Pulse Part One From bestselling contemporary romance author Deborah Bladon Jessica Roth dumped her boyfriend moved to New York and wanted desperately to start her new life off with a bang a literal mind blowing s

  • Title: Pulse - Part One
  • Author: Deborah Bladon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From bestselling contemporary romance author, Deborah Bladon.Jessica Roth dumped her boyfriend, moved to New York and wanted desperately to start her new life off with a bang a literal mind blowing, soul shaking night of pure, raw, memory making sex.She thought her one time chance encounter with attorney, Nathan Moore, in a hotel room would become a jumping point for he From bestselling contemporary romance author, Deborah Bladon.Jessica Roth dumped her boyfriend, moved to New York and wanted desperately to start her new life off with a bang a literal mind blowing, soul shaking night of pure, raw, memory making sex.She thought her one time chance encounter with attorney, Nathan Moore, in a hotel room would become a jumping point for her exciting, single and adventurous life in the city.One night turned into two, into four, and into always at the same place, always at the same time no last names, no personal details, and absolutely no complications.What Jessica doesn t count on is that in Nathan s world boundaries are made to be pushed.He wanted her in ways he promised he never would She wanted him in ways she couldn t admit.When their lives ultimately collide outside the walls of the hotel room, Jessica is forced to face the truth about the only man who has ever made her pulse race and her body ache with unadulterated pleasure.

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    One thought on “Pulse - Part One”

    1. ★★★ 3/4! Pulse, part 1 of 4. A steamy roller-coaster when one-night stand leads to more!“It’s a physical relationship.” His hands pull on his belt as does up his pants. “If either of us feel anything emotional, we end it.”These novellas should be read in order:Part 1: Pulse IPart 2: Pulse IIPart 3: Pulse IIIPart 4: Pulse IVIn Pulse, part 1 small-town girl Jessica Roth, Jess has moved to New York City to start anew. While in search of a one-night stand she encounters enigmatic att [...]

    2. Wow! HolyHotness! And that ending! Holy shizballs. rolling on to book 2! You came to the club to get fucked."."You were made to be fucked by me"

    3. 5 HOT STARS!!This is a super hot series!Jessica (Jess) Rothis a 23 years old girl from Connecticut, she has finished her studies as paramedic, she's beautiful, blond hair, blue eyes, curvy and attracts a lot of guys. But her special passion is cooking and she wants to make it her job. She dumped her boyfriend Josh with reason, moved to New York and wanted desperately to start her new life off with a bang, a literal mind-blowing night of pure, raw, memory making sex.In Manhattan she's living with [...]

    4. I love the "f" word occasionally sprinkled here and there especially during hot scenes when called for BUT not used in every other sentence. It just lost its oomph for me"You f#cked her.""He f#cked her.""I never really f#cked her.""Just f#ck me.""I f#ck women.""F#ck."75 matches of the "f" word in part one and 115 in part two I'm numb to the word now. F#ck.

    5. OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!I canNOT wait for the next part of the PULSE series!!!! I literally almost had a heart attack knowing Nathan was walking into the apartment lol He better have a darn good excuse as to why he's double dipping, and with her BOSS nonetheless SMH!!!The anticipation for part 2 is going to kill me but for excellent writing and authors like Deborah, I'm willing to wait patiently :)

    6. 4 Steamy StarsI usually don’t like reading books broken into parts, but I do pick them up from time to time. I usually wait to finish the series and then write a final review, however, I am not sure I will finish this series.There’s nothing wrong with Pulse. It’s kinky, it’s a quick read, the characters are okay, but there’s something lacking with the main characters that I don’t see any connection.I liked the storyline. Jessica is your typical gal, she’s fun, sexy and wants to hav [...]

    7. I freakin LOVED it! The story was simple and sweet with tons of mind-blowing sex in the mix! It was very descriptive! :) the ending threw me for a loop- I need book two desperately! F#%king Nathan! grrr.

    8. FULL REVIEW POSTED HERE/review/showWOW. This series is seriously brilliant.The way the author ends the books with the perfect cliffy is AMAZING.

    9. I purchased this on a Black Friday deal, one, not realizing that this is the first part of a serial and two, not realizing I could get the entire series for less……P annoyed.  Moving one.  I already purchased the entire series because now I am curious what happens next even though I am pretty sure I know.The Story of Jessica and Nathan so far is pretty hot and to my utter delight has a lot of depth.  Jessica is a character that I feel could be one of my friends or even me at that age.  Ah [...]

    10. The beginning of this book was poorly written (He did this. I did that. He groaned. I grew excited). That kind of writing is disconnected, lacks character development and connection. Eventually as the story progressed so did the details & emotions in the writing. This author should really consider rewriting the beginning. I was on a plane and had nothing else to read so I had to fight my way through the not so great writing to finally unwrap the story. This isn't the most captivating series [...]

    11. oh my fuck asdfasdf so good.but i read whole story, it start *gosh* and but end *meh*, and all the between dis *why the fuck you all wrote dis shits cmoon* but dis part is *so good*sides, the flow of the ending of the book so *wtf* n' that affected to "so good" of course. but you can give him all four hundred stars cuz' of his dirty talk understand me pls. oh and dis part is hot as hell. kinky, hot hot hot etcd before i forget; there is a man who kissed his woman's forehead while he was making h [...]

