Ridge Creek Reunited Note This is the second part of Arianna and Jake s story in the Ridge Creek duology The first part of this story is available under the title Ridge Creek and should be read first Having escaped kidnap

  • Title: Ridge Creek Reunited
  • Author: C.L. Green
  • ISBN: 9780987552488
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook
  • Note This is the second part of Arianna and Jake s story in the Ridge Creek duology The first part of this story is available under the title Ridge Creek and should be read first.Having escaped kidnap and certain death once before, is Arianna strong enough to survive another round As of Arianna s past relentlessly pursues her, she soon learns that not everything froNote This is the second part of Arianna and Jake s story in the Ridge Creek duology The first part of this story is available under the title Ridge Creek and should be read first.Having escaped kidnap and certain death once before, is Arianna strong enough to survive another round As of Arianna s past relentlessly pursues her, she soon learns that not everything from her past was as it seemed Hidden truths are unburied as Arianna realises that her old life bought her only misery and pain.Once again with the help of gorgeous biker bad boy, Jake Holder, Arianna comes to terms with her new life in Ridge Creek and soon discovers there is no other place she d rather be.Caution This title contains strong language, drug and alcohol use, violence, and explicit sex scenes.

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      147 C.L. Green
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    One thought on “Ridge Creek Reunited”

    1. re-read 3 1/2 stars. After reading book one I of course had to dig into this one to see how it would all end. I loved the twists and though I liked both Ari and Jake at times I didn't at all. Jake thought things were ok for him but Ari had to live by different rules if she wanted to be by him *um what*, Ari went though a lot but made decisions I didn't get and did things that made me not like her all the time. I liked this book but at the same time found myself getting very frustrated with both [...]

    2. This is my ZON Review. :-)Please don't let this be the last Book yes I'm opening up with begging I really LOV this Series has all elements you want in a book HOT Alpha Men , Fisty Female Leads. So all wrapUp to an Awesome Read did I say it's Hot Smexy Times are had yes. yes there is. So please Please Tell Me There's more to come! Please. One Click this Awesome Series People you Will Thoroughly Enjoy Them!SO HAPPY to hear that this author is writing another book . Zane & Emma. So let's s [...]

    3. Arianna is a survivor and after her man, biker Jake Holder, cleared the path so she could breathe easier she finds herself kidnapped. Little does she realize her kidnapper is about to reveal secrets and a betrayal she never saw coming.Great follow up book but I had a couple of questions that never got answered. Arianna and Jake are a wonderful couple, they have grit, sass, and amazing chemistry. Hope there is more to the series.

    4. Too jumpy. Really enjoyed book one, but all of the "six hours later" and "two hours later" in this follow up book got old quick.

    5. I thought this book was pretty good. I was a little disappointed that she didnt work things out with her father and there wasn't a lot of action in this one but I liked it

    6. One word for Arianna: STUPID. She is literally TSTL. It wasnt that bad in the first book but this book was terrible!

    7. *****spoiler alert, so please read both story in the series before cont. with this review, thank you *********Absolutely stunning and fabulous story with many question answered and new one upraises, this story starts were the first one left off and everything that was chaos and mysterious in the first one is even more so in this one, with a more intense drama, suspense, mystery and adventure this second story has a more edgy and mysterious story line going on, along with some serious questions c [...]

    8. This book starts right where book one left off. I liked the H better in book one. He cares for the h and wants to be with her but not a lot of emotion with him. There wasn't a lot in book one either, but I just felt more for him in the first one. This book takes you on lots of twists and turns. The H's problems come to light in this story as well as more of the h's. There is a lot going on in this book. We are also getting to see the best friend which I hope gets her on story because she is a ho [...]

    9. Absolutely loved both of these books! I was a bit disappointed that nothing more was said about Zane, he was kind of left up in the air with no explanation to his actions? An epilogue would have been nice to tie things up a bit. What about her dad? I can only hope that C has plans of another book as this story still has too much unfinished business not wrapped up.

    10. I'm so in love with both books and this author. I am forever in love with Jake. You know the book is good when even after you get the great ending you still don't want it to end. I'm a little sad that nothing more was said about Arianna and her father but still happy with everything. I truly hope to see more books very soon because I absolutely love the writing and stories created.

    11. I loved it! The ending was ok I was hoping for a little more closure but even without it the book was still great! Lots of action in the first and I'm so glad jake didn't die! Oh and his wife what a bitch! I laughed out loud when ari put her in her place! I'm hoping to see a book on Zane and Luke and maybe even towball and Anton!

    12. Best series ever! I am so glad I took the chance on this series. I adored it, it is definitely a favourite. Jake was amazing and Ari was hilarious. I really hope this isn't the end because you left me hanging with Zane and Emma. I need to read their story. I also need Luke's story, Towball's story and Anton's story. Keeping writing C.L. Green so I can keep reading!!!

    13. might try again but I doubt it. I just got bored. When I found out the h was ok from current situation, I just put it down. H and his ex's story didn't appeal to me. Disappointed that it wasn't just finished in one book.

    14. Great bookgood story line that kept my interest. good plot twist I never saw coming. I kinda felt left hanging with the whole Zane / Emma thing. I would like to see a book on Zane and Emma and another about Luke. The Victoria conclusions was kinda weird too.

    15. loved both book's in this duo ! i found a few things that had went unanswered that I wish had been mentioned. Could have been easily fixed in the epilogue had there been one.

    16. Unfortunately, this conclusion was kind of a let down for me. It read more like romantic suspense than the first part and was basically a flurry of action movie type scenes followed by an abrupt, unsatisfying ending. It really felt like the author was sick of the whole thing and decided to just be done with it. For me, this exemplified the main reason I dislike cliffhangers: they rarely live up to one's expectations because both the reader and author have usually "lost the moment" (and momentum) [...]

    17. So I'm a bit annoyed this book just kind of ended but I have to say I enjoyed the rest of it!! I wish there would have been a bit more bother from the wife though she just gave up so easy in the end!! Hope there's more as I feel like I've still tons of questions that need answered so maybe Zane and Emma will get a book!!

    18. I loved this story. It was a great combination of serious and funny. It needs a proofreader but, it isn't so bad that it's distracting.

    19. Unique story. I would have liked to have seen more action and have less bickering and misunderstandings between the H/h but overall this was a really good read.

    20. 3.5 stars. Definitely liked it a lot but not as good (kind of unnecessary) as the first book in the series

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