Shadow Unit Contains Asylum by C L Polk and Elizabeth Bear Something s Gotta Eat T Rexes by Elizabeth Bear Steven Brust and Emma Bull and several short pieces

  • Title: Shadow Unit 15
  • Author: Emma Bull
  • ISBN: 9781310484872
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Contains Asylum by C.L Polk and Elizabeth Bear, Something s Gotta Eat T Rexes by Elizabeth Bear, Steven Brust, and Emma Bull, and several short pieces.

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      445 Emma Bull
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    One thought on “Shadow Unit 15”

    1. And finally it is here, the much-dreaded final volume of Shadow Unit: Just two long episodes and three vignettes, but to say that those packed a massive punch would be an understatement of massive proportions. This installment returns to the accustomed mixture of two episodes and a number of vignettes, but the apparent normalcy is shredded very soon, and the series emphatically goes out with a bang. A big one.The first episode, “Asylum” by Chelsea Polk and Elizabeth Bear presents a marked co [...]

    2. I just don't like unhappy endings! To spend so much time with a series and then to end it like that - it feels like a cop out. And I know real life isn't always happy, but there's a difference between realistically bittersweet and just unhappy for the sake of it.Still - this was an awesome series.

    3. This is the final volume in the Shadow Unit series. These originated on LiveJournal as an homage to the TV show, "Criminal Minds." Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, and the others evidently got together and did a "down the hall" version of the FBI's BAU (behavioral analysis unit) - FBI profilers who chase paranormal manifestations in humans.The last few volumes were very difficult to read as the authors were merciless towards their characters. I want my happily ever after, and too many of their charact [...]

    4. Ouchd yet so rightThese books have always had a strain of tragedy - already happened, ongoing, lurking nearby - in part, that's a given when the anomaly only emerges when a person is already cracked open with sorrow. The grace of these books is that the authors continue to prove that it's friendship, compassion and the desire to heal that can also grow through the cracks and bind people together into damaged but able to go on. This book ends so much of the unit that I'm not sure how it goes on - [...]

    5. So SadThis series has been a staple for me over the last year. Whenever I couldn't decide what was next, I could pick up Shadow Unit. Now so many plot lines are tied off, the best I can hope for is some flashback or prequel stories. Or maybe, if we are all good little kiddies. Ms Bull and Ms Bear will treat us to something wildly new and provoking. One can only hope.

    6. 3.5 stars.A little disappointed at the carnage at the end. The tactics used to go after the final jammer seemed foolhardy, and the results smacked more of the authors intent to ensure no more books in the series than a satisfying conclusion to the tale.

    7. Goodbye, WTF. Glad to have done my part, at the very end. Sorry, Wabbit. In another world, I finally did learn a little parkour.(this vague review brought by Lj user=Erik_not_erik)

    8. Team WorkI thoroughly enjoyed this series. Individually I love each of the writers and as a unit they really coalesce. I hope we get to see some more of the gAng in the future.

    9. Powerful series finale, so sad and so, so good. Will probably reread the whole series in a year or two, to catch the details that I missed.

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