Ravelli s Defiant Bride His unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father s Irish country estate ruing the day he heard the Brophy name That his father died and left a brood of illegitimate children is hardly

  • Title: Ravelli's Defiant Bride
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father s Irish country estate, ruing the day he heard the Brophy name That his father died and left a brood of illegitimate children is hardly surprising, but to silence this scandal Cristo must bring their guardian, the enchanting Belle, in line with his plans Belle Brophy s only concern is her half siblings ShHis unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father s Irish country estate, ruing the day he heard the Brophy name That his father died and left a brood of illegitimate children is hardly surprising, but to silence this scandal Cristo must bring their guardian, the enchanting Belle, in line with his plans Belle Brophy s only concern is her half siblings She ll do anything to provide them with the security she never had So when this gorgeous Italian offers marriage, she won t say no But once the ring is on her finger Belle quickly discovers there s to a marriage than saying I do

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    One thought on “Ravelli's Defiant Bride”

    1. Ravelli’s Defiant Bride is the first book of Lynne Graham’s The Legacies of Powerful Men trilogy of three brothers and what happens after the death of their father.Cristo Ravelli travels to Ireland to arrange for the adoption of his father’s illegitimate children but all his plans are thwarted by their feisty half-sister, who pretends to be their mother (who is dead) to avoid the family from being separated. ( I did think it a bit of a stretch that someone had 5 children by the age of 25 [...]

    2. Enjoyable first book in a trio of half brothers journey to love.This is Christo's and Belle's journey.Christo's father left behind 5 illegit children behind in Ireland.Belle's mother was Christo's father's mistress for the past 20 plus years.Within a span of a few months,they each die and the children are left penniless with Belle and their grandmother to take care of them.Christo's plan is to have them adopted , but Belle has a few choice words to say about this.She attempts to make Christo bel [...]

    3. I read it yesterday and I cannot remember a thing about it except that the heroine was a redhead. No special scenes LG is famous for, no sexual tension and no conflict. VERY flat, BLAH read. I'll have to reread some of her oldies like A Savage Betrayal, The Spanish Groom or The Veranchetti Marriage to remind myself why I used to love this author. I still remember almost every scene in those books. They ARE UNFORGETTABLE!

    4. Cristo Ravelli’s decision to put his deceased father’s five illegitimate children up for adoption is met by their angry, beautiful Irish firebrand of a half-sister blocking his way. Now he’s left with only one option — to marry Belle Brophy. Belle is prepared to fight for the rights of her orphaned half-siblings, but she doesn’t expect a proposal from their oldest brother, Cristo, or that she, just like her mother, may be left brokenhearted by a Ravelli. The romance is heart wrenching, [...]

    5. A pretty good romance from Lynne Graham. Cristo and Belle (love the names btw) had a marriage of convenience for their brothers & sisters' sake. Quite a mess, I'd say. Belle hated the Ravelli family to the core, especially her siblings' father. While Cristo, an unfeeling man, was focused on the scandal that it would bring. He already felt guilty after created such a mess between his brothers.So they had their own focus, but it only resulted to one solution. Marriage, of course. I like they'r [...]

    6. It didn't start promising when Cristo was so dismissive of his illegitimate siblings. He may not have been in the best terms with his brothers (Nik and Zarif) but you could see he at least felt affection for them so I hated that he made the distinction just because the Brophy's were born from a peasant mother. Fortunately he redeems himself.It was funny watching Belle pretend to be her mom (because it felt so ridiculous) and was glad that the angst for that wasn't over dragged. I also liked her [...]

    7. Very strange beginning. How can a girl pretend she is her mother (with 5 illegitimate kids with a married man) and hope to get away with it even for a little while? Men lust after their brothers wives but they aren't considered hero's in my mind. To have unrelated people marrying because half siblings need family name No the storyline is not to my taste. The romance between the hero and heroine had some moments that were supposed to be romantic but I felt they were too forced. The connections of [...]

    8. DID NOT THINK MUCH TO THISCristo Ravelli's father Gaetano has died. Gaetano had been married a few times, he was the archetypal womaniser. Then Cristo discovers that Gaetano had fathered 5 illegitimate children with a woman in Ireland, but has left no provision for them in his will. Cristo decides to travel to Ireland and deal with the matter personally. He intends to have the children adopted. But their guardian Belle Brophy has other plans.This is a very predictable story. I would not have min [...]

    9. Not the best effort by LG. Dare I say that it seemed just a bit like phoning it in. The whole bit with the heroine pretending to be her mother was pretty lame. It wasn't effective in anyway and didn't add anything to the story. It was like she just said "hmm what can I throw in for cute meet?" The rest of it wasn't bad just was nothing to write home about. Still LG is my favorite HP author so needless to say I will be reading the other two books in the series and hoping for real gems which I kno [...]

