Kuparisyd n Arpikyl on Maria Kallion lapsuuden kotipaikka hiljentynyt kaivoskaupunki Pohjois Karjalassa Maria on palannut sinne viett m n leppoisaa maalaisel m nimismiehen kes sijaisena Mutta rauhan rikkoo ensin

  • Title: Kuparisydän
  • Author: Leena Lehtolainen
  • ISBN: 9789513124199
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arpikyl on Maria Kallion lapsuuden kotipaikka, hiljentynyt kaivoskaupunki Pohjois Karjalassa Maria on palannut sinne viett m n leppoisaa maalaisel m nimismiehen kes sijaisena Mutta rauhan rikkoo ensin vanha rakkaus Johnny, sitten kaivostornin juurelta l ytyv ruumis Ty nnettiink kuvataitelija Meritta Fl jt alas tornista Rikos sotkee niin keih nheitt j Kaisa MietArpikyl on Maria Kallion lapsuuden kotipaikka, hiljentynyt kaivoskaupunki Pohjois Karjalassa Maria on palannut sinne viett m n leppoisaa maalaisel m nimismiehen kes sijaisena Mutta rauhan rikkoo ensin vanha rakkaus Johnny, sitten kaivostornin juurelta l ytyv ruumis Ty nnettiink kuvataitelija Meritta Fl jt alas tornista Rikos sotkee niin keih nheitt j Kaisa Miettisen kultamitalijahdin kuin ekonomi Seppo Kivisen liiketoimet Juttu vie Marian tornin huipulta kaivoskuilujen uumeniin, stripparikapakasta koulukavereiden salaisuuksiin Ja pian Marian korvissa killuu samanlainen kuparisyd n kuin murhatulla naisellakin

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      381 Leena Lehtolainen
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    One thought on “Kuparisydän”

    1. Why do I keep reading these? I guess it's because they're very inexpensive, but this was the dullest, least convincing of the lot. I want to give up on Maria Kallio. She's a poor cop and I am just not interested in whether she's going to marry her boyfriend or not. She spent far too much of this novel mooning over another guy. Dull, dull dull.

    2. I got this book through ' First Reads program! Thank you and ! 'Copper Heart' is third in a series, but it works perfectly well as a self-contained, stand-alone story.Cop Maria Kallio has taken a temporary job in her hometown as acting Sheriff, for the summer. She's a bit emotionally ambivalent about going back to the small mining town she was so happy to escape, and even more emotionally confused about running into Johnny, the object of her unrequited teenage crush.But things get even worse wh [...]

    3. Kuparisydämessä Maria Kallio on saanut pieneltä kotipaikkakunnaltaan nimismiehen viransijaisuuden. Paluu juurille on paikallaan elämänsä suuntaa etsivälle Kalliolle. Poikaystäväkin on sopivasti rapakon takana pidemmällä työkeikalla.Työkeikka ei osoittaudu niin leppoisaksi kuin Kallio oli ajatellut. Arpikylän kaivostornin avaijaisten jälkeen tornin juurelta löytyy ruumis. Onko hän hypännyt tornista vai onko putoaminen tapahtunut avustetusti? Kallio joutuu kiusalliseen tehtävä [...]

    4. 2 starsLeena Lehtolainen’s writing is getting better, but very slowly. It took far too long to get into the meat of this story. In this book, Maria Kallio is not a very interesting person. She goes on and on about an old love and describes him in far too much detail. From reading her later books, she gets much better – with time. Maria is subbing for the chief of police. A murder occurs at the site of the new mine works. Since the demise of copper mining in the little town, an entrepreneur h [...]

    5. Much better than previous installments of this series. Copper Heart is more fluid and, even if Maria Kallio is still obsessed over not fitting the norm, the investigation is the main focus. In a way, it reminds me of Camilla Lackberg, since Maria's personal life keeps getting in the way of her sleuthing. We still have a lot of chauvinist pigs, but the women are better defined here. There are some very compelling characters. I'm looking forward to the next book.

