Deadly Beginnings Jaycee Clark is best known for her Deadly books a series of romantic suspense novels featuring the very sexy Kinncaid brothers But before Aiden Ian Brayden Gavin and Quinlan there was Jock Kinnca

  • Title: Deadly Beginnings
  • Author: Jaycee Clark
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  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jaycee Clark is best known for her Deadly books, a series of romantic suspense novels featuring the very sexy Kinncaid brothers But before Aiden, Ian, Brayden, Gavin, and Quinlan there was Jock Kinncaid, the charismatic patriarch to the Kinncaid family, and Kaitlyn O Reilly, the woman who captured his heart forever Kaitlyn O Reilly, an RN, believed she d found love withJaycee Clark is best known for her Deadly books, a series of romantic suspense novels featuring the very sexy Kinncaid brothers But before Aiden, Ian, Brayden, Gavin, and Quinlan there was Jock Kinncaid, the charismatic patriarch to the Kinncaid family, and Kaitlyn O Reilly, the woman who captured his heart forever Kaitlyn O Reilly, an RN, believed she d found love with the charming and well liked surgeon she d met at work Landon Goldburg was kind, attentive, and she thought they had so much in common Now engaged, the good doctor has quickly become the man of her nightmares As he grows controlling and violent, Kaitlyn wants her freedom Jock Kinncaid can t stop thinking about the quietly beautiful and engaged redhead he met at a fund raising gala months ago He knows a spitfire lurks beneath the surface of this woman who s invaded his dreams, and he knows she s exactly what s been missing from his otherwise ideal life When a chance meeting throws the two of them together again, Jock swears he won t let her get away this time But even as Jock vows to protect the woman he loves and Kaitlyn struggles to trust Jock and the passion between them, the deranged doctor is bent on destroying them both, even if it means killing the only thing he loves.

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    1. I’ve read several of the Kinncaid Brothers books by Jaycee Clark and really enjoyed them. Because of that, I was excited to read Deadly Beginnings, which is a prequel in the Kinncaid Borthers series. The story tells how Jock and Kaitlyn met and fell in love. (Jock and Kaitlyn are the parents of the Kinncaid brothers and obviously, started it all!)As those before me, and my sons after will follow, the woman I'm blessed with and the family we'll share, to life and to death, this I'll defend.At t [...]

    2. ***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***As soon as he sees her, Jock Kinncaid knows she is the one he's going to marry. Pity, Kaitlyn O'Reilly is already engagedKaitlyn "certainly not Katherine" O'Reilly is in over her head. She thought she found the perfect man, only for him to turn into a perfect nightmare. Dr. Landon Goldburg III dictates every aspect of her life—from what she'll wear to how she'll talk, who she'll talk to, and she's certain he's also sabotaged her ability to ente [...]

    3. 4 Stars – Deadly Beginnings is an adult contemporary romantic suspense thriller by Jaycee Clark, and prequel to her Deadly (Kinncaid Brothers) series.Kinncaid family motto: This I’ll defend. Because nothing is more important to a Kinncaid than his family. The series revolves around the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid brothers, the women they love, and the strength of family ties. Each story blending the perfect balance of contemporary romance and a chilling, highly suspenseful plot that will k [...]

    4. I love Jatcee Clark's writing and her Kinncaid books, but maybe I was expecting too much from this oneThis is a kind of prequel to all other books since it's Jock and Kaitlyn's book.It's ambiented in the seventies, but I had the feeling that it would be more suited if it was the end or beginning of the century. Apart from the presence of the cars and the way they're dressed, it has a taste of time long passed.Jock was possesive in a way that is more suited to knights and even if Kaitlyn was fun [...]

    5. Listed as .5 of the Deadly series by Jaycee Clark. I read the series and loved it. I was excited that Ms. Clark wrote Jock and Kaitlyn's story. It was short, just a novella and not a full length novel but I loved it. Jock sees the lovely Kaitlyn at a fund raiser and knows he wants her. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn is engaged to a doctor who wants to mold Kaitlyn into his ideal "Katherine".

    6. Deadly Beginnings grabbed me from the first page leaving chills running down your back. This is a book of a very serious issue that plague us still today “abuse”. Who would not want a hero like Jock, every abused woman in the world today would give an arm or leg to have a man like him coming riding in and take them away to a safe place. By the time you get to the end of this story you just go awwwwwwwwwwwwww with a big smile on your face, stars in your eyes, and you feel at peace with the wo [...]

    7. Quotes"Took you long enough!"Jock threw back his head and laughed. "Kaitie lass, I drove here like a soul escaping hell and thankfully didn't have a traffic accident. But you're welcome.""He'd make it so she didn't have to worry. Now that she was back in his life, he wasn't just going to sit back and let her go.""So many blessings, Kaitie.""It's all just beginning, isn't it?" "A beginning worth waiting for."I really liked this book and after I read it I saw all the other books that came ahead of [...]

