Magic Scars They took it all his will his memories his freedom his magic Imprisoned by his enemies tortured and drugged to keep his magic suppressed Ian Troy returns to a world as marred and broken as he is

  • Title: Magic-Scars
  • Author: C.L.Schneider
  • ISBN: 9781503004016
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • They took it all his will, his memories, his freedom, his magic Imprisoned by his enemies, tortured and drugged to keep his magic suppressed, Ian Troy returns to a world as marred and broken as he is Ravaged by the reign of her new High King, Draken of Langor, Mirra kelan s citizens live in fear The Shinree, misled by Jem Reth s promises, are no longer slaves, but theyThey took it all his will, his memories, his freedom, his magic Imprisoned by his enemies, tortured and drugged to keep his magic suppressed, Ian Troy returns to a world as marred and broken as he is Ravaged by the reign of her new High King, Draken of Langor, Mirra kelan s citizens live in fear The Shinree, misled by Jem Reth s promises, are no longer slaves, but they are far from free Thrust together by necessity, refugees from all realms have banded together and formed alliances never before thought possible They share a common goal freedom from oppression And a common, fragile hope Ian Troy.But as Ian struggles to put the pieces of his life back together, he finds he is not the same man as before Afflicted by an unsettling, personal transformation, he strives to discover the truth behind his connection to The Crown of Stones He searches for answers among the ruins of the past and uncovers ancient secrets that may have altered the course of his entire race.The Price of Ian s magic and his addiction have never been higher.Magic Scars, the second installment in the Crown of Stones trilogy, is available now on in paperback and for Kindle.

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    1. After he is defeated, drugged, and thrown into a high-labour prison; it is only a matter of time before someone tries to break Troy out. After all, there are too many people that want his help; and too many people he's pissed off, for fate to leave him be.Yeah, I suppose it was okWhen I read Magic Price (click here for my review), I took my time because I wanted to enjoy it, rather than sneaking a bit of reading in here and there.For Magic Scars - everything else got put on the back-burner, and [...]

    2. Magic Scars is book two in The Crown of Stones series written by C.L. Schneider. This is a fantasy with lots of action and detail. Ian Troy wakes up after being in prison for two years and has no idea who he is, where he is, or what is going on. He has been tortured and drugged to keep his magic suppressed. The world is as broken and messed up as he is mostly due to the new reign of the High King, Darken of Langor and Jem Reth. Ian is really struggling to put his life back together and pick up t [...]

    3. Protagonist are easyI believe you can tell a lot more about how well a book is written by how well you understand characters you don't like than those you do. Usually the main protagonist while flawed is never so flawed that you can't come to appreciate them. Then there are other characters, ones you will never come to admire but if well written you do come to understand. I had that experience with this book, a character I would never wish to have a good outcome or excuse their choices but I cam [...]

    4. One great thing about being on vacation is I can read much more. I reblogged my review of the Summer Indie Book Award-nominated Magic-Price last week anticipating I’d be ready to post my review of Magic-Scars today. This review also gives me a chance to try out my new format for reviews.A note on format: Reviews are essentially opinions. Everybody has one, and at the end of the day, a person either likes a book or doesn’t. The real question is how to be objective. As a writer myself, I love [...]

    5. A dark, engrossing and thrilling journey like no other. The best book I've read in years.This novel continues the journey of Ian Troy as he comes to terms with his magic use, and the significant effects it has on his body and mind. The tension is building in this book as the major characters, and some new ones too, fight for what they believe in. We see some incredible new locations - my personal favourite being Darkhorne prison which is a bleak and horrifying place, brought to life by C.L. Schn [...]

    6. I stumbled upon C.L. Schneider 's first novel in this trilogy, Crown of Stones: Magic-Price, last year and was instantly drawn to her main character, Ian Troy, as well as her unique style of writing. She carefully built a story, a fantasy realm, and some interesting characters in the first book that left me wanting more even after a 500 page read! She truly has the ability to bring you into her world by creating such imagery that you can almost taste the wine, smell the blood, feel the pleasure [...]

    7. I received a copy from the author for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.Well, if I thought Ian was broken before, if I thought he had worked his way into my heart with his stubborn will to live against all odds, in Magic Scars, the author shows us an ever more damaged Ian, physically and psychologically. My heart was aching so much for himWhat I loved about this second books is that it doesn’t suffer from ‘second book syndrome’ where hardly anything of importance [...]