    6. Perus-Kallio. Pikkukaupunkielämä ja -politikointi oli aitoa, tarina Maria tarkkaileva ja suvaitsevainen kolmekymppinen nainen murheineen. Harmiton, ei huono dekkari, jolla lienee tuhansia ystäviä.

    7. Exactly what I expected of the third in this series except I felt better able to keep track of all the characters in this one. Maria returns to her home town and the disused copper mine. There are political, social, class, historical and sexuality issues in this novel including the more recent problems created by immigration and refugees. Looking forward to the next stage in Maria's career.

    8. Maria has a temporary position as sheriff at her home town, so again friends of hers are involved in a murder investigation

    9. I was lucky to win the third installment in the Maria Kallio mystery series via a First Reads giveaway contest. Although this was the first book I've read in the Finnish series (I currently have the first one -- My First Murder -- sitting in my "to read" pile and was happy to see that my library has a copy of the second one), I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading other books in this series. The first few books in the series was originally published in the 1990s in Finland and have recen [...]

    10. Leena Lehtolainen’s Copper Heart, the third installment in the Maria Kallio mystery series, finds the former Helsinki police sergeant turned lawyer suddenly out of work when her law firm goes out of business and she’s forced to return to her hometown of Arpikylä, Finland to fill in for the summer as its new deputy sheriff. In true Agatha Christie-like form, Lehtolainen takes her time—the first 50 pages of this 260-page novel—to introduce us to more than two dozen characters inhabiting t [...]

    11. Having read and enjoyed the first book of the Maria Kallio series I was happy when my daughter shared her First Reads copy with me. Again, I enjoyed the characters, the peek at Finnish life and culture and the murder mystery that needed solving. This time Maria finds herself back in her hometown as acting police chief for the summer. The town, aptly named Scar Town, is a former copper mining entity that has hopes of economic rejuvenation. A wealthy developer has revamped the abandoned mine as a [...]

    12. ***I received a ARC of this book through first-reads in exchange for a review***This was my first Maria Kallio book. While the story itself was interesting all the characters were dull. The character that I found to have the best personality was the cat that belonged to Maria's uncle. None of the characters seemed to have a very pleasant personality and they all seemed argumentative and defensive. With the story having taken place in such a small town one would assume that everyone would know al [...]

    13. This is my 1st Leena Lehtolainen book and the third in the Maria Kallio mystery series. It is starting very slowly, long pages for us to meet the town's many characters. I have trouble keeping them apart because the names are not familiar to me, so Aniliina, Meritta, Pena, Tovio, Eini, Seppo, etc etc. The author provides a table listing all 31 characters. I will have to filter most of them out to concentrate on the few I think are pertinent to the mystery. Update: I gave up on Copper Heart on Ch [...]

    14. Each new book from Leena Lehtolainen is better than the last. In "Copper Heart," the third in her Maria Kallio series, Maria returns to law enforcement for the summer this time as the temporary sheriff in her old home town of Arpikylä, Finland. And before too long she is once again embroiled in a murder case involving long-time friends. I like Lehtolainen's style. She delivers many suspects but makes it difficult for the reader to reach any concrete conclusions until the very end. Lehtolainen a [...]

    15. An even better thriller than the first two books, and that's saying something!Maria is back in her home town, which is dominated by the old mining tower. She has taken a six months posting as the local sheriff and expects an easy uncomplicated time. Then a prominent member of the local council is found dead having fallen or been pushed from the top of the tower! Things get difficult as she is forced to suspect a number of old school friends. Very gripping and clever plot.June Finnigan - Writer

    16. This was my first Scandinavian mystery. It was a hard in the beginning keeping the names of characters and places straight because they were so different. A suggestion to the publishers would be a map of the area involved to help those of us who are geographically challenged. But once I settled in, it was a pretty good book. It is a fairly easy read. The fact that I hadn't read the first two books wasn't much of a problem. The story is self contained.I will probably read more of the series if I [...]

    17. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through a giveaway.Two letters to describe this book: OK. It was nothing spectacular although I did enjoy the setting of the book, which was what attracted me to it in the first place. The plot was a bit underwhelming but some descriptions of the town in which the mystery takes place are quite nice.The translation and the storyline are solid enough but I feel as if there are other books that would be more worth your time.

