The Witch Of Prague This is a book about a witch who is not old and ugly as you would normally think a witch would be She uses her powers for herself and makes slaves by hypnotizing them with her multi colored eyes She i

  • Title: The Witch Of Prague
  • Author: Francis Marion Crawford
  • ISBN: 9780722126837
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a book about a witch who is not old and ugly as you would normally think a witch would be She uses her powers for herself and makes slaves by hypnotizing them with her multi colored eyes She is not an evil person, but she does use her powers unethically Her need for love pushes her to have dealings with a wizard that she comes to regret.

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    One thought on “The Witch Of Prague”

    1. There have been a lot of great character names throughout literary history like Undine Spragg from Edith Wharton's The Custom of the Country. I say this because I thought of the name Undine the entire time I read this book because in this book we meet Unorna, and that's just fantastic.I read this book for my spooky reads of October (though am just a smidge behind on my reviews), and I'm so glad to finally get around to it. I knew going into it that it would take place in Prague (because the word [...]

    2. This review is for the novel, not the anthology of short stories it must at times be included in. I only have a copy of the title feature. The Witch of Prague was certainly an interesting story. The main storyline with its supernatural elements was good, but so too was the secondary plot, that being Keyork Arabian and his quest for immortality. The latter I think was left a little incomplete, unless I just missed it in the reading. I found the narrative to be long-winded and, at times, excessive [...]

    3. I tried, man. I wanted to give this a shot. But when the Wanderer is going through a street in Prague and I'm hit with this huge wall of text philosophising about love and suffering and bit players in the Iliad and Shakespeare and the thread of whatever point was being made has been utterly lost in all the purple prose. Do not read the Witch of Prague. Maybe see if has a synopsis instead.

    4. Riletto dopo trent’anni, il romanzo di questo autore semisconosciuto mi ha mostrato l’immagine chiara e nitida, quasi riflessa in uno specchio, di un altro me stesso; molto cambiato, se non come persona, quantomeno in fatto di gusti come lettore. Convinto dalla descrizione contenuta nel risvolto di copertina, l’avevo acquistato appena uscito nelle librerie; mi era piaciuto molto. Col passare del tempo però avevo dimenticato la trama e quasi tutti i personaggi; tutti tranne Unorna, la bell [...]

    5. CopiousnessWell, I've read it, and I believe I can say I enjoyed it. Particularly interesting, one could say, for 1) what a late nineteenth-century writer might have imagined hypnotism capable of, and 2) a tourist's view of Prague in the same period ("Winter in Prague is but one long, melancholy dream"). —I believe I can say fairly that the two wicked characters ("Unorma" and "Keyork Arabian") are considerably more interesting than the two upstanding characters. —The experience of reading th [...]

    6. This was one of those very very descriptive books. Not a bad tale, but a lot of words in the telling.

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