Baby Danced the Polka It s nap time on the farm but one un sleepy baby has a different plan Will Baby do the cha cha Will Mama flip her wig Will Baby dance the polka with a polka dotted pig Perfect fun for young children

  • Title: Baby Danced the Polka
  • Author: Karen Beaumont Jennifer Plecas
  • ISBN: 9780803725874
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s nap time on the farm, but one un sleepy baby has a different plan Will Baby do the cha cha Will Mama flip her wig Will Baby dance the polka with a polka dotted pig Perfect fun for young children who like lively stories, this happy tale invites all to join in and dance along Read, sing, lift the flaps, do a little jip and twirl It s a toe tappin , no napIt s nap time on the farm, but one un sleepy baby has a different planWill Baby do the cha cha Will Mama flip her wig Will Baby dance the polka with a polka dotted pig Perfect fun for young children who like lively stories, this happy tale invites all to join in and dance along Read, sing, lift the flaps, do a little jip and twirl It s a toe tappin , no nappin good time when baby starts to boogie.Book Details Format HardcoverPublication Date 3 30 2004Pages 32Reading Level Age 2 and Up

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      456 Karen Beaumont Jennifer Plecas
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    One thought on “Baby Danced the Polka”

    1. One of my favorite read-aloud books! It's fun and I love the rhythm. The kids can relate to the baby not wanting to sleep. It also has rhyming and the kids can try to guess what animal the baby will dance with next.

    2. One of my all time favorite storytime books! I like to call it a Swiss-army storytime book cause I can use it just about anytime.

    3. This baby is better-coordinated than I am.It's cute. It's written in rhyme, and definitely for younger kids. It's a lift the flap book. There's a mama and a papa and a baby who live on a farm. They put the baby down for a nap and tell him to stay in bed, but he keeps dancing with various animals as the parents are trying to get things done. They keep putting him back to bed, but eventually they just give up and they all dance together, which is cute. At night, everybody goes to sleep, including [...]

    4. Beaumont provides a rhythmic romp of a story about a baby that insists on dancing with the farm animals instead of taking nap. The text features a repetitive verse, a predictive rhyme scheme and a variety of terms from a country dialect that will delight children. The illustrations feature a variety of cute animals, a loving mother and father and a happy baby that live on a farm in Arkansas. In addition to the text and illustration, the books features sturdy card stock flaps that children can ma [...]

    5. It’s nap time on the farm and Mama and Papa put Baby down for his nap. But Baby has other ideas, he’d rather polka with the polka-dotted pig! Each time his parents put him back in bed that crazy Baby is up again dancing with another stuffed animal. Eventually, his parents give up and they make music and dance until Baby falls asleep with visions of “polka parties still a-dancing in his head.”Named a Notable Children’s Book by the American Library Association in 2005, this little book i [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book because of its lively, energetic rhyme scheme. As a parent, the refrain "It's nap time, little baby, so you'd better stay in bed," really hits the nail on the head! :-) Maybe that's why I liked this one so much, because I relate to putting the baby down for his nap and hoping he'll actually stay down for a bit so I can get some work done! The book is also fun because it is a lift-the-flap book. You lift the flaps to see which stuffed animals the baby is dancing with. C [...]

    7. Definitely a Sophie book. She likes books where you lift the flap, so this would fit that criterion even if it weren't so cute and lively. It's about a baby who will not take a nap. His mama puts him to bed and tells him he's better stay in bed. "But instead" While mama amd papa do their chores, baby dances with his stuffed farm animals. You see baby from the back and then lift the flap to see who he's dancing with. So cute. The illustrations remind me a bit of Helen Oxenbury's - simple and colo [...]

    8. It's a pretty cute little story--definitely has a good rhythm that you can almost sing as you read. The illustrations were good, though not really a style that I love. And actually, when I first grabbed the book off the shelf, I thought that it was older than its actual publication date. But my toddler enjoyed reading it. I did also sort of wonder about this family that has to haul water and has a wig wearing mother It's like our cultural ideas of what farm life is like are frozen in the 1940s.

    9. I thought this book was super cute. It just had a happy note about it. I liked the clever way of incorporating animals into the book. I feel like younger kids will really enjoy this and it's inviting to them because of the flaps to open on the pages. It's intriguing. There are many bright colors used which is appealing and the artwork overall is well done. The illustrations go very well with the words and it all blends together nicely. I like the idea of family in this book too and how at the en [...]

