Stalker F r nio r sedan d mdes pr sten Rocky Kyrklund till r ttspsykiatrisk v rd f r ett brutalt mord Sj lv minns han ingenting Efter en sv r olycka har han terkommande blackouter Samma sommar som hans teranp

  • Title: Stalker
  • Author: Lars Kepler
  • ISBN: 9789100136741
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • F r nio r sedan d mdes pr sten Rocky Kyrklund till r ttspsykiatrisk v rd f r ett brutalt mord Sj lv minns han ingenting Efter en sv r olycka har han terkommande blackouter.Samma sommar som hans teranpassning till samh llet p b rjas, skickar n gon en filmsekvens p en kvinna i ett f nster till polisen N sta dag hittas kvinnan d d i sitt hem Det r inte bara det bestiF r nio r sedan d mdes pr sten Rocky Kyrklund till r ttspsykiatrisk v rd f r ett brutalt mord Sj lv minns han ingenting Efter en sv r olycka har han terkommande blackouter.Samma sommar som hans teranpassning till samh llet p b rjas, skickar n gon en filmsekvens p en kvinna i ett f nster till polisen N sta dag hittas kvinnan d d i sitt hem Det r inte bara det bestialiska v ldet som leder tankarna till Rocky Kyrklunds gamla mord En ny film kommer till polisen Ingen f rst r vad som h nder och Joona Linna r f rsvunnen sedan mer n ett r N stan alla tror att han r d d N stan alla.

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    One thought on “Stalker”

    1. I haven't read the other books in the series as I won this from but that never took away from my enjoyment of this book.Stalker is the fifth instalment in the Swedish series and follows the crime of an obsessive stalker who brutality beats their victims,leaving their faces and other parts of their bodies completely disfigured.Before the crime is committed, a video is sent to the police where the Stalker simply observes the victim but as soon as it is sent the race is on.Erik Maria Bark, a hypno [...]

    2. This is the fifth book in the crime series. I was oblivious to the fact that this was part of a series when I requested it from NetGalley. I'd rather read a series from the start, than somewhere in the middle, and wouldn't have requested Stalker #5 had I been aware of this. But that's totally my fault, I should have checked before I made the request. Stalker still worked as a stand alone book, and was creepy and totally gripping. I enjoyed Kepler's writing style with the Nordic noir style going [...]

    3. In this much anticipated fifth novel in the Joona Linna series, Kepler delivers more thrill and drama to appease fans. With Linna presumed dead after an apparent suicidal drowning, control of the National Criminal Investigation Division falls to DS Margot Silverman. When the Division receives a clip from YouTube that outlines a voyeur film of an unidentified woman, the authorities are curious, but have seen no crime. It is only when the woman is found murdered that things begin to take on a shap [...]

    4. This is the 5th book in the Joona Linna series written by the Swedish authors known as Lars Kepler.I had previously read and enjoyed the other four releases in this series so I was eagerly waiting for this novel to be released.DS Margot Siverman takes the lead in this latest novel when Joona Linna who was presumed dead after an apparent suicidal drowning. The Department receive a strange video of an unidentified woman but as yet there is no crime. So when the woman is found murdered DS Silverman [...]

    5. I've read a lot of crime/thriller/murder mysteries and I can say that this is, without a doubt, the most spine-chilling, goosebump-inducing crime novel I've ever read. Honestly, I can't say I've ever read a novel which made my heart beat as fast as this. It pulled me right in, and as cliche as it sounds, I felt like I was there. This, as you might imagine, is pretty terrifying when the novel in question is a crime novel. 100% recommend if you think you can handle it!

    6. Stalker exibe na perfeição as características que me levaram a apreciar e acompanhar o trabalho desta dupla de escritores: com capítulos curtos e descrições do ponto de vista das próprias vítimas, momentos antes de serem executadas, a história avança com uma velocidade estonteante e de forma muito enervante. Aliás, os últimos capítulos deste livro são dos mais enervantes que já li!No quinto livro da série, Joona Linna, ex-comissário da polícia, ajuda clandestinamente na investi [...]

