Under My Thumb Prudence sets out with her band to Los Angeles to make it big Leaving behind London is difficult for her but not because she fears she ll be homesick She s never coming back And her brother has no id

  • Title: Under My Thumb
  • Author: Abby Reynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Prudence sets out with her band to Los Angeles to make it big Leaving behind London is difficult for her, but not because she fears she ll be homesick She s never coming back And her brother has no idea.After she arrives, she performs one of her first shows But little does she know, an admirer sits in the audience She hypnotizes him and draws him in, making him immediPrudence sets out with her band to Los Angeles to make it big Leaving behind London is difficult for her, but not because she fears she ll be homesick She s never coming back And her brother has no idea.After she arrives, she performs one of her first shows But little does she know, an admirer sits in the audience She hypnotizes him and draws him in, making him immediately smitten The obsession starts.Cash is determined to be alone with this girl After extreme lengths to share a quiet whisper, they agree on a spring fling After the horrible break up Prudence had with her boyfriend, she doesn t want to be hurt again Cash s reasons are still a mystery.They spend the summer together, but their romance takes different avenues that Cash didn t predict He has a very strict set of rules with his women and he never breaks themuntil Prudence.And Prudence didn t think she could trust someone as much as she trusts Cash There isn t just a strong physical relationship between them For the first time, she s not afraid of another lie being fed to her, another sleepless night, or wondering where he s been It s the only stability she s ever had.After making her way into his heart, Cash struggles with his feelings He s been hurt before but can he risk being hurt again His obsession for his musician grows stronger every day The idea of her being with anyone but him is soul crushing And he doesn t understand what s happening to him Has he fallen in love Is that possible A gripping romance that will make your heart flutter, Under My Thumb is a classy tale of love coming from unlikely places.Warning Cliffhanger

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    1. 3.5 STARSAngst, angst and more angst!!!This book is filled with emotional angst. It is realistically portrayed and comes from experiences that do inspire this type of drama.Prudence is an aspiring musician aka musical genius. She and her band have traveled from Britain to the States seeking a record contract. She's leaving behind a broken home and a ruined relationship. The last thing on her mind is finding a new romantic interest.Cash Matthews is a tv executive producer. He's tired of women wan [...]

    2. 3.5 - 3.75 DONT LET HER GO STARS!!!Under My Thumb is a fast paced romance with two inherently damaged characters that are surprisingly up front with their needs and wants. The story is told in dual POV's which was a nice change in understanding inner thoughts and turmoil! This is my first time reading Abby Reynolds and I can say that I enjoyed her style of writing as well as her storywell, except that damn cliffhanger! She just made me an automatic 1-click for book 2!Pru has come to the US with [...]

    3. 4.5+ out of 5 Sweet Stars!!" I stared at her blatantly, seeing the redness burn her cheeks. I had this girl. And i wasn't going to let go." Fist of all, i would like to say how much glad i am that this book has two POV, it really helped me understand the characters and bond with them more!In general, the book is really fast pacing. I finished it real quick."We have to be exclusive," he said. " That's my biggest term.""Why?""I want to be the only one inside you."For me, the plot was one of the be [...]

    4. 3.5 starsARC received in return for an honest review.What a way to end a novel! If you don’t like a cliff-hanger then this is not for you as it ends on a huge one.This is the story of Prudence and Cash, a couple who have both been hurt in the past and do not wish to ever have a relationship again. Prudence is an intelligent young musician who has travelled to LA for three months with her band to try and get signed with a record company. Cash is an executive producer in television who happens t [...]

    5. There’s an abundance of angst attached hereto. It might be a bit of an overload. However, it was a pretty easy read with characters that caught my attention from the beginning and kept me in their spin. Be forewarned though that there is a major cliffhanger that will most likely leave you screaming. You’ll have to await the arrival of the next book to find out where the road leads for Prudence and Cash.Prudence is a musician who travels with her band from England to the US in hopes of signin [...]

    6. Under my thumb is a story about two people jaded by their past.Cash likes to compartmentalize his life, making sure his personal life will not seep into his professional life, hence, the loveless, non-relationship status.Prudence is a talented musician who has been burned by love and thought a serious relationship is not for her. She decided to be with Cash without fear of where it will end by agreeing to see each other casually until she goes back to London where she resides.There's instant att [...]

