Ante Up Diesel Jones is a shifter who has issues with the moon but he quickly finds that Sofia Cabrera a clever witch who just moved in to town is his only hope to reach his goal of becoming a Collector Wh

  • Title: Ante Up
  • Author: AmandaCarlson
  • ISBN: 9780990392828
  • Page: 217
  • Format: ebook
  • Diesel Jones is a shifter who has issues with the moon, but he quickly finds that Sofia Cabrera, a clever witch who just moved in to town, is his only hope to reach his goal of becoming a Collector When they pair up to take down an incubus, she not only saves his life, but wins his heart in the process

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    1. This review was originally posted at The Book Nympho3.5 starsI've had Ante Up on my TBR list since reading Aces Wild, and the Sin Collector series is on my list to finish up by the end of the year. I've enjoyed the two novellas I've read so far (the other by Kristen Painter) so when I saw that Amanda Carlson's novellas in the series were now available on audio I thought it was a perfect time to finish up her stories in the series.While Ante Up features a new couple, Diesel, and Sofia, they weren [...]

    2. Amanda Carlson once again shows her masterful skills at blending all the elements together in one story. An Urban Fantasy world that is large but doesn't feel overwhelming with action and love happening in a plot and story line that makes the whole package.*****FULL REVIEW*****Diesel Jones has his chance to be one of the SCC (Sin City Collectors). But first he must complete this trial run job. The catch, to bring in an incubus (which he hates as a whole species) and on the night of the month he [...]

    3. As usual, Amanda Carlson immediately sucked me into her book and held me prisoner there until I ran out of book to read; And once again, her book ended before I was finished reading. This isn’t a new thing for me, I have enjoyed all of her books immensely and wouldn’t complain if they all were longer. The fact that she can cause me to become as emotionally wrapped up in her characters in such a short time, as the Sin City Collectors books are all Novellas, is pretty freakin’ amazing to me. [...]

    4. INITIAL THOUGHTSI have managed to fall into a bit of a reading slump, I think it's because I have recently read some brilliant books, which I know is a good thing but then I can't decide what to read next. I also think after reading a book I've loved I can be a little over critical and if I am not captured by the plot of my next read quickly enough, I become bored. So I sat down and started thinking about what book series had books left I hadn't read. I immediately thought of J.A. Belfield but t [...]

    5. My Review:This is the third book I've read from the Sin City Collectors and I really just love the whole premise of this series. The series premise is that paranormals have their own police force/ bounty hunter system called the Collectors. Collectors are in charge of bringing in paranormals who step outside the boundaries of their laws. Because Vegas is such a "weird" city, it draws an more paranormals to its city than most. As such the Sin City Collectors are the best in the world. Diesel is a [...]

    6. Originally posted at Goldilox and the Three WeresAnte Up is Amanda Carlson's second novella in the Sin City Collectors series. Most of the main characters were introduced in her previous one, Aces Wild, though you wouldn't need to read that one first to follow the story. It also introduces Diesel's brother Luke and Sofia's friend Ginger (who are starring in Carlson's next novella.) One of my favorite things about this story is that it brings all of those characters together for much of the actio [...]

    7. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.Never has a novella series been so addicting to me! The Sin City Collectors series is without a doubt one of my favorite novella series ever! I love these short reads entirely and can't wait to read more from Amanda Carlson and the other authors who I am awaiting for their contributions! Ante Up is Amanda Carlson's second installment in the series so far, currently we have 3 novella [...]

    8. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAfter having read the first book by Amanda Carlson in the Debt Collector series I was happy to also receive the second book for review. This book is told from the point of views of Diesel and Sofia, I liked both characters in Aces Wild so i was happy to learn more about them and their story. Nevada and Jack both played a big part in this book as well as well as two other character which we find out will be the main characters in the next book. It [...]

    9. Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirlOfficial Review:*****This book was provided by the author for an honest review*****The supernatural bounty hunter romantic escapades continue with the third installment of to Sin City Collectors Novella Series and the momentum continues as the same exhilarating pace as Amanda’s Ace’s Wild Novella and Kristen Painter’s Queen of Hearts!Although the series can be read alone, I would highly recommend reading the novellas in order as the buildup is exquisite. The world bu [...]

