Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior Four years after training with the old warrior he calls Socrates in spite of all he has learned Dan Millman confronts personal failure and growing frustrations Disillusioned with his life unable to b

  • Title: Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Author: Dan Millman
  • ISBN: 9781932073102
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four years after training with the old warrior he calls Socrates in spite of all he has learned Dan Millman confronts personal failure and growing frustrations Disillusioned with his life, unable to bridge the gap between knowing and doing, Dan sets out on a worldwide quest to rediscover his sense of purpose and source of inspiration.A buried memory sends Dan on a seaFour years after training with the old warrior he calls Socrates in spite of all he has learned Dan Millman confronts personal failure and growing frustrations Disillusioned with his life, unable to bridge the gap between knowing and doing, Dan sets out on a worldwide quest to rediscover his sense of purpose and source of inspiration.A buried memory sends Dan on a search for a woman shaman, deep in a Hawaiian rain forest She is the gateway to all his hopes and his fears and only she can prepare him for what is to come.In worlds of shadow and light, Dan encounters inner tests, mortal challenges, shocking revelations, and unforgettable characters as he ascends the warrior s path to wisdom and peace This is the sacred journey we all share, the journey to the Light that shines at the heart of all our lives.

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    One thought on “Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior”

    1. I was disappointed in this book. After reading the Way of the Peaceful Warrior and being very pleased with it, this book showed me why it is bad to have expectations. To start with, this book is supposed to take place near the end of the Peaceful Warrior book. Near the end of PW, Dan takes a few months traveling around the world. This book fits in during that trip on the timeline before he meets up with Socrates in the Sierras again. This doesn't really make sense after the events in Sacred Jour [...]

    2. I read The Peaceful Warrior a couple of years back as I re-embarked on my own personal (somewhat spiritual) journey, and it was better than I could imagine. I'm not typically a fan of self-help or super-inspirational books, but the philosophical and spiritual lessons that I derived from the Peaceful Warrior surprised me. I had fairly low expectations (despite the hype) of the 2nd book in the series because honestly, I haven't seen many authors that are good enough for me to enjoy sequels. Boy wa [...]

    3. I first read this book about 10 years ago for the first time. I just read it again a few weeks ago. What the book reveals to you, depends on what you need. It depends on the place you are in your life, what quotes and lines in the book just JUMP out to you. This book is by one of my favorite people, and I have read every book of his. Dan Millman is an amazing motivational speaker, and his books are all thought provoking, and soul stirring. The premise is simple, but the book has many layers. Soc [...]

    4. I waited awhile before reading this. I guess I was not ready for the message at the time I bought it (September 2004). After reading this book, it's almost like a retreat experience. You remember how clear your head was during the retreat. When you came back to reality, however, things weren't as peachy as you'd hope.This book is about living that experience of self-discovery every single day. It's about having peace, without ignoring or forgetting the troubles surrounding your life. It complete [...]

    5. Dan Millman is an incredible author with an incredible message. The book, even though it is apparently fictionalized to a large extent, taps into some very real human emotions and connections, leaving the reader to reach their own conclusions about the message within. Because of how it's written in narrative form, the lessons are experienced rather than memorized and in that way resonate more with how I personally operate.The subject matter is largely focused on the chakras and how they can be o [...]

    6. I truly enjoyed the first book that I read by Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior (and the movie is not bad either!), but this book was not as good. That being said (really written), I did like many aspects of this book. The only negative that I can think of is that while Mr. Millman is off in India and then Hawaii having all of these fantastical spiritual experiences, his wife and daughter who were living in Ohio at the time, had no idea where he was or if he was ever coming back. I know t [...]

    7. If you've read Dan's infamous book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives, then you'll naturally progress to this book, which happens about 3/4ths of the way thru WOTPW. That being said, it doesn't have the same vibrant PUNCH that WOTPW does. Don't get me wrong - I think this book is 100% worth reading, especially if you enjoy Dan's other books, but I don't think this is the most interesting book that he's written. If you don't know much about the chakras, or you're looking to u [...]

    8. As always Dan Millman didn't disappoint me. Although i feel like this book should be classified as fiction but it's full of morals and golden words one should think more about them. these are parts from that great book:-"we have no control in this life, no ability to stop the waves that come crashing down. we can only learn to surf those waves, embracing whatever comes and using it to grow. Accepting our strenghts and weeknesses, our foolishness and our love. Accepting everything. Doing what we [...]

    9. I have to admit, I had a bit of bias towards this series and this author, mostly because everyone I had ever met who had read these books (and told me about it) were pretty pompous, spiritually-bypassing men who were only interested in their own brand of spirituality (and lecturing me about it incessantly). I was pleasantly surprised when I actually dug into this and discovered a very powerful female spiritual figure, as well as authentic stories of facing fears and re-connecting with intuition [...]

