Claimed by the Alphas Part Four With the thrall drawing near both alphas are eager to show their mate why they deserve to stake the ultimate claim on her body From foot massages to boar carcasses each male seems to have his own id

  • Title: Claimed by the Alphas: Part Four
  • Author: Viola Rivard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With the thrall drawing near, both alphas are eager to show their mate why they deserve to stake the ultimate claim on her body From foot massages to boar carcasses, each male seems to have his own idea of how to impress her.No matter how beguiling the alphas are, Mila still isn t sure how she feels about procreating with them But regardless of her feelings on motherhoodWith the thrall drawing near, both alphas are eager to show their mate why they deserve to stake the ultimate claim on her body From foot massages to boar carcasses, each male seems to have his own idea of how to impress her.No matter how beguiling the alphas are, Mila still isn t sure how she feels about procreating with them But regardless of her feelings on motherhood, she soon finds out that she is just as much a slave to the thrall as her mates.

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    • Free Download [Thriller Book] ☆ Claimed by the Alphas: Part Four - by Viola Rivard ✓
      478 Viola Rivard
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    One thought on “Claimed by the Alphas: Part Four”

    1. I absolutely love this story. I picked the first in the series as a freebie on , well I am an Kindle Freebie Whore. As soon as I finished reading, I had to buy and read the rest of the series immediately. I'm just gutted I've still got to wait for the last 2 novellas to be released.This story covers two of my favourite genres, shifters and bbw, and was a really interesting take on both genres. The imagery was wonderful and the characters were very well developed.This would have been a 5 star ra [...]

    2. Claimed by the alphasfinally having her stuff she finds herself not missing anything. then she comes into heat to have both alphas enjoying her. now she's scared when one has to leave and the other is mad at her. oh what to do

    3. I am so sick of shoddy, poorly written/edited erotica. And this? This "series", which is really only a single novel split into multiple parts so the author can squeeze more pennies out of readers, is exactly the kind of thing that embodies the worst practices of self- and indie-published titles.Now then, setting aside the utterly crap and poorly explained/detailed settings - which may or may not be some alternative universe Canada or northern US - I have serious issues when one of the lead males [...]

    4. **Important. This is the fourth book in a serial, and it must be read in sequence to fully understand what is going on. This book is not designed for stand-alone reading.**So the mating thrall arrives and the Alphas, Caim and Asch take Mila to a secret lair to see out the days of the thrall in a four-day long marathon of mating, all with the aim of impregnating her with their seed so she can give them the young they desire.The story progresses well, with developments for Mila when it comes to th [...]

    5. My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!The cover is another awesome one. Is it sad I just realized that one of those wolves should be black? Okay I’m a little slow…lolOkay loved this section of the story, and I think I would definitely be irritated if I was waiting for more of the story after the ending here, but luckily I have it all :)Fantastic addition to the series and this part is on mating thrall. Some extra excitement mixed in with fights and danger. I of course couldn’t p [...]

    6. If you've read the series thus far then this is the one you've been waiting for. Thrall time!Mila, although she won't admit it, is just as affected by the thrall as Asch and Caim. She may be nervous and very reluctant, but there will come a point when her body chooses not to listen to her head.Asch is very emotional in this book. At times he can be very fun and playful and other times he's downright aggressive, which is so not like himDamn Thrall!!!Caim on the other hand is a little devious and [...]

    7. An author's potential3 star rating because the story could be far more. More character development, more plot, more of this author's delightful humor, imaginative reasoning, and promising storytelling. This series seems like a trial run. Is the author testing herself? If so, this reader is will patiently wait for this author to get down to business and fulfill the potential she exhibits within the Claimed serials. Liked all aspects of content. Looking forward to next installment. Just wish it di [...]

    8. Let the THRALL games begin or when mating becomes work! Makes me wonder if Mila could have had a birth control implant on the sly. I suppose Asch and Caim would be able to detect the birth control, and though Mila wouldn't mind a non-impregnating thrall, I imaging her boys would be peeved!*3 stars don't mean this was poorly written, it's just that as a 60 page novella it's incomplete and I can't rate it as I would a full novel.

    9. As the thrall approaches Mila knows she needs to talk with Asch and Caim since she doesn't just want to be a broodmare pregnant all the time, they need to sit down and calmly discuss their hopes and expectations, but the thrall is affecting the alphas strongly and Mila finds she herself is not immune to its pull.What will happen afterwards? will they still want her or will they go back to their old favourites, what happens if she becomes pregnant? and what happens if she doesn't?

    10. I enjoyed this so much more that the first three even though it was so short! :( I am not a fan of cliffhanger or books spread out through installments but for some reason this one caught me.The h is kind of irritating and whiny so I have no idea why I want to read more about her story but I do! lol I love the two Alphas and how they are just so different. I can't wait for the next installment and will definitely be 1-clicking it!

    11. This was the one I was looking forward to, and to be honest I was a little disappointed, don't get me wrong I liked it I was just expecting more With the thrall hitting and Mila, Asch and Caim leaving the den to a more secluded location, I found I was wanting more. Will continue this series after that ending. I want answers!! Is she? what will happen next? Looking forward to finding out!

    12. Goodness, this series is taking me on a ride. I adore the characters and the care that the author has taken in developing such a fabulous world for this series. The writing itself ain't too shabby either :-)I'm not sure what to expect with the next book, and that's half the fun of it. I devoured the first four books as I can't wait for the next one to come out. It better be soon I need my Alphas fix!

    13. Asch and Caim are ready for the Thrall that would take Mila to get her pregnant with one or both of their pups but there is danger after the Thrall to Mila who Faces off with one but Asch must leave to control the were-cats that have been hurting humans or worse or kill or reform them to find out buy this book or the complete collection and read the whole story

    14. Part of Kindle Unlimited. Part 4 of 7 in series. She went willingly to become the mate of an Alpha. Let's just say there are 2 HOT alphas that are totally different- she has them both and both want to mate her, and do. Which one will be the father of her unborn child? 3 1/2 read for me.

    15. Ohhhh I was getting so into the story and then it stops until the next part . I hope Viola releases Part 5 soon because not knowing what happens next is putting a damper on everything else that i try to read .

    16. SizzlingI'm in the thrall and wanting to see how this ends! I was baited because this is not the end and Claimed #5 is not due out until 4/14/14! I will find a way to hold on until thenOn my Were Scale of Hotness4 stars.

    17. I liked the thrall situation it was erotic and intriguing. I can't wait to see what happens in the next installment. She is to stressed out on things she can't control. Life goes the direction we choose.

    18. Another great installment in this series. I really think the biggest thing that gets me is the true nieviety of Mila. I would think someone would do more to clue her in.

    19. AwesomeAnother good installment in the series. Each one leaving me craving the next! So looking forward to the 5th part!!

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