Restoring Hope WARNING Author believes in soul mates and insta love proceed with caution if you re not a romantic at heart Life throws you curve balls but no parent should ever bury a child Determined not to make

  • Title: Restoring Hope
  • Author: C.P.Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: ebook
  • WARNING Author believes in soul mates and insta love, proceed with caution if you re not a romantic at heart.Life throws you curve balls, but no parent should ever bury a child Determined not to make the same mistakes with his son he made with his daughter, Nic Beuve is single minded until Hope walks into his life Hope Delaney, a woman with a past that almost brokWARNING Author believes in soul mates and insta love, proceed with caution if you re not a romantic at heart.Life throws you curve balls, but no parent should ever bury a child Determined not to make the same mistakes with his son he made with his daughter, Nic Beuve is single minded until Hope walks into his life Hope Delaney, a woman with a past that almost broke her, tries to keep people at bay for their own protection Fortunately for her, no one listens when she says she wants to be alone Burning desire, a deep need to protect, and a woman who looks like an angel break down Nic s defenses until he can t ignore them any longer He wants Hope and what Nic wants .

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      426 C.P.Smith
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    1. Read my review at Sinfully Sexy and enter to win a copy.4.5 “You Are My Angel” StarsSpend all your time waitingfor that second chancefor a break that would make it okaythere's always some reasonto feel not good enoughand it's hard at the end of the dayI need some distractionoh beautiful releasememories seep from my veinslet me be emptyand weightless and maybeI'll find some peace tonightin the arms of the angelfly away from herefrom this dark cold hotel roomand the endlessness that you fearyo [...]

    2. 4.5 swoontastic stars“Oh, no, baby, there is no God involved . Just you, me, and the things I’m gonna do to that sweet body of yours.”Hope“Dat’ girl got one foot out da’ door anytime she here. She got to have a reason to stay and fight, pas de betises.”Staying alive is Hope's main focus All she needs is money for food and rent, nothing more; no friends, no connections. She runs to the South to hide, but the South isn't a place to be invisible; with their southern charm and hospital [...]

    3. Reread September 2017Still 5 stars for me though, I did get more annoyed this time with Hope keeping secrets. But I also got a little pissed this time, at Nic and his reaction to discovering the truth. Neither though, would cause me to lower my rating because it's still a beautiful story of two people needing each other to heal. Funny thing, I forgot the "baddie" so I was surprised again 😂Original review July 2016Hope is a woman on the run. Leaving an abusive situation, she has been on her ow [...]

    4. ❤ 4 Healing Stars ❤️I really loved the characters, storyline, and secondary characters in this book. Nic Beuve is an divorced architect from a old money New Orleans family, his young son primarily lives with him but he shares custody with his bitchy ex wife, Nic is a broken man and his son is all that keeps him together, my heart breaks for him and the demons he has. He may be a much sought after architect, who primarily wears a suit, but once that suit is discarded he turns into a take ch [...]

    5. 4.5 ma doux amour stars. Hope is running. For ten years she suffered at the hands of a cruel man that she once thought she loved. But now escaping her past and a man that wants her dead is her only focus. In order to survive she must stay on the move, avoid letting anyone get too close and never let anyone care about her - caring about her will only bring danger. But when Hope finds herself in New Orleans, working as a cook in The Bayou, she finds that the people that surround her are willing to [...]

    6. Restoring Hope was a sweet, enjoyable contemporary romance featuring two people who have had some tough times in their lives but find happiness together. Hope is on the run from her abusive ex-husband's family and stops in New Orleans where she finds work as a waitress in a local diner. The owner is a nice woman who decides to set Hope up with Nic Beuve, a sexy Cajun man who is going through a tough time after his daughter overdosed on drugs. Nic blames himself for her death because he thinks hi [...]

    7. After reading Mrs. Smith's first book I was hooked, the second I saw this book I tried to buy it. The problem was it wasn't out yet. I guess in all of my excitement at finding another of her books I didn't think to check the release date *sigh*. So it stands to reason that the day this book was released I went to and hit one of my favorite one touch buttons and bought this books. From the first page I was hooked.Nic isn't the man he was years ago he was happily married and had two great childre [...]

    8. FULL REVIEW!!4 Brilliant, Moving Stars!This is the first book I have read by C.P.Smith and it definitely won't be my last.When I got offered to review this book I really didn't know what to expect, I didn't even read the synopsis and dove right in.I ended up reading late into the night and after forcing myself to put it down and I woke up in the morning and finished it off.Hope and Nic are to people who have been broken, their past tortures them and no matter what they do they can't run from it. [...]

    9. Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmailI have to start this review by saying that I am born and raised a Louisiana girl. Not only that but my family is cajun french. So anytime I find a book that has references and depictions of my beloved home state, I get a little sentimental. But usually I find that some aren't accurate. But C. P. Smith did her homework. she brought my french heritage and some Louisian [...]

    10. Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest★Book Basics★ Genre: - Cont. Romance Series: - Stand AloneLove triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - ErmobablyRating - 3 stars★Review★Ok, so I have been struggling with this review and rating, I have only read 1 other book but his author, and to be honest I [...]

    11. Woo mutha fucking hoo got our copy.d starting tonight! Thank you CP Smithyou're amazing!!Loved it!! Full review closer to release.anks again girl! Restoring Hope Review[image error]

    12. Restoring Hope by C.P. SmithNic and HopeIT BROKE ME, IT MOVED ME, AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!I'm broken! I've been chewed up, spit out, and then chewed up again! This book will peek your interest, shred your heart, and piece you back together again. This is a story of two lost souls not having a clue that they're lost, just that they're going through the half-assed motions of what life used to be for them. Not living at all, but merely existing in a world so full of the life they once knew, love [...]

