Price of Privilege Having finally discovered the truth of her birthright Julia Elliston is determined to outwit Chance Macy at his own game Holding a secret he d kill to keep however is proving difficult than she ima

  • Title: Price of Privilege
  • Author: Jessica Dotta
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Having finally discovered the truth of her birthright, Julia Elliston is determined to outwit Chance Macy at his own game Holding a secret he d kill to keep, however, is proving difficult than she imagined.Just when Julia thinks she s managed to untangle herself from Macy s clutches, he changes tactics with a risky ploy As the scandal of the century breaks loose, drHaving finally discovered the truth of her birthright, Julia Elliston is determined to outwit Chance Macy at his own game Holding a secret he d kill to keep, however, is proving difficult than she imagined.Just when Julia thinks she s managed to untangle herself from Macy s clutches, he changes tactics with a risky ploy As the scandal of the century breaks loose, drawing rooms all over London whisper what so far newspapers have not dared to print Macy s lost bride is none other than Lord Pierson s daughter and one of the most controversial cases of marital law ever seen comes before Victorian courts.Though Julia knows Macy s version of events is another masterful manipulation, public opinion is swaying in his favor Caught in a web of deceit and lies, armed only with a fledgling faith, Julia must face her fiercest trial yet.

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      282 Jessica Dotta
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    One thought on “Price of Privilege”

    1. Well. I think I need about 97 more days to recover from this book. Actually, let’s go ahead and make that about 532CAUSE OH MY WORD.Y’all.I don’t even know where to start.“I swallowed, wondering if all dreams turned to dust the moment they were realized.”I’ll start by saying I loved the characters Dotta created. Some were funny, some quirky, some even yet mysterious and even if I didn’t like certain people, I loved how Dotta created them. I especially adored Jameson and Nancy in th [...]

    2. Having managed to escape the clutches of Chance Macy and wed her childhood love, Edward Auburn, Julia hopes that she may finally have the simple country life that she always longed for. But her wedded bliss is cut short when her husband’s family and congregation shun him for his alliance with Julia, whose reputation and association with Macy has now spread far and wide. Soon Julia and Edward are forced back to London to seek the assistance of Julia’s father. In spite of their desire to keep [...]

    3. I finally finished this book series. The final book was significantly more interesting than the middle one. However, I don't know quite what to make of the message of the trilogy. I noted that the small print makes it clear that these are not stand alone books--I didn't really pick up on that until after I had finished the first one. That makes for a very long bookFrom a secular period fiction perspective I would have rated this with 3.5 stars. If Christian principles are not in play then the st [...]

    4. While I liked Isaac, Evelyn and Jamison, I never developed a fondness for Julia in the entire series. It's tough for me to enjoy a novel/series when the "heroine" is not likable. I know many have raved about the series, but I found it to be just ok.

    5. Exceptional conclusion to historical fiction which is shattering the metrics of CBA romance. An unreliable narrator, a Dickensian propensity for twisting, winding interwoven storylines, a winning and wonderful narration, heartbreak and drama. Dotta has a winning way of cunningly revisiting the Victorian Gothic and lovers of Bleak House and Jane Eyre (whether coming from a background of faith or not ) will sink into this highly literary endeavour. The sheer verisimilitude, pitch-perfect dialect a [...]

    6. I have to start off by sayingI don't know where to begin with this review. This book took me every where and I don't think all of it will ever truly sink in. I think I need to go into mourning after finishing this book. I hated to see it end. This book emotionally gutted me.cially the endingOh, that ending. I will not say more on it, just good heavens, I didn't see it coming! Y'all need to read it!!!!It's been a full 24 hours since I finished this book. I still haven't moved past it. Goodness, t [...]

    7. I have been looking forward to the conclusion of the Price of Privilege Trilogy for some time. The series has an extremely unique feel to it. The whole series is not a light read. It can be very dark and at times quite depressing. I’m glad that the author added a character with enough humor that released at least some of the depression from entirely overtaking the plot of The Price of Privilege. I really enjoyed this series in that I never knew what was going to happen next, or what the protag [...]