    8. C.L. Schneider's imagination runs wild in her series The Crown of Stones, and her sequel, Magic - Scars, is even better than the first book in the series. Schneider's story climaxes in this novel, and it is everything that a great epic fantasy novel should be, while adding in contemporary issues to amplify the story. The issues of oppression and prejudice against Troy's race connects to today's racial issues, and in that way Schneider allows fantasy fans to connect their love of the genre with t [...]

    9. Schneider’s Magic-Scars is just as good, if not better than Magic-Price. The second volume of The Crown of Stones trilogy continues Ian’s quest to restore power to the Crown of Stones. Ian Troy attempts to recover his memories, which were stripped from him at the end of book one. This is a brilliant move by Schneider, because as Ian’s memories slowly return in Magic-Price, we are reminded of past events from book one. Schneider creatively parcels the story events of Magic-Scars through a n [...]

    10. Here we join up again with Ian Troy, a magic user in a world where magic users are, at best, second class citizens, and, more often than not, slaves.After having been sprung from the prison mines by his daring friends, we find Ian adrift. Without his memories, without sensation, Ian is a shell of his former self. That quickly changes as he remembers all those who have done him wrong and all those that have been taken from him, and after 2 1/2 years, he's ready to kick some ass and take some name [...]

    11. You don't always get five stars on a second book. Hell, you may not get four. I really like this series for a number of reasons. Mostly because as an author, I appreciate the sheer amount of brainpower and detail that went into this monster-book. I mean to tell you, there's so much world packed into these two books. I'm still getting used to having a male protagonist (lolz, #feminism), but I was happy to see the females in the story grow into their own, and a couple new gals who held their own a [...]

    12. This book was more focused than the first one. I found it a lot easier to follow along and keep the characters straight. I really enjoyed this book. I found the pace to be fast enough to not get bored but not so fast that you feel like you are missing some of the details. It is very detailed and you feel like you can picture what is being portrayed. The progression of the characters was nice and they evolved with the world around them.

    13. C.L. Schneider has done it again. The sequel to The Crown of Stones: Magic Price is an exciting and twisty tale, continuing the saga of Ian Troy. The reader learns more about the historical conflict that torments Troy and the Shinree people and where the magic originates. A fantasy world worth visiting, Magic Scars will leave you wanting more.

    14. The magic/drug addiction is cool, but adds to what the heck is going on at times? What is real & not real? The writing is well done to be able to hold one's interest while giving off such a hallucinating effect - I can't wait for the last book to bring all the arc into focus!

    15. The continuation of a epic new fantasy series that has it all. I can't wait to read more about Ian Troy and the world he lives in.

    16. The Crown of Stones: Magic-ScarsBy: C. L. Schneider5 out of 5 starsThe story The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars by C.L. Schneider is an epic fantasy book. This is the second installment of The Crown of Stones trilogy. Ian Troy has been captured by his old enemy, King Draken of Langor. He has been tortured and drugged, robbed of his will, his memories, and his magic. He is rescued and as his body heals and rids itself of the drug he was given, he realizes that he has returned to an unfamiliar world [...]

    17. This is the second in the Crown of Stones Trilogy. Ian Troy’s journey continues when he is captured by his enemy King Draken because he is a Shinree and is a magic user. He is sentenced to prison and stripped of his magic, his will and has no memories. Ian is tortured and drugged to make him do unspeakable things. Being drugged has kept Ian from using his magic and he doesn’t know what he does. The prison is a dark evil place. You can hear the screams of the other prisoners through the walls [...]

    18. I give The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars by C.L. Schneider 5 stars.Ian Troy has now been imprisoned. He has been tortured and drugged beyond belief. His captors want something from him and he can’t give them the answer. He doesn’t know it. He’s left drug-addled, no longer able to use any magic and forced to work on the mines. All seems lost. Then a tragedy happens.Most of his friends think him dead in the mine collapse. He was pulled out by some close friends and allies. But he is broken bo [...]

