One Man s Island Be very careful about what you wish for Sergeant Major Tim Flannery s personal life is in shambles Just home from his sixth combat tour in Afghanistan His wife has left him his house is in foreclosu

  • Title: One Man's Island
  • Author: Thomas Wolfenden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Be very careful about what you wish for Sergeant Major Tim Flannery s personal life is in shambles Just home from his sixth combat tour in Afghanistan, His wife has left him, his house is in foreclosure, and he feels like his entire world has disintegrated With almost thirty years military and civilian police experience, he s always been able to make the right decisionsBe very careful about what you wish for Sergeant Major Tim Flannery s personal life is in shambles Just home from his sixth combat tour in Afghanistan, His wife has left him, his house is in foreclosure, and he feels like his entire world has disintegrated With almost thirty years military and civilian police experience, he s always been able to make the right decisions in tight spots, but waking to find he s the sole survivor, after the entire Earth s population is dead from an unknown calamity from the cosmos, he s at a loss Or is he Follow him across a Continent, and then an Ocean, to find his fate, to see if one man can change the world, make a difference, make the hardest decision of his life, and save humanity once and for all

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    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ One Man's Island - by Thomas Wolfenden ß
      152 Thomas Wolfenden
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    One thought on “One Man's Island”

    1. I want to start by saying, I think this was a really great, interesting book. My negative, let's get that out of the way first. I wish there was a little more explanation on how so many people survived while others didn't. I also found it slightly annoying that the majority of those who did survive were all military! Literally half the people in this story are military! (Not that I have anything against them, it just makes you wonder what's going on) There were some parts that got a little borin [...]

    2. Utterly enjoyable and engrossing! The story kept sucking me back to read more, as I continually wanted to find out what was going to happen next! I do have to admit there were parts that where I had to suspend all belief in reality, as they were laughingly unbelievable, but even those parts added a touch of humor and enjoyment to the book. A fast paced, action filled, apocalyptic yarn filled with cross country adventure, cross ocean adventure, bad guys, good guys, buffalo and Indians, exploding [...]

    3. In war, soldiers continuously think/dream of home and the family left behind. Afterwards, they'll move mountains, if necessary, to get back home. They've survived and now It's time to celebrate! Walking through the front door and seeing loved ones again are sure to trigger a slew of emotions - after all, it is a dream come true and there's no place like home! When Sergeant Major Tim Flannery returns from Afghanistan after several tours with the 75th Rangers, he finds nothing but heartache. He is [...]

    4. This is a brand new author who is published by Permute Press. Their catalog of books is not one I would normally look through as, at my age, I have shied away from bloody, nasty things, such as the now Vampire craze but one group of writing I have always enjoyed is the Apocalypse kind of thing and in this they have a nice variety. I loved this book. There are some errors that a new author might make but I tell you, never enough to keep the tale from spinning along. I enjoyed the characters he cr [...]

    5. Title: One Man's IslandAuthor: Thomas J. WolfendenPublisher: Permuted PressReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 4Review:"One Man's Island" by Thomas J Wolfenden was a very captivating novel that I found hard to put down this 'end of the world' fiction story. This was definitely a post apocalyptic world that had a new hero by the name of Sergeant Major Tim who gives the reader a thrill of a ride that has hope and glory. I really enjoyed the good story that this author gives the reader especially the m [...]

    6. When the world mysteriously ends, Sar’ Major Tim Flannery wakes up alone it a city that once sported over 1.5 million people, with odd burns covering his body, and a crushing headache to boot. Thomas Wolfenden shines with his main character and the very realistic struggle of surviving the apocalypse. Finely realized and fleshed out, Tim reminds me of that funny uncle most of us have: He’s light-hearted and comical, yet stern and practical, and truly one of the good guys. Following Tim’s ad [...]

    7. Permuted Press Publishers kindly provided an ecopy of One Man's Island by author Thomas Wolfenden in exchange for my professional review. I note that this is a revised edition, and I believe it is most indeed improved. I thought the post apocalyptic world setting was rather interesting, it grabbed my attention immediately. This is a long windy read, but it did not feel as though it took forever, as the storyline is increasingly high paced and bursting with action. A great page turner if you are [...]

    8. What can I say about One Man's Island? I knowI LOVED IT! Yes, I truly loved this book. It was smart, well written, believable and everything I have wanted to read in an apocalyptic survival novel.One Man's Island is the 1st book of, at least, two that follows Tim Flannery and his life after he returns home from his sixth tour of duty shortly after his return he awakens to a completely different world. Some unknown cosmic event has left a VAST majority of the world's population dead and it initia [...]

    9. This is an excellent apocalyptic story about an ex cop/military man who loses everything and keeps on going. He is knowledgeable about survival and weapons, brave in adversity and in the end an all around good guy who fights for what he feels is right. An American Patriot who loves what this country truly once stood for, I say once because I believe we have taken many a wrong turn, do the words greed and power ring true with you?Few have survived the initial event and the hero finds himself alon [...]

    10. EMP books, like Zombie books, are a genre alone. Readers of the type know this. Others have no idea. This book is one of the better in the genre. Its got action. Its got character development and its got military lingo galore. Its a man's book. No doubt about that -- and I like it. If you want a strong female lead go somewhere else. This book is for the man cave. If you want to know how it would probably go down in an EMP event this book gives the reader a pretty good idea what would probably ha [...]

