Unlocked An Oral History of Haden s Syndrome Narrated by a full cast A new near future science fiction novella by John Scalzi one of the most popular authors in modern SF Unlocked traces the medical history behind a virus that will sweep the gl

  • Title: Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • ISBN: 9781491549940
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Narrated by a full cast.A new near future science fiction novella by John Scalzi, one of the most popular authors in modern SF Unlocked traces the medical history behind a virus that will sweep the globe and affect the majority of the world s population, setting the stage for Lock In, the next major novel by John Scalzi.At the publisher s request, this title is being soldNarrated by a full cast.A new near future science fiction novella by John Scalzi, one of the most popular authors in modern SF Unlocked traces the medical history behind a virus that will sweep the globe and affect the majority of the world s population, setting the stage for Lock In, the next major novel by John Scalzi.At the publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software DRM applied.

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    1. I like to think I'm reasonably well read in the science fiction genre, but I've never read a John Scalzi book. After reading this online novella, I can tell this is clearly a major personal shortcoming that I'll have to rectify as soon as possible.John Scalzi has written this novella, free online at Tor--yay for free online Tor short fiction!!--to introduce a world changed by a widespread and highly contagious disease called Haden's Syndrome. This world is explored further in Scalzi's 2014 book [...]

    2. Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome was published a few months ahead of his brilliant 2014 novel Lock In. Crafted as if it were a series of monologues from Haden’s researchers, technicians, engineers, medical personnel, and Haden’s survivors, this novella traces the beginnings of the flu-like virus, through its devastating pandemic, the ravages left after 400 million people globally had died and the discovery of the percentage of survivors who are “locked in”, effectively trapp [...]

    3. (Free to read here)If you want to sell something, you have to give it away for free.Or at least that is what I am assuming the thought was behind Tor's release of this novella. And as far as I am concerned, it worked on me, I am now really looking forward to Lock In, the book this novella provides background for.This read much like World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, though highly compressed. Several paragraphs, at most, instead of pages from a whole slew of different people. Given t [...]

    4. Everyone says that if you read Lock In, you must read this little supplemental book called Unlocked. I am going to be the one dissenting voice and say that you don't.If you want more on the world, if you want more information about Haden's, especially about the science behind both Haden's and threeps, then go for it.Frankly, I found it rather boring, since it isn't really a story - it's a history. It's like a long newspaper feature article, or something.Also, people say: You should read this bef [...]

    5. This is classified as prequel to Lock In but personally I think it's better to read it after you're done with the novel. While it won't spoil the plot in any way, it does destroy the slow immersion into the world. However, I recommend reading it because it helps a reader to understand the nature of the Hadens plague and gives a look at what the world was like when it first hit. It also showed the best of humanity in the way they banded up to fight it, preserve and change the world so those affli [...]

    6. This is a TOR short piece which acts as more of an introduction rather than a prequel for John Scalzis' Locked In novel. Its presented as a series of conversation exerts charting the initial out break and development along with the milestones along the way. Presented from perspective of 25 years after the outbreak it reads very much like a transcript from a documentary which considering Mr Scalzi that is hardly a surprise since he is well versed with various media as well as being an accomplishe [...]

    7. Enjoyed this a lot. I liked how we heard different perspectives from different points in the chronology of the epidemic. (Reminded me of World War Z.)

    8. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2014/08/25/bIf you haven’t read Lock In yet and have concerns about being overwhelmed by the details of Haden’s Syndrome, or if you’ve finished the book and would like to know more, I highly recommend checking out this companion novella that you can actually read online for free here.Told in an epistolary format in the form of collected interviews, Unlocked features narratives from many different people, all in one way or another intimately i [...]

    9. 4 StarsI am a Scalzi fan so I looked forward to reading this novella. It is an interesting near future story and post apocalyptic type of event. I was slightly put off when I found out that this "Oral History" was done very much the same way as World War Z, a book that I do not care for. But, this is Scalzi and he is a brilliant writer.I look forward the new novel

    10. Nice background-slash-companion piece to Lock In, and the multiple voice actors give it a feel of authenticity. Tells the history of Scalzi's Lock In universe, making some sense of how the world came to be.Came as part of the audiobook I read for Lock In -- the final two-ish discs. My text copy did not have this "bonus novella" included.

    11. I'm so glad that I read a review for LOCK IN that recommended reading this novella first. I was thoroughly impressed with the history of this fictional disease and how much information Scalzi was able to provide in 60+ pages, while maintaining some really emotional aspects.This wasn't just a dry historical telling of something. The characters had personality and some of the stories brought me to tears.I was already looking forward to reading LOCK IN - now I really can't wait!

    12. This is an intro novella to Scalzi's forthcoming Lock In, and my only complaint is that now I have to wait so long to get the real thing.Haden's Syndrome is an epidemic sweeping a near-future world, and that already had me hooked, because I'm a huge fan of epidemic stories, zombies included (though this isn't a zombie book at all).Speaking of zombies, that "oral history" in the title should remind you of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, because it's written in a very similar fashi [...]

    13. 3.5 a prequel novella explaining the beginnings of Haden's Syndrome. Very interesting since it reminded me of the panic and unpreparedness, we on the states were for Ebola. That is where the similarities ended because this killed and killed fast. Some who survived were later locked in. What happens next is the subject of the book. Some strange and scary stuff.