    19. The impressive fantasy continues in The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars which is the second book in the series, written by author C.L. Schneider. From the synopsis: They took it all: his will, his memories, his freedom, his magic. He was imprisoned, tortured and drugged to suppress his magic. His task is to recover/repair the Crown of Stones. Ian struggles to separate himself from the person he is becoming versus who he was before. To become the weapon the resistance needs, he must assume responsib [...]

    20. The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars (Volume 2) by C.L. Schneider is another epic adventure that I gave 4 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend reading Volume 1 first to understand the history of the characters and their world. This novel continues with the story of Ian Troy who has been captured by King Draken of Langor. They have a history-and not a good one. Ian is hideously tortured losing everything: his belongings, his mind, and his power. He is rescued, and slowly heals from the poison warping h [...]

    21. I love these books. They are filled with nonstop action, murder, blood, sex and plenty of swearing. It's all a part of the wonderful world C.L Schneider has created.I loved the start and how the reader is as much in the dark as the main character as to how he woke up onboard a ship. Ian has no memory of who he is or who he can trust, and his instincts tell him something is very wrong with his predicament.In this book we learn more of the history of the Shinree and Eldrings, of the magic that Ian [...]

    22. This is the second book in the trilogy. After reading the first one I was excited to just in to the next one and I did just that. I had to find out what happened to Ian. It being a sequel it continued perfectly from that last one. There were a few time I was biting my nails as I read it. I love books that get the reader involved. I don't like to have spoilers in my reviews. The third book's review will be up soon. 

    23. With Ian struggling to put his life back together after being imprisoned by his enemies, he finds he isn’t the same man as before. After being drugged, tortured his memories, his magic and his will has been taken. Then to top it all off, once he returns back to the world he called home he finds out that it’s just as broken as he is. Mirra’kelan’s citizens all live in fear. With all being thrust together by necessity, refugees from the other realms have come together and formed alliances [...]

    24. Magic-Scars is the second book in C. L. Schneider’s The Crown of Stones series, and picks up the story about two years after the events of Magic-Price. It opens with the news that Ian Troy, the protagonist, is dead. With over fifty chapters to go, however, the reader is unlikely to be convinced by this. But Troy, whilst alive, has suffered a lot during his imprisonment between the books and has a long way to go before he will be himself again.At the beginning of Magic-Scars, Troy has lost his [...]

    25. The Crown of Stones: Magic Scars (Volume 2) by CL Schneider is the second book in The Crown of Stones series. This book like the first if full of fantasy, action, suspense and a little bit of romance. This story is a continuation of Ian Troy's journey to restore the power to the Crown of Stones. This story will pull you into Troy's journey and have you sitting on the edge of your seat until you find out what happens. It is now two years later for Ian in which he has worked in the the mines doing [...]

    26. “The Crown of Stones: Magic Scars” written by C.L. Schneider. This is the second story in a trilogy involving politics, fantasy, issues of injustic, addiction, magic, furry creatures, good guys, bad guys, sword fights, secrets, and characters from an old world when people believed in gods and magic as a way of life. I loved the cover of this book just as much as I loved the cover to the first book of this trilogy. It is colorful, lots of detail, and provides the reader with a visual that rem [...]

    27. The Crown of Stones: Magic- Scars is the second book in the series by C.L. Schneider. While this is not my normal genre, I have to say that I again was still able to get lost in this amazing book by an amazing author with the ability to make me get lost in a book from the very first word to the very last word. What I liked even more about the book was it didn’t start off right where the last one did, it was two years pass where the first book finished. I highly recommend this book to anyone wh [...]

    28. When Ian Troy awakes, he is no longer himself. His memories have gone, his energy has gone, and—even worse—his magic has gone. Drugged into submission, he has been suffering in a Langorian prison for more than two years. Rescued by Malaq and taken into hiding by Captain Krillos, Troy must learn to become the man he was in order to stem the flow of destruction from Mirra’kelan’s High King, Draken. But Troy is not the same man: he is altered, more troubled than before, more destructive tha [...]

    29. The Crown of Stones: Magic Scars by C.L Schneider4 Stars This is book two in the series The Crown of Stones. I never had a chance to read the first book but it starts off with the main character having a drug induced amnesia. He didn't remember anything either so we started off on the same foot! This book takes place a few years after part one. The leader of a rebel group fakes Ian Troy’s death and breaks him out of prison. With all the misery and death that King Draken and Jem Reth have cause [...]

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