    12. 4 hot, 'racing' stars!!Wow!I think I love this story. It grabs the attention. The plot is awesome (at least I think so). And it's HOT!The reason this didn't get 5 stars was because quite a few times you feel that it's not flowing smoothlyAlso, there was a lot of racingYup!She 'races' towards release Her breath 'races' out of her etcIt's a good word to use, but I'm thinking, it's a bit too much to use it over 5 times for that purpose But all in all, a lovely read and I'm off to read the next one! [...]

    13. Te hace pensar que no existe tal cosa como el hombre perfecto, lo hombres buscan solo algo, Sexo. Las relaciones es una complicación para ellos.

    14. Great book I really enjoyed it it ended in a cliffhanger can't wait 2 start the next one I really liked the characters dyin 2 know more about them xxx

    15. Wow, what a steamy read, I didn't know if I should love or hate Nathan, lol. I did however love Jessica I hope she stays as strong throughout the series.

    16. Not really looking for insta-lust with no storyline or characters I could care less about. Far fetched and predictable.

    17. Qué. Coño. Acaba. De. Pasar.Yo sólo comencé este libro porque vi que tenía pocas páginas que tendría sexo, como normalmente los libros que he leído últimamente tienen, pERO NO ESE FINAL.Oh, Dios. ¿En qué me metí?Siento que mis neuronas explotaron.Tenía sueño, porque son las 4:43 a.m. Y con ese final se me quitó ¡todo!Aún estoy en shock.—Es Moore. —Él se me acerca.—¿Qué hay acerca de Moore? —levanté una ceja en respuesta.—Mi apellido —Cruzó los brazos sobre el pe [...]

    18. 4 sexy and dominant stars!!!Jessica Roth decided that her small town life was not enough, so she dumped her boyfriend and moved to NYC, wanting to start her big city life with a bang (no pun intended) she decides to have a one night stand.  Enters Nathan Moore, a hot, sexy and dominant stranger that makes Jessica melt, so they decide to have one night of sex, no strings attached. One encounter leads to another and Jessica is starting to realize she's not made for one night stands, she needs mor [...]

    19. Again, this is one of those books where I see all the 5-star reviews and I wonder-- did we read the same book, or is someone getting paid to play up the story. This book is just bad. And I really hate to say that, but it is the truth. The story itself drags just drags on, and nothing happens. There is zero plot, a lack of character development, insta-love, cringe-worthy dialogue and sex scenes that ventured into silliness. Even the writing is unremarkable. I can't think of one thing I enjoyed.Su [...]

    20. Omg what a brilliant ending. That dirty dog, Nathan. Can't wait to read the next book in this series to find out how he is going to dig is way out of this hole. I feel sorry for Jesse but at the same time I feel like she should have known better but than I really started to believe what he said too. Jesse met Nathan in a club and it was supposed to be just a one night stand but because of the amazing sex Jesse kept going back for more because Nathan practically begged her to keep coming back for [...]

    21. Love all of Deborah's stuff! She is in my top 3 authors list! Love how she writes and makes you feel the book rather than just giving you something to read. I love even though she writes different series they all tie in together so even though you finish a series you still get some interactions with that character through other stories! This one had a heck of a cliffy! Deborah is good for those! Pick this one up as well as the rest of her stuff! It is well worth it! Support your self published a [...]

    22. Holly Cow!! So far as I read all of the series in order now (I read Gone and Trace before the others) Nathan has to be the hottest one along with Garrett. The lawyers in these series are whew (fanning myself!) But the way this book ends I am like WTF!! I am glad that all the books are available or I would be going crazy waiting for the next one to come. Damn Deborah you have me addicted to all of your series, keep giving us more. :)

    23. Holy sh*t!!!!Oh man That ending That was bad. ReallyREALLY bad.I'm starting Part 2 RIGHT THE HELL NOW!

    24. HmmmmmFirst off let me start by saying I love how Deborah writes however, I feel this book is lacking something and I called the cliffhanger from very early in the book. Deborah has never been shy on sex scenes and I think that's why I love her. I don't feel like we've got to know the characters that well. I still enjoyed the book though and can't wait until the next one!!!

    25. Boy this book packs a punch!!! Nathan is arrogant, mysterious and sure of what he wants. Jessica is trying to forget her past and wants uncomplicated. Once she connects with Nathan, their relationship is all about the complication. It is sexy, steamy and you seriously want to tell Jessica to run at one moment and the next minute you can't wait for them to be together again. And OMG, holy cliffy!

    26. Hmmmm, this was just ok for me. Ive read other short-book-series before and despite how quick things develop between the MCs, it's still believable to me. This, not so much. I didnt feel any connection between the two. But still, it was pretty hot.

    27. The story is hot but it felt chaotic because of how it was sequenced. Scenes were not fluid. One thing was happening and the very next minute something entirely different would be. And the ending… SMH. I'll think about whether I want to read any more parts.

    28. I respect the fact that there are other readers who appreciated this book. But, in my personal opinion, it didn't push me enough to read the next one in the series. Very predictive, and abruptly ending chapters were major turn-off. :(

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