The Hebrew Goddess The Hebrew Goddess demonstrates that the Jewish religion far from being pure monotheism contained from earliest times strong polytheistic elements chief of which was the cult of the mother goddess

  • Title: The Hebrew Goddess
  • Author: Raphael Patai Merlin Stone
  • ISBN: 9780814322710
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hebrew Goddess demonstrates that the Jewish religion, far from being pure monotheism, contained from earliest times strong polytheistic elements, chief of which was the cult of the mother goddess Lucidly written and richly illustrated, this third edition contains new chapters on the Shekhina.

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      237 Raphael Patai Merlin Stone
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    1. Having read the Myths of Genesis book coauthored with Robert Graves, I was atuned to Patais' name and approach. Finding a copy of his Hebrew Goddess therefore led to its purchase at a local bookstore.Contrary to some reviewers, the Hebrew bible is replete with contradictions. It's just that people don't read very carefully. Indeed, one could tell the story of Israel as do many of the prophets as one of continual efforts to regularize worship, belief and behavior among restive, polyglot populatio [...]

    2. An excellent, in-depth examination of the female goddesses influences on the Yahweh worship and the Jewish religion. The author integrates detailed, scholarly material that gives any reader, not just Jews, insights into the roles of Asherah, Astarte-Anath, the Cherubim, the Shekhina, The Matronit and, yes, even Lilith. Astonishing in breadth and depth, I recommend this to any serious religious scholar and particularly to women seeking the feminine in their spiritual lives.

    3. Many people may not know it but the Jewish religon through out it's history worshipped a Goddess or at least a feminine life force. First it started out with the worshiping of a Canaanite Goddess Ashera. THrough out the Bible there are constant references to the Israelite worshipping Ashera in the high places and at trees. THis was especially prevalent during Biblical times up until the the Babylonian Exile. THe Israelites have constantly had a debate about worshipping other Gods beside Yahweh. [...]

    4. Fue quien me sugirió esta lectura y me parece, además de bien documentada, muy instructiva. los neófitos como yo en la religión de los hebreos, hemos creído que a pesar del "becerro de oro"de Aarón, los judíos nunca practicaron el politeísmo. Sin embargo, esta investigación muestra que, desde que penetraron tierra cananea, los hebreos del "Ëxodo", incorporaron a su religión una serie de diosas como compañeras de Yavé y Yavé Elohim. Entre ellas está Asheráh la más antigua de tod [...]

    5. The academic parts were well researched and well presented - very insightful and full of interesting details about the history of several religions, not just the Abrahamic ones, and what the religious landscape looked like a few thousand years ago before people started to put things down in stone and edit the more interesting parts out.However, the book often strayed away from the academic and researched and tries to convert the reader to some sort of Neo-Pagen Goddess cult. No thank you, I'm, u [...]

    6. This was a fantastic book. Patai traces the goddess throughout time from ancient biblical times to more modern Kabbalism. Perhaps the most interesting part of the book is his analysis of how the goddess simultaneously embodies opposite characteristics. She is the chaste virgin and the wanton seductress, the goddess of love and the goddess of bloodthirsty violence. Patai offers a very fascinating insight into the human psyche and discusses how the goddess fulfills a need, especially in the male m [...]

    7. This has been recommended from several sources, most notably, Patricia Monaghan, and the members of the yahoo group Jewitch. Need to find it first.Just got it in the mail, my sister bought it for me for my birthday!! Yippeeeeeee! Too much to read, not enough brain cells!

    8. An interesting read. Traces the feminine aspects of God in Judaism and how they were affected by other religions. At times a little bit shocking honestly. The book also seems aware that some of its assumptions could be a little bit of a stretch. Overall a cool and thought provoking read.

    9. The book was a great walk through esoteric history of the feminine in Judaism. I especially enjoyed the walk through Kabbalist from 1100-1700s with the clearly defined meaning of the maggid.

    10. This is one of the best books on this subject that I have ever found. An insightful glimpse into the early beliefs of Judaism.

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