    10. Good, sweet marriage of convenience story but for me the hero was not alpha enough and there was not enough angst. Like my friend Vashti said the background of Nic and Betsy's story has me very intrigued and cannot wait to read their story!

    11. Hmmm, now where do I start? Boons & Mills superstar author, Lynne Graham has been one of my favs for a while now. Along with a few others I could add, including Carole Mortimer, a long-time steadfast writer who has surpassed most of her colleagues. This means Ms. Graham is still holding and is in good company. She has a brilliant way with character descriptions, and by adding a spin on Beauty and the Beast in Ravelli's Defiant Bride, she proves once again why I continue to enjoy her delectab [...]

    12. As a LG fan I had high hopes for Ravelli's Defiant Bride. I almost did not finish it due too the heroine annoying me in the beginning. I decided to endure and am glad I did because this turned into a good read.What I liked- the story. It's a marriage of convenience which grows to love. The hero- edgy but not very badass. Still an alpha who fell in love with the heroine against his will. She was a shrew at first. The heroine- didn't like her in the beginning because she was an irritating shrew bu [...]

    13. Too much sex, not enough story. Repetitive descriptions of the red-haired heroine and the dark, handsome hero. I didn't feel the love, with all the sex and the excessive focus on superficial features.

    14. going through the motions. reads more like a checklist or synopsis. I actually forgot to finish this one until I read book three and realized I had a chapter left to go on this one. so I went back and finished and really, there was no need.

    15. Gonna try to keep this brief.I was kind of disappointed in this book to be honest. I was expecting so much more in the love story between, Cristo and Belle especially after reading the story after thisChristakis's Rebellious Wifewhere Cristo and Belle just seemed so in love and were really connected and had that special bond that soul mates tend to do in this book so I was definitely curious to see how their love story played out and how it all began where they were this deeply connected couple. [...]

    16. Well, I enjoyed this book for the most part. The plot was simple and predictable, yet the story itself was short and moved quickly. It had so much potential to be a 4-stars read for me, but sadly, this book ended up getting only 3 stars from me. Why? Let’s just say the heroine, Belle, was my biggest problem. Every time I started to get into the groove of the story, she managed to do something that really irritated me. She's the worst Lynne Graham's heroine ever!Nevertheless, the next book’s [...]

    17. AKA The one where the hero find out his good-for-nothing dead father had a secret family of five kids in Ireland and then he goes and marries their older sister who is their defacto guardian.

    18. Ravelli's Defiant Bride didn't get the love from me like the previous two Lynne Graham books. I don't know what element is missing that only makes this a two star book in my opinion. Belle is a wonderful sister that has several half siblings. These half siblings'father was a ASS. The ASS had three older adult sons. One is Cristo. Cristo at times doesn't seem to have a good understanding of being human. Cristo and Belle marry to try to keep the press from learning the ASS had illegitimate childre [...]

    19. Pasable. No es nada excepcional. Igual mi idea de leer novelas rosas de Harlequin es para pasar el rato y se leen en nada,para alguien como yo,con poco tiempo es perfecto,la cuestión es que de mis escritoras Harlequineras,mi favorita es Lynne Graham,pero siento que de un tiempo para acá son demasiado flojas sus historias y eso que las juzgo solo como lo que son, novelitas rosas para pasar el rato.La única diferencia que si encuentro que las diferencia del resto es que al menos,la protagonista [...]

    20. "Graham’s fantastic romance is heartwrenching, starring a hero who’s callous because of his past and an innocent, spitfire heroine. The author’s fluid narrative showcases the breathtaking landscapes. Her co-star kiddos are super and the wedding night lovemaking is perfection (RT Book Reviews)". 4 1/2 stars Miniseries: The Legacies of Powerful Men

    21. I read the reviews and I was SHOCKED at how seriously this book has been read. It's just marvellous how people have tried to explain it as "the Legacies of Powerful Men" and "story of three brothers and what happens after the death of their father"! Jeez! It's Mills&Boons, for God's sake! It speaks for itself. Some parts are likeable, #IYKWIM.

    22. 2.5*.I read this because of RT Review 4.5* rating and as you can see didn't agree with it. It started off a little skewy and I thought not another 'lying for the best' h. But thank goodness that wasn't the case. Actually read like an old school HP, if things like iPod and Skype hadn't been mentioned it could have been one of LG's older books.This really did improve as it went on.

    23. This is the first book by Lynne Graham that I did not care to read. Read the first couple of chapters and the last few. I will read the second book and see what happens. Lynne Graham is still one of my top "must reads"

    24. I don't know why I haven't reviewed it right after I read it This story's actually not too bad the side characters were intriguing too and I'll probably end up reading the whole series

    25. reading this has certainly whetted my appetite for the next book in Lynne Graham's latest mine-series

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