    7. I can’t believe this ended on such an intense cliffhanger. I want the next book like NOW!This is my first read by this author and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Cash and Prudence’s story, despite wanting to bang their heads together on multiple occasions so they could see what was right in front of them. I loved how wonderful they were for one another. I found it frustrating that each couldn’t see the same feelings they were developing mirrored in each other’s eyes and I’m really hopin [...]

    8. It was free, I have no complaints. Did it make me want to buy into the series, despite the cliffhanger ending, nope.

    9. Under My Thumb is a very different type of romance story that starts off with two stranger who are attracted to one another and over time fall for one another. Prudence and Cash were both one in the same when it came to relationships and love.Prudence is from London, but she went to LA with her band-mates with ulterior motives of her own. She is broken because of the love she gave her boyfriend. She now wants to enjoy life being single while having fling with a guy every now and then. Prudence w [...]

    10. I have to agreed with other people and say that too much drama takes the story to a different place and yes, I am a bit tired of over the board drama.When the drama is combined with people's inability of being a little bit mature than I am rolling my eyes.I would read the second story due to the cliffhanger but yes, I want to go back to books that have a real plot and characters/ character development and depth to the story.

    11. *ARC provided by author for honest review*I definitely enjoyed this story. The characters were all multi-dimensional, interesting, and relatable. Abby did a wonderful job conveying emotion and passion shared by the two lead characters. Although the book could use another trip through the editing process it was pretty well written. Can't wait for book two! I really hope Cash gets to hit Gavin at some point because that guy is a major DB.

    12. This book was brilliant I really enjoyed it I luvd the characters so much pru was great she as been so hurt by family an her last relationship she just wanted 2 have a summer then cash found her an he fell 4 her straight away but he as been just as hurt the story was so good it showed how there relationship got stronger I didn't want this book 2 end I luvd it I need the second 1 now I can't wait xxx

    13. 3.5 stars. This was a pretty good freebie I happened to see. It's kinda like 50 Shades without the kink. There are plenty of emotions, steaminess, good characters, and definitely a cliffhanger endingould've listened to the description. I would definitely like to read the rest of this series and see what happens. A good read and a great find for a freebie! Enjoy!

    14. Cliffhanger!It was a great read but totally left you wondering " What happens next?" Guess it's on to part 2!

    15. Under My Thumb is the debut novel of Abby Reynolds and book one in the Serenade series. It immediately grabbed my attention and the bit of mystery and anxiety that accompanied our main characters kept my attention until the end. Summary:Prudence Clearwater is a true musician, feeling the music in her heart and soul. It's what makes her who she is, and what keeps her grounded and thriving through all the years, good, bad, and heartbreaking. Now, she's ready to leave her hometown of London and tou [...]

    16. Picture this scenario: Two people, carrying baggage and pain from their pasts, both lonely, both needing to feel the validation of life, the joy, the special ‘oneness’ only love can give. Complicate that when neither are quite capable of laying it all on the line and confessing their true feelings, because it wasn’t part of the ‘deal,’ until it may be too late. Did I mention the lies by omission or the lies that at first seemed so right for self-preservation? Sounds like most of the sl [...]

    17. 4.5 lovely stars!This story is about Prudence and Cash. Prudence is a British girl, a very accomplished musician, but she has a lot of baggage, after a life of being neglected from her parents and a terrible relationship. The only good thing she has is her brother Jeremy and her music. Cash in the other hand is a very important executive producer who is not interested in a serious relationship, the reason?, well let’s just say he has a LOT of baggage too, so he doesn't do relationships or one [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading this book. The storyline is a little different than most music romance books that I have read. I did not know that it was part of a series, because sometime I can be oblivious, but I still enjoyed it anyway.So we meet Prudence when she is leaving London for her band to tour around California for the summer. Only she has already decided to move there permanently. She has had a little bit of a rough time in London recently and she believes that a new start where no one kno [...]