    10. This is a wonderful book for phonologic awareness for young children. There is ample repetition and rhyming, flaps to lift, and a fun story to tell. I loved the premise of this story--it was funny and heartwarming. There might be some explanation needed because of the farm references, but it is overall an adorable story of a family that loves each other very much.

    11. Fun story with repetition re baby dancing various dances instead of staying in bed. Cheerful illustrations and flaps that kids will enjoy opening to reveal which stuffed animal baby is dancing with -- name of animal rhymes with last word on previous page. May be too long for some toddlers. Charming!

    12. I used this story as part of a dance/exercise-themed bilingual story time program. It's about a baby who wants to dance rather than take a nap. Mom and dad keep catching him and putting him back to bed until they realize it's no use and dance alongside their baby. It's a cute story that rhymes and repeats.

    13. I absolutely love this book and I loved it for my then 11 month old daughter. I think I loved it more than she did! Lol. I had originally rented it from the library but now that it's near Christmas, I'm gonna go ahead and buy it. I love the way it rhymes and its rhythm makes you wanna dance, if you're looking for a book that's fun and a bit silly then give "Baby Danced The Polka" a try.

    14. This adorable picture book is about a baby who does not want to take a nap. His parents keep trying to put him in bed, but he finds different animals to dance with and ends up dancing right back out to the living room! In the end they give up and the three of them dance together until the sun sets. This book is ideal for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. It has a theme of family.

    15. A baby is supposed to be napping but can't resist the urge to dance instead. He picks various stuffed animals to be his partners. It rhymes and has flaps to lift on several pages. Thanks to those of you who recommended it.

    16. Read at Family Story Time on 7/18/11: storytimesecrets/Read at Toddler Lap Time on 8/23/13: storytimesecrets/

    17. Great rhymes, lots of good vocabulary, repeated text -- everything you could ask for! I'm only giving it four stars, though, because it's got sharp corners and is sized for lap sharing as opposed to storytime sharing. (Those two things seem rather incongruous, no?)

    18. This book is just fantastic! Ady loved being read this story and I can only imagine she'll like it even more when she gets older! I will definitely be adding this book to our library. A very good rhythm and super cute illustrations! The open the flap aspect of the book is also really cool!

    19. This book is brimming with cuteness and is an absolute must read! The rhyming words flow easily and in an upbeat rhythm. The pictures are bright and colorful and the pull out pages entertain young and curious readers. Love it!

    20. This book was so great!!! It works great to encourage kids to dance different kinds of dances. There are moving flaps which little ones love. It also rhymes and teaches a list of animals. All around win.

    21. nothing special. a book i read to baby in utero. rhyming lift the flap book about a baby who doesn't want to take a nap and keeps escaping from bed to dance around the house with farm stuffed animals.

    22. Excellent rhythm, good vocabulary, excellent for demonstrating phonemic awareness or narrative skills. May be one of the best books ever written :-). Seriously, though, I sneak it into many storytimes whenever I can.

    23. Oh my gosh, I just love this picture book, great for children 3 years to about first or second grade. It's silly, colorful illustrations and very rhythmic sentences make this book such fun. In this, mom and dad are tired, but baby wants to dance!

    24. I really liked this book. The author did a good job using rhyming words and phrases. It would be exciting to read in a classroom because the children could guess what animals the baby danced with. Being able to flip over the pieces on the pages makes the book an exciting adventure.

    25. Charlotte Zolotow Highly Commended (2005)Lots of rhyme and rhythm that keep the story flowing. Fold-out bits are good for little hands learning to turn pages and explore them. Nice bedtime story for little ones who can't seem to get their wiggles out.

    26. I love the idea of this book, but I wish some of the actions that the Papa and Mama participate in like "starch your longjohns" were more relevant to children. Loved the repetitive refrain - great for audience involvement.

    27. When you've read a book 50 times to toddlers and still give it 5 stars, you know you've got a keeper! My tots never grew tired of lifting the flaps and shouting COW! PIG! GOAT! As they grew older, it was a good first reader since they had it memorized.

    28. (2004) It's nap time on the farm and ma and pa work on their chores while Baby sleeps. Or so they thought. Baby wakes up multiple times to boogie-woogie and cha-cha with a different stuffed animal. By the end of the book Baby has the whole family dancing well into the night.

    29. I'd never heard of this children's book until we received it as a gift from my sister-in-law. It quickly became a favorte of ours and Aaron's. It's a cute rhyming story about a baby who keeps getting up from his nap to dance with various stuffed animals.

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