The Flower When Brigg discovers a book in the library labelled Do Not Read he cannot resist taking it home It leads him to an unexpected discovery which brings brightness and beauty to the inhabitants of a pr

  • Title: The Flower
  • Author: John Light Lisa Evans
  • ISBN: 9781846430169
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Brigg discovers a book in the library labelled Do Not Read , he cannot resist taking it home It leads him to an unexpected discovery, which brings brightness and beauty to the inhabitants of a previously dull and dismal world.A deceptively simple and haunting story, beautifully and mysteriously illustrated, set in a bleak future metropolis.

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      436 John Light Lisa Evans
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    One thought on “The Flower”

    1. A wonderful book with enticing illustrations that truly add to the story. Excellent message behind the text. Certainly usable to teach children about the environment, global citizenship, and community. Loved the creepy characters and settings.

    2. I'm not quite sure when Bleak Dystopian Futures became a picture book genre, but it's here. This is actually quite a nice example of it. Brigg lives in a small room in the big city, and works in the library where dangerous books are stored. One day he finds the most dangerous book of all, the one marked do not read. This dangerous book tells Brigg about flowers, with the beautiful shapes and colours. Of course Brigg seeks out flowers in his bleak, colourless world. Gorgeous illustrations really [...]

    3. This one had never been on my wishlist. I didn't even know it exists. I was on my way to the cashier during a book fair named Big Bad Wolf when I walked past this book and my eyes caught a glimpse of a boy who stood in front of bookshelf and covered half of his face with a book which had flower on its cover. I didn't even think about how much money I had left. I didn't even bother to read the synopsis (like I usually do). I just bought it. This might be one of those magical moments where you got [...]

    4. In Brigg's world, beauty is as simple as a flower. How a book changes life and makes him happy. A search of meaningful life.

    5. يحكي الكتاب قصة طفل صغير، بْرِج، وسعيه لزرع وردة صغيرة في وسط المدينة الرمادية، الكتاب مرسوم بحساسية بالغة من قبل ليزا إيفانز باستخدام خامة الفحم للأماكن الرمادية في المدينة واللون الوردي للأماكن التي لا تغص بالمباني وتمتليء بالورود الطبيعية، هذا التناقض في اللونين وأسلو [...]

    6. The illustrations really bring this book to life. Everything in Briggs city is grey and dull, apart from him. In the illustrations, Brigg is the only object to be shown in colour. I would definitely talk about the contrast of colours with children in art, and the power they have on focusing our attention to certain aspects. Brigg is missing colour and beauty in his urbanised city. He discovers a book full of colourful flowers and realises nature and colour are missing from this dark city. I thin [...]

    7. A slightly dark and eery book with illustrations to portray this feeling. Great use of colour to show the bleak dark city with a messy charcoal style in comparison to the delicate pastel colours of everything else.

    8. A heart-warming story that makes the reader reconsider the pace of our lives and what we appreciate it. This book illustrates perfectly the benefits of appreciating the smaller things in life and the acknowledgment of the power that these small things have to bring joy and happiness.

    9. beautiful picture book about a dystopian world where a boy likes dangerous books. He finds a picture of a flower which turns out to be a packet of seeds which he germinate, providing the first spot of colour in his world.

    10. The Flower follows a boy whose life lacks beauty. He finds a book with a secret and learns what he's been missing.I didn't love this one. It seemed just a little too dark, which some people might think is really cool! It's definitely unique.I would use this to talk about color and contrast. I would recommend it to older kids maybe.

    11. OK. Se que este libro ya lleva rato publicado, y probablemente si les interesa leerlo les cueste un poquitín conseguirlo. Lo mandé pedir porque se me ocurrió recomendarlo cuando trabajaba en la librería, y vendí las tres piezas que teníamos. Error mío.Por fin lo tengo en mis manos, un poco maltratado, pero está completo, legible, y es lo que cuenta.Este libro fue recomendación de uno de mis compañeros de trabajo, y, como se lee en menos de diez minutos, me tomé el tiempo de leerlo y m [...]

    12. Brigg is a child living in a grey city. He works at the library, where he finds a book he isn't supposed to read. It's filled with pictures of flowers, which he hasn't seen before. If only he could find a flower in the city.Dystopian futures are tricky to condense for picture books, as there's not a lot of space to explain what's going on, and early readers may not be familiar with the tropes of the genre. This book does a good job of tackling that issue. There are many small details, like Brigg [...]

    13. This story was about a boy who lives in a town without color. Every day he seems to go unnoticed in this black and white world. One day he is at the library and he finds a book that says "do not read", so of course he takes it home. In the book their was a beautiful picture of a flower and Brigg was amazed by it. In the back of the book their were seeds. Brigg then scoops up dust from around town and plants the seeds in a mug and pours water into it. A few days past and the beautiful flower grow [...]

