Charnel House Perched on the plateau at the top of a hill named for the hickory trees dotting its slopes the abandoned house broods over the tiny Alabama town called Belleville like a rattler guarding a clutch of

  • Title: Charnel House
  • Author: FredAnderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Perched on the plateau at the top of a hill named for the hickory trees dotting its slopes, the abandoned house broods over the tiny Alabama town called Belleville like a rattler guarding a clutch of eggs The townspeople below rarely think about the house any, but at night they may visit it in their dreams, black visions filled with screams and blood and almost seen fPerched on the plateau at the top of a hill named for the hickory trees dotting its slopes, the abandoned house broods over the tiny Alabama town called Belleville like a rattler guarding a clutch of eggs The townspeople below rarely think about the house any, but at night they may visit it in their dreams, black visions filled with screams and blood and almost seen faces leering out of the darkness at them The lines of the house have skewed over the decades, and its supports grown weak Where it once stood straight and true it has sagged and bowed But still it remains, ageless and timeless, watching And sometimes, it feeds.

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    One thought on “Charnel House”

    1. I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It was two stories, but they were intertwined. It was gross at times, with nothing left to the imagination. An Alfred Hitchcock story this is not. Nothing subtle, nothing left unsaid it is all put into words. The book was titled Charnel House, but the house was not the focal point of the story. I was expecting a haunted house story and this was more of a psychological twisty story. I cannot even use the word "thriller" here. I'm sure it was my bad for no [...]

    2. A book of now and then, two stories, the first (now) with an opening ending and the second (then) featuring the guy's friend, the ending tying up most of the story, a cyclic (time overlap) story.In the main well written, but I found some segments a little too much padded compared to others, and the tying up of some of the loose ends is only assumed. But a lot of action, some horror, and a great imagination to get here, with a lot of twists and turns.

    3. This book actually has two intertwined stories. The first, and one I liked most, is about Joe Garraty. He loses his job, and gets drunk at a strip club. Traveling home in a dense fog, he decides to drive past the local haunted house. He recalls the time he and a friend forced the friend's cousin Bobby into going into the crawlspace of the house, which really scared Bobby. As Joe is driving by, a boy runs into the path of his car, gets hit and dies. Joe buries him in the crawlspace of the haunted [...]

    4. REVIEW: CHARNEL HOUSE by Fred AndersonA riveting, graphic, gory, spooky, Supernatural + Sci Fi [read it to the end--you'll see] from an author new to me, CHARNEL HOUSE is the engrossing tale of a long-abandoned and only imminently inhabited rural house on a hill near a small Alabama town. Spooky as the house is (and as much suffering as it had contained and witnessed) the real horror lies below ground, manifesting at intervals inside the crawlspace. As much as it is the story of a house, CHARNEL [...]

    5. This was a fantastic read and I feel as though I've been on an epic journey. The author has really thought this one through and brings everything together with great style. This has got to be one of my favourite books of all-time and I highly recommend it.

    6. Review of Charnel House by Fred AndersonThis is a fantastic book full of twisting storylines. The story takes the journey of Garraty a guy down on his luck that has split from his partner and is now bordering alcoholism. His drunken memory returns him to a childhood haunted house, that hasn’t forgotten him. This book is all about horror and a fast paced storyline, with twisted twists. I won’t give away the ending but it is a great twist if you haven’t figured it out. Other reviews have co [...]

    7. Book started off slow and for that reason I stopped reading it and came back to it. I'm glad I came back because I got two stories for the price of one! Fred Anderson begins this book with Joe Garraty who for a lack of better words is a low life. He gets drunk one night and hits a kid on a bike who he thinks he killed. Instead of doing what's right he trys to bury the kid. The story goes on and you see what eventually happens to Garraty. It then picks up with a kid named Bobby Frank. I won't spo [...]

    8. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. After looking at the contents page I was a little concerned that it was going to be 2 separate stories (Based on chapter headings). As it turned out it was a single narrative told across the same cast but using 2 distinct timelines. Whilst I like a good horror story I tend to steer away from ghost stories but it was a kindle freebie so I gave it a go. Despite having the concept of a haunted house looming large in the plot it came across to me like a horror [...]

