Watch Me Picking up where A Story Lately Told leaves off when Anjelica Huston is years old Watch Me chronicles her glamorous and eventful Hollywood years She tells the story of falling in love with Jack N

  • Title: Watch Me
  • Author: Anjelica Huston
  • ISBN: 9781476760346
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Picking up where A Story Lately Told leaves off, when Anjelica Huston is 22 years old, Watch Me chronicles her glamorous and eventful Hollywood years She tells the story of falling in love with Jack Nicholson and her adventurous, turbulent, high profile, spirited 17 year relationship with him and his intoxicating circle of friends She writes about learning the art and crPicking up where A Story Lately Told leaves off, when Anjelica Huston is 22 years old, Watch Me chronicles her glamorous and eventful Hollywood years She tells the story of falling in love with Jack Nicholson and her adventurous, turbulent, high profile, spirited 17 year relationship with him and his intoxicating circle of friends She writes about learning the art and craft of acting, about her Academy Award winning portrayal of Maerose Prizzi in Prizzi s Honour, about her collaborations with many of the greatest directors in Hollywood, including Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Richard Condon, Bob Rafelson, Francis Ford Coppola and Stephen Frears She writes movingly and beautifully about the death of her father, the legendary director John Huston and her marriage to sculptor Robert Graham.

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    One thought on “Watch Me”

    1. Very disappointing read. I had hoped it would be an insightful look into Hollywood by a legendary actress of whom I love, but it read more like a dull laundry list that just rattled off names of dinner guests and travel destinations. There is no sense of who Anjelica is or the inner workings of her industry and craft.

    2. 2.5 stars. I love most celebrity memoirs / autobiographies but this one was frustrating. Does Angelica Huston dish all about dating Jack Nicholson for many years? Yes, she does, but ultimately it is so frustrating because you have to wonder why she hung around that loser for so long. The answers comes - not from Angelica - but as a reader you can see she had philandering father, John Huston, and she picked a guy just like that. When she decided to break up with Jack temporarily she wound up with [...]

    3. Simply, occasionally beautifully observed.I suspect Ms. Huston reserves her most searing insights for somewhere other than a two-volume memoir. Still, a thoughtful reader can draw plenty of their own conclusions.Probably the greatest attraction to read this for most, like it was for me, is her relationship with Jack Nicholson. Between Jack's philandering and all the hobnobbing, I was left with an impression of movie people as stagnated children: extremely generous, unbelievably coddled, precocio [...]

    4. I can't decide whether Angelica is a private and reserved person or a vapid and unself-aware person. I am leaning towards the latter. She has moments of reflection and awareness but on the whole both her memoirs read as if written by a ten year old. The first half of her book is like reading a fleshed out version of her calendar. "I went to an exclusive, beautiful locale. The rich and/or famous x,y & z were there. I wore this designer outfit. Then I went to this cool place & x,y & z [...]

    5. Anjelica's style of narration was fairly straight forward and it got a little tedious at times. Most interesting was her relationship with Jack Nicholson, but boy, does she drop a lot of names! And I always wonder just how anyone can remember every single detail about everyday life and conversations; just doesn't seem possible, even if one keeps a very detailed journal.

    6. Anjelica Huston is one of my favorite actors, and I picked this book because it seemed like it might be fun, light reading, considering she’s the daughter of Hollywood Royalty, dated Jack Nicholson on and off for years, as well as Ryan O'Neill and others, knows lots of other famous people, won an Oscar, and so on. This book picks up where her first memoir ends, beginning at the age of 18, and goes until she's in her 60s (as of this review she's approaching age 64). It almost immediately begins [...]

    7. My 5 Question Review Share a one sentence synopsis, please?Third generation rich/famous person exhaustively and unintentionally tells the story of her own privilege.What did you like?I didn’t.Dislike? My biggest problem with this book was the ever present elitism. The point of view is from a person who has likely never had to worry about money in her entire life. It seems that early on she had a handful of modeling gigs and that was, apparently, a career. What I will give her credit for is fig [...]

    8. Lo empecé por chusma más que nada (y también porque me encanta leer biografías) pero el modo en qué está escrito me decepcionó bastante. Entiendo que Huston no es una escritora, pero creo que alguien podría haberla ayudado a "embellecer" su 'prosa'. Tal como está, deja mucho que desear. A veces se lee como si alguien te estuviera haciendo un resumen rápido de un chisme que escuchó del vecino de enfrente que, a su vez, lo escuchó de un tercero: sin detalles, sin desarrollo, directo al [...]

    9. A celebrity memoir cliché, if there ever was one! Houston stuffed her book with poolside parties, Hollywood affairs and crash and burn artists of every ilk. There are huge sections of this book that feel exactly like a hurried acceptance speech. Everyone gets a name mention including her 50 odd pets, horses and the many chefs who catered the endless string of parties. Really Anjelica, did you have to name each chef? every time…! Anjelica runs off to her room a lot, sulking or weeping over bet [...]

    10. I liked the first book of this memoir series but I could not get into this one. I was excited to read about Hollywood in the late 70's and hear some good stories about making some of her movies (like Life Aquatic). There were some fun tidbits but honestly reading this book was like this for me: name dropping, name dropping, name dropping, Jack says something sarcastic and she cries, name dropping, dates other people, and then tells us scant basic details about working on movies. There were also [...]

    11. More like Watch Meh. Picked up at the library, skimmed through a lot of it, as it was so dull and always thought nepotism and association were the only things about her of interest. And yes this is the case, the Dad and Jack anecdotes are interesting.

    12. “Watch Me” is Huston’s second memoir, delving into her life as an actress and consort to Jack Nicholson. Why one needs to two-part their life is something I don’t necessarily understand, as reading this book with the expectation that it’s the first and only of its type leaves you feeling that you have interrupted a story part way through. However if you have read her first memoir, or at least understand that this is part two – you can settle in for an interesting name dropping of the [...]