    14. One of the very few dystopian picture books, "The Flower", shows a little boy named Brigg living in a corrupt world. Everyone in the world looks the same and acts the same. Brigg is different, he doesn't walk the same way the people in his town do. One day he discovers a book with a flower and that leads him on a journey to finding his own flower. He experiences the beauty and colorfulness of the plant, but it is quickly taken away. He searches for the plant and vows to fill the city with them. [...]

    15. The Flower is a picture book that falls in the genre dystopia. The book is about young man who works in a library and one day finds a book that says Do Not Read on it but he takes it anyways. It has a picture of a big flower. He sets out all over town to find a flower; he finds seeds and plants a flower. Until one day he comes home and his entire flower are sucked up out of his room. He eventually finds more flowers because all his flowers made more flowers. The flower in this story I think repr [...]

    16. Book Review: The Flower “The Flower”, by John Light was a very interesting book to read. This book is great for children around the age of 7-8 to partake in. The picture book describes this child that works at a library, (which is awkward and will stand out to children why he isn’t in school). The young child lives in a very dull and black-and-white city that never experiences any type of excitement or color. One day at work at the library he sees a section of books that stand out to him t [...]

    17. this book is dystopian genre. it was about the little boy around 10 years old name Brigg work at the library. in this book, the world is very different compare to our world. it was very simple, plan and boring. everyone dress in uniform and work everyday. the city have no plant, it only have electricity things. even in the room that Brigg live in was very boring too. its very plan just a bed, sink and the clean machine on top of the room. its feel like this city is a assembly or factory with all [...]

    18. I thought this dystopian picture book was very interesting. The main character is a young boy who is just going about his daily routine, when he stumbles upon a book at the library that said 'do not read'. He took it and sees that the book is about flowers-something that he has never seen in his very muted and clean world. He then stumbles upon seeds at a store. He plants them and the story continues from there.The illustrations were all in very muted colors such as black, white, and brown. Howe [...]

    19. This picture book by John Light is about how a boy named Brigg who lives in a big dark city.He lives in a samll apartenent and everyday goes to work in a library.One day he finds a shelf of "dangerous" books.He smuggles one of them to his apartement and reads it finding pictures of flowers and things that are long gone.Fasinated he searches everywhere fo a flower and finds a bag of seeds in a junk store.He planted it and it grows.But one day the the flower gets sucked up into the vacume cleaner [...]

    20. this is a story about a boy who lives in a concrete world, then one day he’s reading a book and he sees a picture of a flower. he’s amazed by the picture and i can’t remember if he asks someone about it or he takes it home himself to look at, but he ends up at the tiny pedlar shop where he sees a picture of a flower and asks the man about it. the boy is told that this is a packet of seeds, so the boy buys it and follows the directions on the back and soon a sprout comes up out of the pot h [...]

    21. It is an intriguing book about a boy Brigg who is different from every body else in his city.The city is dull and Brigg wants to brighten it up with some colour. He goes to the library every day and one day , he notices a book on the far end of the shelf glowing! When he reaches for it , the book says ,'dangerous book, do not read'. He is compelled to open and read it secretly under his beddings and he finds the answer to his predicament,'flowers'.Year 2s loved this text especially for guided re [...]

    22. There are only 2 things worth watching on itv the first is champions league football and the second is on their website of signed stories using BSL. signedstories/ There is a range of books to use and an app for ipad too. The flower is illustrated in an interesting and contemporary way it is about a boy and how his own life changes when he finds a book that he should not read despite working in a library. Even if you don't have any children in your class signing it would be an interesting and th [...]

    23. The Flower by John Light, illustrated by Lisa Evans - Wow. Have you ever walked by a book and have it catch your eye, again and again until finally when you have a moment you walk over and grab it? I encountered The Flower today and was drawn to it over and over. it has such power: hope, inspiration, libraries, book power, and more just loved how this story was presented- text and illustration were combined in a perfect balance. - Australian title, sorry to those who cannot get their hands on it [...]

    24. A book that demonstrates the power of reading as well as the power of freedom. The basics of the text are accessible (although maybe a bit abstract) for younger students while the greater complexity and message are better suited for older students - especially those studying restrictive governments/censorship.

    25. When you take a child's first dystopia, and add a bucketload of nuance and understated emotion, a smidgen of spicy humour, and heartfelt, original artwork, what you get is this utter gem of a book. Definitely worth buying.

    26. Not often do you read a children's dystopian book that's displayed in just a few pages. It's got a bland and somewhat creepy drawing style that is greeted with burst of beauty and color when the first flower is grown! ~Ashley

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