Unintended Blair believes she s broken beyond repair West believes he s beyond redemption It doesn t stop either of them from fighting for what they want Even if they have to go down kicking and screaming to get

  • Title: Unintended
  • Author: Amity Cross
  • ISBN: 9781310791970
  • Page: 215
  • Format: ebook
  • Blair believes she s broken beyond repair.West believes he s beyond redemption.It doesn t stop either of them from fighting for what they want Even if they have to go down kicking and screaming to get it.But there s one final hurdle before the finish line West hasn t been entirely honest and when the past finally comes back to bite him in the ass, it s either going to beBlair believes she s broken beyond repair.West believes he s beyond redemption.It doesn t stop either of them from fighting for what they want Even if they have to go down kicking and screaming to get it.But there s one final hurdle before the finish line West hasn t been entirely honest and when the past finally comes back to bite him in the ass, it s either going to be rainbows and fluffy kittens or total annihilation If he wants to win Blair s love, he has to come clean Not just to her but the entire world.All the biggest mistakes are unintended, but this time it might ruin them forever.

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    One thought on “Unintended”

    1. Ugh I just love happy endings, don't you?! Lol" Despite wanting to be the hard ass I knew I was capable of being, I felt a tear slide down my cheek. A single fucking traitorous tear. " - Badass BlaireThat's what I called her, badass Blaire lol omg if I were ever to be gay, she would definitely be my girlfriend lol she just had this baddest bitch vibe to her & she was just so blunt with no feelings attached. Not until Jake West. I loved their story. They were just a badass couple. I loved it [...]

    2. Wildcat ~ I'm in LoveIt's everywhere. It's on the radio, posters, magazines, and everyone is talking about it. What is "it" though? Whatever "it" is, it's about to drive Blair to the edge. The waters are stormy and the decision she makes will affect both Wildcat and Dark & Dangerous. It's the call that could make or break them both individually and as a couple.West is willing to jump through hoops to get Blair back, but will he push her too hard? Can he except it if she never comes back? Can [...]

    3. 4.0 stars ARC kindly provided by in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free review. HEA/No cliffhanger. I highly recommend reading the first two books in this series prior to reading this book.I dropped everything to read Unintended (Unexplainable #3) by Amity Cross. Book #2 ended with a cliffhanger and I. NEEDED. CLOSURE. I finally got it….ahhhhh sweet relief. In order to remain spoiler free - I will keep my review short. Unintended picked up where book #2 left off without skippin [...]

    4. Find this Review at Taryn Lee's Book BlogA gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review."Seeing her was like a punch in the gut." -West"The best things in life are never easy." -Joe This was the ending I wanted for these two rock-n-roll lovers! If you've been with this trilogy since the start all you've hoped for was that Blair would get her HEA and West would finally kick the drugs and alcohol."All I ever wanted was for somebody to see me." -BlairBlair was blind sided at the end [...]

    5. So we start with Blair running away from Jake and trying to stay hidden. But of course how can you stay hidden from a man like Jake West.“You need to stop running and listen, Blair.”“I believe the last thing I said to you was, don’t follow me.”As if Jake would ever follow any rules. With his guilt surrounding him of falling back into his old addictions and losing the 1 woman he ever made a connection with and loved, Jake is on the hunt to win Blair back. For good. After the band finall [...]

    6. Perfect 3rd instalment in Blair and Jake's story, heartbreaking in parts but a necessary journey to reach the fitting conclusion.Jake knows he has to try and fight to get Blair to even speak to him again after his crash and burn. Will Blair ever be able to forgive him?I have loved the characters in these books, Jake and Blair's story has been completely addictive and I'm looking forward to reading Joe's story.Brilliant series.

    7. could not but the book down but I do have one question is it me cuz I read super fast or was the book a little to short one minute Blair is wanting space then next she's at west hotel door then it seemed to ended to fast left me like huh am I missing a in between somewhere

    8. Girl, you have done it again!! Unexpected, Unexplainable, Unintended. 3 U's Trilogy!! Simply the BEST!! I want more!! Can't wait till June 2014 Undeniable!! Joe & Alexia - I already know it is gonna be HOT!!