    13. The first half of Angelica Huston's second memoir begins with Huston meeting Jack Nicholson, and promptly beginning a relationship that on paper sounds so unpleasant that it's tough to imagine why she put up with it for so long. For a good decade, Huston will wear an expensive Halton gown, attend a gala opening on Nicholson's arm, fight with him over one of his many infidelities, and then allow him to creep back into her bed accompanied by a gift of a BMW or an antique oil painting. Then she'll [...]

    14. I confess that I wanted to read this memoir for gossip. I wanted the dirt on her 17 year relationship with Jack Nicholson. Well who didn’t know that he cheated on her throughout their time together? And most already knew that Nicholson’s grandmother was really his mother and his sister was his actual mother. A rather common occurrence back in the days when having a child out of wedlock was something that could ruin lives. So I was disappointed. She does write often about Hollywood’s A-list [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book by Anjelica Huston. Her life is interesting and reading about it has helped me appreciate her as a person. She writes from the heart, and shares her triumphs and tragedies. There is just one detraction for me. The book is written in three parts and the final part labeled "Fortune" seemed rushed, and I would have enjoyed it much more if she would have given more details and slowed the pace down. I still liked it enough to give it a 4 star rating.

    16. "Watch Me" is the second volume of Anjelica Huston's captivating revelatory memoir, following her "A Story Lately Told". Huston fans will not be disappointed as she generously details her tumultuous 17 year relationship with Jack Nicholson, her brief affair with Ryan O'Neal, and finding happiness in her marriage to sculptor Robert Graham (m.1992-2008).The memoir continues with the (1973) demise of her volatile relationship with fashion photographer Bob Richardson, he was 24 years older. Introduc [...]

    17. I received this book through from the publisher in order to give an honest review.This book started off kind of slow for me. I was unaware, upon first receiving it, that Ms. Huston had written a previous memoir about the early years of her life and it took me a few chapters to really get a feel for what was going on. You do not need to read the first memoir to be able to enjoy this one, though it might be helpful for background in the very beginning of the book. Although the book took off slowl [...]

    18. Not a great choice at the library by me. Apparently her second autobiography, the first being about her childhood. This must really get on the nerves of good writers who struggle to find a publisher.She seems to me to be a fine actress, but definitely not a writer. It's as though she kept a non-introspective journal for some reason for several decades and then published it without much polishing. It's one jarring transition after another -- a friend dies of AIDS so AIDS epidemic gets a paragraph [...]

    19. Good evening, America. I'm Anjelica Huston. It has recently come to my attention that I love memoirs."Herky's cats, Kitty and Pussy, wandered to and fro, and we drank mint tea and ate cake, and ran indoors when it started to rain."I have always loved Anjelica's exotic look, and classy self-possessiveness. I don't want to call her pretentious, because I like to believe in the magic of women like her. But while reading this book that is so filled with flowery descriptions meant to add to the mysti [...]

    20. I can only assume that there is so much more to Anjelica Huston than she lets on in this book. There are fleeting moments of depth and self-reflection, but ultimately it reads like a laundry list of all the famous people she has encountered in her life and the fabulous parties she has attended. I feel that hidden beneath her confidence lies insecurity and pain. Ms. Huston has unfortunately lost a lot of loved ones and these moments of reflection are some of the most touching in the book. Otherwi [...]

    21. Wake up, go to party, sleep with Jack Nicholson.Wake up, fly to Aspen, sleep with friend.Wake up, angry at Jack Nicholson, sleep with Ryan O'Neal.Repeat for 8 years.I haven't had a chance to read Ms. Huston's first memoir about her childhood (which might be wonderful), but this second one about her twenties and beyond, is just a bit too vapid for my taste.Plus she plays it fast and loose with the chronology leaving me completely lost at what year it actually was at any given point in the narrati [...]

    22. There's no moral to this storyjust endless description of outfits worn, movies made, homes decorated, vacations taken, etc. the first volume of her autobiography was decent but this one is tiresome. I like to feel inspired by a memoir--a life lived with conviction, big lessons learned, etc. This is not that kind of memoir.

    23. So incredibly boring that I had to skim 2/3 of the book. How could a woman share a decade of her life with Jack Nicholson and have nothing interesting to say about it? Waste of time. Double waste of time when you consider that I read her first memoir which was also dull.

    24. Parts of this were fascinating but in general it read like a grocery list. There were moments where the story held my interest but most of the time it felt like 'I went here and these people were there.'

    25. Technically, this book was so boring & hard to get into that I only read 240 pages of it & couldn't finish it. It seemed like the book was just an excuse to name-drop. Meh.

    26. Never judge a book by its cover. I'm sorry, Anjelica. I tried — and wanted — to love this book, but there is nothing here.

    27. I loved hearing Anjelica Huston read her memoir. The details in the stories were fascinating and her descriptive words made it come alive. I enjoyed this memoir and recommend it.

    28. This book has so many bonkers details about Hollywood in the 60s/70s/80s/90s. Anjelica Huston is friends with everybody and has lots of stories to tell. She is more self-reflective than most celebrities, though at times maybe not as self-aware as you want her to be. I still really enjoyed reading both of her memoirs and recommend them. They are funny, poignant, and filled with glamour.

    29. It's nice when a star's memoir is obviously written by the star themselves. Huston has a nice command of language and an ability to describe things well without getting into the boring minutia that may bore some readers. The first part of this book, Huston's second memoir in 2 years, focuses on her 13-year-long relationship with Jack Nicholson. She's very honest about what she loved about being with Nicholson, and also what she disliked, but overall, he is portrayed in flattering light. He seems [...]

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