Ketchup on Everything For the past twenty years Elliott Tather has been living a life of mourning that almost destroyed him After losing everything he held dear and bound by a consuming sorrow Tather travels the country

  • Title: Ketchup on Everything
  • Author: Nathan Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781497362222
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the past twenty years, Elliott Tather has been living a life of mourning that almost destroyed him After losing everything he held dear and bound by a consuming sorrow, Tather travels the country attempting to fix a wrong that haunts his every waking and dreaming moment But one evening after pulling into a roadside diner to settle down with a simple cup of coffee, thFor the past twenty years, Elliott Tather has been living a life of mourning that almost destroyed him After losing everything he held dear and bound by a consuming sorrow, Tather travels the country attempting to fix a wrong that haunts his every waking and dreaming moment But one evening after pulling into a roadside diner to settle down with a simple cup of coffee, the door opens and everything changes The nothing he had, and the regret that filled it will never be the same again Whatever you do, make sure you order Ketchup on Everything From the author of Starers , Midway and the short story collection Devil Let Me Go comes a troubling, heart wrenching tale of despair, loss and what might come afterwards.

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    One thought on “Ketchup on Everything”

    1. My third read by the author, who's definitely becoming one of my favorite indie horror discoveries. This is a novella about a parent's worst nightmare inspired in fact by a parent's nightmare. There is a heart wrenching realism to the characters here that surpasses stereotypical genre selections and, supernatural aspect aside, this is just good, really good writing. A sort of story you can't put down and, due to its reasonable length, don't have to. Put me in mind of Let The Right One In, which [...]

    2. This one was just ok for me. I really don’t know what I was expecting. The story was fine, tragic and a bit heartbreaking, but nothing too crazy or out of bounds. The characters were a wee flat and could have used some depth to them. The ending I think was supposed to be more of a shock, but it really wasn’t. No, I didn’t see it coming, but it wasn’t a total “holy sh*t”, it was more like “ok, that’s kinda interesting” kind of thing.Geez. Sounds like I didn’t like this one, bu [...]

    3. Just what I needed. A short and absorbing read.The characters were very well done, and the pacing of the story was excellent. Once the mystery was over, the fun kind of tapered off (that's just me. I love the unknown in a story; when it's found out, anything after that is usually anti-climatic). But, it wasn't for long, as this is a novella.I'll probably read more of him someday. His writing reminded me a lot of Greg F Gifune, which is a very good thing.

    4. Nathan Robinson is quickly becoming one of my top five favourite authors, and here is why. The man knows how to spin a tale so well, so tightly woven, so clean and so full of depth it leaves the reader breathless. From the opening paragraph to the gripping end, Robinson grips the reader in his hand and holds them, squeezes them, sometimes allowing them to breath, but often times leaves them completely gasping for air.Ketchup on Everything is a tough story to read for anyone who has children. Be [...]

    5. Ketchup on Everything by Nathan Robinson4 starsElliot Tather is a broken man. His life is in shambles. His marriage is broken and his wife doesn’t even speak anymore. Tather travels the country in search of the thing that broke his family. He stops at a diner and doesn’t even think it will change his life. But something walks through the doors of the diner and it’s not human and it’s from Tather’s past. AHHH! I don’t read a lot of horror. It’s good to read a book meant to be horrif [...]

    6. Two of my books are free today! Get some free horror!Devil Let Me Go by Nathan Robinson​UK amazon/dp/B00E5G85GGUS amzn/B00E5G85GGKetchup on Everything​UK amazon/dp/B00JANUJXQUS amzn/B00JANUJXQ

    7. Some books despite their genre of choice have a power to affect the reader in a profound and deeply moving manner. These are the sort of books you pick up, with expectations of a straightforward narrative where the good guy faces the bad guy and the good guy wins through and saves the day. This is Elliot's story of loss. Twenty years ago his son disappeared from their back garden, an event which unsurprisingly changed his life forever. For twenty years he has lived his life as a tortured ghost, [...]

    8. 2.5 starsHmmm This book has left me feeling oddly conflicted. I liked the idea of this book. The blurb is oddly cryptic and I went in without the slightest inkling to what this was about - just like how I like it! I hate when the blurb spoils the story *cough* Hunting Lila *cough* - but that is an entirely different rant that I am not going to go into. I'll just say that not knowing what was going to happen next was the best part of this. The suspense was practically palpable in the beginning an [...]

    9. Horror stories evoke fear; it is the nature of the beast. So rarely do you find a horror story that causes other emotions to stir. But a good horror writer knows that in order for the fear to really pay off you have to engage the readers with not just the concept of the story but with the characters that populate the world of the story. So what if a character you don't care about dies? No matter how visceral or detailed that characters demise, without invested emotions it just doesn't resonate.L [...]

    10. I kept thinking about Ketchup on Everything long after I had read it. It is not a long book, but it certainly makes up for it in quality. I have been debating how I was going to write this review for a little over a week now. I do not like to give too much away in my reviews. I am not sure there is much I can say without giving away part of the book.I could not put this book down till I finished. Mr. Robinson had me interrupted from the first chapter. The writing is crisp and smooth. I felt like [...]

    11. Wonderful novellaI heard about Nathan Robinson through splatterpunk magazine. I decided to try more after reading the excellent chapbook he produced with Jack Bantry. This is a fantastic short about a father's search for his missing son. I felt all the pain of the father as his search turned up nothing over and over, until one day, many years later, 3 people walk into a roadside dineris is a fantastic read, full of emotion. 5 stars for sure.