    9. After enjoying the first two books in this series I was ready to read this one once it came out. I wasn't impressed and it lacked much interaction between the two main characters.

    10. My Stars are 4.8Hellou!! This month began with the news that the third installment of the story of Blair and West, is now available for sale and so, for those who loved the first two installments of Unexpected, , will be able to find that was what happened. As the ad suggests, Blair is broken (or so she thinks) and West wants and wish only one thing, Blair, the trouble is that he ruined everything.The climax is in this story, the heat, emotion, music and search are present, Blair is disappointed [...]

    11. I am starting with the end, at the beginning. Amity has me for life. I am no longer just a reader but a follower. She had me in the bar, at the hotel, in the side room at the concert, and in the shower. She made me wet, angry, loved, and want to punch someone in the face.Blair and West (those are the characters in this masterpiece) are the negative charges at the end of a magnet. They are not people who should be together (in the beginning, this was my opinion). They actually should repeal again [...]

    12. Third installment is here of Blaine Hayden and Jake West, where to start.We all know how the Unexplainable ended so where does that leave Jake and Blaine you ask. Jake has had three months to get his life together and has the support not only from his band and a new manager but from a big burly guy who helps him through his demons. In those three months he has wanted nothing more then to find Blaine and tell her how much he loves her but he know's that he has gotta prove to Blaine that he is wor [...]

    13. This book, without a doubt, was one of my favorite books in Blair's and West's story. I thought that I couldn't forgive what West did to Blair in the last book but I must admit, what he did in this book made me forgive him! Blair and him are meant to be, and he showed her that in this book. Blair heart was broken by the man she loved the most. She didn't think love was real, until West came into her life, made her fall in love with him, and then crushed her heart into a million shards. West made [...]

    14. To read this review and others like it check out my site at homelovebooks I have to say that I enjoyed this book of the series more than the other two, but then again I am always a sucker for a good conclusion. Book two in this series ended in a bit of a cliffhanger so it was good to get the conclusion, plus I actually felt like this book wrapped up the story really well, I was satisfied with the ending (and we all know how much it sucks when you don’t like the ending of a book series, thankfu [...]

    15. This is a rock 'n roll story with an edge. Our main characters are damaged either by addiction or a horrific past. Looking for an escape or an anchor to life, they meet for one night stand. Little did they realize that one night would change their lives forever.Reading this trilogy made me realize how brittle we are when we are in our early twenties. For someone like Jake West, hitting big as the lead singer of Affliction, is more than he can handle. It sounds like an "already told" story but th [...]

    16. This is the third installment in the Unexpected Series. Unintended, is the continuation of Blair and West's story. It picks up with West getting his shit together and trying to find a way to get his "Wildcat" back in his arms, his bed, and his forever.Blair, ran and is trying to heal and figure out what she wants to do with her life without West in it? West tracks Blair down to a seedy store in London, and proceeds to make her life hell. (for her anyway, he is just going full tilt to prove his l [...]

    17. At the end of book two I wasn't sure the sexual attraction would be enough for Blair and West to get back together. Book three starts three months later, Blair still angry as ever.West has a plan. Blair is beyond pissed off when she realises what it is.The only avenue left is for West to come clean, to share the whole truth of his past with Blair.This isn't suspense, but it's tension. Will she/won't she all the way through.It's a different Blair in this book, she's lost a lot of her brashness an [...]

    18. Unintended is part 3 of a 3 part serial about Blair and West's love affair. You need to read the first 2 before this one. (There are also some additional books in this series covering other characters that we meet)This was my favourite of all 3 serials. It was written just right and the story came seemlessly together and it was clear that the previous books gave us everything we needed to see Blair and West grow and develop on their own before finding their way back to each other. West and Blair [...]

