Dog Will Have His Day HOW DO YOU SOLVE A MURDER WITHOUT A BODY Keeping watch under the windows of the Paris flat belonging to a politician s nephew ex special investigator Louis Kehlweiler catches sight of something odd o

  • Title: Dog Will Have His Day
  • Author: Fred Vargas Siân Reynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HOW DO YOU SOLVE A MURDER WITHOUT A BODY Keeping watch under the windows of the Paris flat belonging to a politician s nephew, ex special investigator Louis Kehlweiler catches sight of something odd on the pavement A tiny piece of bone Human bone, in fact When Kehlweiler takes his find to the nearest police station, he faces ridicule Obsessed by the fragment, he followHOW DO YOU SOLVE A MURDER WITHOUT A BODY Keeping watch under the windows of the Paris flat belonging to a politician s nephew, ex special investigator Louis Kehlweiler catches sight of something odd on the pavement A tiny piece of bone Human bone, in fact When Kehlweiler takes his find to the nearest police station, he faces ridicule Obsessed by the fragment, he follows the trail to the tiny Breton fishing village of Port Nicolas in search of a dog But when he recruits evangelists Marc and Mathias to help, they find themselves facing even bigger game A THREE EVANGELISTS NOVEL

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    One thought on “Dog Will Have His Day”

    1. For me, reading this new Fred Vargas the first time was like devouring a rum soaked cake; I soared through it all at once, quickly and greedily with a slight sense of being drunk. For the second time around, I plan to read it slowly, like I'm sipping soup. I will savour her entranced, wandering, galloping thinking bracketed with simple truths. "The world is full of horrors and bloodshed." "I could do with a beer." Vargas is my first choice; her books are more than entertainment. But, caution, yo [...]

    2. Un po’ troppo in là…Dopo aver letto anni fa quasi tutti i romanzi della Vargas, all’inizio con un certo divertimento, avevo infine raggiunto la soglia di saturazione, anche a causa di un’evidente ripetitività della formula, accentuata dalla spiccata caratterizzazione dei personaggi. Mi era rimasto ancora, in una zona seminascosta della libreria, questo romanzetto che ho intrapreso più per l’impegno preso con me stesso di abbattere la pila dei libri ancora “da leggere”, che per o [...]

    3. L'ho letto in un giorno e mezzo, mi è piaciuto come mi sono piaciuti praticamente quasi tutti i romanzi della Vargas che io abbia letto sinora! Adoro questa donna, creatrice di atmosfere, i suoi libri mi trasportano altrove, ogni volta che li leggo - in questo caso, da Vienna alla Bretagna.Interessante il personaggio di Kehlweiler, è la prima volta che lo incontro e mi sta simpatico. I personaggi sono la grande forza di questa scrittrice. Amo molto come li caratterizza, con una descrizione fis [...]

    4. If you have never read Fred Vargas, this may be a good book to start with. The focus is all on Louis, the investigator, and he is a very interesting character. The story starts very simply, with Louis finding a bone in a Paris park, but how he solves the mystery of the bone is where the fun is. Louis is part Sherlock, part Pendergast, and part Poirot, but unique enough to warrent more books with him as the driving force. A couple of characters from The Three Evangelists are in this as well, and [...]

    5. A trop regarder les merdes, on s'attire des problèmes : c'est la leçon que tire Louis Kehlweiser des premières pages de ce livre, après qu'une crotte de chien lui ait livré son secret, un bout d'os humain digéré. Cet orteil en vacances le mènera sur les routes de l'ouest, terres de bière et de kouign amann, loin de Paris, mais toujours proches de ses collègues de culture historique et d'enquêtes policières, les évangélistes. Deuxième tome de leur série, "Un peu plus loin sur la d [...]

    6. Fred Vargas writes unique mysteries with one-of-a-kind characters. This book is the second in the Three Evangelists series and while I miss Inspector Adamsberg, this one is working for me. Ex-special investigator Ludwig/Louis Kehlweiler and his team keep watch from numbered benches and trees in Paris. He is an information addict. During one of his vigils he finds a human bone which leads him to a tiny Breton fishing village and a murderer. He enlists St. Mark and St. Matthew as well as Marthe an [...]

    7. Sorry, librarians. I did choose this book by its cover. And it is a marvelous mystery. The crime in this book is far off in the distance, but Louis Keihlweiler finds the smallest of clues and the hunt is on. Full of genuine plot twists, "Dog" is a nail-biting who dunnit. I have welcomed into my world the Three Evangelists,odd men who make great protagonists. Thanks, French writer Fred Vargas.