    10. The Sin City Collectors is such a fun series! For those who don't know, it's a series of novellas written and self-published by a bunch of author friends. So far, there are novellas by Amanda Carlson and Kristen Painter, but more authors will join later on. Each novella is set in the same world, and featuring a different pair of main characters.This time around we meet Diesel, a werewolf who completely looses control on the full moon, and Sofia, a witch hunted by an incubus. Once again a fun ins [...]

    11. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.Flirty and fun, ANTE UP is a great installment in the Sin City Collectors series. With badass witch Sofia, and superbly alpha Diesel, ANTE UP offers a combination of heroine and hero who are made for each other.Though short, ANTE UP never sacrifices details. Diesel’s and Sofia’s back stories are both revealed, and though I would have liked to learn more about Sofia and how she became a master witch, I never felt left out or as if I was missing some [...]

    12. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewAfter discovering the first novella presenting us this new world, Amanda Carlson allows us to discover more here and it is with great pleasure that we find a new couple highlighted along with some characters we already discovered previously.Here we find Diesel, a man who works with Jake (discovered in the first volume). This boy is trying to be part of the collectors and it looks like he finally has a chance to show his worth by bringing a wanted man, an inc [...]

    13. There aren’t many authors out there who are consistently able to produce quality, full-bodied novellas but I think it’s safe to say that Amanda Carlson is one of the lucky few who is able to do this with her stories. In ANTE UP, Diesel Jones is tasked with one more assignment before he can become a Collector. As a shifter, DJ has a strange reaction when there’s a full moon out and he and his brother, Luke try their best to keep that beast at bay.Meanwhile, Sofia Cabrera is the new witch on [...]

    14. The latest novella in the Sin City Collectors series is out today. ANTE UP by Amanda Carlson features Diesel and Sofia, two characters we met in ACES WILD.I really liked ACES, but this one I loved even more. Amanda has definitely "upped the ante," laying the foundation for more action and enemies, as well as more couples and fleshes out the world and various supernatural factions a little more.Diesel is a werewolf who has trouble keeping control around the full moon. Sofia is a witch who first w [...]

    15. This second installment from Amanda Carlson's collection for the sin city series continues on where ace's wild finishes and it's non-stop drama form the get go!Diesel has always had 'issues' with the full moon, and that's not good considering it makes his werewolf unpredictable and chaotic, and prevents him from becoming a sin city collector himselfmething happened to him on the night his dad died and left him unable to control his wolf during the full moon but that was until he met Sofia, a wit [...]

    16. The romances that are involved in this novella series are fast and furious, but still give you the details you crave from a full length novel. We met Sofia in ACES WILD while she was on the losing team, but ANTE UP shows us a whole new side to her. Diesel is a shifter with issues that wants to be a part of the Sin City Collectors and he's finally getting the chance. Little does he know that the witch he craves will be the one that helps him land the job.Both characters were very interesting to f [...]

    17. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this novella, the third in the AMAZING Sin City Collectors Series, and the second novella by Amanda Carlson, for review purposes. Although it is part of a series I think this would definitely work as a stand alone but my personal preference, as with most series, would be to read them in order especially as there is a LOT of character crossover from the first in the series. For those that want to just jump right in with this one though fear not . e [...]

    18. Another great offering from Amanda Carlson! Our favourite characters Jake and Neve from Ace's Wild return but the main Characters are Diesel (Jakes barman/bouncer at Hellhounds who wants to be a Sin City Collecter) and Sofia (the witch that had been hired by Neve's father) who are fighting of unwanted attentions from a group of sex demons who call themselves 'The Sumerians' the leader of which was responsible for the death of Diesel's father when he was a kid.I loved the chemistry between Sofia [...]

    19. I received an audible copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.The narrator for the Audio book is excellent. This is another I enjoyed up to the very end. The explicit sex scene at the end could in my opinion be left out (or occurred off screen) and the story would lose nothing. Well written, and captivating, Diesel and Sofia make a great team. The flirtations between them let you know they both know there is chemistry between them, and sparks are flying everywhere. Delving deeper into [...]