    8. Jessica Dotta’s first two novels set the bar high for this series, with mysterious characters, vivid settings, and plots full of unexpected twists and turns. This final installment wraps up the series in a breathtaking and unexpected conclusion worthy of its predecessors. Taken together, Born of Persuasion, Mark of Distinction, and Price of Privilege tell a fascinating and intricately woven literary tale.Having lived in Julia’s head for three books now, I feel like I’ve come to know her we [...]

    9. It's a rare book that pulls me out of reality and immerses me in a story world so much that I'll willingly park my heinie on a chair and allow the world to go by. It's an even rarer author who writes so beautifully that my eyes get all watery and I want to throw away my laptop because I know I'll never be able to pen such haunting prose. Price of Privilege by Jessica Dotta is just such a book.Here is a taste of some of the word pictures taken from the story . . .Thus we were caught up in our dai [...]

    10. I often group books into three categories: shallow, still touching the bottom, and deep. A shallow book is enjoyable for its effortless readability. I can pick it up whenever and read it even in the most chaotic situations like a pediatricians office in flu season. If a book is “still touching the bottom” I am reading something that requires a little more investment and concentration. Lastly, a deep book requires more of me. I need to read it in a quiet room and focus on the unfolding plot. [...]

    11. I am still trying to come down emotionally from this book. It did not turn out how I thought it would after book #2, but partway through the third, I realized what would ultimately happen and hoped against all odds that it wouldn't. It did. And I cannot honestly remember when I have been so emotionally devastated by a book. Usually, I am able to compartmentalize my feelings so that I don't get too heavily involved in the characters because I know they're not real, but there was just no way of do [...]

    12. Julia Elliston returns in the action-packed finale that will put an end to her trouble one way or another. The plot thickens as Julia is shamed on different fronts and pushed away by her new in-laws. But that's the least of her problems. Chance Macy is still on her trail and will stop at nothing to stop her from airing out all of his dirty secrets that he cannot afford to be made known. It's Julia and her race against the clock to preserve everything and everyone that she holds dear.Jessica Dott [...]

    13. Oh my goodness! I am so sick and tired of books where I really like every other character besides the main character. Edward, Jamison, and Isaac are fantastic lovable characters. I even liked Macy better than Juls because at least he was smart and cunning and successful at what he did. Juls was such a weak character! I thought I would pull my eyelashes out if she said she just couldn't communicate her words one more time! What a cheap way out. She did not deserve the love and loyalty given to he [...]

    14. This book left me emotionally exhausted. The characters, good & bad, become apart of you throughout the long journey of this book. My review will not be long because the only review that can do this book justice is a individual personal review from each person that is interested in this author. Isaac was hands down my favorite. Like I seriously wanted to marry him myself!Prepare to hold your breath in suspense throughout every chapter. You will simultaneously love, cherish, & regret read [...]

    15. Take this series off your "to read" list now. Spare yourself. Not only did this series get worse as it went on so did the characters (except Isaac). I started to dislike most of the characters more and more and couldn't believe I was still reading about them. The ending?! So sad. This story was too drawn out for me. I feel as though I wasted my time reading. I did like the first book but it's not worth reading if you have to read 2 & 3 to know what happens. It's a shame.

    16. Not often does a book move me as much as this one did. So many sentences that I thought I must write down. I still do not know exactly what I think - so much to consider. A truly great work. Dotta is an talented artist - I will read everything she writes.

    17. "With such dreadful truths ruling the universe, it is no wonder that grace and mercy are all that is left us."This series has riven me through and there are no words to express the daze I am left in upon reading the final page. Dotta's writing is powerful. I was left stunned and heartbroken, and I could not order my thoughts well enough to produce the review I attempt to write now. How can I review such a book? I love these characters. Love them all. They are masterfully constructed, that they c [...]

    18. Review for reread of Price of Privilege. My first review is here.(view spoiler)["He bade me not weep, for if I didn't step forward and take this mantle, no one else would, and those dearest to him would be left lost and broken."" I owed him anything he desired."The Price of Privilege series always wrecks visceral havoc in me. It breaks me to be immersed in such rich storytelling--to inevitably draw comparisons with my own characters as I consider fates here, and to think of the rending heartache [...]

