The Flight of the Silvers Without warning the world comes to an end for Hannah and Amanda Given The sky looms frigid white The electricity falters Airplanes everywhere crash to the ground But the Givens are saved by mysteriou

  • Title: The Flight of the Silvers
  • Author: Daniel Price
  • ISBN: 9780451472762
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Without warning, the world comes to an end for Hannah and Amanda Given The sky looms frigid white The electricity falters Airplanes everywhere crash to the ground But the Givens are saved by mysterious strangers, three fearsome and beautiful beings who force a plain silver bracelet onto each sister s wrist Within moments, the sky comes down in a crushing sheet of lighWithout warning, the world comes to an end for Hannah and Amanda Given The sky looms frigid white The electricity falters Airplanes everywhere crash to the ground But the Givens are saved by mysterious strangers, three fearsome and beautiful beings who force a plain silver bracelet onto each sister s wrist Within moments, the sky comes down in a crushing sheet of light and everything around them is gone Shielded from the devastation by their silver adornments, the Givens suddenly find themselves elsewhere, a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances Soon Hannah and Amanda are joined by four other survivors from their world a mordant cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, a brilliant young Australian, and a troubled ex prodigy Hunted by enemies they never knew they had and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted, the sisters and their companions begin a cross country journey to find the one man who can save them before time runs out I could list the wonders of this new world for a while, but I d rather let you discover them for yourself when you read the book You should read this book I loved The Flight of the Silvers I found it very difficult to put it aside to deal with my own lifeIt really is an amazing book SF Crow s Nest

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    One thought on “The Flight of the Silvers”

    1. This book was what lightreads calls a grudgeread. I knew it was bad at 20% but I kept on reading just to prove it was as bad as I thought. Ha ha! It was actually worse. Here's what reading this book is like:Drama with bracelets and weirdos! Inexplicable apocalypses! Lone survivors in a strange new world! THERE'S THIS LADY NAMED HANNAH. SHE'S QUITE ATTRACTIVE. SHE HAS BOOBS. The lone survivors are called Silvers! For some reason! It's pretty stressful being in a new world after yours is destroyed [...]

    2. My optometrist would like a word with Mister Price, cause this book of his gave me a serious case of reader's dry eyes. "Just a few more pages, and then I'll go to bed/get back to work/eat dinner/consider George Clooney's marriage proposal."Once you get into the action, it's like riding on a roller coaster during a thunderstorm at night, exhilarating and scary, where you have to trust that you'll get taken safely to your destination even though you have no idea how - except for these shining mom [...]

    3. It is now one month since I finished the first installment of the Silvers series. I have what can only be described as "book hangover" - don't get me wrong, I love getting book hangover. If you didn't know, book hangover is where you read something SO good, as soon as you're finished you enter a curious state of both elation for the brilliance of what you just read and a sort of depression, for knowing that reading anything this good won't happen again for several years/ever again/generations/un [...]

    4. Six ordinary people survive the end of the world. They are visited by three ethereal beings and given a silver bracelet. Moments before the sky collapses on them, they are surrounded by protective bubbles and have to watch everything and everyone they care about disappear. When the dust settles, they find themselves on an alternate Earth, one where the discovery of a new elements has changed the way people live. Time and space can be manipulated. Cars fly and food can be freshened by a household [...]

    5. I won this book from giveaways, and if I could send Past-Sarah notes, I'd use my timey-wimey ability to 1. Ensure that I enter the giveaway and 2. In the chance that Past-Sarah doesn't win the giveaway, to make sure she goes and buys this book.Within the first few pages, where events of a car crash defy the laws of time and physics, I was instantly hooked. I had trouble putting the book down as I followed the Silvers through the end of the world and into an alternate/parallel world where things [...]

    6. As others have noted, this book's first chapter contains A LOT of exposition but I can deal with exposition, especially when the payoff is an alternate world as nuanced and imaginative as this AltAmerica. I loved the world Mr. Price has created in The Flight of the Silvers. (In fact, as I was reading, I kept catching myself trying to peer around corners to see more of it. Of course, this is a novel, so I couldn't -- but it doesn't mean I can't try!) Another reviewer mentioned that reading this [...]

    7. I’m always loathe to say that something I read in February is The Book of the Year. Like saying a Tuesday is the worst day of the week, or that your only time visiting New York was your favorite time, it seems like damning it with faint praise at best, or, more likely, a pithy insult. So understand when I say that when I say this is The Book of the Year, I mean it because I have trouble imagining a better book coming out this year, or possibly for years to come.This is The Book of the Year. He [...]

