The Woods Vol The Arrow On October students teachers and additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee WI vanished without a trace Countless light years away far outsid

  • Title: The Woods, Vol. 1: The Arrow
  • Author: James Tynion IV Michael Dialynas
  • ISBN: 9781608864546
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • On October 16, 2013, 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee, WI vanished without a trace Countless light years away, far outside the bounds of the charted universe, 513 people find themselves in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness Where are they Why are they there The answers will provOn October 16, 2013, 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee, WI vanished without a trace Countless light years away, far outside the bounds of the charted universe, 513 people find themselves in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness Where are they Why are they there The answers will prove stranger than anyone could possibly imagine.

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      459 James Tynion IV Michael Dialynas
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    One thought on “The Woods, Vol. 1: The Arrow”

    1. There is so much going on with this story! I liked how it had several different settings and didn't stick to one place. I also loved how fast this story moved. Something is always happening. While I enjoyed this for the most part, I didn't find it to be the strongest setup for this series. I will definitely be continuing on with this series though, because I'm quite intrigued to see where it goes!

    2. Apocalyptic mystery for teens. A little horror, a little fantasy, lots of angst: "The glowing stone is an arrow, left to show us the way. We have to follow it into the heart of the unknown. We must enter the woods" Nothing special, but serves its purpose.

    3. Wow, Wow, just Wow this graphic novel was absolutely and utterly amazingly fantastic! I really loved and enjoyed it so much. I don't know what to write down on this review on how much I love this graphic novel, it totally has everything I love in books especially in graphic novels. Young Adult Check, Sci-Fy Check, Horror Check, and Fantasy Double Check. I can just go on and on and on and gush on how much I love The Woods, Vol. 1. But let me back up a minute here I am getting way ahead of myself. [...]

    4. 2.5 stars. I wasn't wowed by this. There's lots of little problems with the structure of the book that keep popping up and once that happens, it's a little hard to enjoy the story for what it is. Some kind of arrow unearths itself next to a high school. The students and faculty find themselves transported to what appears to be another planet. Six students decide to follow the arrow into the woods to see if they can discover the reason why they've been transported, while the rest of the students [...]

    5. “Oh hey, let’s try a new series. This one looks good ” 20 pages in *entire school gets transported to another world*I can’t I can’t escape it.2.5 rounded down Not the best art, not the most original plot, and girls being assholes to each other for "reasons" means I'm mostly left unimpressed.

    6. ReRead 2017Lord of the Flies meets Lost with some of The Mist thrown in for good measure. A Wisconsin high school gets transported to an alien world. Alien creatures almost immediately kill a few students and the school starts breaking off into factions on what to do and who will take charge.The Good: It's a great premise for a series. I look forward to seeing where this is headed.The Bad: The artist could put more detail into the kids' faces. Sometimes they are just 2 dots and a line.The Ugly: [...]

    7. James Tynion is apparently a protege of Scott Snyder, and he did write a very good Red Hood story for Zero Year, so I gave this a shot.It's kinda like Lord of the Flies meets a Star Trek premise meets the Breakfast Club, but with less funny, and more darkness.A Wisconsin High School finds itself transported to some otherworldly planet (or moon as one of the kids rightly points out) in the middle of a very dense set of Woods. We meet some of the personalities, and get to know their slot or niche [...]

    8. Picked this comic up at Emerald City Comic Con because it sounded interesting and I ended up finishing it in one sitting - almost as soon as I got home. While the high school side is a little contrived (high school tropes in full swing, a little unbelievable that all the other staff would let this crazy gym teacher take over with such extreme measures so quickly) the other half of the book with the students exploring the woods was much more interesting. I found this first Volume to be equal part [...]

    9. Well, I'm still pretty jet-lagged. Fell asleep at 8:30 PM woke up at 1:30 AM and can't fall back asleep. I decided to read a few comics while I was wide awake and The Woods was one that I had meant to read for a little while now.I didn't do a lot of research before picking this one up and I'm glad I didn't. I honestly thought it just took place in a normal everyday woods. Nope, this shit got interesting real quick. Somehow, a high school full of students and faculty gets transported to another p [...]

    10. 3.5This was fun and fast-paced. The colors were bright and pretty too! It's just nothing special. I would continue reading it if someone would lend me their copies though! Not bad.

    11. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep… " Frost tells us. But we already know what "woods" are: Mythical places for exploration, darkness, mystery, fear, joy, all of it. Good and bad things happen in them as we grow up; First sexual experiences, keggers, getting lost. Mosquito bites, sure. But scary things jump out of the dark, it's the unknown, and then everything changes. In Into The Woods, Sondheim shows us that the woods are the place of myth, of fantasy, horror. But also a place of discover [...]

    12. 3,5 / 5¿Y si de repente el instituto donde ibas a clase aparece a años luz de distancia y más allá de los límites del universo conocido en un extraño bosque con criaturas terrorificas? Esta es la premisa de la que parte la obra de James Tinion IV publicada en BOOM! Studios y cuya serie está en pleno proceso de desarrollo por Universal Cable Productions.The Woods no propone nada nuevo: premisa sencilla, jóvenes protagonistas y rebeldes y grandes misterios ocultos por resolver. Pero lo hac [...]

    13. This was interesting. I wanted to like it more. I think maybe it's made for teenagers (which I can get behind, love Nova and Ms Marvel is fun) but I just couldn't get sucked in to this one for some odd reason. Maybe didn't love any character, or the pacing felt odd at times, or a bit cliche and easy to see coming moments. On the flipside the artwork is unique and quite good. I also liked some of the character's action and a surprise here and there. The atmosphere is unique and different and I ha [...]