    13. 5 ma douce amour stars. C.P. Smith is definitely an amazing author and writes some great characters. This book is about two people finding light in the darkness, healing and feeling hope again. While their reasons for being in the dark were different, they were also similar.Hope is on the run from a past that devastating. Since she was 12 years old her life has been pretty difficult. She never wants to put others in danger and so she tries to keep her head down and never let anyone close. This w [...]

    14. Restoring Hope!! FIVE BEAUTIFUL STARS!Two broken souls; one lost in the pain of an unforgettable hurt, and the other running form a past that would be any woman’s nightmare. We meet Hope and Nic in Restoring Hope, and we get to experience how these two people meet and not only do they fall in love but also help heal each other. I truly loved this book, everything from the writing style to the amazing descriptions of New Orleans. Oh and not to forget the hotness that is Nic…. Three words…. [...]

    15. “Loving someone means you put them first and put yourself last. You trust them with your heart; you trust them with your life, and you fucking trust them to guard your heart with their life . . . Will you, Hope?” Nic asked and then leaned in and brushed a gentle kiss across her lips. “Will I what?” “Will you trust me with your heart ?”I was excited to read Restoring Hope by author C.P. Smith and am happy to say that I enjoyed it. I love a good "woman on the run" story and find it har [...]

    16. I love reading about a total alpha, possessive male who has a deep seated love of family. Those traits only make them hotter to me. I also love reading about mature characters that have lived life, experienced hardships and have come out a better person for those hardships. Both Nic and Hope are survivors who, at the beginning of the story, are struggling through the loss of a child and the disillusionment of love. Hope is a strong heroine who is running from an abusive past and although she sho [...]

    17. This is so different from the author's first book, which was good but this is stunningly amazing. I went through so many different emotions whilst reading this, (At one point I wanted to do a Joey and put my reader in the freezer). Nic and Hope are both going through a very difficult time in their lives when they meet, neither wanting a relationship, but both wanting to help the other one, they both feel the attraction to each other but try hard to fight it. I will re-read this many times.

    18. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****This is the 3rd book by CP Smith I have read and reviewed for our cranky group, and it was just what the doctor ordered for me after too long a run of dark reads on my Kindle. I picked it up, honestly not even remembering what the synopsis had been. It didn't matter - I was very quickly drawn into the wonderfully realistic N'Awlins setting.Hope is a woman running scared from her past. We meet her as her hiding has brought her to New Orleans. Never stay anywhere long and [...]

    19. I was thrilled to be granted an advance copy of C.P. Smith’s Restoring Hope. I LOVED her first novel, A Reason to Breathe and was excited to jump into this one. I was not disappointed. Restoring Hope gives us the story of Nic and Hope, two people battling their inner demons, silently and alone. When Hope’s circumstances bring her to the historic, lively city of New Orleans, she is on the run; running from a past it is unlikely she will be unable to outrun. Therefore, she is reluctant to form [...]

    20. Let me being by saying this is the second C.P. Smith book that I've read this week and boy am I enjoying them! I have also previously read her Reason to Kill series and I have to say I'm hooked! This is going to be on my auto buy author list for sure. That being said Restoring Hope was amazing! Hope was on the run. Her husband had beaten and abused her for more than 10 years. She never stays anywhere long, maybe a week, sometimes a month , and never gets attached. She get's a job in a small town [...]

    21. 3.75-4.0 stars. Hope had run away to New Orleans. The full details of who and why aren't revealed until late in the book. Nic is instantly attracted to Hope.There's help in that department by Rose. A big, motherly owner of a Cajun bar/restaurant. Nic is grieving over the loss of his daughter Chelsea. Nic has a son Nicky that he shares custody with ex-wife Kat. Rose calls her "Kat woman" and the name fits! Did I mention that Kat is a major bitch?What a major bitch in every way. I couldn't imagine [...]

    22. Wow what an epic story with countless emotions that will leave you completely breathless.Nic is a broken manlosing his daughter leaves him full of guilt.Hope is on the run from a man and a past that threatens her every move.But when the two are literally thrown together by the amazing Maman Rose whose character I love by the waye Will they or won't they situation commences.They both have such sadness inside and both take comfort in each othere emotions they experience you can quite literally fee [...]

    23. 4.5 glorious starsI am again wowed by this author she did a beautiful job on this story. Hope a woman fleeing a horrible past and Nic trying to learn how to live without his daughter. Their struggles are so monumental, but when two working together to help each other balance out their lives then you find strength and courage. Several of the main characters have Cajun French accents and the author did a marvelous job incorporating this into the story line. This is a definite reread. Yay!! I look [...]

    24. 3.5 starsI'll be quick on this one.A very very interesting narration, I must say. It is dual POV generallybut the transition between the changing POV is what makes it interesting.I liked the story and the characters.The execution was good enough.Though I felt at placess were dragged out and could have been shortened.The book starts slow and you have to be patient for the pace to pick up but the rest is just fine.

    25. I was over the moon to receive and advanced copy of CP Smith's second Novel, Restoring Hope. So different from her first novel A Reason to Breathe, but just as wonderful.Set in New Orleans, Nic and Hope's story is an amazing read. Nic and hope are both broken and exhausted. Troubles from their past are still playing on their minds, in their every waking thought.Who would have thought that two such emotionally broken people could be so right for each other - but they are.I couldn't help but love [...]

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