These Are the Voyages TOS Season Three An upcoming Star Trek TOS reference guide documenting the production and background information on episodes from Spectre of the Gun through Turnabout Intruder

  • Title: These Are the Voyages - TOS: Season Three
  • Author: Marc Cushman Susan Osborn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • An upcoming Star Trek TOS reference guide, documenting the production and background information on episodes from Spectre of the Gun through Turnabout Intruder.

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    1. Volume 3 concludes Marc Cushman's intricate examination of the production of classic Star Trek, detailing the clashing personalities behind the scenes and on camera. By publishing original memoranda and alternative ratings documents, he gives new perspective on stereotypes long embedded in the fandom. Perhaps Season 3 was not canceled because of low ratings and Fred Freiberger didn't personally kill the series. I have to say that I come away from this book with less respect for Roddenberry and m [...]

    2. As the author stated many times in this book, season three is looked down upon because the talented people that made Star Trek were leaving and the quality suffered. That being said, there are some good episodes tucked away here. This was another fantastic book with trivia and details through the roof. Recommend again for Star Trek fans.

    3. Like the books for Seasons One and Two, I found this book impossible to put down. And like most Star Trek fans, I've always discounted the dreadful Season Three as being, well dreadful. This book, however, made me appreciate Season Three more and helped me to realize that there were some wonderful episodes therein. Even the clunkers such as "Plato's Stepchildren" and "And the Children Shall Lead" were well intended, even if the execution was not well done.And some of my favorite episodes were th [...]

    4. This is the third of a three-volume set covering the production of the Original Series of Star Trek. It follows the pattern of the other two: the writing and format are similar, so no surprises there.In this volume I found Cushman's guidance about the episodes to be more valuable than in the others. He isn't afraid of pointing out where the bad episodes were in season 3, but frequently asks us to reconsider them and analyzes where things might have been better. Even if he can't get me to watch " [...]

    5. A must for Star Trek fans, even more than the previous two volumes, as Cushman tackles the series' troubled third season. Rewatching the episodes as I read gave me e new appreciation of the much maligned last season. For all the flaws, there are plenty of interesting ideas and episodes. Producer Fred Freiberger, long hated by fans as the hack who "destroyed" the Original Series, comes across as a well-intentioned guy who had to juggle enormous pressure from NBC, budget cuts, censorship, and even [...]

    6. I forgot to add the third one / it was also good--less detailed in the lack of endless memos from Freiberger/Singer as textual evidence, but really interesting in its analysis of just how noted third season disaster episodes came about? Interesting hypothesis is that first/second season TOS maybe work because everyone involved was squarely working within genre, but trying to elevate that genre: Roddenberry wanted to write militaristic adventure think pieces/SF, DC Fontana SF, Gene Coon fancy TV [...]

    7. Season 3 of Star Trek is covered in Cushman's third and final volume of These Are The Voyages, and damned if he didn't make me see Fred Freiberger in an entirely different light. Apparently, considering the constraints he was working under (no money and no production time), it's a wonder the third season of Trek turned out as well as it did. Not that Fred's a saint, but I finally understand how turkeys such as "And The Children Shall Lead" escaped the science fiction barnyard. Since Freiberger d [...]

    8. For many fans, the third season of Star Trek did not seem to be as high a quality as the first two. There are many reasons this was so, and this book dives into them all. It's done with great care and love, however, absolving, for the most part, the new producer who was charged with putting the show out ON BUDGET, and been scapegoated every since. It does not wholly absolve "Saint Gene" Roddenberry, who made some questionable decisions which also impacted the quality of the show.But it finds som [...]

    9. This book shatters the myth that Star Trek failed to generate ratings in its third season to justify renewal. NBC wanted to wash their hands of Star Trek. They did so by betraying the studio's deal with creator Gene Roddenberry to move it to Monday nights, starving it with a budget better fit for a radio show, then mis-representing the ratings. Third Season Producer Fred Freiberger did the best he could with the tools available. He may not have been a good fit, but the cross he has worn for deca [...]

    10. Much like the first two volumes of this series, this one is a treasure trove of behind other scenes tidbits of arguably the most popular sci-fi show in television history. You again get the full force of the personalities involved in creating Star Trek, both good and bad. If you like the show, the movies, hell, even the cartoon, then read this book!One little quibble: The formatting is a bit wonky on the book at times. As most major publishers don't know how to format non-fiction for e-books any [...]

    11. In his effort to tell the true story of the show’s making, from among all the folklore available, Cushman accomplishes a larger tale of the frequent chasm between the creative and financial efforts of the people in its control. While much of TOS seems antiquated to the modern TV viewer, the circumstances that overtook its chances for success have seen little change in today’s business of making television. Volume 3 is a good roadmap for anyone wishing to understand what goes on behind the cu [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this look at the making of Star Trek season 3. It explores the day to day production of the show and the problems behind the scenes. The drama between Gene, Fred, NBC and Paramount play out. Season 3 may not have the best episodes of the show but there are a few gems in there, now you can see what happened. I look forward to reading the next two book in this series. I also enjoyed in the book the production is put into context of the time. The author includes some pop culture ti [...]

    13. Informative, but very repetitive.The book is filled with behind-the-scenes information about what was going wrong during Star Trek's third year. It paints Fred Freiberger as a sympathetic human, even though I wound up not agreeing with many of his choices. Unfortunately, the book repeats itself, and repeats the earlier two books, in places. The fixation on dissecting ratings must have felt cathartic when the author wrote them, but it's dull and the ratings don't vary much for most episodes. Cons [...]

    14. The final in this must-read series is just as information-packed as the previous two volumes. There remained many, many details about the individual episodes that were new to me, as well as overall info about the show. The only downcheck is due to the excessive and repetitive telegraphing of the series already-inevitable doom ("Little did they know that the network had already decided the show must die "). This series is a must for any Star Trek fan -- or any fan of 60s TV, as the way television [...]

    15. What a fantastic culmination to this extensive project, and a wonderful walk down memory lane. It was greating being reminded of some things I already knew, and learning so many things I had no clue about. Highly recommended.

    16. I am blown away!There are more bits of information in these three books, These Are The Voyages, Seasons One, Two and Three than can be remembered in a lifetime of watching Star Trek.Excellent series! Excellent books!Live long and prosper!

    17. Hands down the best books on the making of the original series. The final volume is as good as the first two.

    18. The last book of this series covered Season 3 of the original series. Most in depth book covering the episodes of Star Trek that I have ever read.

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