    18. Yritinpä taas vaihteeksi arvata murhaajan henkilöllisyyden kirjaa lukiessani. Tosin, hiemann laimeaahan se on, koska yleensähän murhaaja on se, jota ei ole syytä epäillä. Silti nautin lukukokemuksesta. Leena Lehtolainen kirjoittaa hyvin elävästi ja Maria on mielenkiintoinen hahmo. Vähän vain hämmensi, kun teoksen valuutta oli markoissa, ja 15000 markan summaa pidettiin pienenä! Ei näin nuori enää voi muistaa ja käsittää tuollaista. Suosittelen kevyeksi kesäkirjaksi.

    19. Good easy murder mystery, with lots of background that makes you make understand your character and the persons around her. Well developed plot, almost believable in its universality (corrupt political buying power). I call it a bit deeper than Summer reading but still on the light side. I quite like Maria Kallio and am looking forward to see her develop as the books get published in english

    20. Finland looks like an interesting place to be a cop but, at the risk of sounding misogynistic, the story was just too "girly" for me. There was way too much on our heroine's feelings (so much so that you'd have thought she was a teenager instead of a 30 year old woman)and not so much on how she solved the crimes. In fact, it seemed that she more or less fell into solving the crimes rather than moving through a deductive process.

    21. I received Copper Heart by Leena Lehtolainen as a First-reads giveaway winner. The story takes place in a small town in Finland. The main character is Maria Kallio, a woman who has returned to her childhood home and has taken a temporary position as sheriff. Copper Heart is a suspenseful murder mystery and a very good read. I was intrigued from the beginning and did not want the book to end. I will definitely add Leena Lehtolainen to my authors to read list.

    22. I received this book for free from First Reads.I started reading this book unaware it was the third in the series. However that being said, I still couldn't find myself caring for any of the main characters and found both their personalities and story-lines sadly dull. I usually enjoy mysteries more than any other genre but I just couldn't get into this novel at all. I would probably not go back and read the others in the series.

    23. Leena Lehtolainen is a wonder. Wow, this book had everything, sexual innuendoes, cats, people running around, lesbians, sauna scene's, tunnels (shouldn't say). It started out hard 50 pages in, but it really did an about turn. I would suggest you read this though so don't take my word for it, take you're own.

    24. I like this series. They are undemanding and there is no graphic violence. Maria is full of self doubt but tougher than she thinks. Like the landscape descriptions and natural world. Intend to finish the series. This book was written in 1994 but only translated in 2013 which maybe why it Haas a slightly old fashioned feel compared to more recent fiction.

    25. I am a fan nowI started this series because it takes place in Finland and written by a Finnish author. I have been to Helskinki and had a Finnish roommate as teenager. Was disappointed with the first book because it felt too rushed. Now I am looking forward to the next book since the writing has got better with each book.

    26. A pretty good book. There are probably too many characters in this book as in the previous ones but many can be safely ignored. There are a couple of issues with the plot but I don't want to risk spoilers by mentioning them. Unfortunately, this is the most recent book (of 12!) that has been translated into English.

    27. I read quite a lot of Leena Lehtolainen's novels even though I don't think she is a brilliant author. Anyway, her stories are entertaining and easily read within a couple of days. Quite some time ago I was in a Lehtolainen mood, because her books brought back memories of Finland where I spent half a year. So, she's got the Finland bonus.

    28. The series is hitting its stride in this third volume. We get some of the heroine's background here, which gives us more insight into her character, and I am liking her more. I am enjoying this series, and am looking forward to the next volume.

    29. Samat mukavat hahmot seikkailevat vähän eri ympäristössä. Ympäristön kuvaus ja syrjäiseen kaupunkiin jämähtäneiden ihmisten kuvaukset ovatkin kirjan parasta antia. Juoni on vähän turhan suoraviivainen eikä juonenkäänteitä tai yllätyksiä juuri tule.

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