    14. Fantastic prequel/companion to Lock In series. It made me think. Which Haden I'd be: the one spending more time in a cyber fortress of solitude or the one with her Threep chatting with friends in a cafe. Lots of moral and political dilemma when it comes to a global massive virus outbreak so the speculative fiction side of this near-future SF is fascinating. This novella is written in an epistolary form (as seen from the title), which I really enjoyed. The awesome zombie outbreak novel World War [...]

    15. For the three and a half of you who don’t know already, Unlocked is the companion novella to Lock In, John Scalzi’s thriller set in a future where Haden’s syndrome leaves millions locked in their bodies, conscious but incapable of voluntary movement. Where as Lock In was a mystery set within this world, Unlocked explains how Haden’s developed and how the technology and culture around Hadens sprang up.This is billed as an “oral history” and comes across that way. It’s snippets of tr [...]

    16. Tonight I decided to readbut then realized I needed to read this prequel first. It was kind of boring and I found myself wishing that someone could have summed it up for me. Some people have started reading Lock In and were a little confused because they didn't read the prequel. Well, I'm going to save you the trouble of having to read Unlocked (that isif you had rather not). If you want to read the backstory then please stop reading now. You can read it here for free if you want: tor/stories/20 [...]

    17. Note: This story can be read for free on: TorExecutive Summary: An interesting short story that has me excited for Lock In later this month.Full ReviewI held off on reading this one until it was closer to the release of Lock In, and I'm glad I did. It did it's job, namely promoting that book and whetting my appetite. But now I have to wait.The story takes the form of a series of interviews from the people who were there, explaining the details of Haden Syndrome and doing an excellent job of worl [...]

    18. 'Unlocked' is a novella, which I found it out is an introduction to his full length novel 'Lock In'. I really enjoyed the 'oral history' format where a number of people describe the pandemic that cause humans to become paralysed within their bodies. 'Unlocked' also explores the response to both the disease, and the solutions created to combat it. Similar in nature to Brook's popular 'World War Z', the accounts are not unlike the documentary style interviews you'd find on the History channel. Unf [...]

    19. This novella gives a lot of the background for Scalzi’s latest novel, Lock In. I was in kind of a reading funk, so I thought I’d try reading something short to whet my appetite for Lock In — or just fiction in general, really. It worked for me: I know what effect Scalzi is going for, and he manages to hit the sweet spot between being too technical and too much like a documentary, and offering glimpses of character (like the President) and an idea of the kinds of things in play when you get [...]

    20. Scalzi's Lock-in was the first work I read from this writer and I was an instant fan. Exceptional writing and ideas that just reach out and grab you throughout the book. I was very excited to learn he had written a prequel to the Lock-in novella detailing the back history of that story. I was not disappointed in the least!. Highly recommended along with anything else this writer has out there

    21. This companion novella to Scalzi's Lock In was as good as the book itself. I didn't realize it was free at Tor until after I finished the main book, and there was a few minutes of confusion on my part as I started Lock In; this would have been cleared up had I read/listened to Unlockedfirst.I really liked the oral history format and the cast of multiple characters. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War was told in the same style, so if you liked that, you will also like this. This style [...]

    22. It's seems I'm a fan of the fictional oral history, having read and really enjoyed the only two examples I've heard of (this andWorld War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War). I'm not surprised that Scalzi has produced a plausible history of an imaginary plague, but I am delighted. It makes for a good introduction and way to pass the time until I get a copy of Locked In.Personal copy.

    23. I read this after reading Lock In, and I think that's the right order. The oral history format works well here, but this story probably isn't as interesting to someone who isn't already familiar with Haden's syndrome and interested in how the United States handled the early days. The major criticism I had is that most of the people sounded pretty similar in voice, but they each had an interesting perspective.

    24. When I made my first attempt to read Lock In, I found it quite confusing. I'm sure I would have understood eventually what was happening but someone suggested I read this first. It made all the difference. Now I'll suggest it to you. You can get it free on Tor at this link: tor/2014/05/13/unlocke

    25. Cool concept, probably would have had more impact as a full novel. Also if all the voices weren't exactly the same. I should be able to tell a prison inmate and member of the secret service apart, you know?

    26. Read this free here:tor/stories/2014/05/unI highly recommend you read this before you even read page one of the book that follows it.

    27. An oral history of a disease that changed the world. Put tears in my eyes. Only downside; all the speakers sounded alike, from the head of the NSA to the trust fund baby who funded the first avatar to the CDC investigators. Still, gripping, disturbingly plausible, and moving.

    28. Without having the context and story from Lock In, this series of short accounts would not mean as much. I know that it's listed as a prelude but I would recommend it to be read after the first book. It makes a lot more sense afterwards. Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome is a brief look at the origin of the devastating disease, the spread, affects, movement to study, experiments, robotic creation, snippets of real life moments, morality of choices and right of government influence. A [...]

    29. This was a great way of expanding the backstory of the Locked In series - this free short allows the novels to avoid infodumps, while providing an interesting, documentary-style look at Haden's Syndrome. Very well worth the minor time investment to get another dimension into a very different series.

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