    8. A pre-teen novel written for boys between the ages of 11-15. Why are there so many CONSTANT references to Amanda's and Hannah's BOOBs. yes, details on how the fit into their dresses, how they bounce when they dance, how other's notice their boobs I had to put this book down after page 46 because I was reducing my IQ with every word read, this book was/is terrible and I can't ever understand who writes this crap, who reads this crap and then I realize that they "all" must be tied into Kim Kardash [...]

    9. I've just recently finished this book, and have to say I think it was an excellent read!! Especially do to the fact that this is Mr. Price's first venture into a beloved and seriously "hard to compete with" world of science fiction/fantasy ;-)If his future books are this good (better no doubt;)then this wide readership out here, now have a new author with a big talent to enjoy. A great story with characters who, with all their flaws/weaknesses, unknown depths/strengths, are people we all know or [...]

    10. The opening chapter of this book completely captivated me and the great news is that the rest of The Flight of the Silvers lived up to it, through all of its 600 glorious pages. Mindbending and bonkers in places, this is a fantastic beautifully written piece of speculative fiction, introducing us to a strange new Earth, similar and yet so different, in which little can be relied on - most especially time. At the heart of it lies the Silvers themselves, six extraordinary individuals that you grow [...]

    11. Short review: Hands down the best book I've read this year. Possibly last year too.Longer review/thoughts: The awkward moment when you almost miss not one but two of your public transit stops because you're so engrossed in the story you're reading. I caught myself the first time (just barely). On the second one, my shuttle driver yelled at me. Disorienting, but at least I made it to work? Thanks, Daniel Price. That was a literary first for me.It's rare that you come across a character driven boo [...]

    12. I've read some dystopia books lately that have been unoriginal and use shock to warrant itself as a good read, and even the shock that is incorporated feels borrowed from other books. The Flight of the Silvers was completely original and very engaging from beginning to end. I was excited upon finding out that it is one of a series and I cannot wait for the next installment. I would highly recommend this book.

    13. Short review: A superbly entertaining science fiction novel with a fascinatingly complex and well thought out plot.Okay, you need more than that to pay the price of admission, right? I don't blame you!The long review: The Flight of the Silvers, by Daniel Price ( link) is the type of novel that all science fiction authors should aspire to write. According to the author notes, Mr. Price spent three years writing this marvelous story and it shows; oh gosh it shows itself in the intimately drawn cha [...]

    14. I sincerely rate this as one of the best books I've read in a long time. This really stands out in the science fiction genre. The ideas and technical concepts are as intriguing as the best of science fiction. However, The story is much more character driven than 'most' Sci-Fi. Any details I would give away here would spoil the discovery for readers. The characters are strangers that find themselves together through a cataclysmic event in modern America. They have metaphysical powers, the reasons [...]

    15. Ugh. I realized about halfway through that this is only book one of yet another series. Had I known that, I probably would have passed. But I was intrigued. Found this on the library shelf and figured I'd give this labor of love and years of development a chance. First, the dialogue is complete crap. So unnatural for the most part. There are times when it grabs you, but they are few and far. Second, the characters just don't percolate. With the exception of Evan, there are no surprises. They do [...]

    16. (Full review here: bibliotropic/2014/11/21/fl)Price’s novel is ambitious, and it shows, and I think for the most part the ambition pays off. It’s not perfect, but it’s a strong beginning to what could be a powerful series, one that has a lot of potential and I want to see go very far. It’s full of tropes and isn’t the most original concept, drawing themes from many other popular stories out there, but it puts them together in a way that I don’t see very often, and I think it ought to [...]

    17. I was excited to read this book after reading the good reviews since I am a long-time SF fan. However, I was quickly disappointed as I progressed through the 600+ pages. The writing is superficial, amateurish, and trite. The characters are unpleasant, immature, and show virtually no development. Also, the author's fixation on Hannah's breasts is downright creepy. I truly don't understand the good reviews.

    18. Wow, this book got mostly great reviews? When will avid readers cease to break my heart? Breasts - breasts - boobs, big boobs, big breast-boobs. Yeah, one character has guess what? We hear about them a big boob amount, and we leer a lot too. Okay, seriously, who isn't whip-sawed by the early, middle, and then late introducion of simultaneously interacting characters? Writing style quite average, word choices occasionally iffy. What I was negatively impressed with is how all the characters clung [...]

