Ride Free He s finally come home only to find that everything has changedAfter ten years of riding with the Padre Knights MC Alejandro Rojas has become the Vice President of the outlaw motorcycle club When a

  • Title: Ride Free
  • Author: Evelyn Glass
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  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s finally come home, only to find that everything has changedAfter ten years of riding with the Padre Knights MC, Alejandro Rojas has become the Vice President of the outlaw motorcycle club When a club assignment takes him back to his hometown of Arroyo Flats, Alejandro finds himself reeling back in time, haunted by memories of a girl he lost a decade ago, memories ofHe s finally come home, only to find that everything has changedAfter ten years of riding with the Padre Knights MC, Alejandro Rojas has become the Vice President of the outlaw motorcycle club When a club assignment takes him back to his hometown of Arroyo Flats, Alejandro finds himself reeling back in time, haunted by memories of a girl he lost a decade ago, memories of a love that could have been, and memories of broken promises made on the back of his bike Her life is about to be entwined fame and prestige when it suddenly comes crashing downAlaine Owens is engaged to Bobby Dawson, the son of a powerful South Texas politician Yet she has never forgetten the boy to whom she gave her love and herself ten years ago, even if she still hasn t forgiven him for his broken promise A second chance to mend a broken promise But time is running outAll Alejandro wants is to see Alaine again and fulfill the promise he made her ten years ago Likewise, Alaine knows the danger of seeing Alejandro again after all these years But the siren of love is calling the two souls home to each other As their worlds collide once again in the flames of passion, Alaine and Alejandro are about to find that some promises are never meant to be broken, even if everything in the world from the laws of the state to the unspoken social contracts of the South seem hell bent on it.

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    One thought on “Ride Free”

    1. 2.5 StarsThis was okay. The MC Club aspect was very watered down, but the story as a whole was still entertaining. Even though the H left the h years ago, I felt like the h still did most of the "chasing" here, which I didn't love. I prefer my men to be the dominant pursuers most of the time, with a great deal of added groveling when they fuck up. I'm a stalwart member of Team Grovel.Other than that, it was a quick decent read that ends on a cliffhanger. I'm not sure if I have any interest in co [...]

    2. Spoiler Ahead Ten years has past since Alejandro Rojas the Vice President of Padre Knights MC and outlaw motorcycle club left home and the girl that he left Alaine Owens. Alaine is engaged to Bobby Dawson, the son of a powerful South Texas politician. Yet she has never forgotten the boy to whom she gave her love--and herself--ten years ago, even if she still hasn't forgiven him for his broken promise. This was a short quick read that was ok I just felt like it was a few things that were left out [...]

    3. I love a good MC romance so I always like to read something by a new author and this was a freebie when I got it! It was pretty gooda bit different than the usual ones out there. On one hand you have the wealthy Texas family with a son (Bobby) about to become a major political figure, who is engaged to a girl (Alaine) of similar social standing. Then you have Alaine's summer fling (Alejandro) from 10 years ago, an outlaw biker who has come back temporarily to do a job. Of course when you mix the [...]

    4. Very well written and edited novella. Major cliffhanger.This series starts off with a new angle to the MC/biker genre. A society girl and an extremely bright, but fatalistic Hispanic boy destined for two very different futures meet in high school and are reunited ten years later. The main female character is smart and independent. She doesn't need rescuing and other than the a grasping, ambitious mother, seems to have had a nice childhood. That background pretty much sets this series apart from [...]

    5. 10 years and she's doing all the chasinggh. It does end of a bit of a cliffhanger, so I will read the next book.I loved the life the Ali managed to create for herself and that she stood up to the decision to maintain that life. I'm pretty sure Bobby will cause lots of issues in the next book. I hope we get to meet BBF and sister

    6. ~ 3 Ride Stars ~ Ride Free is book one in Padre Knights MC by Evelyn Glass. This is my first experience reading Ms. Glass and I have to say Ride Free felt tame compared to Joanna Wylde and other MC books I've read. Nothing bad with tame was an enjoyable quick read with a sweet romance. Ali and Alejandro are high school sweet hearts, but neither ever told the other they loved each other. Alejandro broke Ali's heart, which leaves her protecting it. When she does move on, it is with Bobby, but the [...]

    7. This was a really good book for what looks like is going to be a great series. Ali and Alejandro were in Iove ten years ago when he left town for his MC club and she had to leave to go to college. He promised to call, but never did and broke her heart. She didn't know he did it because he knew his life wasn't good enough for her. She didn't know it broke his heart as much as hers, and that he has never stopped loving her, just like she hasn't stopped loving him. Now ten years later he's back. Sh [...]

    8. .Loved it, April 20, 2014 By cdgarner Verified Purchase (What's this?) This review is from: Ride Free: A Biker Erotic Romance (Padre Knights MC) (Kindle Edition) I love reading MC books. This one with Ali & Alejandro was very enjoyable. It has a great plot. A second chance at love that makes you think about the romance and sexual tension of suddenly finding yourself face to face with the one you've always belonged to. The sensuality of the sex scenes is incredibly hot. This is a series book [...]