    9. The theme of a haunted house is usually enough to get me interested in a horror story, but when I read that "Charnel House" itself may be the monster, I had to read it. This book had me riveted from the start. Some of the ugliest, creepiest scenes this side of Stephen King. Could anyone come up with a sleezier opening than a rural strip club inhabited by dirty hookers and even worse patrons? And how all-out scary is crawling around under the crawl space of a remote haunted house after midnight? [...]

    10. Entertained horrorsWhat a fantastic book. Creepy, scary and rather clever, the way the story comes full circle and reading the second part answers questions we still had from the first part. The characters were good, the writing great, and the story (especially the scenes under and inside the house) is freaky as hell. I never even heard of this author before, but i'll be looking for another of his books to read as soon as I'm done with this review. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I save 5 [...]

    11. A superb scary storyIf you like a good old fashioned scary story, this is a must read. I had trouble putting this book down just to sleep, and do chores( though that wasn't too terrible). I loved the atmosphere that was woven, the creepy house that I want to explore and the awesome throwback 1970's references to pop culture, cartoons, everyday living. A few times I smiled and thought, dang did the author and I grow up in the same house Thanks for the chills and the walk down memory lane Fred And [...]

    12. I absolutely, positively loved this booked. Fred Anderson completely blew my mind away with this book. I have cave crickets where I live, and my crawlspace is eerily similar to the one in the book. I completely understand the creep factor that the main characters experienced with the house, and the crawlspace. I do not want to spoil the ending for anyone, so I will just tell you that I did not have this book figured out and when the book comes to an end, I was in total shock.

    13. I could not put this book downI am always looking for authors I haven't read before. Mr. Anderson drew me in on page 1 and kept my attention. A very different haunted house story. I am not normally a fan of this genre, but lately some of the best books are of this type. The characters come alive and I found myself really feeling for them. Looks like Stephen King is getting some strong competition here. I strongly recommend giving this author a try.

    14. Great old fashioned horror story.I really loved the descriptive language the author used, it really puts you in that crawlspace under that house. I haven't read such a good creepy horror story since some early Stephen King. I will definitely read Fred Anderson's other books and recommend this one to any other horror aficionados out there!

    15. Definitely fit in the horror/thriller genre. It wasn't the type of genre that I normally chose so I was not thrilled with it. I'd put this in the "anything can happen no matter how improbable" category. I need strange in my horror, but not that strange. The story was well-written, just not my cup of tea.

    16. This was a really good, old fashioned, campfire style horror story. The characters were well built, and the story never felt slow to me. The fact that it is really two stories, with a complete break in the middle of the book, might be a little off putting to some, All in all, I really enjoyed the book and would definitely look at more work from this author.

    17. I could only make it through the first chapter. I don't care for Anderson's writing style. It is peppered with crude language and disgusting details that don't contribute to the story. I paged through the book and found that this writing style continues throughout.

    18. Again Fred Anderson has written a book I was not able to put down. The chills ran up and down my spine as I kept mentally telling the characters what they should not do or say. This was an enjoyable read with many twists and turns. This is a must read!

    19. It was okayIt wasn't a bad book, it just didn't jump out at me. I didn't feel scared, just confused. Would I recommend it, that would be fifty fifty on this onet one of my favorites, glad it was over

    20. Truly a great book for vomit gross out and educational in the many uses of the fuck word. However, this is a lousy book if you're looking for a good scare. I'm truly disappointed.

    21. Misleading This has nothing to do with the house. It just a poor attempt at a psychological thriller. Not a haunted house story.

    22. I did not understand this bookConfusing. No clear plot,villain or resolution. Nothing like a king novel. Not sure why people have this a good review.

    23. Disappointing. He borrows way too heavily from Stephen King books, most notably "Salem's Lot," and "It," without King's finesse for creating meaningful characters.

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