The Mermaid s Pearl Raewyn is tougher than your average mermaid princess She lives in a fortress far beneath the surface of the ocean where she constantly breaks the rules Fear of extinction has caused the merfolk to ar

  • Title: The Mermaid's Pearl
  • Author: Brooke Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raewyn is tougher than your average mermaid princess She lives in a fortress far beneath the surface of the ocean, where she constantly breaks the rules Fear of extinction has caused the merfolk to arrange marriages and take away romantic freedoms, causing Raewyn s hopes and dreams of true love to crumple After a quest gone wrong, she finds herself held captive aboard tRaewyn is tougher than your average mermaid princess She lives in a fortress far beneath the surface of the ocean, where she constantly breaks the rules Fear of extinction has caused the merfolk to arrange marriages and take away romantic freedoms, causing Raewyn s hopes and dreams of true love to crumple After a quest gone wrong, she finds herself held captive aboard the Devil s Pearl, among the worst humans of all pirates Captain Aiden Flynn is handsome and charming, spending his time sailing the seas and hording treasure His villainous reputation has even reached the depths of the ocean When he finds a dark haired beauty ensnared in his net, he puts on his best charms in hopes of finding out just who she is Will his dangerous, yet charming, demeanor win her over Or will he fall, as many other men have, to the wiles of a mermaid princess this is a romantic adventure na crossover Includes adult situations and not recommended for readers younger than 17 Want to listen to music while you read The Mermaid s Pearl Playlist is up open.spotify user authorbr

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    One thought on “The Mermaid's Pearl”

    1. This review is very honest: I went into this book with super high expectations considering the rating and the plot synopsis. This was a DNF for me. (Do not finish)Honestly I've got like 100 pages left but I just cannot finish it I'm losing brain cells because the plot is all up and down, left and right and forward and backwards and I'm constantly thinking I've missed something. Nope. The plot is just crazy. Okay it's a mermaid/pirate romance story and I was very excited because MERMAIDS! PIRATES [...]

    2. **** 5 stars The Mermaid's Pearl by Brooke Kennedy. I have the pleasure of meeting many nice, truly talented authors. Brooke Kennedy is no exception to this rule, and her book, The Mermaid's Pearl was a true delight in the up and coming genre of New Adult. Raewyn is a typical young woman, well all but the fact she is a mermaid. Her father wants a fine suitor and she just wants to beherself. She loves 'common folk', and finds herself in the middle of a great adventurel caused by a beautiful pearl [...]

    3. For grown up fans of fairy tales and Once Upon a Time. I was lucky enough to beta read this book and watch it grow from a fan fiction all the way to a fantasy novel. Raewyn is a mermaid princess trying to save her kingdom, and Aiden is a sexy pirate trying to live out his life aboard his ship. When she becomes a prisoner on his ship, they find out they have more in common than one might realize. A love for treasure. Kennedy writes a wildly imaginative story that combines fairy tale elements and [...]

    4. The Little Mermaid: literally the only mermaid story/film I had interest in. Since I was four.But then I find The Mermaid's Pearl on GoodReads and "a whole new wooooooooorld" has opened up for me. (Yeah, I know. The song is not a reference to the Little Mermaid-- but it's still from Disney so)The heroine of this book sounds like a piece of Ariel, though. Rebellious, adventurous, royalty, mermaidish and The Little Mermaid was badass so I know this book is going to be a winner.Let us readers get r [...]

    5. "Raewyn was tougher than your average mermaid princess." Now that sentence alone should have been enough cause for me not to delve in deeper because I could never take mermaid princess stories seriously, but I gave this book a chance.I had a lot of expectations for this book, and sadly they were never met. I wish I could report that what I found was better, but sadly it was not. I was not a big fan of the mysoginistic undertones, and the characters were predictable and quite annoying. It was as [...]

    6. I enjoyed reading The Mermaid's Pearl. I just loved the main character, Raewyn, She's young, hopeful, and looking to change the future. What all young people should be doing, in my opinion. She loves everyone and just wants to be herself. Not whats expected of her, but to become her own woman. She seeks out adventure with some help. The adventure kept me glued to my e-reader. I couldn't put it down until I found out what happens next! I hope to get a chance to continue this journey with another [...]

    7. Aiden and RaewynARC was provided by the author for an honest review *thank you*(In collaboration with Dauntless Indies Read and Review Squad)Wow! This was my first mermaid book and I must say, I was really impressed. I liked both main characters and the plot was well thought out and unexpected. Note that the storyline does not contain erotica, but rather an implication thereof which was a little disappointing. The ending was bittersweet and I can't wait to read more about Aiden and Raewyns' adve [...]

    8. this book was hard to rate. I loved some parts but others were just making me cringe or giving me the urge to slap my head agaibst a wall generally it was a cute litte story but I also feel as if Kennedy didn't manage to capture either the mermaid's nor the pirate's mentality and feeling. It just always felt a little off

    9. I am not a fan of Mermaid princess books. I usually go for the mermaid books were they turn in to a mermaid. I decided I should give this book a chance. Because even though the summary didn't intrigue me, I thought maybe the book has more to it. Brooke Kennedy did a really good job with the book. Once I actually started to read the book I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. For me, books have to grab my attention at about the first chapter or I loose interest easily. This book did just t [...]