    19. I’m thrilled to receive a review copy from an author I adore. It’s the third book in the Price of Privilege series; that just blew me away! After reading the last book in the series, Mark of Distinction I couldn't imagine where this author would take me next. Things seemed to have ended. But in this third and final book in the series, this author shows how maddening things can get when Chancy Macy stirs things up and is set on getting Julia back as his wife. This author created a realistic a [...]

    20. The Price of Privilege trilogy comes to an end with the publication of the third – and eponymous – title. Would all my questions from the previous two books be answered? Above all, would Julia’s marriage to Macy be declared valid? If it was, what would it mean for an event that took place at the end of Mark of Distinction?In my review for Born of Persuasion, I noted that I didn’t think any of the characters were likable people. Sadly, my opinion didn’t change that much. The validity of [...]

    21. Honestly, I don't know why I finished this series. I had high hopes for this last book and it was sorely disappointing. Beyond disappointing. Julia is the most selfish and annoying character I have ever read about. She continually made dumb decision after dumb decision. Always thinking of things to say but never saying them. She's the queen of "slight nods". Why did anyone think that Nancy pretending to be mute would solve any problems? Like anyone at Macy's estate would forget the sassy, smart [...]

    22. One of the best books I've read this year!When I read the first book in this series I didn't like Julia, she was just so foolish and headstrong. But after I finished I gave it high marks because I realized the extent of the author's talent. Jessica Dotta had written a heroine that I couldn't be indifferent about, she completely engaged my emotions on every page. In the second book I gained sympathy with Julia as learned more about her and as she gradually changed. As I read Price Of Privilege I [...]

    23. ulia Elliston, having finally married Edward Auburn, her childhood sweetheart and the vicar of their small English village, is ecstatic. Her elation upon believing that her earlier woes are behind her is short lived, however. Upon learning of her past, Edward’s landed gentry parents don’t even wish to see her, and while Edward receives odd looks from the servants, his parishioners pelt him. Fearing that Julia might be abducted by her intimidator, Chance Macy, the newlyweds flee to London. Ne [...]

    24. Characters: Where the previous two novels kept the characters a bit clouded as to their trustworthiness to our narrator, this novel allows their true colors to shine a bit more. The development of the characters in these books is astonishing. The main character becomes one with the reader in these novels. I began to really feel her thoughts and concerns, and ultimately her pain through all the suffering she faces in her life through this book.Storyline: There isn’t too much to say about the st [...]

    25. This entire series was an intriguing one. It certainly included plenty of interesting ideas, characters, and depiction of sin and darkness that is so rarely seen in the inspirational fiction genre. Each book in the trilogy has a very different feel to it and now that the series is complete, I can more fully appreciate the portrait that was being drawn throughout the trilogy. This really works best as a three-part longer work -- rather than as a series of individual books. That being said, this t [...]

    26. This is probably, to date, the longest review I have written about a book. It might contain some spoilers, so beware when reading. However, I felt it necessary to convey my feelings and thoughts toward this awesome book.I absolutely enjoyed this final book to the Price of Privilege series. Book two left us with more questions than answers, and I'm happy to say that the author provides a satisfying conclusion. This book is definitely written in the Victorian Gothic style, as are the other books i [...]

    27. This book invokes so many emotions.The book is a great read! After completing the 2nd book, I was pulled toward Macy, hoping there would be enough good in the present to overcome the bad from his past. As I began the 3rd book, I felt a sadness that this book would change my perspective of many of the charactersd it did. There were characters I abhorred in the beginning, that I felt compassion for near the end. There were characters I loved at one point then were angry with at the completion of t [...]

    28. Well I finished it, and before I start I want to say that I had a lot of interruptions while reading this. Those of you that love library books will understand why I had to keep putting this off. Anyway, I love her writing and haven't read a good trilogy in awhile, but in this last book I felt like she spent to much time trying to get to the point and no time spent on the ending. The main characters relationships were so strange to begin with and I wanted more. I really don't have anything else [...]

    29. When you read one of Jessica Dotta's books you can expect the unexpected! My heart still aches from the ending of this book. Amazing!

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