The Greek Tycoon s Love Child Bedded then wedded by the Greek tycoon When millionaire Theodore Kadros first sets his sights on beautiful Willow Blain there can only ever be one outcome a night of incredible desire But the next da

  • Title: The Greek Tycoon's Love-Child
  • Author: Jacqueline Baird
  • ISBN: 9780373124220
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bedded, then wedded by the Greek tycoon When millionaire Theodore Kadros first sets his sights on beautiful Willow Blain there can only ever be one outcome a night of incredible desire But the next day Willow is gone.However, their brief passion results in a legacy that Willow is eager to conceal When the Greek tycoon discovers the shocking truth, he is enraged TBedded, then wedded by the Greek tycoon When millionaire Theodore Kadros first sets his sights on beautiful Willow Blain there can only ever be one outcome a night of incredible desire But the next day Willow is gone.However, their brief passion results in a legacy that Willow is eager to conceal When the Greek tycoon discovers the shocking truth, he is enraged Theo demands they marry, so he can have what he feels is rightfully his Willow as his wife and at his mercy

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    One thought on “The Greek Tycoon's Love-Child”

    1. Cussing. Lots and lots of CUSSING.What a fucking asshole, may he writhe and die in the fires of Mordor.He takes her virginity on her 18th birthday.He gets angry when he sees her again because she blew him off and who blows off this asshole. He does the blowing off.He stashes her in a mausoleum of a house decorated by his ex mistress.He introduces his ex-mistress to her, her SON, and his own mother at a lunch when they run into each other.He has to jettison the ex-mistress with a diamond necklace [...]

    2. Ha, ha. JB was really pushes the limits with this one.Hero is a PIG.He impregnated an 18 year-old virgin in a one standHe made it all about him when she left the next morning without providing additional sex.He went on to marry a woman he didn’t even like six months laterHe’s had five or more women in the nine years they’ve been apartHe hasn’t thought about the heroine until he sees her again by chance.When he does see her it’s all about replaying the one night stand.He hasn’t broken [...]

    3. She was on ice, him: he had a mistress up until after the marriage.He didn’t have “time to break it off”.He introduced his kid to his ex mistress.He actually got married to his ex within seven months resulting heroine not being able to ever see him again.

    4. Fairly average HP. Typical arrogant HP Greek tycoon H. Nothing particularly stood out there. He was definitely big on the crushing grip and punishing kisses, almost a bit old school on that score.I did like it that the h wasn't living in abject and pious poverty with her child, but had made a decent living as a writer. Also, she did have a moment of panic when the H threatened to take her child away, but then she calmed down and called a lawyer to find out the real possibilities and not just go [...]

    5. I have not read many books by this author, but the few that I have read have been very good. What I enjoy most about her style is that she can put a lot of angst into a story, but still end up with some very likable characters. This is a story of re-united lovers who after a passionate one night stand 9 years ago come across each other accidentally in a crowded hotel lobby. Neither one can forget that night and of course there were repercussions in the form of an adorable little 8 year old boyat [...]

    6. this one did not work 4 me!too cliched! i've read this trope too many times. i felt 4 willow. after all she had been through, teenage pregnancy wid no support, yet she stood up 4 herself n raised dat baby admirably well. while theo was enjoying himself wid his slutty wife n basking in wealth. ofc he claims he had never got over her. why not look 4 her then ? if u dreamed of her time n again n cud not get her out ur mind!? he was no ordinary man, a billionaire surely can make his own rules.

    7. the hero is a womanising rat with no moralst at all worth reading!!it was so bad I don't wanna write a review also!

    8. I don't know why I bother with this author. She writes the most annoying, bitchy and immature heroines in Harlequinlandia!

    9. Super-generic with a really embarrassing title but luckily I read everything on my phone and actually I loved it! The hero was surprisingly nice (most of the time) and was trying to make things up to her from early on. I don't think he did a single mean thing to her, in fact, despite being pretty mad at the initial reveal. Very forgettable with all the usual tropes but still nicely done and an enjoyable little read. Not 5-star cos I'm not gonna remember it past tomorrow, but still 4 stars becaus [...]

    10. 18 year old virgin. 28 year old experienced playboy. one night child. Too arrogant hero. Spineless till the end heroine. Not enough grovelling by the hero.heroine running into the ex-mistress at the restaurant where hero is paying her off was poor taste.

    11. The story begins with the hero Theo arriving home to discover his sister having a party, it is there he meets the heroine Willow. Theo is enthralled by Willow's gentle and shy nature and they spend the night together. However, circumstance and the actions of Theo's ex cause Willow to leave, and Theo is left frustrated as he felt that there was something between him and Willow. Ten years later and Theo is beyond pleased to see Willow again and surprised to learn that she is a very successful writ [...]