    19. SPOILER ALERT! READ THIS REVIEW ONLY AFTER READING THE ACTUAL BOOK! Also, those are only my opinions and I do not claim to be all-knowing or right in my statements but my beliefs are my beliefs and I refuse to bury them under the facade of politeness. For some reason I began reading this book with low expectations and the beginning didn't do much to change that. The context of Cash's meeting with Pru is plausible and so is his first attempt to get in contact with her and I appreciate that. Unfor [...]

    20. A relationship of convenience clearly develops into much much more!My favorite thing about reading is escaping into another world through a good story. I love to get lost in the characters', their lives, and their romances. I am grateful every day to authors for creating other worlds with fascinating characters and compelling stories.I really liked Cash and Prudence. I liked each of their characters. I liked their chemistry. I wouldn't be making a 'sex only, no relationship' arrangement in real [...]

    21. Excellent start to what promises to be a good series. Right off you are transported with a band from England that is going to the US to try their luck their with their music. One band member in particular is saying her goodbye's to her brother Prudence who mega talented that she is more than ready for this change. Next you are introduced to Cash who by all accounts is successful in that he is a mover and shaker in Hollywood. Soon they meet thanks to a friend's attempt at not taking no for a answ [...]

    22. **3.5 thumb up stars** This story is not the epitome of a feel good story, but it has great scenes of feel good moments, and I didn't want to put it down. It was an easy and flowing read.Prudence is the main character that is a great musician and originally from London who sets off with her band for the summer to L.A Prudence aka Pru meets Cash at one of her first shows in L.A Cash is mesmerized by her beautiful voice and her entire facade. Cash goes to great lengths to win her over and get her [...]

    23. First I have to say, the book had way too many spelling and word errors. It did stop my reading flow which I find difficult. I think maybe authors are too quick to publish books rather than put out something that is of good quality. If you use an editor or beta readers, someone be honest with the author and tell them how many errors they see. These need to be addressed prior to hitting the publish button. I'm hoping that the spelling/word errors in this book are fixed/updated so that further rev [...]

    24. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book. I have read two more books of the same author and have another two in WTR list but I think this one is so far my favorite of her. The story is catching and I was engrossed from the 1st chapter, if didn’t have to go to work I would probably have finished it in one day. I liked both the lead characters, Pru and Cash, and I was eager to see how their agreement will go. Both of them are broken by similar situation in t [...]

    25. What I likedI really did like the premise, and that's why I gave the book a chance. I also really liked Pru and Cash as characters. They are both definitely flawed people. I thought Cash's obsession was a little creepy, but the creepy faded into the story as their relationship progressed. I thought the story had a nice pace, and I really got into it. The love scenes were great.What I didn't likeI didn't realize that the story would be continuing into another book. With its length, I thought for [...]

    26. **CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD**Received this e-book as an ARC from the Author.First, I want to apologize for getting you a pic of the cover, however, I couldn't find one. :-/ As soon as one becomes available I'll post it!Second, go get this book when it becomes avaibale. It was moody and sexy and HAWT and everything you need in a great romance novel. Loveable characters. Impossible romances made possible.This is completely two of my favorite romances genres- billionaires and rock stars. We have Cash [...]

    27. - 2 Stars. The book was ok overall, spelling errors in places, but not so much that you could not understand the story. I liked this book, I really did but what made me not rate it any higher was the fact that it came across too similar to Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates. The difference with this however was that I couldn't connect with the characters. The aura around Cash and Pru felt to clinical, cold and rigid. Prudence- I didn't really like her. I found her to odd at times. The way she fel [...]

    28. I loved this book - I could not put it down!!! As soon as I saw that chapter 2 was from Cash's POV, I was hooked. I so enjoy books that offer the males POV - it's good to know what they are thinking too.I love Cash so so much - I need book 2 like yesterday!!! Cash is wonderful - a great leading alpha male. Although he is rich and can have what he wants, he's very humble and does not flaunt his richness and the advantages of being rich in your face. You can see a little of the perks but its not c [...]

    29. The Story of Cash and Prudence is full of Romance, Friendship, Lust, Angst and Music. This review has spoilers in it so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled for parts of it.I loved both characters, Cash is the bad boy Tv Exec and Pru is the awesome Musician, both of these characters together are explosive and damaged to a point where they (in my opinion) think they don’t deserve to be loved by someone outside of their family. The inner dialogue that the author wrote helped to let me [...]

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