    7. Para mim, o melhor de todos Dos cinco livros publicados pela dupla em Portugal, li apenas três. Sim, eu sei que tinha prometido a mim mesma que ia ler os dois livros em falta aquando da leitura de O Homem da Areia, mas as novidades saem em catadupa e não consigo ler nenhum livro que tenho guardado na estante. Já decidi que pelo menos um deles vou levar comigo de férias.Stalker foi, dos que li, o melhor livro da série. dei 5 estrelas no e são 5 estrelas bem merecidas. Pautado por capítulo [...]

    8. This novel starts…It wasn’t until the first body was found that anyone took the film seriously. A link to a video clip on YouTube had been sent to the public email address of the National Criminal Investigation Department. The email contained no message, and the sender was impossible to trace.… and so this crime thriller set in Sweden gets off to it’s creepy start as Margot Silverman leads the police chase to catch the stalker and serial killer.Stalker is the 5th novel in the Joona Linna [...]

    9. Thank you to Net Galley, to the publishers and to the authors, as Lars Kepler is two people !My first novel by this team, Lars Kepler, although fifth in the seriesFirstly the length of this book, makes me give the book was star less, yes it is too long at nearly 640 pagesSecondly, lots of pages means lots of characters, lots of plots, sub plots.A video is sent to the National Crime Investigation Department in Stockholm. It shows a normal woman in her own home, doing nothing very exciting. By the [...]

    10. Wer hätte mit dieser Auflösung gerechnet? Ich fand sie auf jeden Fall super, auch wenn es zugegebenermaßen etwaaaas unrealistisch war :D

    11. 2017 vai ser o ano de Lars Kepler. Sem dúvida nenhuma.Depois do final do quarto livro da série, eu estava bastante curiosa para saber o que iria acontecer a seguir. E fui brindada com uma trama daquelas.Para mim, estes livros têm vindo a melhorar à medida que a série avança, o que é um óptimo sinal. Ainda me lembro da irritação que senti ao ler o primeiro livro. E o quão estranho e desagradável achei Joona Linna. Confesso que ainda não posso considerar esta série como tendo um luga [...]

    12. Πρόκειται για ένα από τα καλύτερα δείγματα του Σουηδικού αστυνομικού μυθιστορήματος. Το ''Stalker'', είναι το 5ο βιβλίο της σειράς με κεντρικό ήρωα τον ντετέκτιβ Joona Linna και προσωπικά με αποζημίωσε με τον καλύερο τρόπο, ύστερα από την απογοήτευση του ''Sandman''. Στο ''Stalker'', επιστρέφει [...]

    13. 4.5 stars.I really REALLY enjoyed this. I loved the plot line of a stalker most. Feeling like someone is watching me has always been one of my creepy paranoia feelings (and reading this has probably made it 200 times worse but ehh) and this book captured the feelings/paranoia of the victims really well.The story had super gross parts but they were also equally amazing. My only downfall was the amount of named characters. I struggled to keep up with everyone, especially if their name was Swedish, [...]

    14. Rating 4* out of 5. A very solid thriller. This is the fifth book in the series that I've read in short order. To be precise, I listened to the first four and it's only fifth that I've actually read. Part of the reason is because it is written in third person present tense and that is not a style I enjoy. I left "the Hypnotist" after three pages and only picked up as mp3 many years later. "Stalker" was a superb and very quick reading experience - I am glad I had the opportunity to devote myself [...]

    15. I coniugi Lars Kepler hanno pubblicato un altro grande successo da sommare ai precedenti e forse anche un po’ superandosi, visto che sono tornati con una serie infinita di colpi di scena. Il bello dei loro romanzi sta proprio nell’imprevedibilità delle loro storie. Il lettore resta sempre spiazzato dinanzi alle loro scelte narrative. Dopo lo sconvolgente finale de L’UOMO DELLA SABBIA, che aveva lasciato l’affezionato pubblico dei lettori in sospeso per la sorte dell’ispettore Joona Li [...]

    16. My first novel in this series. I may have missed some back story, but it didnt detravt from the crime at hand. Joona takes a slight back seat, but does come into his own later in the novel. Thrilling, fast paced and Warning: very graphic murder scenes. My only gripe is the length. For a crime novel its very long. Im not sure if the translation created the excessive length or not. Well worth your time.

