All Night Long When Irene Stenson returns to the Northern California town of Dunsley she finds that her friend Pamela has died suddenly leaving behind a lot of unanswered questions Staying at the local lodge Ir

  • Title: All Night Long
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz Kathy Garver David Colacci
  • ISBN: 9781593359751
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Audio CD
  • When Irene Stenson returns to the Northern California town of Dunsley, she finds that her friend, Pamela, has died suddenly, leaving behind a lot of unanswered questions Staying at the local lodge, Irene is assisted by Luke Danner, a hazel eyed ex Marine, and together they will risk than local gossip to find out what really happened Unabridged 1 MP3 CD.Shy, studiouWhen Irene Stenson returns to the Northern California town of Dunsley, she finds that her friend, Pamela, has died suddenly, leaving behind a lot of unanswered questions Staying at the local lodge, Irene is assisted by Luke Danner, a hazel eyed ex Marine, and together they will risk than local gossip to find out what really happened Unabridged 1 MP3 CD.Shy, studious Irene Stenson and wild, privileged Pamela Webb had been the best of friends for one short high school summer Their friendship ended the night Pamela dropped Irene off at home and Irene walked in to discover her parents bodies on the kitchen floor It was ruled a murder suicide, and Irene fled Dunsley, determined to wipe out every memory attached to her northern California hometown But now she has been summoned back.Pamela s e mail had been short and cryptic More alarming, it included the code word they had used as teenagers, suggesting an urgency and secrecy that puzzled Irene What could be important enough to make her former friend get in touch after all these years She won t find out at least not from Pamela, who lies dead in the luxurious home of her father, a U.S senator, pill and liquor bottles beside her The shock has barely subsided before the rumors begin to swirl.Irene had planned to get out of this place as quickly as possible But her reporter s instinct and her own hunger to know the truth compel her to extend her stay at the local lodge Even compelling is the man who runs the place a hazel eyed ex Marine who s as used to giving orders as Irene is to ignoring them Luke Danner can see the terrified young girl hidden beneath Irene Stenson s black clad, confident exterior and he is intent on protecting her But he is also driven by passions of his own, and together they will risk far than local gossip to sort out what happened to Pamela Webb, and what really happened on that long ago summer night.

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    One thought on “All Night Long”

    1. 3.5 stars.First time reading this author. Quite enjoyed it. Liked the hero and heroine. Liked the setting and the mystery element.Alpha male through and through. She knew the type well."Told myself I wasn't going to do this tonight," he said."Clearly, I lied.""This is probably not a good idea," she whispered."Got a better one?"Therein lay the real problem, she thought. She didn't have a better idea. Kissing Luke was far and away the best idea she'd had in years, maybe forever.She wound her arms [...]

    2. Jayne Ann Krentz je jedna od mojih najdražih autorki. Ovo je lepa ljubavna priča sa dobrim zapletom, kao iz najboljih trilera. Nisam mogla predvideti rasplet događaja, tako da sam zaista uživala.

    3. Read for the URR 2017 New Year's Reading Challenge prompt 'Romantic Suspense'Beware some vague spoilers pertaining to the killer17/8 - This was not the romantic suspense novel I was looking for. Luke, the 'hero' was depicted as a stalker and to begin with, from his thoughts and actions, I thought we were in the bad guy's head not the lead who we were supposed to find attractive. I don't know what readers Krentz thought would find a creepy motel owner following a woman around late at night, even [...]

    4. Irene and Luke. A very full book with many layers. Not what I am used to from this author. Over 400 pages long, it deals with some serious topics like PTSD and how families deal with mental illness. It's done in a humorous way but still taken seriously and not suddenly 'cured from' like in some books. I don't want to give anything away because the mystery is good, but for those who are squeamish there is no real gore, but there is rape (view spoiler)[ of little girls(hide spoiler)]. It happened [...]

    5. I love Jayne Ann Krentz. She is an auto-read for me (I work in a public library so don't always have to purchase books to read them, lucky me!). Once her books come out in mmp I always try to purchase them (I don't collect hb's). I loved the whole premise of this book Loved both Irene and Luke, the chemistry between them was very nice indeedy. I thought the whole idea of them being able to understand each other 'cos they both suffer from PTSD was great. It wasn't a focus of the book but it was d [...]