    12. Baird has a gift with this plot line. This is probably the 3rd book of hers that I have read with a plot centering around a secret child and big misunderstanding, but I still come back for more - even though I really want to shake her characters at certain points in the story. In this one it was when (view spoiler)[Theo entered the restaurant with his ex-mistress coming face to face with his mom, his wife and his 8 years old child. He had his son on one side while still having his arms around hi [...]

    13. There's a reason I don't read Harlequin books very often; They all have the same formula and follow it to a T. At the same time, I can't help picking them up every once in awhile and reading them like the little guilty pleasures they are. Super alpha male, super beautiful naive virgin girl(w/violet eyes no less)yadda yadda yadda.row in a baby sometimes.g misunderstandings with other people who may or may not be former lovers and end with a big I love you confession from the rake, which of course [...]

    14. One of the best works i read by Baird so far.So far exciting and so romantic,i love every bit of it.The hot angst and romance between the powerful businessman Theo and the one beauty that has held his heart captivated ever since he first laid eyes on her,Willow.Jacqueline Baird is a good writer,and while i have read some books by her that lacks some book is filled with it,and she has done a amazing job at it.I Love Willow and Theo so much.Their love-story is filled with intense attrac [...]

    15. ¡Un griego con sentimientos! Felicitaciones a la autora, ha sido la primera novela de griegos que he leído en la cual él tiene algun sentimiento antes del epílogo. La historia bien, es como tantas otras: ella se queda embarazada tras una noche de pasión, él no lo sabe y cuando descubre se pone furioso. De hecho, son las escenas en que las emociones de Theo desbordan las que hacen la diferencia.

    16. 4 1/2 Stars! ~ Ms Baird writes such wonderfully intense love stories. Theo and Willow have an instant attraction, that ends as quickly as it began. Now nine years later, Theo is determined not to lose her again. Discovering he has a son feeds that determination. Willow sees Theo as an arrogant womanizer and is afraid to risk her heart again. Their's is a passionate journey to HEA. Great passion, great angst, great scene where Theo realizes all he has to lose, and a sigh worthy HEA

    17. Great book, the hero was Greek, so I loved it naturally. He was an arrogant asshole who learned how to kiss some booty good. heh.

    18. The Greek Tycoon's Love-ChildI read this book years ago and enjoyed the characters angst in it. Got it again in ebook format to re-read it again. And was still entertained by the author. This was about two people who met mine years ago and ended up together for one night. She had just turned eighteen years old. He was twenty eight. But due to outside forces she left him. When she found out that she was pregnant she went looking for him. Only to read about his marriage. Now years later date steps [...]

    19. Title – The Greek Tycoon's Love-ChildAuthor – Jacqueline BairdPublication Date – August, 2004Type – PaperbackGenre – Romance / Harlequin PresentsRating – 3 out of 5 StarsTheo Kadros meets the beautiful Willow Blain at his sister's party. Assuming she was his sister's new house mate taking post-grad classes, he seduces her into his bed for an unrivaled night of passion. When he awakes the next morning, she is gone and realizes by the stains on the sheets that she was a virgin. When he [...]

    20. Originally Reviewed on Bewitching BibliophileI liked that she wasn't a push over although as she stated she liked to hide from change and reality she got her head straight and tried to work with facts and not just emotional fear. I'm not sure if she realized she wasn't going to be able to hide the facts for much longer, how long did she think this secret would hold?? Although to be fair, she made several attempts to do the right thing but always ran just when it would have gotten harder to actua [...]

    21. When Theo Kadros first caught eye at the beautiful Willow Blain, he definitely wanted to take her to his bed. And he succeed. But only one night could not satisfied him. So he told Willow to stay with him and though Willow was still so young (18 y.o), he still wanted to court her.But the day after that, he woke up and found out that Willow had left him. And what can he say but to let Willow go.Now, after a long nine years, he finally met Willow again. She had become a succesful writer and still, [...]

    22. He meets her at his sisters party. She is not a party girl but he thinks she is and seduces her. She runs away the next morning after getting call from his girlfried who was looking for him. Hero marries the girlfriend to forget h after he cant find her. She is an author. She runs into him and past mistress in hotel/restaurant

    23. I don't know. This book just didn't do it for me. I couldn't connect to the characters and the story didn't quite develop enough for me. That HEA wasn't good enough for me--it could've been done up a little bit more.

    24. i love it! the story is just so damn cute and i love the fact that the heroine has strong-willed, not weak like some of other novels, easily submit to men.

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