Love For Sale A World History of Prostitution From the Whore of Babylon to The Happy Hooker eminent historian Nils Johan Ringdal has written a masterly extremely readable world history of the world s oldest profession spanning a wide historica

  • Title: Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution
  • Author: Nils Johan Ringdal Richard Daly
  • ISBN: 9780802141842
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the Whore of Babylon to The Happy Hooker, eminent historian Nils Johan Ringdal has written a masterly, extremely readable world history of the world s oldest profession, spanning a wide historical swathe armed with a lively wit Beginning with The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Old Testament, and ancient cultures from Greece to India and beyond, Love for Sale takes the readerFrom the Whore of Babylon to The Happy Hooker, eminent historian Nils Johan Ringdal has written a masterly, extremely readable world history of the world s oldest profession, spanning a wide historical swathe armed with a lively wit Beginning with The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Old Testament, and ancient cultures from Greece to India and beyond, Love for Sale takes the reader on a tour through the entire recorded history of prostitution up to the modern red light district It shows how different societies have dealt with prostitutes ancient Greece, Rome, and India incorporated them into several social echelons, including the priestess class their close relations with artists in 19th century Europe made them muses to the modern sensibility the Victorians campaigned against them It shows the similarities between medieval European heterosexuals and contemporary gay men when visiting public baths, gives lively commentary on the classic Fanny Hill and on Emma Goldman s and Eva Peron s sympathy for prostitutes, and closes with Sydney Biddle Barrows, the rise of the sex workers rights movement and contemporary sex positive feminism, and a realistic look at the true risks and rewards of prostitution in the present day.

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    • ✓ Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution || ↠ PDF Read by Å Nils Johan Ringdal Richard Daly
      445 Nils Johan Ringdal Richard Daly
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution || ↠ PDF Read by Å Nils Johan Ringdal Richard Daly
      Posted by:Nils Johan Ringdal Richard Daly
      Published :2018-07-06T22:10:41+00:00

    One thought on “Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution”

    1. It is in essence a global social history of prostitution, particularly its ever-evolving position of tolerance or ostracization in society. It makes a strong case for tolerance in the present day, where legalization is a gateway to proper medical prevention, without passing a verdict on the benefits of ‘white’ prostitution when it comes to economical advantage or protection against violence. The mixed results of legalization policies on those points are clearly visible when the state relies [...]

    2. It wasn’t until I was a few chapters into this book that I realized what a gargantuan undertaking its title suggests. A global history of prostitution? From ancient times through to modern? Cataloguing every country on the globe? And all in the space of 400 pages? Wow, Nils Ringdal must be quite a writer!In fact, Ringdal is not remotely up to the challenge. Love For Sale is a history of prostitution, for sure, but doesn’t come close to being comprehensive. It would have been a much better ef [...]

    3. Платената любов през вековете – колко, къде и защо?: knigolandiafo/book-review/n Книги от този порядък не могат да бъдат резюмирани правдиво – “Най-трудната професия. История на проституцията” е изключително мащабен и подробен исторически труд, който синтезира в себе си хилядолетият [...]

    4. This book is, as it says, a history of prostitution, coupled with the inevitable discussion of what prostitution actually *is*--how it's been defined historically by different groups and how various cultures view it today. Ringdal begins with The Whore described in the Gilgamesh epic and devotes chapters to such diverse topics as Middle Eastern temple prostitutes, pre-colonial Africa, the tango and its Argentinian brothel origins, forced sex slavery during WWII, and on up through the NYC call-gi [...]

    5. Very interesting and incredibly detailed/in-depth. This book does pretty much cover the WORLD history of prostitution. Having no other knowledge on the subject, I know that there are probably point that the author missed out on, but the book took me so long to read that I feel like I've read six books on the subject at this point. There is a definite pro-prostitution slant to this book, although I get the feeling that the author did attempt in some way to present an objective analysis (most of t [...]

    6. Pretty much exactly what you'd want from a book like this: A well-researched account of prostiution from ancient Mesopotamia until the present (1990s) told with wit and verve, and entirely free of the bitter ideological agendas that infect so much writing on this topic today. There's an excellent bibliography at the end for those who want to go more in-depth on specific regions and eras.If there's one criticism to be made it is that it's not truly a world history. It's mainly a history of prosti [...]

    7. Тъкмо я завърших. С изключение на изключително слабата глава за проституцията в ранно християнската епоха (най-вече недостоверно представения от автора образ на Мария Магдалена), изследването е добро. Е, ако можех да избирам, бих предпочел то да бе по-академично оформено (с [...]

    8. I finally finished reading this very badly written book. Mr Ringdal should have hired a translator, instead of undertaking the job himself. There are many spelling and grammar mistakes. A lot of what he says sounds like it would make sense in Norwegian but the gist is lost in English. This is pretty sad because the history of prostitution is such an interesting subject matter, but Ringdal to his credit does investigate broadly the subject. The trajectory of prostitution as it spread from Babylon [...]

    9. Loved this book. There is a lot of information and that we are not taught in schools. Apparently, many of the churches in London are built from the proceeds of prostitutionarently, an immense amount of women died during wars, just as much, if not more than those on the front linesformation we are not given in history class, which unfortunately, gives an erroneous perspective of who many died in war.I don't necessarily agree with some of the author's opinions, but I valued what I learned from him [...]

    10. Perhaps a brief history would be more appropriate. The topic is far too broad.It is best to see this book as a collection of essays on various places and periods in history. So be sure to check the contents page and feel free to pick and choose. I would have preferred more personal accounts and stories, but that is not the fault of the author. Definitely a good introductory read for anyone interested in the subject, or even students.

    11. What I liked- This non fiction book followed a logical sequence and was filled with interesting facts. I especially liked the chapter about Mary Magdalene.What I didn’t like- About halfway through the book i got bored. There was a lot of information to swallow and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

    12. Aside from some very obvious problems with bias nearing the end and the glossing over of some events that I would have liked expansion on, this book was incredibly interesting to read, ranging from the very beginning to modern times. I have to say though that I was much more interested in Ancient prostitution than modern.

    13. I was excited about this book, as I think that the hsitory of prostitution is a pretty interesting topic. However, the book lacked any sort of developed thesis and had a sort of judgmental, preachy aspect to it that turned me off rather quickly. It's definitely one of the least elaborative books I've read in the last few years.

    14. Interesting, but he totally doesn't cite his sources, so I really don't know if he's just making stuff up or what.

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