    19. So after his huge fuck ups in the previous book, West is now the one seeking Blair out. This is a story about a man who had it all, lost it all and is now on a path to redemption to win back what he wants in his life.I have really enjoyed this short trilogy. Despite each book being short, there's so much back story about how these two characters became so fucked up. I really felt I could empathise with them both. They both had their moments where I loved them and then hated them and then loved t [...]

    20. All I ever wanted was somebody to see meWell, Amity Cross, you've been promoted to my rocker romance auto-click status with this beautiful conclusion to West & Blair's story. I like that you didn't just throw us some insta-love and a direct path to a HEA. You let the readers see behind the sexy rocker to the demons he hid. You let him fail and lose some respect in the eyes of his fans, his girl, and your readers. You let him be real and made him earn our respect and a permanent place in our [...]

    21. "I hated him and wanted to ride him, right here in this room, all at the same time."Ah, love. This is the conclusion to the Blair and West's steamy story. I loved every page of it. Truths come out, hatred is felt, some people are slapped around.good times. It was exciting to see how these two troubled people grew on their own and together. I still love Blair and think she is the best thing since combat boots. Yummy West has some soul searching in this story and has to win Blair back. Ha! Good lu [...]

    22. Unintended by Amity Cross5 stars.If I could describe a perfect read, this is it. It takes real skill to write a monster clusterfuck and Ms Cross nails this one to the wall! The story unfolds beautifully where these perfectly imperfect characters fracture and their worlds are thrown into chaos.This is the most heartfelt of the three and I love a story where a man, no matter how tough, goes to the nth degree to put his heart on the line and prove that she is the one that holds his heart.I’m sad [...]

    23. Emotional and captivating, The Unexpected Trilogy grabs you at the cove page and doesn't let you go until the very last page and even then you are left with wanting more!The Unexpected Trilogy is an unforgettable, beautiful, lovely story about an imperfect love that despite all the obstacles, it could lead to the most amazing thing.Amity Cross has the ability to make her characters become real and you feel every emotion that they are going through. Blair and West have a sizzling-hot chemistry th [...]

    24. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the third book in the Unexpected series and my favorite. This book has so much going on that I felt like my heart was going to explode. I wanted their love to triumph so bad that every time things did not go the way I wanted them to I got angry. I have not been so emotionally manipulated by a book in a while and Unintended had me hyperventilating. This is the perfect end to the trilogy and I was not disappointed with the events that t [...]

    25. wow what an insane 3rd book! I loved this book! Even with all their struggles and heartbreak, there is still the hope that things will work out. West finally is getting the right help and coming clean with everything. Blair is not the same Blair from the first book but she's dealing with the same insecurities! So glad this book touches base again with its ok to admit you have a problem, to fight for your life snd for a life with love you have to bear open your soul sometimes! Loved it!

    26. 4.5 stars! I loved this final instalment in Blair & West's story. Proof that you can overcome anything. West proved what a romantic guy he could be and how could Blair possibly resist, especially when he was destined to be her other half? This series was so good. I loved the Aussie references and the slang. The rawness and realness in which they talked. I loved how rough these two were with each other. Sexy hot read! I'm looking forward to reading about the other band members now too.

    27. The last book of the three to tell the story of West & Blair. The band manager is a piece of sh** & causes Blair to leave after an argument with West. He can never let her go. Can she trust him? Will her broken heart be repaired by West? Will his efforts push her further away? So buy the book and go along for the ride. It's the best written book and series, and a great author. Can't wait to read more from Amity Cross.

    28. Loved West and Wildcat's journey togetherI was definitely happy with the first three books in the series. I am very tempted to read Joe's story bc come on he seemed like he was a great guy. I was drawn in to this story and couldn't stop reading till their story was all told. So glad there was a happy ending for them. They both deserve it. It was hot and steamy, sexy, heartbreaking and with a touch of romance.

    29. He does a lot to try to make up for what he did but I just don't know how she gets past seeing him get a blow job from another girl. I realize he was high but he put himself in that position. Having said that he goes through a lot to get sober and get her to see how he feels. It's a HEA for them and he does seem to be sorry and repentant. She forgives him and is well in the end.

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