    19. What did not work for me:-The characters mostly felt like sketches. Almost every one could have used some more details and fleshing out. Because of this, when they are experiencing high emotions for each other, it came across as more telling than showing. -There are tropes very familiar to anyone who watches watches the same TV shows and movies the author obviously enjoys (X-Men, LOST, Fringe). Characters withholding vital information from each other for weak reasons. Bickering in every other sc [...]

    20. Really really enjoyed this book. The writer's style is minimalist, which I love! Focus is on the story rather than describing all sorts of innocuous cr@p. It kind of read like a script.Enjoyed the characters, all the characters! Price was not one to spend pages giving justification for a character's actionsThis book was a roller coaster ride from the Prologued it was a prologue like nothing I've ever read again. The book had everything, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Espionage, Drama, Romanced it w [...]

    21. This is a wonderful book. It started off with a bang and it never stopped. It was a long book so we really got into the character and story development. I feel like I read three books in a series afer all of the Silvers adventures. There were many interesting side stories that were woven well into the story. I can't wait until the next book comes out. I know it is going to be a little while considering this book just came out. The first book was really an introduction to the characters, their re [...]

    22. In my opinion, the best science fiction authors build worlds. Building worlds takes serious amounts of time and effort. Details become as important as narrative and just as hard to develop. That this book succeeds so brilliantly on both counts speaks as much to Daniel Price's assiduity, as it does his creativity. You can't help but be drawn in – drama, action and intrigue abound. The central characters are alternately endearing, fascinating and infuriating and occasionally all three at the sam [...]

    23. I received this book through the First Reads giveaways. Being that it is an uncorrected proof, the book could change between the time of this review and the book's February 2014 release.I really, really enjoyed this book. The Flight of the Silvers focuses on a group of 6 characters who have all been chosen by the mysterious Pelletiers to survive the end of their world and arrive in a parallel one. These characters realize shortly after a brief orientation to their new world that they now posses [...]

    24. This was one of the best books that I've read in a long time. There is so much I love about it that I'm not sure where to start. One thing that I love is the author's clear intention to make sure that we, as the readers, get all of the answers. I'm not saying that all of the answers come in this book, but enough of my questions were answered that I feel reasonably confident in thinking that the next volume will contain even more answers (and probably give rise to a host of new questions). The en [...]

    25. This book was recommended to me by a friend who said "I think this book is right up your alley." He was right and then some. The Flight of the Silvers is what I would call slick, finely crafted, page-turning, digestible sci-fi pop pulp. All the cliches in book reviews apply here: hooked from the first few pages, couldn't put it down, bla bla bla, but I'm not kidding when I tell you I flew through this book so damn fast. When you enjoy it this much, reading is effortless. The thing I liked the mo [...]

    26. Fantastic thrilling ride while it lasted. Yes, it's 600 pages but still not long enough! You can definitely see the three years of writing in this book. I had to promise to go to bed by 1:00 a.m. and while I kept that promise, it was a struggle to put the book down. I finished in less than 2 days and excitedly await the next bookI just hope it's not in three yearsAs a side note, when I started the book I was aware that it had a sequal and did not expect the book to resolve itself before I reache [...]

    27. Wow! What a ride! I love a book that gets you so into the book that you can't put it down and when you do, you don't remember exactly where you are and what year it is. Definitely felt like I time traveled when I finally finished and put this book down! Wonderfully paced, carefully crafted characters and plot, beautifully designed world. Careful sentence structure and nice realistic dialogue. I'm excited for book two!

    28. themaineedge/buzz/takeIn the course of my reading life – both personal and professional – I experience a lot of work within many different genres. Some of those genres carry within them their own varying dynamics. In others, however, there’s a tendency to an across-the-board sameness that can be a little off-putting.(Science fiction, fantasy – I’m looking in your direction.)However, that makes it all the more enjoyable to discover genre fiction that is more than formulaic paint-by-numb [...]

    29. Wow I just what did I just read? And more importantly where has this book been my whole life? As a fan of Sci Fi in my TV/Movie choices, it always baffles me that I generally shy away from it in my books. But something about the blurb of THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS by Daniel Price fascinated me. So I gave it a shot. I'd never heard of Price, which isn't surprising since this is his first foray into the SciFi/Paranormal genre. I'd honestly never heard of the book until the review request came in [...]

    30. I loved this book. The characters were very natural, albeit, in a very unnatural setting -- Altamerica. Mr. Price uses his imagination to describe different aspects of time, itself, and a world which has learned to manipulate those aspects as we manipulate the physical sciences. The most frustrating thing is that every time I thought the plot would twist in one direction, I was surprised -- and I am one of those readers who loves to foresee twists and what will happen. I cannot predict where Mr. [...]

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