    20. Loving these novellas!Since this is a novella and I thoroughly enjoyed it, my format is out the window.I was hoping when I read the first book that Diesel would get his own story. Ms Carlson drew me right in almost where I left off in the previous novella. There was just something about Diesel calling to me. I liked him right away and knowing more of his back story makes me like him even more. I can almost say the same thing about Sofia. She's mysterious and we still don't know all about her but [...]

    21. This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*Awesome story! Amanda does it again and brings us an incredible tale! Her imagination and creativity go to a whole new scale in this one as magic is flown around and people are trying to get inside your mind!I really enjoyed getting to know Sofia as we only saw her as an enemy in the first book. My fav in this one was Desil, wow talk about a hunk of manlolI felt for him throughout and I was routing for him all along.The bad [...]

    22. My thoughts:"It's time to ante up"ANTE UP by Amanda Carlson is Amanda's second paranormal romance in the Sin City series. All of the Sin City novellas are set in Las Vegas and revolve around tasks assigned by the SCC aka Sin City Collectors. Collectors for the SCC are tasked with bringing offending supernaturals to their boss without asking why. This was a very entertaining, sexy, quick read at only 106 pages. I really enjoyed catching up with Jake and Neve from ACES WILD in this book. Even thou [...]

    23. What a great afternoon read! Normally I do not read novellas as I feel they are too short to properly draw me in. Ante Up did not fall into that category. Although I wished the book had another chapter or two, the story was entertaining and the characters strong.Diesel is a wolf who has more trouble than most around the full moon and this has created problems in his career or rather the career he wishes to have. He has tried everything to date to ease this problem, but nothing has helped. His br [...]

    24. I love this series. They are great stories, even if they could longer. The characters are very well developed, if you consider the length of the story. The romance is a little rushed, but once again, I think this has to do with the length.We met both the hero and heroine in the first book, also written by Carlson (different books in this series are written by different authors). We have Sofia is a master witch. Diesel is a werewolf who cannot control himself during the full moon. His family lock [...]

    25. I highly enjoyed learning more about Diesel and I really liked Sofia. I also liked learning about Sofia's attempts to befriend Neve. It was completely Neve and it was fun to see her and Jake again. Diesel's issues with the full moon were interesting and an interesting take on the whole shifting aspect of him. Ultimately, the conclusion of WHY he gets moonstruck was eyebrow raising and I hope we learn down the road if Sofia's attempts help him are successful (I assume they are!). Sofia and Diesel [...]

    26. "Ante Up" by Amanda Carlson is the third novel in "A Sin City Collectors Series". Diesel Jones has suffered from a rare shifting issues since the night his father was murdered when he was eight years old. It's the one thing that has kept him out of the SCC thus far. But when an opportunity to prove himself pops up, he's ready to to do it. Sofia Cabrera is the new witch in town. Generally a loner, she's survived thus so far on selling her skills for the right price. Bored and looking for a change [...]

    27. Ante Up is Amanda Carlson's second novella in the Sin City Collectors series and I enjoyed it more than I did her first installment, Aces Wild.Diesel and Sofia had off the charts chemistry and I loved their wolf/witch dynamic. The world building in the Sin City Collectors series is intriguing, it's surprisingly action packed considering the length, and it's sexy. I look forward to listening to Ms. Carlson's final installment, All In.

    28. I'm a huge fan of this writer, but I admit to being disappointed in the overall quality of this novella (different editor, perhaps?) The story line is great, and I enjoyed the characters quite a bit. My disappointment comes in editing-- I got tired of counting the number of times perfect(ly) and beautiful(ly) were used in chapters 12 and 13 alone. The repeated words showed a lack of care I've come to expect in the Blood novels. A good read, but not her best effort.

    29. I was lucky enough to receive this story in advance and I really have enojoyed the Collector series so far. I like that each book is about different characters and that those characters interact with the previous characters. Diesel and Sofia's story is fun and exciting addition to this series. I can't wait for the next installment

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