    6. "All Night Long." It started out keeping my interest, but it is definitely more about the mystery than the romance. The characters were just not that engaging (one-dimensional), and once began to take any shape at all, I still couldn't have cared less about them (very cardboard). At the point the author relegated the romance of the story to a "slam the door in my face," read as well . . . there just wasn't anything left to keep my interest (and this was coming off of JoAnn Ross's "Freefall" whic [...]

    7. This novel provides a fulfilling feeling both throughout and at the end. It was an excellent and fun read.It is the development of a romantic relationship set within a murder mystery with some added suspense and a generous use of humor. I loved Luke's character. Many of his lines were gems. He was a gruff retired marine who bought a third-rate motel, which I will call the "Lodge." He intimidates and yells at paying customers as if they were marine recruits, as he informs them of motel rules and [...]

    8. 4.5 stars. A winner! Great dialogue. Lots of dry wit, lots of chuckles. I smiled a lot. I hope her newest release is as good, and so far, reviews are promising for River Road. Some of her recent publications have been utterly formulaic and predictable, but this book -- All Night Long -- is great. Really a fun read!Luke Donner, US-Marines, retired, buys a rustic set of cabins set beside a lake. When guests check into his lodge, he bosses them around like a grumpy grizzly and basically orders them [...]

    9. Empezó prometedoramente bien y con algunos momentos muy divertidos y terminó como el rosario de la aurora…Tengo debilidad por las historias de crímenes en pueblos pequeños. Suelen gustarme tanto que aunque el romance no sea nada estelar, si el misterio está bien hecho, disfruto de la historia una barbaridad. En este caso ni el romance (otro caso de insta-lust) ni el misterio son buenos.El romance ha sido una mezcla de insta-lust e insta-love. En cuanto el protagonista (Luke) ve a la prota [...]

    10. Read in January 2009 and again in June 2009. Review is from 1st reading.I thoroughly enjoyed this Jayne Ann Krentz book. JAK was one of my favorite authors, but after being disppointed by several of her books in a row years ago, I all but stopped reading her. I am so glad that I read this one, and it was good enough that I will go back and read others by her that I missed. All Night Long had a really good story with a mystery that kept me guessing, but what made this book were the two main chara [...]

    11. Fast paced and pleasant, this is the story of Irene, a 32 year old reporter whose parents died in violent circumstances 17 years ago. An email sent from a past friend plunges Irene back into her horrid and traumatic past.An interesting mystery and likeable characters, it only gets 3 stars because the dialogue felt cheesy at times and the author created emotionally and psychologically distressed characters, when she obviously isn't professionally equipped to describe or discuss psychological issu [...]

    12. Irene´s childhood ended brutally when her parents died in a tragedy. She left the little town and all friends never to look back. Until now, when her then best friend gets in touch with a strange message.Back in Dunsley the mystery gets worse, when the meeting with Pamela doesn´t happen - since she too dies. Now what?This is something she as a reporter can´t ignore, and now has to investigate. Help comes unexpected from the owner of the lodge where she´s staying, Luke. Ex-marine and with a n [...]

    13. This novel is a classical Krentz, a delightful mix of murder mystery and a romantic tale. Add a 17-year-old gruesome murder, a mysterious fatal OD of a senator’s glamorous daughter, an investigative reporter, a damaged former Marine with a Philosophy PhD, and a small town with a bunch of quirky characters, and you might get this novel… if you’re as talented as this author. One of the reviewers said once that Krentz is predictable, and all her novels are essentially the same story. I agree. [...]

    14. A very readable romantic suspense. I enjoyed the relationship in it and the unravelling of a yucky human being and another even worse. Love the little pieces of humour in it too.

    15. I had mixed feelings about this book. At times I actually found myself chuckling at the dialogue and that's unusual. A lot of things that might be funny in person just don't come across in print. And a lot of times when authors try to write "witty" dialogue it ends up being eye-rollingly hokey. So I was pleasantly surprised to find a few laughs in this story.Unfortunately everything else about it was just so-so. I didn't feel any real spark between Irene and Luke. There was no romantic tension b [...]

    16. Seventeen years ago, Irene Stenson found her parents corpses in their kitchen. The crime, ruled murder-suicide, has scarred her for life, since she couldn’t come to grips with the fact her father could’ve killed her mother, and so unable to put it all behind.Now, Irene, an investigative reported with a small newspaper, receives an e-mail from her once-best friend, the one who was with her on the night that had changed her life, inviting her back into her hometown with promises of explanation [...]

