Tycoon s Temptation When the black sheep doesn t get his way Franco Chatsfield never lived by his family s rules and he isn t going to start now But The Chatsfield s new CEO needs Franco to secure a partnership and he

  • Title: Tycoon's Temptation
  • Author: Trish Morey
  • ISBN: 9780373132713
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the black sheep doesn t get his way Franco Chatsfield never lived by his family s rules, and he isn t going to start now But The Chatsfield s new CEO needs Franco to secure a partnership, and he can t say no He ll seal the deal and leave But one woman stands in his wayHolly Purman has devoted her life to her family s vineyard, and she won t risk it all for a ChaWhen the black sheep doesn t get his way Franco Chatsfield never lived by his family s rules, and he isn t going to start now But The Chatsfield s new CEO needs Franco to secure a partnership, and he can t say no He ll seal the deal and leave But one woman stands in his wayHolly Purman has devoted her life to her family s vineyard, and she won t risk it all for a Chatsfield, so she ll give Franco six weeks to prove himself But working together sends their senses reeling, and when one taste isn t enough, they quickly discover the price of temptation Welcome to The Chatsfield, Sydney

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    One thought on “Tycoon's Temptation”

    1. Franco Chatsfield is sent to Australia to secure a partnership between the Chatsfield hotels and Purman Wines. When he arrives at the vineyard he meets Holly Purman, the woman in charge, along with her elderly but spirited grandfather Pop. Holly is reluctant to make a deal with a Chatsfield since the Chatsfield family have been getting a lot of negative attention recently in the press. Franco tries to gain their trust by staying for six weeks to help prune the vines. This was an enjoyable book. [...]

    2. The premise of this Chatsfield series rests on the idea that the notorious siblings must be shamed into better behavior so that the hotel chain can regain its reputation and profitability. In this day and age I’m not buying that premise. With the rich kids of Instagram, reality TV shows, and the amoral 1% flaunting their wealth and grasping for more, the idea that people would stay away from an elegant hotel because of the tabloids is a bit of a stretch. Let’s face it, a hotel hosts all kind [...]

    3. Tycoon's Temptation is every bit as good as the previous books, and in my opinion, even better. It's sweet, and tender and sexy. That’s what this story was. Sexy for the off the charts chemistry, sexual tension and attraction between Franco and Holly. Sweet for those little sweet scenes between them - their first kiss, first date, first lovemaking and all their firsts together. This was my favorite book in the series so far and honestly I just can’t think of anything that bothered me here or [...]

    4. Franco Chatsfield must secure a deal but for Holly her family's vineyard is the most important thing in her life and she won't risk it by making business with a notorious Chatsfield. But when they end up working together Holly discovers the man behind the mask and the sad secret he is carrying. I enjoyed this book. The story was slow sometimes and heroine was too snarky and petulant at first but the second half of the book won me over. Franco was a wonderful romantic hero, the love scenes were s [...]

    5. The author forgot to discuss why Franco left home at 16. What was the argument with his dad was about. Here again we have another one of the siblings who lived his life quietly and wasn't in the trashy magazines. I don't get what about his life they wanted to change? His compassion? His charities? Working with his hands and making something out of his life?

    6. Hurt sometimes just refuses to go away. You can through yourself into your work, you can get drunk and laugh and try to forget, you can do just about anything but the hurt will always be there. Sneaking up on you in the dead of night or hitting you with the first rays of sunlight. In this read, the fifth book in the new Mills and Boon series, we meet Holly Purman and Franco Chatsfield. Holly has devoted her life to her family's vineyard and there is no way and no how she is going to risk losing [...]

    7. Franco Chatsfield and Holly Purman's story. Franco goes to the vineyard thinking that he can show up and flash a smile then get what he wants.aying by his families rules and securing the vineyard to supply the Chatsfield Hotel's wine, and spirits. Holly is a no holds barred kind of woman. She doesn't give in to his charms. Reluctantly she gives in to her Grandfather that Franco works the fields, since they are short on help, in exchange that she changes her mind at the end of 6 weeks. During thi [...]