    12. Elliot Tather is a man who has lost everything. He had a good life but one event caused it all to fall apart and now he is a lonely person traveling the countryside in an RV searching for meaning. He finds what he is looking for one night when he arrives at an all night diner and witnesses something unbelievable that changes everything.I’m not even sure where to begin on talking about Ketchup On Everything by Nathan Robinson. This is one great novella, but if I talk about it too much it will s [...]

    13. Ketchup on Everything is a bit of a surprise of a novella. I went into it not knowing anything about the story except for the brief blurb of a description, and came out of it with some mixed emotions. It begins innocently enough, with a man traveling the countryside in his RV stopping at a roadside diner to grab a cup of coffee. He seems to be talking to his wife in the vehicle before he steps inside, but it is a one-sided conversation that leaves the reader puzzled as to whether she is there or [...]

    14. I started this book without any expectations really, and at first I did wonder where the story was going. A tale about a man in a diner; it seemed fairly innocuous enough. It was not too long after this that the emotional roller coaster really took off. I'm not ashamed to say I felt myself welling up at the disappearance of Evan. I was surprised by just how strongly my heart-strings were pulled. I wouldn't have expected that basing it purely on the very beginning.Despite the author's confession [...]

    15. No, no, no, no, NO! What happened Nathan? Where is that amazing creepy factor you used to put in your stories? In my opinion, from everything I have read from you this is by far your worst work. Unnecessarily long and the ending was kinda predictable :( .I usually hate it when an author just puts in tons of nonsensical action and doesn't use description properly. In this book's case, it needs more action. There's nothing to keep you interested in it. Yup, this is boring. When I read a horror I e [...]

    16. Isn’t the title just brilliant? Well, I’ll leave you to decide that but comic genius, really. It conjures up images of all sorts of cult horror greats from the past. I’m still giggling but also feeling strangely affected by this story, which I read mostly in my lunch break at work! Because this isn’t simply some short, cult horror story. It is much, much more than that.If you know anything about Nathan Robinson’s writing, you’ll soon find out that he has yet again concocted a brillia [...]

    17. “Ketchup on Everything” by Nathan Robinson is absolutely nothing like the title might suggest to you. In fact, it apparently is nothing like anything Nathan Robinson has previously written, although I’m only repeating what I’ve read elsewhere. “Ketchup on Everything” is a powerful, touching story of a man and his wife, living life in a constant state of unsettledness following the disappearance of their 8-year-old only child, Evan. The raw emotion of that universal fear of every pare [...]

    18. 3.5 stars from me for this one! With it being a very short story (like 104 pages long) I found that there wasn't enough time to identify with the characters or even like them very much. Not that they were unlikable in any way - they just didn't get enough build up. The story comes in 3 parts - the first part I found very dull as nothing happened other than the lead character ordering some pie. Not exactly the kind of thing to make me want to keep reading. The second part was actually enjoyable e [...]

    19. I really liked the idea of this book and I do think it was well written but for me personally it all fell pretty flat. The characters had nothing exciting about them. I don't think there was enough time to get a feel for the characters, especially the bad guys. There was a lot of potential for them to be interesting, multi dimensional characters and I feel that was completely lost. I enjoyed the start but found myself laughing at the "suspense" parts. This book may have been better if it was lon [...]

    20. Not many horror novels leave me wanting to read more because they either get boring mid-story or have a boring punchline to it, but Robinson's novel leaves me to never wanting to sleep! The way Robinson writes is so delicate and fine. Elliot's life gives us the sense of matter that everything can change within a matter of seconds, and then it will all come flooding back in the future, but not everything comes back good and perfect, well not in Elliot Tather's case anyway!I highly recommend this [...]

    21. The start of this book was very confusing but then you figure out how it ties together with the whole book. It was a very short read but I enjoyed it a lot. The conclusion of this book is amazing and I hope that there is a sequel to trail behind it. If you like vampire books then I definitely recommend this book to you! The main character goes through a ton of events during this 162 page journey, Well Done Nathan Robinson.

    22. This story is both horrifying and emotional, striking a fine balance that will get you quaking with fear and sympathy. It's a parents worst nightmare (even I cried, and I'm not yet a parent), gloriously infused with a just-so dash of horror. Terrifying for many reasons, and a great story. Everyone in the world should read it!

    23. Like a lot of others, I went into this knowing basically nothing about the book. It starts off kind of boring, about a man who is looking around the country for his son, who was abducted. It's not anything that hasn't been written before. But then it takes a weird turn that I wasn't expecting, and it got pretty good! It's very short so I think it's worth a read if you like that sort of thing.

    24. Having a son really made this a page turner for me. This is every parents worst nightmare. Having a Child kidnapped because you weren’t paying close attention to him. I really enjoyed this book. It pulled me in fast. Ketchup on Everything could possibly be my favorite horror Novella. I’m really glad I read it. 5/5

    25. This pulled me in from the start - the anguish of the parents and the soul destroying aftermath of losing a child was captured with intensity and feeling and then it slapped me in the face with a quirky unexpected ending.

    26. Great readThis is a brilliant book another masterpiece from this talented author ! I loved it and i just couldn't put it down great story line and a twist in the end well worth getting your self a copy

    27. Economy of words. Powerful, gut-wrenching words. Robinson, has the ability to tell a story in any genre.

    28. Okay, first things first. This is not a horror novel, at least it doesn't appear to be in the traditional sense. The only real horror comes toward the end of the novella, and that's where you have the obligatory: "Well, I didn't see that coming!" It's a huge moment, but up until that point, the only horror is the loss Elliot and his wife feel when their son disappears out of thin air. If anything, this is a sad, depressing book that you simply can't stop reading. How does a kid just vanish? Will [...]

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