    17. This was a very enjoyable read. It had an intriguing mystery and very likable and interesting characters. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

    18. Книгата е увлекателна и се чете бързо. Любов има, но не е в основата на сюжета.

    19. Finally reviewed after my "seventh" (see notes below) reading, June 23, 2017.5 stars - outstanding/amazingI love this book. Irene is a wonderful protagonist and Luke is fabulous, too. I really love them together.I was sort of nervous about reading this story, considering that yesterday I read JAK's latest release - The Girl Who Knew Too Much, written as Amanda Quick - and was underwhelmed. I worried that maybe I wasn't in the right mood to appreciate my favorite author's writing, and that that w [...]

    20. More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.All Night Long was the romantic suspense read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers in August, but it took me a while to get it from the library and then get around to reading it, so I didn't finish it until early September. The story seems to have a good premise from the summary: having fled her hometown years before after the murder of her parents, Irene is summoned back by the woman who was her best friend the summer of the murders, pu [...]

    21. Narrated by Kathy Garver, David ColacciLENGTH 9 hrs and 31 minsI didn't particularly care for the narration or production of this audiobook. The story seemed a bit predictable (in that I guessed correctly at the outcome less than half way through the book.) Nevertheless it was entertaining and held my attention.Publisher's SummaryShy, studious Irene Stenson and wild, privileged Pamela Webb had been the best of friends for one short high-school summer. Their friendship ended the night Pamela drop [...]

    22. When fifteen year old Irene Stenson arrived late back at home, she found the horrifying, lifeless bodies of her parents. Now seventeen years later, Irene is back in small town Dunsley when she received a message of her ex-bestfriend, Pamela, that hinted that there was more to the case. Ex-marine Luke Dunner owns Sunrise on Lake Lodge where she stays temporarily. Luke senses there is more to Irene and when both uncover a body, he makes it his business to invade Irene's personal space and whereabo [...]

    23. All Night Long4 StarsSynopsis:As a teenager, Irene Stenson discovered her parents’ bodies following what the police believed to be a murder/suicide. Now she is back in her home town after an old friend sends a cryptic email offering new information. Soon the bodies are piling up and the secrets are unraveling, and the only one Irene can turn to for help is innkeeper and former marine, Luke Danner, who has some serious issues of his own.Review:A clever plot with some surprising twists and turns [...]

    24. My Synopsis:All Night Long by Jayne Ann KrentzIrene Stenson and Pamela Webb had been friends for one summer when they were teenagers. It ended on the tragic night that Irene came home to find her parents dead. The town of Dunster was quick to rule it a murder-suicide, but Irene was never convinced.Several years later, Irene receives a cryptic e-mail from Pamela asking her to meet her in Dursley. She has information about the past and used a super-secret teenage code from their past to let Irene [...]

    25. An excellent novel!A well written plot. I so didn't see it coming. Action scenes written just right and in all the right places. And you get a great picture of the town of Dunsley and its population. And just the right amount of 'strategc dots' (you'll get the pum when you read it, LOL!), well written and well played out made this an interesting novel and kept me glued. Every time I tried to put the novel down, I would think about the characters and what was happening that I kept picking it back [...]

    26. Author: Jayne Ann KrentzFirst published: 2005Length: 401 pagesSetting: Contemporary. Smalltown (Dunsley, Oregon)Sex: Explicit once or twice. Closed door thereafter.Hero: former Marine now runs an inn (badly).Heroine: Journalist for a small paper.Trigger: At 16 Irene found her parents did by an apparent murder-suicide. She has been traumatised ever since.Trigger: (view spoiler)[Pedophilia and child rape/abuse. Of secondary characters. Discussed but not in depth. Covered up and denied by adults wh [...]

    27. Reread April 2011-- This book is such a great blend of humor, suspense, and romance. I enjoyed it as much or more the second time around.4.5*(Originally read November 2010) Well-plotted suspense with a good deal of humor and some great characters. The epilogue tries to tie up loose ends in too many neat, sappy bows, but otherwise I enjoyed the character interactions in this book, especially the growing relationship between Luke and Irene. Krentz doesn't tend to let too much tension build in her [...]

    28. Audiobook. Also own paperback.I'm on the fence with Jayne Ann Krentz books. They're okay but not great. This one was just that, okay. Irene is called by an old friend to go back to her hometown where there are a lot of bad memories. She stays at a cabin resort newly bought by Luke Danner. He's Mr. Snoopy, following her around for really no good reason. They learn a lot of secrets and there's a way over the top HEA.

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