Odium Origins A Dead Saga Novella Part Two When hell claws its way up from the dark depths of the earth and the dead begin to walk for most it can only mean one thing death But for some the zombie apocalypse is only the beginning of a dark

  • Title: Odium Origins. A Dead Saga Novella. Part Two
  • Author: Claire C. Riley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
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  • When hell claws its way up from the dark depths of the earth, and the dead begin to walk, for most it can only mean one thing death But for some, the zombie apocalypse is only the beginning of a dark yet brave new life for them For some, the apocalypse offers freedom from their tragic lives For others it s a chance to show that looks can be deceiving And for others, itWhen hell claws its way up from the dark depths of the earth, and the dead begin to walk, for most it can only mean one thing death But for some, the zombie apocalypse is only the beginning of a dark yet brave new life for them For some, the apocalypse offers freedom from their tragic lives For others it s a chance to show that looks can be deceiving And for others, it s an opportunity ripe for the taking The Bimbo, The Book Nerd, The Hero, The Friends, everyone has their place What really decides your fate in this new existence, nature, or nurture Who people become when the world goes to hell is the true decider on someone s humanity, and will ultimately decide your fate Forever changed, these people have to learn to adapt to this dangerous and dark new world before they become one of the living dead themselves Odium Origins 2.5 is a 50 000 word novella to accompany the full length novel Odium The Dead Saga.

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    • ✓ Odium Origins. A Dead Saga Novella. Part Two || ☆ PDF Download by à Claire C. Riley
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    One thought on “Odium Origins. A Dead Saga Novella. Part Two”

    1. Be nice, karma might be a blonde!So, you ready to find out where some more of your favorite people (or not so) have come from? Well, these beginnings were kind of dark, some even before they were faced with the apocalypse. Imagine just hanging around the carnival, then seeing the girl of your dreams, then saving her life, then seeing her die. Or how about the abused wife, who has made excuses for her husband for a little too long. A husband who shows just how little he cares when the chips fall. [...]

    2. Wicked-good counterpart to Riley's Odium Series. One of my pet peeves when reading a full-length novel is lack of backstory. I'm a fan of characters, realistic ticks, traits, the 'ugly' side of a person, the 'attractive' aspects of a person. Riley does a bang-up job of keeping her characters real within Odium 1 & 2 (the full length series books), but what she does within the Origins books is something I find often lacking in a lot of novels, especially in this genre (i.e. horror/zombies/apoc [...]

    3. Once again, Claire C. Riley has blown me away with her ability to make me actually FEEL while reading. It would be different, I suppose, if she were writing in a more dramatic type genre, but no. She writes HORROR! I’m not used to feeling so emotional while reading a Horror book. It’s a surprisingly pleasant feeling to be honest.In this installment, we learn the back-stories of Matthew, Susan, Max, and Anne and Dean. These characters have each been through Hell and we learn a small portion o [...]

    4. I was given an ARC in return for an honest and fair review.Odium Origins II is yet another great book from within the Odium Saga/World. In this book we get the backstory to a number of characters that were in the background in Odium II. Theses stories bring us back to the very beginning of the apocalypse. And show the perspective from the eyes of these individuals.Odium Origins II deals with more then just the horror of the apocalypse, it deals with issues within the lives of these individuals b [...]

    5. Maaan oh man. I got sucked right into this one. I lovelovelove this second foray into the Odium Origin stories. This group is all about the underdog. The put-upon, beaten-down, looks-stupid-so-its-a-fact, doormats. Claire C Riley has done a splendidly gross group of stories here with the perfect set of surprises in each story. I won't rehash each plot, because I'm sure someone else will, but if you like come-from-behinds, zombies, and blondes you will love this novella.(As an aside, and I'm not [...]

    6. I was given an ARC for a fair and honest review.WOW! I think this was the most intense reading for me. I found myself clinching my fist, not breathing, laughing and crying, all at the same time. Claire's characters are so real, that the reader becomes one of them. After reading Origins, I actually looked outside to see if the apocalypse had started. I like Origins because you get to know some background on characters from Odium. I strongly recommend this book and any and all of her other stories [...]

    7. I love these glimpses Claire C Riley gives us into a characters past & "the beginning". I always love reading about who, what, why & where the characters are when the apocalypse kicks off & how their journey takes them from living everyday life into survival mode - crossing paths with Nina & gang. The stand-out feature of this book is in the action-based pacing. The narrative is once again brilliant & I could really feel the characters going through the stages of emotions. As [...]

    8. I almost love to hate reading The Odium novellas because it makes the characters that much more real. The glimpses we get into their past, of where they were when it all started, of who and what they lost hurts. I mean why would it matter there’re alive right? Well it does, it matters greatly. For if we weren’t privy to them we would just see the person they are now, who they became after the apocalypse, almost a shell of who they once were. We wouldn’t have gotten to see the hopeless roma [...]

    9. Odium Origins Part Two contains more back stories from the Odium Dead Saga. Returning to the start of the zombie apocalypse, we see it from various points of view whose lives are completely different. It is those differences that define how the individuals react to the start of the apocalypse in very different ways.While I was rooting for the demise of certain heinous characters - and not by zombie - others I just felt sorry for, and worry about their mental health in the months and years to com [...]

    10. Claire has done it again. Personally I love this series. Odium origins 2 covers four character stories of characters from odium the dead saga. All four stories are amazing. I am so thankful that Claire is doing these origin stories to get to know all these supporting characters. Claire has a fan for life with me and I am so looking forward to the next chapter of the odium saga and what is in store for all these characters down the road. On a side note thank you Claire for making Mathew an awesom [...]

    11. I have read all in this series and I am a mega fan. This is a great zombie book full of short stories. And really each one could be developed into a book of its ownease. pretty please. There is nothing more I can say other than if zombie books are you thing then you will enjoy this well written smart book.

    12. The Bimbo - none of the characters seem like a bimbo to me but the main character Mathew or Matty did mention a non bimbo type girl that he calls Brown Eyes with whom he shares a romantic ride on a Ferris wheel that turns horribly wrong. His friend Darrell who is equally non-Bimbo-ish saves them from the ride. This first story was actually called HOUSE OF GLASS. After losing his new girl and his old friend he meets up with a lady named Jessica and they driveaway in the Prius.The second story,THE [...]

    13. Just gets better and betterYet another fabulous insight into characters we met in Odium 2. I absolutely love getting to know characters better and in this book Ms Riley gives us the opportunity to do just that and at the same time answering questions that had been buzzing around my head. Can not wait to start the next book to see what happens next.

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