    10. I give this book 3.5/4 stars. I really enjoyed the characters and the romance. Aiden and Rae were totally meant for each other and I loved that it wasn't an easy realization for either of them that they were meant to be together. The only reason I docked stars on this book was because I didn't like how flighty it got at times. For example, boy says something girl doesn't like so she runs away and boy chases after her then they make up and repeat the process. That's okay to do once maaayyybe twic [...]

    11. I received the book in exchange of an honest review.The book was good, the adventure was cool. I didn't read the synopsis before reading the book, and was good and different as expected, I knew it was mermaid book and thought all the adventure would be underwater, well that's why I should read synopsis lol.I liked Rae, she won't take orders from anyone and stands for herself. I liked that fact about her. I liked the story but I wanted to also know more about her undersea life. I didn't like the [...]

    12. I received this book from Brooke Kennedy for free in order for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book, I love everything about mermaids and Raewyn reminded me of my favourite mermaid of all, Ariel. Raewyn was strong minded, adventurous, a princess and also a little stubborn. I grew to love Aiden by the end and realised he was just hurt and he himself was trying to recover from his past life, I love the world that Kennedy created, and that ending was just bittersweet, I can't wait to read mo [...]

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. For those of us who enjoy tried-and-true romance, this book was great! I sat down to read it one evening and was unable to tear myself away. I have a weak spot for the portrayal of love in turmoil and HELLO - who couldn't sink their fingernails into a sexy, charismatic, and chivalrous pirate for goodness sake? Speaking of sinking your nails in to the male character, this author managed to build up the sexual tension in a way that the climax of the romance was deli [...]

    14. great book! This book is very unique, it is unlike any paranormal I have ever read. I love fantasy and this one hit the mark. Full of adventure and dynamic characters. A pinch of magic, a dash of love , and a heaping cup of adventure. All the ingredients that make this book amazing. I really love Raewyn, (such a unique name, love it!) she is so head strong and daring she makes a great counter to the tough and closed off Adien. I devoured this book like my favorite cupcake need more and more afte [...]

    15. I enjoy reading fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural type books. This one fit the bill and, throw in a little well written romance, you have a good book here. I would read book two, if it were to be written and released. The only bit of feedback I would give is to develop the characters more thoroughly early in the book. I found it a bit difficult to relate to Rae early on and care for her, so it was hard to keep my attention in the beginning. I would want to know more about her life under [...]

    16. This is a GREAT book! I loved it and it never stopped with all the action. I love that mermaids could change to human form and wish to change back too and hiding from humans just to live.Aiden sounds super gorgeous and he acts all tough but is a softy. The big surprise to me was that he is a prince but would rather be a pirate who falls in love with a mermaid.Now he wants to find treasure to save the one thing he cares about most, RaeBeautiful story and written very well!

    17. The Mermaid's Pearl is your typical mermaid tale. FALSE! This book will change your mind from everything that you think a mermaid book would or should be. The Mermaid's Pearl is the story about a young woman, Raewyn , who wants to be her own person, and in attempting to do so- she gets ensnared (in more ways than one!) She meets Adian, our sexy pirate that at times I wanted to throw overboard!It's an unexpected ride thats for sure! I need to have book two in my hands as soon as I can!

    18. I was going to say that it was like The Little Mermaid, or a pirate story, or an adventurebut it's all three, and more! If you are a fan of any of these kinds of stories, this is a book that you are going to love! The story flowed so smoothly and kept my attention throughout. I was really pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it so much that I read it in less than a day. What a great story!

    19. Every girl dreams of being a princess or a mermaid and being swept off her feet by the strong silent type that you have to chip away at. You get all of that and more with this. I found myself in for a wild ride with Aiden and "Rae" and I hope that we can hear more about their story.*Received a copy for an honest review*

    20. I really enjoyed this book! It didn't lag or drag in any part. I wanted to strangle Adian in sometimes but he grew on me. My only problem was how did he know she was a princess? I never remember her telling him but somehow he knew? Other than that I loved it I'm glad she stayed with him. You like Mermaids and Pirates? Go get this book! Happy reading

    21. What a book. let me tell you how much i LOVED reading this story. It was perfect. The way characters were brought to life with there own little stories, within the story was amazing. What a great adventure.i enjoyed that so much. i really cant wait to continue reading what Brooke Kennedy has to Offer. You really surprised me with this and i am internally grateful <3 <3

    22. I recieved a free copy in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I have read that was about mermaid and pirates. I absolutely loved it! Raewyn is a mermaid princess and wants to find true love. Aiden is a pirate who lost so much and is unable to open his heart. This book was very well written and really draws you in. I want to read more!

    23. I've always been fascinated by mermaids and pirates and finally here's a book about one of my favorite mythical characters with an amazing story and romance (for adults) that kept me reading the book and finishing it in one day. Loved it!!

    24. I was gifted gifted this book for an honest review , this little tale of a mermaid trying to break the rules and find some excitement in life, only to land up in troubled to find the happiness she so craves for. i found this a nice easy read and very enjoyableep up the good work brook

    25. Raewyn was a very fun character to write! And I just love LOVE Captain Aiden Flynnough I may be biased. ;)If you enjoy romantic fantasies or a mix between them and a new adult book, this will be right up your alley! Thanks! <3 Brooke

    26. True love The Mermaid's Pearl was a very sweet story about a brave mermaid princess and a pirate who was more than he appeared. I'm looking forward to the continuation of their adventures.

    27. Love this book, the characters are wonderful as well as the story. would love to read more books like this one.

    28. Amazing mermaid/pirate story! The adventure was never-ending and the romance was scorching. I can't wait to read more of these two!

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