoring and dismissing his poor gr [...]

    13. As the second time I have red this series, I didn't get tired of the story. I love how Bohdi's character is becoming fleshed out and how he is finally coming to terms with what he is. Yet there is that conflict there after everything happens that weighs on his conscious. Amy is an amazing rock for him, but I really did wish Bohdi told her sooner what was weighing on his mind rather than keeping it from her.

    14. Still enjoying the series These books are fun, light reading. Amy, Bohdi, Steve, Beatrice, and Claire (as well as Fenris) are off on a wild adventure to keep Odin from invading Earth. Without giving anything away, magic is in the air. Or close enough.

    15. I enjoyed it. I like the characters, and the background stories of Loki. I don't love it as much as I did the others but i still could hardly put it down, wanting to know just how it was going to end.

    16. Gockel best yet!This book kept me engrossed. Would have read it in one day if not for the fact that I had to keep stopping to attend to other matters. Love all the characters. Especially Amy, Steve, and Bohdi. On to the next adventure

    17. Really enjoyed how this series started, but by the 4th book I got a little worn. I may have been reading them too fast. So I'll pick it up again later and see if I enjoy continuing with this story.

    18. Odin is still working to take over Earth, he has spies and sleeper agents everywhere. Can Steve, Amy, Bodhi, and the rest of their team stop him?

    19. These books are so good! Adventure, romance, surprise and everything in between. I am really enjoying this series and feel they may lead me in a different direction with my reading habits.

    20. YesI am really enjoying this series. The characters are engaging and the writing style is one that I like. I will be sorry to see it end.

    21. This is a biased review.Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.I was an early reader, "beta" reader as they say of this installment of the I Bring the Fire series. This is significant because as a rule, I'd rather have a root canal (from the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors) than read an unpublished novel.Several years ago, when I first started writing fiction, I signed up as a critique (beta) reader at Critters Online Workshop. During that time, I "critted" at least a couple hundred short stories [...]

    22. Warriors is a 3-star book with 4-5 star potential.There are two really important elements to a successful tease, the payoff and knowing when to deliver that payoff. The longer you delay, the bigger that payoff needs to be. Wait too long, and people will get fed up with the tease altogether. This series is dangerously close to that outcome. Whether it's Bohdi not living up to the potential I feel is waiting for him, relationships that aren't developing and evolving, conflicts that are always buil [...]

    23. This was a reread and I have to admit, it's still true that I didn't enjoy this one as much as the earlier books in the series. It's extremely subjective -- I don't think it's a worse book, although it could maybe have been a bit faster paced in places. It just have less of the stuff that drew me to the series in the first place, and more complicated cross-world politics and whatnot. That said, I enjoyed seeing Sigyn, Nari and Valli in the human world and how they interacted with the other chara [...]

    24. Why does every one of her books get better than last?So I am so excited about how the story has progressed. Bohdi and Amy are amazing. They way they have developed in the story is so great. I can't stop reading. I don't want the series to end lol

    25. I really like this series, so when I say this was my least favourite so far, that still doesn't mean it was BAD. It's just well, we're still lacking the Loki spark, even if Bohdi is pretty cool, and Amy didn't get as many chances to shine in this volume than in the previous one, even if she's still an interesting character. Generally there was too much focus on the characters I didn't care so much about, and not enough on those I did. Unlike the other volumes, there were also more typos and gram [...]

    26. Oh my oh my! You think the good streak can't continue, the series can't get better.but it does! The characters are all so alive and so vibrant, their actions believable. I am beyond in love with Bondi and feel for him and his journey with dealing with being Chaos. Meanwhile, Amy makes a decision about magic that haunts her through the book and changes the world as they know it. Then there is Steve, half caring, half machinations. It makes you wonder where the series is going, theorize, hope.d ru [...]

    27. Again, can't stand alone (boo) and I feel cheated when a book is over in just a couple hours, but the story is strong and just keeps getting more intriguing as it goes. Very cool take on Norse mythology and how they might actually play out of you strip away the "gods" part and just view them as extraterrestrials who got the good technology first (and, oddly enough, maintains some pretty uptight social mores).Though accurate, it's a bummer that politics and government are the villains. And much a [...]

    28. A good book for fans of the series. The story does go forward at a nice pace and adds considerably to the tale.Personally I will complain that I think there could be a little more of the god of the mischief in this one. In the previous book said god did his job despise ***********The "new" characters are nice, the old ones evolve a little more. I still hate it every time I read the name Captain Steve Rogers in the book. But we really knew the story would turn this way since he was introduced in [...]

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