    8. underwhelming and didn't like the heroine or her judgemental attitude towards the hero when he was a stranger. Didn't care that the hero wasn't wealthy on his own as he was controlled by a trustee of his family's business.

    9. Algo que me gusta bastante de estas novelas es que no se desarrollan en el mismo lugar, los dos primeros libros se me hicieron muy repetitivos porque las dos historias transcurrian en el hotel de la familia, en cambio el tercer libro y este no se centran en el hotel, lo que me agrado mucho.Tambien me gusta que las tramas de las historias sean distintas entre si, no son las mas originales pero al menos las autoras no repiten la misma formula una y otra vez.El tema del vino se me hizo muuuuy pesad [...]

    10. I was all prepared to dislike this on first impression given the forgettable, emotionless cover and trite title. I have to admit that I’m prejudiced against the Presents/Modern imprint line which seems to me to be very repetitious minor variations on 'rich and powerful man with a dark past conquers innocent nubile young maiden' but Morey is having none of that, and from Holly's first conversation with Franco and she immediately starts goading him with comments like, ‘They were all out of Mas [...]

    11. De todas las novelas de la serie, esta es la mejor hasta ahora.Lo dije en la anterior, pero esta es mejor aún. El argumento es excelente, el conflicto es creíble, la ambientación es de las mejores que he visto de australianos, tal vez por no ser en la ciudad la mayor parte del tiempo (además de que la escenografía de los hoteles Chastfield es exquisita en todas las novelas de la serie que he leído hasta ahora), y su ritmo y escenas son perfectos.Franco Chastfield va a Australia a conseguir [...]

    12. Franco Chatsfield needs to secure a deal with Purman Wines or risk being cut off from his trust fund. He offers a ridiculous amount of money with fair terms but is shocked when Holly Purman rejects the deal. Holly hates Franco's rich entitlement and the idea of Purman Wines' reputation getting entangled with the scandalous misadventures of the Chatsfields. Franco only has six weeks to convince Holly to change her mind. This is the fifth book in The Chatsfield continuity series, it can also be re [...]

    13. As I mentioned before this series is getting better. The Chatsfield siblings are not what they appear to be and it makes for an entertaining read. All broken thanks to parents with a lot to answer for. I liked Franco's story. This Chatsfield kids have this thing about living on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and yet behind the scenes they are not as shallow or selfish as the public thinks. Franco avoided the spotlight, that's true but his last name was enough to keep Holly on guard unti [...]

    14. This is the first book that I really enjoyed of this series. Franco is tortured by his past and that makes him adorable. Holly is a bit petulant and sooo desperate to loose her virginity that could makes you hate her, but her issues from her past and the way she redeems herself at the end made me like her. The Cinderella atmosphere during the awards was brilliant and the ending was precious. Even without telling us why Franco leaves his family, the story is well developed and has a smart writing [...]

    15. "Morey’s poignant romance stars a once-burnt vintner heroine and a complicated, enigmatic hero. The rural-to-urban landscapes amaze, the winemaking facts elucidate and perfectly placed humor entertains" (RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 stars).Miniseries: The Chatsfield

    16. I loved this book! Loved the hero and heroine who were both complex great characters, adored how witty and smart the heroine was, loved the backdrop of wine. An utterly believable, beautiful love story I couldn't put down. Thanks for a lovely Christmas read Trish!

    17. Enjoyed this story and the sparring between the hero and heroine. Great use of Aussie locations too!

    18. Bonita. Linda. Me gustó y la disfruté. El mundo del vino está muy bien descrito y abordado. Nota: el chico de la portada no tiene nada que ver con el galán de la novela. Qué portada tan fea.

    19. A great way to kick off this year's R*BY Review Challenge - full review live at My Written Romance sometime tomorrow.

    20. This is like all The Chatsfield books. Hero, heroine, drama that resolves itself. I enjoyed this one particularly because it was set in Australia.

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