    8. Sinceramente, non so cosa sia successo.Il primo capitolo di questa trilogia l'ho valutato 5 stelline. Questo siamo quasi a pagina 100 e non ingrana.Possiamo dire tutto quello che vogliamo su una lettura di narrativa. Può piacere, non piacere; è soggettivo. Ma concorderemo tutti che, se c'è una cosa che deve fare un giallo, è ingranare, tenere il lettore attaccato al libro. Pieno di digressioni. La parte gialla del romanzo sembra quasi marginalegliamo pure il quasi. Eppure, una cosa che avevo [...]

    9. If you love crime fiction and haven't read Fred Vargas yet, get on it!!! Absolutely loved this book, didn't want to put it down! The characters are lovably quirky and real yet romantic. Plot was engrossing and original. Loved Louis Kehlweiler and of couse the Evangelists--Marc was hilarious--and enjoyed the old prostitute Marthe. Can't wait to read the next Evangelists and the Adamsbergs I have waiting for me!

    10. Encore un roman de vargas que j'adore ! c'est définitivement la seule auteur de policier que j'arrive à apprécier !J'ai un peu moins aimé que "debout les morts" mais tout de même ça reste excellent, tout simplement ! La recette fonctionne toujours : une intrigue qui commence de façon loufoque, des personnages riches en couleur et bien développés, des répliques uniques, une belle ambiance :-)On se retrouve à son prochain ouvrage !

    11. In Dog Will Have His Day, set in France in 1995, Fred Vargas has produced a deliciously off-beat novel that delivers on suspense while also being a pleasure to read.Much about Dog Will Have His Day is slightly off-centre, including our first glimpse of the central character, Louis/Ludwig Kehlweiler, through the eyes of the ageing Marthe, once "the most beautiful taxi girl on the Left Bank", in a late-night cafe.Details of Kehlweiler's backstory are scattered tantalisingly throughout the novel. W [...]

    12. First off, why did it take 20 years for this delightful book to be translated into English, and why did I have to go to England to find a hard copy? That's just wrong. Vargas and her readers deserve better then that.That aside, this book is even better than The Three Evangelists - the plot is more complex and the action begins in Paris but moves to a little Breton town near Quimper so there is more scene setting and local color, all brilliantly done.Louis/Ludwig Kehlwieler, depending on his mood [...]

    13. This is the second novel in the series that started with The Three Evangelists (read before I started blogging), and has just been released in English. Here the main character is Louis Kehlweiler (known to some as Ludwig). He has worked for various government ministries, most recently the Ministry of the Interior, but is not working at present. Louis has people all over France that look for information that might interest him, and send it along. He strongly believes in justice, rooting out corru [...]

    14. My View:For those who are looking for something different in crime fiction – quirky characters and black humour abound here.This is my first read of a Fred Vargas book – she has several series published – The Inspector Adamsberg Series and The Three Evangelists Series – Dog Will Have His Day in the second book in the second series. I had no difficulty picking up this book without reading the first – The Three Evangelists, however maybe it is the unique style of writing or maybe the tra [...]

    15. While I didn't find this quite as compelling a read as The Three Evangelists, it still bore the hallmarks of Vargas' eccentric crime fiction in terms of characters and plot. I did wonder how on earth the finding of a human toe bone in a pile of dog poop on a Paris pavement could possibly lead to a murder investigation but the dedication to detail of the lead character (not one of the three historians but a friend of the older uncle) did come through. Of course, by the time Kehlweiler realises th [...]

    16. l wanted to like this book. l loved the first Three Evangelists book and had looked forward to a new Fred Vargas translation for a while. This was disappointing though. Again, the translation was not excellent. The earlier translations were fine but the more recent ones with a different translator are patchy. Some English words are used incorrectly and the sentence structure is on more than one occasion ungrammatical.The story itself was less interesting and engaging than Vargas usually is. I fo [...]

    17. It took me a while to get into this book, I read it a chapter at a time at first and felt like I was struggling to keep up with all the different characters but once you are in you are hooked! I hadn't read the previous book so this will probably be why I struggled to get into it so I wouldn't hold it against it. I do however think that the book works as a stand-alone novel and still enjoyed the book despite having not read the first one.The characters bring an amusing quality to such a dark sub [...]