    17. I would like to thank Netgalley and Harper Collins UK for an advance copy of Stalker, the fifth outing for Joona Linna, Lars Kepler's Stockholm based, Finnish detective. The previous novel, The Sandman, ended on a bad note for Joona so I was interested to see where the authors would take his character. The novel opens with him apparently dead and his replacement, the very pregnant Margot Silverman, comfortably installed behind his desk. Her first case is not long in coming. A woman is found butc [...]

    18. Elke keer wanneer ik denk dat ik een beetje uit-gethrillerd ben, wanneer ik denk dat geen enkel thrillerplot mij nog kan boeien en ik elk soort misdaad ondertussen wel al van alle kanten beschreven heb gezien, komt ofwel Jo Nesbo of Lars Kepler om het hoekje piepen met een dijk van een verhaal. En dat was deze keer niet anders. Was ik vorige week nog licht teleurgesteld naar het zeer goed geschreven maar in mijn ogen bijzonder doorzichtige "grafteken" van Arnaldur Indridason, heeft Lars Kepler m [...]

    19. Kai esi perskaitęs tiek daug detektyvų, su laiku tampa vis lengviau nuspėti pabaigą ar įvykių seką. Todėl kai į rankas papuola detektyvas kuris nustebina, o siužetas supainioja net prisiekusį skaitovą, be galo džiaugiuosi.Kažkodėl autorių duetą pasivadinusį Lars Kepler slapyvardžiu anksčiau buvau nuvertinusi. Buvau nusprendusi skaityti jų knygą „Smėlio žmogus“, bet aptikusi daug gramatikos ir skyrybos klaidų padėjau šalin. Prastas vertimas, ir klaidos mane iš kart [...]

    20. You thought you were alone.Think again.Stalker is the fifth book of the joona Linna series by Lars Kepler, who has never failed to thrill their readers (well, at least not me). A serial killer is on loose in the city and is filming the victims right before killing them. Being stalked would be everyone's worst nightmare and that is well conveyed in the book. The plot is very thrilling and the book is so well written that I was hooked to it right from the start.It's an awesome page turner. Wheneve [...]

    21. The present tense was very annoying. It's not a small book. No one should have to read in present tense for that long.I didn't guess the twist. I would usually love that but after a big reveal you should be able to look back and recognise the clues you missed. Otherwise you're just doing random shit.

    22. Joona Linna regressa em mais uma história magistralmente escrita por esta dupla de escritores, que como todos os escritores desta nova vaga do policial nórdico, consegue mais do que qualquer outra coisa fazer-nos ganhar uma verdadeira ligação aos seus heróis, ou anti heróis se assim preferirmos, há uma ligação genuína, uma empatia que se cria entre o leitor e os seus inspectores, torcemos por eles, queremos que eles recuperem, que saíam vencedores do eterno conflito entre o bem e o ma [...]

    23. Psykologisk thriller, som beskriver allt in i minsta detalj, vilket gör mig obehagligt berörd när det gäller skildringarna av morden. Jag vill inte veta allt, jag vill tänka lite själv.Det är en spännande bok med oväntade vändningar, men också med partier som är sega och får mig att tappa intresset.Upplösningen är grym och väl detaljerad. När jag tror att allt är över och tror jag kan andas ut, sätter det fart igen.En, i mitt tycke, alldeles för lång bok.Jag lovade mig sjä [...]

    24. Den här boken är full av action och spänning och definitivt den i serien med högst tempo och mest svängar i historien. Jag kan inte låta bli att sträckläsa delar av den till långt efter läggdags bara för att veta hur saker ska utvecklas. Det är bevarandet av spänning som gör att jag ger den en trea för utan det är jag inte säker på att jag avslutat boken med de övriga besvikelser som boken innebar.Jag tycker det känns som om författarna försökt göra manus till en actionfi [...]

    25. I've found this book very interesting, a good thriller, but having read a lot of book like this one, i think that in this case the plot is a little bit unrealistic. Furthermore is the second part of a story and even if it could be read not knowing the first book (l'ipnotista), i think that is anyway a problem.In fact in a thriller the description of the characters is important for the comprehension of the story but, as always, in the second book is partially omissed.

    26. Me hago mayor para este tipo de historias, o tal vez he leído demasiados libros parecidos. La historia entretiene y engancha lo suficiente, pero Joona esta vez en fin. Opinión completa entremontonesdelibros

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