    9. First loves and motorcyclesAlejandro and Ali made promises they could not keep.She was to marry the future senator and give up everything. But her heart longed to stay at the ranch she was raised at.Alejandro came back after being gone for 10 years and she knew he was coming back, but a chance meeting at a gas station was enough to put them both on alert.Now after all these years, Ali knows she can't marry Bobby, but it is more to do with herself and Alejandro than him. She just has to be true t [...]

    10. Very good start!!It's been fun following along with the romance of first: Bobby and Ali-but Bobbys life plan takes a huge turn when his brother dies; his brother had been heavy on politics and running for governor. Now Bobby'/s parents expect him to do what his brother had been doing. Ali just couldn't do it-she couldn't marry Bobby when she wanted no part of being constantly in the limelightEnter Alenanjdro-the boy who got away--she loved him dearly, never stopped but was hurt when he never cal [...]

    11. It was okay. Second chance love story between a bad boy VP of a MC and the woman he cut loose years ago. I enjoyed the beginning of the story. Nice set up and back ground info on H/h and the possible conflicts but the heroine is a drama llama who spends entire book sending mixed signals to H. I want him-I don't. I want him-I don't. I have a feeling this will play out the entire book. Plus, there is a possible love triangle which irks me. I wanted more storyline with the MC and less of the romanc [...]

    12. No, no, no! I am so tired of freaking cliffhangers! Two stars because this had the potential for a very good story plus the sex was hot but there was very little of the MC aspect of the story and that's what I wanted! Ali was super annoying with her back and forth attitude regarding her feelings and relationship with both Bobbie and Alejandro. I will not be continuing with this story as it's just prolonging the story between these three characters and that's something that can be accomplished in [...]

    13. it is difficult to rate something that is so short and leaves you with such a huge cliffhanger. this was not a novel, it was more like a teaser chapter that an author may release to get folks interested in reading their book. I read it in about an hour. I felt like the whole thing moved too quickly. this was free and though says there are more books in this series, barnes and noble does not have them yet. If they were free, and available immediately, i would probably read them. since that is no [...]

    14. On one hand, this was hot. I loved seeing Ali and Alejandro reconnect. But, it just didn't feel like a bad boy biker book. I would have loved to see more action and less sexy dreams. I just feel like the book was missing something, something more. It's not an awful read, and it did not take long to get through. It just needs a little extra plot to it. I can feel what the author is trying to set up, to get you into the next book, the cliff hanger was done well. It's the rest of the story leading [...]

    15. Ali is engaged to someone who is taking a different path in life than she wants. When her old flame Alejandro pulls up on his bike she is lost to him again. I think too much was packed into the story line. It felt like I was watching Machete. Drugs, bikers, booze, evil vs evil then a cowboy twist. It felt a little rushed and you start getting where the story is going and it twists again to another theme. I enjoyed the characters but wish the story was more specific. WaAROh and am I the only one [...]

    16. 2.5 stars. The story was ok. We have Ali who is engaged to the future governor of Texas. 10 years ago her first love broke her heart by leaving. 10 years later he returns as the VP of a MC. He had to leave 10 years ago to protect her form the life he had chosen. It has the backbone to make a great story but I think it lacked the proper execution. The depth to the characters and relationships was missing and the storyline itself was quite quick and jumpy. At least is was free on .

    17. I don't usually read books about motor cycle club romance,but I found other books by this author entertaining and decided to try it out. I thought the story line was entertaining. I am not sure what I would do if I was still in love with my highschool boyfriend and he showed up essentially on my front door 10 years later. ;)

    18. Second chanceYou gotta love a second chance with your first love story. Only in this tale he is a biker outlaw and her ex fiance is not happy that she called off the wedding and definitely not who she is sleeping with now. Ends when drama just about to unfold. Not a big fan of serials but have enjoyed this one so far.

    19. Decent ReadAli is fed up of everyone telling her how to live her life. She dumps her fiance months before the wedding because she doesn't want the public life of a senators wife. She ends up back with her old flame from 10 years ago who's a biker. Looks like her ex fiance isn't too happy about that.

    20. Loved the book. Bought the "Blazing Hot Bad Boys (Boxed Set). This was the first in the set. Loved the 2nd chance.Very well written. Love is love and sometimes, no matter what life throws at you, that fierce love stays with you.I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    21. Good solid MC book by Evelyn Glass. The storyline was solid and had everything you look for in a MC book. The characters were well thought out and perfect for this book. Looking forward to reading book two in this series.

    22. New found author and one that I will be reading for quite some time!!!!!!Glass writes a great MC series and this first one is a keeper. Young love that never died, but getting there is another thing. What a great read and I so look forward to starting #2 shortly!

    23. I enjoyed this book & it was a freebie but was very short & unfortunately will not be reading the nxt book as i have noticed the cost of this is £2 for 92 pages!!! Would have been happy if the author had made this 1 book since there is still another book to come, very unhappy reader!

    24. It was alright this part one I am not sure if I will read part two who knows with me Just was not what I was looking for Great read for someone who likes the tame side of a MC book

    25. Loved this story, it hooked me into it from the first page. Not spoiling it cause its just so good and I might say something that will give the story away.

    26. This was a cute read. I enjoyed the storyline and the development of the characters. It was well written and made me want more.

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