    10. I should say, even though this book is more like a fiction book interconnected with the events of Dan's life, I liked it a lot and all those characters in the book truly became a part of myself.It is quite hard to think of this book without being acquainted with Socrates's life first and then reading 85% of the original "The Way of The Peaceful Warrior" book. I did just that. And I enjoyed it so much.I cannot help but express a deep feeling of gratitude to the author of all these fine books. Tha [...]

    11. Sometimes when you read three books of the same author, and series in succession, the story can become predictable, and may even start to lose its meaning along the way. This however is not the case with the peaceful warrior journey, and in fact becomes more enlightened, and fulfilling with every spiritual truth that is revealed with your own deep understanding. I hope that all who have dedicated themselves to a higher purpose beyond their own minds, read and share this with other souls, so the [...]

    12. Boek over de ontdekkingsreis van de hoofdpersoon naar zichzelf, onder begeleiding van een vrouwelijke sjamaan op één van de eilanden van Hawaï. Grootste deel is een reis door de chakra’s van onderen naar boven. Veel mystieke blabla in een lelijke stijl, maar daar tussendoor ook wel mooie concepten.De motto’s van dit verhaal in drie delen:Deel 1: Hier gaat het om: elk moment bereid te zijn om wat we zijn op te geven voor wat we zouden kunnen zijn. Charles DuboisDeel 2: De ware ontdekkingsr [...]

    13. I enjoyed this follow up to the first book and I enjoyed it even more because it's set in Hawaii and his mentor in an old woman. The Whitehorse public library carries it. It's an easy read and a nice journey of inner-reflection :)

    14. Un livre qui est tombé entre mes mains au bon moment, dans un moment de recherche, de doute, d'acceptationDes mots des phrases des paroles qui ont touché le fin fond de mon espritet en fin de tous compte ."qu'impote tous cela qu'importe",,,,,,,a lire et a relire a vivre !

    15. Becoming the peaceful warrior equals being a more productive individual!In Book #2 of series Overcoming all life's challenges, as a peaceful warrior just makes more sense in today's challenging and competitive world.

    16. Incredible author with an incredible message. Though I admit fiction bores me and parts of this book though fictional, helps one understand oneself beyond the four dimensions. Definitely recommend…a must read to connect within.

    17. This book is amazing. The message is universal and it speaks to each of us differently. Recommend it for anyone who is ready to receive its message. I've been giving it to close friends to read, who I think would get something from it.

    18. I have read this book over and over again, and recently gave it to my 14 yr old grandson to read. It is a fun story, wrapped up in solid basic rules for navigating life. I've enjoyed most of Millman's books. They inspire me, without being preachy.

    19. Just finished the book.It made me cry but it filled me up with joy. The type of joy that comes along with a craving feeling of wanting to become a better person and to find piece in my heart, to be able to love more and hate less, to be different than others.

    20. Brilliant book - a fictional story that delves into multiple spiritual understandings and truths - a brilliant teacher!

    21. Lovely read . I really did enjoy.After meeting his spiritual teacher and following her instructions He has spiritual visions where he progresses through goes through various levels or stages of the experience of love . These levels correspond with the chakras so at the 2nd level the love is nothing but gratifying sex desire---- a selfish taking at the 3rd level an element of service appears in the love but a reward is still desired at the 4th level the service becomes selfless , purified of all [...]

    22. This book needs to be read in the order that Dan writes “The way of the peaceful warrior series. I have really enjoyed reading the books. Each one was an awakening experience, oddly enough as I read past chapter one, the events that take place in the book could be applied in my own life events. It actually tripped me out a bit. I liked it as it was erie as well. Ones mind need to be open to truly receive this book I. The way it’s meant to be absorbed. It most definitely a life changer. I sug [...]

    23. Dan continues his journey, leaving behind a disruptive marriage to seek the center of his soul. The journey takes him to Hawaii to where a kahuna waits to teach him the way of the sacred tower. Though not as good as his first book, this tale of awakening is well thought out and filled with second hand parables to demonstrate his point along with quotes and pretty allegories it falls short of the first book.

    24. Up there with "The Alchemist" and "The Celestine Prophesy." This is a great book for all the wisdom seekers looking to expand their minds in the direction of their spirit, staying strong and follow your dreams at all cost.

    25. Not my thing. I bought it because spiritual related stuff is my thing but mixed with fiction, used to illustrate beliefs just smacked of nonsense. Astral flying and such-like is just too out there for me.

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