    18. Décidément ! je n'ai plus de mots pour décrire mon plaisir à lire du Vargas Non seulement, je suis absolument bluffé par le style mais cette fois-ci, je n'ai pas vu venir les rebondissements de cette enquête Le mystère Louis s'éclaircit un peu. Marc devient de plus en plus attachant Quant à Matthieu, il semble prendre peu de place et pourtant, sans lui (Dommage pour Lucien qui est absent de cet épisode) Je croise les doigts pour que l'auteure revienne avec de nouvelles enquêtes pour [...]

    19. Louis, ex fonctionnaire du ministère de l'intérieur, ne peut s'empêcher de voir le mal partout et c'est ce qui va le mener en Bretagne à la recherche d'une personne assassinée à qui il manque une phalange d'orteil. Ce polar est très étrange. Les personnages sont à la fois bizarres et attachants. L'histoire aussi est très bizarre. Ça part un peu dans tous les sens. J'ai eu du mal à accrocher et au final, je ne sais pas trop quoi en penser. En bref : bof.

    20. Je reste sur ma faim pour ce tome 2 de la trilogie des evangelistes. Il manque une partie des protagonistes du tome 1 et j'ai eu du mal a rentrer dans l'histoire. J'ai peut-etre manque quelque chose mais je trouve que le personnage de Kehlweiler est parachute dans l'univers des evangelistes. Pour moi il represente un ersatz d'Adamsberg, mais pas forcement reussi.

    21. Encore un excellent Vargas où l'enquête n'est pas menée par Adamsberg cette fois, mais par un boîteux pisteur en mal d'amour assisté du jeune Vandoosler. Encore un roman qui fait la part belle aux rencontres improbables et aux situations cocasses, d'où une certaine authenticité dans l'absurde.

    22. Questa autrice è davvero una bella scoperta ed ha conquistato, anche se in ritardo, una grande fan! Pronta per la lettura del prossimo giallo!!

    23. Secondo libro sugli Evangelisti.Entra a far parte del gruppo un nuovo elemento: Louis Kehlweiler (ex poliziotto, soprannominato "Il Tedesco") vecchia conoscenza del padrino di Marc.Quest'ultimo lavora con Kehlweiler aiutandolo a catalogare diversi avvenimenti di cronaca ritagliati dai più disparati giornali.E' da anni che Kehlweiler svolge questa attività di ritaglio e ha davvero bisogno di mettervi un po' di ordine.Nel frattempo, intanto che Marc lavora all'archivio, lui ama passeggiare (e so [...]

    24. The second book in the Three Evangelists series is another fun read. Fun is a strange word to describe a murder mystery, but the protagonists are quirky and likable. The author creates entertaining dialogue between the characters that helps demonstrate their various personalities. In this book, there is new character, Louis, who collects information and follows it relentlessly until he has discovered its story, and he has a knack for knowing which information is worth following. In this story, L [...]

    25. Dove può condurre l'ostinazione Romanzo della Vargas per lo più centrato sulla figura di Louis Kehlweiler, attento e meticoloso ex-investigatore che si accompagna al suo rospo Bufo e inciampa in coincidenze che si rivelano non esserlo affatto. Ciò che agli altri sfugge o non interessa, viene fermato dall'acutezza mentale di Louis, come un piccolo osso di un piede viene alla luce fermato dalla griglia ai piedi di un albero. Siamo a Parigi. Milioni di persone, milioni di storie. Da dove si iniz [...]

    26. I picked this up at a used book shop for the purpose of some escapist reading at the cottage. But I found it hard to adjust to the story and style. It turned out to be a French farce, probably humourous for those who like this style but something I just couldn't get into. I must say the writer develops the plot with a flair and probably has a twinkle in his eye, but it was a little too outrageous for my conservative blanket. Eccentric retired police inspector Kehlweiler finds a human toe bone on [...]

    27. Un sobresalienteOtra vez Vargas se ha acertado. Muy listo, con un ritmo emocionante, y con muchos detalles sorprendentes. Me encanta este serie. Frases como esto del fin del libro son unas verdaderas delicias: ‘History gets wet, and crumpled, and wiped out, so it panics, it starts crying like a child, and you go rushing to help it, and you don’t even know why. That’s the way I always fall for it.’

    28. Wow! I needed this story. My first Fred Vargas and I'm hooked. She is quite a storyteller and captures her characters beautifully. I haven't laughed out loud like that over passages in a long time. This is well worth the read!

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