    14. Bullet Review:Very enjoyable! A high school gets transported to some alien moon and, well, chaos ensues. Five teens head out to try to solve the mystery of why they are there while the rest fight to exert control.This is the type of story I love; adventure/journey/travel/survival stories. It brings out the best - and worst - in people.

    15. The WoodsCurrently on a horror binge, I grabbed this randomly hoping it to be something along that line.Not what I was expecting, though. It's more weird than scary. Nevertheless, still entertaining.I don't know why, but the premise reminded me of that Predator movie reboot, where folks are kidnapped, taken to a strange planet and set loose for sports. Maybe that's the whole idea here? Maybe. We'll see. I hope I'm wrong :)Political restructuring, bullies taking charge, etc. At the sign of the fi [...]

    16. On an ordinary Monday, things for the students and faculty of Bay Point Preparatory High School in Milwaukee are about to get very extraordinary."What the hell was that?""Was that some kind of explosion?""What What is that??"'That' is the school being suddenly, unexplainably transported to another planet-"Moon.""What?""Um It's a moon, isn't it? We're orbiting a gas giant. I'm pretty sure this is a moon. Maybe."Fine.'That', is the school being suddenly, unexplainably transported to an uncharted m [...]

    17. My neck hurts a lot today, and I'm not sure why. This may add to my cranky apathy about reviewing. Right now I wish I could just go, "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh" and be done with it. But I suppose I should justify my "Ehhhhhhhhhh" feelings.I am rather curious as to why Tynion specified that the school that gets woo-woo transported through space and time is in Milwaukee. I think he was going for a "small-town high school feel" and someone said, "Hey, set it in Wisconsin! They have cows!" and Tynion said, "Uh, [...]

    18. This was a fun, quick, easy read. Only 4 issues long with a fast paced story that just kind of whips you along.There's not a whole lot of rocket science going on in this one. You kind of just need to suspend your disbelief and go with the flow. If you are capable of that, then this can make for a pretty enjoyable read.Basically, a high school gets teleported to another planet or a different dimension, or something? It's not really clear (yet) the why, where, or how.And for now, it doesn't really [...]

    19. New favourite comic alert!! This was like if The 100 took place in the Upside Down and it was all set on an Alien Moon. Think Lumberjanes but A LOT darker. I loved this so much. The art was stunning and I love the characters. I can't recommend this enough and I can't wait to see what happens in volume 2!!!

    20. A high school is transported to an alien world. A mysterious wood surrounds the school and quickly begins expelling deadly creaturesya sf/horror graphic novelExtremely intriguing beginning- the artwork suggests an exciting amount of worldbulding in store! It appears that humans of all races and historical periods may have been transported to the planet; and the alien life forms are excitingly creepy. My least fave part is how the plot set up factions between the transportees (e.g. teachers vs. h [...]

    21. James Tynion IV (Batman Eternal) spins a science-fiction story about an entire high school – teachers, students, building – that is suddenly transported to a wilderness location on a moon in some other universe. Before the group can even get oriented to their new surroundings, they are attacked by strange creatures and there are casualties. The 500+ individuals struggle to establish order but that effort is hampered by various groups’ efforts to seize power. In addition, a few select stude [...]

    22. A high school gets picked up out of Wisconsin and transported to somewheree distant future? Another solar system? A parallel universe? With Mayans? Vikings? I'm not really sure, but there are WOODS, and strange deadly alien? creatures.Quickly this turns into two separate story lines. The bulk of the school becoming Lord of the Flies, with evil gym teachers and jock henchmen. The focus switches back and forth between the school power struggle and what is, in my opinion, the more interesting story [...]

    23. Una historia trepidante llena de acción y grandes dosis de intriga. Me ha gustado el dibujo y el guión tiene las dosis justas de humor. Los monstruitos están muy logrados pero con tanto personaje de momento tengo un pequeño batiburrillo en la cabeza. Espero que la trama siga siendo así de interesante.

    24. Enjoyable little mystery a la Lost except this one revolves around a High School transported into a freaky woods with weird creatures and stranger stuff.

    25. I really like where this story is going. It's scary, dark, brutal, and intriguing with a great cast of characters! Plus the kids are from my hometown so I just can't say no.

    26. *3.5 stars* I actually really enjoyed this! I've heard a lot of mixed things from various people about this graphic novel series so I went in with zero expectations and I was pleasantly surprised! I zoomed through it which is always a good sign however I feel like there was just something missing, perhaps it's because it's volume 1 so I'm just getting used to a new story.I liked most of the characters too, especially Calder, he was such an idiot but I loved him. The plot was a great mixture of m [...]

    27. I had heard great things about this seriesd volume one certainly delivered on the hype. A nice mash-up of portal fantasy, alien abduction, high-school drama, horror, and weird conspiracy. I especially like that the characters aren't just cardboard, stereotypes that so often pepper your typical high-school drama or horror movie. The story jumps right into the action and then fills in the backstories of the characters as they are confronted with frightening and difficult situations. The world they [...]

    28. Wow! This series is off to a great start. A high school gets transported to a distant, seemingly hostile planet. Things quickly get as Lord of the Flies as one would expect. In some ways it's reminiscent of Stephen King's novella, "The Mist." There are some intriguing mysteries developing, but things are basically just starting up as this volume comes to a close. I definitely want to read more of this!

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