    11. Gripping from the moment you start reading, One Man's Island is a leap into a post apocolyptic world, overwhelmed by fear and desperation but also filled with a fantastic new hero in the shape of Sarg. Major. Tim!His 'no holds barred' take on life pulls us into a thrilling journey to a future filled with hope and glory.The characters are well described and the relationship between Tim and Robyn is beautifully built with a growing affection you can really feel.The writing is gritty, with no compr [...]

    12. I love (and thus read a lot of) survival and post-apocalyptic novels and this one is one of my favorites so far. It is realistic (with plenty of useful details to consider and debate), has a fun plot, believable and relatable (more important for me!) characters. It has plenty to enjoy and to think of.One questionable bit was about the safe distance from an exploding nuclear weapon --- but I wont say a word more to avoid spoilers. All in all, a great survival novel!

    13. One man's island is another man's fun read.a really good read. take a career soldier, a ranger of course, throw in the apocalypse, a lost kid, a mysterious stranger, fate, and coincidence and you have an adventure that spans six years of survival leading to the reason our hero survived. we even get a crazy pirate in the story. almost, I am kidding, as good as one of my own stories. please buy and enjoy this unique tale.

    14. 3.7 stars. I liked this book. A simple premise, a simple story. But enough details and twists to make it an enjoyable read. Though the book could be considered a stand alone, I'm glad to see there is a sequel.

    15. YAYYYYYY! Another editing project is now a published book! No-zombie apocalypse for your reading enjoyment.

    16. This turned out to be a really good read. Wolfenden crafts a perfect blend of interesting events and rich character development. Add to that the sense of destiny tying seemingly random events and encounters into the greater scheme, and it was a very well written book.Following Sar' Major Tim's journey from coming home to an empty house after his last tour, to wondering the dead winter streets of Philly, to finding an unlikely new best friend who brings out as much of his own potential as he does [...]

    17. "Life is never fair. We just have to take what we can get out of it, and try to make every day just a little bit better.”One Man's Island follows the story of a man named Tim who returns from abroad to find his wife has left him, his house in foreclosure and his bank account emptied of everything save his last paycheck from the Army. Life couldn't get much worse for poor Tim or so he thought. When an unknown calamity wipes out 99% of the Earth's population, Tim does what he must to survive but [...]

    18. I have discovered that rating this one is a bit difficult. I read this yesterday and I am still thinking about it. No glaring or strikingly irritable GSP errors and I have to admit that I am drawn to the protagonist. The sample was enough to hook me and make me want to find out what happens to him.The issue holding me back from giving this four stars is the fact I can't believe that the protagonist is the only one left alive in the city after the "unknown calamity from the cosmos". As it stands, [...]

    19. Many of the post-apocalyptic books I've read recently feel like the author's wish fulfillment. You know, "If we could just get rid of all these people that annoy me and the government that wants to tell me what to do, life would be beautiful and perfect." To be honest, that's sometimes why I want to read them. Not so much the government part, but there are days when it feels like there are just too many people. This book seemed to be even more wish fulfillment than others. Yes he loses some peop [...]

    20. This was a four and a half star book pushing a five 75% of the way into it. I could ignore the coffee for breakfast repetition and the jump of six years where they never really met anyone! The downhill slide started with a helicopter pilot from his past turning up. Then they all meet someone who has spent years on their own maintaining a plane because every man needs a hobby! Wtf. Book would have been better if they'd sailed to the island. Certainly more believable. It also seems you have a bett [...]

    21. One Man's Island is an entertaining post-EMP read if you can get past the mystical underpinnings that seemed tacked on for no reason other than to make sure the plot train arrived at all the right stations on its way to its ultimate destination. Did I just type destination? I meant showdown. For me, One Man's Island was just entertaining enough that I was able to ignore the man behind the curtain and enjoy the ride, but, as they say, your mileage may vary.Rating: 4 [gimme the sequel]

    22. Apocalyptic fun read!Apocalyptic fun read!I loved the easy flow of this book! Not preachy or doom and gloom, just enough bad to reinforce how good people can be. the characters are real people, not contrived heroes. I could not put this one down!

    23. Great readthis was a page Turner to me. I didn't want to put it down. it had the right number of characters and they were well fleshed out. I do hope there is another book in pipe since I so enjoyed it.

    24. This is goodThis is a post apocalyptic tale of a different sort. No zombies, just a few heroes and a few not. Great story and a well written page turner. Well worth the time to read it. Couldn't put it down.

    25. Great story! Hope there is moreGreat story! Hope there is moreWell written and sucks you right in. looking forward to more and hope this is the first in a series.

    26. What a fantastic book. Impossible to put down. Brill characters and story, a must read. I do hope there is a second one.

    27. I enjoyed the book and liked the characters, they were well developed and likable. Other than a few small annoyances the story was good and I want to read more by this author.

    28. Wow. Wow and wow. I had no idea when I picked this book up that it would be this good. Crazy good. Great characters, great story, great plot twists. So glad there is a book 2 to go read.

    29. Not badEnding is a little weak but not a bad read. The mystical stuff is a distraction. But worth the money.

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