    8. This prequel to The Deadly (Kincaid Brothers) series is a thrilling read that keeps the reader on their toes.RN Kaitlyn O’Reilly thought she had found love with a well liked and charming surgeon, but once engaged the good doctor became the stuff of nightmares and Kaitlyn hasn’t been able to find a way out. Jock Kincaid knows that the beautiful – but engaged – redhead he met at a fund-raising gala is exactly what’s been missing from his life. When he finally meets her again, he swears t [...]

    9. Wow what a great way for Jaycee Clark to bring her Deadly series full circle by giving long-time fans the Jock and Katie's story! Deadly Beginnings has all the thrill and suspense readers have come to expect and love from Jaycee Clark. The villain is crazy/creepy obsessed with Katie and unwilling to take her desire to leave to heart. While at a fund raiser for the local hospital, Katie meets and becomes enamored with Jock. He's smooth, charming, charismatic, and down right sexy.but Katie doesn't [...]

    10. When I saw this book, I knew I had to read it!! I have enjoyed all of the other books in this series, and when I saw it was starting at the beginning of them all, I was like OMG!! When I started the book I got chills.I tell you the wording and the way the character behaves. is all I can say. During my first glimpse of Jock I thought yummy, why do all these Kinncaid men have to be so damn sexy??? I smiled when he gets a glimpse of Kaitlyn and he decides that she is the one he is going to marry on [...]

    11. 3.5 ★So, prior to picking this book up, I was in b/w books, unable to decide what story to pick up next and also thinking of giving myself a break from (angsty) romance reads. Then I remember I got some Netgalley books to knock down before they expire so I figured, what the heyMs. Clark is a new author for me. This is the story about the patriarch and matriarch of the Kinncaid family from the Deadly series, which I obviously haven't read. I thought it was just as well I read about this couple. [...]

    12. ARC given by netgalley for an honest reviewLoved the children books. But this book? it is even better. In earlier or sequel books, Jock is portray as a gorilla patriarch, used by his way but has a good heart underneath. In this book, here is where everything began. Jock, a suave millionaire from a wealthy family used to everything on the whim. The lost of his family (parents and siblings) made him a hard man both driven but lost in his cynical ways. In come Kathlyn, a sweet nurse with an ambitio [...]

    13. This is a prequel of Jaycee Clark's Deadly series based on the Kinkaid family which tells the tale of Jock Kinkaid (the family patriarch) and Kaitlyn O’Reilly (Katie Lass). In 1969, Kaitlyn is a registered nurse who believes she found the man of her dreams in Landon Goldburg, a surgeon who she met at work. Once they become engaged, Landon quickly changes to an abusive and controlling man and Kaitlyn tries to break off the engagement. Jock can't stop thinking about Kaitlyn after having met her [...]

    14. A suspenseful romance with strong characters, and an interesting story line, that keeps readers involved. The two main characters in this story are very likable and relate-able, with interesting back ground stories, specifically when it comes to the female main character. While the details are very well thought out, this novel gets the feeling of being rushed, as the writer is trying to get in as much information on the female protagonists background, without exploring it too much, making the st [...]

    15. Book was exceptional and riveting. The story starts out with an engrossing look at a man ending a woman's life. Obviously she wasn't perfect enough for him, and apparently that's important to the killer. Next up we're at a charity gala, and there's a doctor with a beautiful red headed woman. The red head catches the eye of millionaire Jock Kinncaid, and he asks her for a dance. Jock's pretty smart to realize all is not what it seems with the couple and he can't put her from his mind. Months foll [...]

    16. NOW ON A HUNT FOR THE KINNCAID BROTHERS!There definitely something really good and an advantage being a NetGalley member besides getting books for free. It also opened up a whole new world of great books for me and learn about some series that I never even knew existed until I signed up. Such as this Kinncaid clan, now I'm am so addicted I just have to get all the Deadly series, I swear, even if I have to pay.Hearing the deranged mind of Kaitlyn's fiancee was creepy and riveting that got me on t [...]

    17. I read this book after reading the deadly series box set. I loved that it gave you an insight into how Jock and Kaitie got together. Her story is dark - she is engaged to a surgeon who abuses her with his fists. She manages to free herself from him, or so she thinksI did feel that it lacked a little depth and it was a little short and maybe rushed in places. I did really enjoy their story though.The only thing I did pick up on was in the epilogue and it mentioned about Quinlan and Ella. It menti [...]

    18. I read the Deadly series several years ago, so I was very interested in this one, Deadly Beginnings by Jaycee Clark. The first ones dealt with the Kinncaid Brothers and this one is the parents who you only see glimpses of in the first novels. The parents, Jock and Kaitlyn, have a story that is just as edgy and suspenseful. I liked that this story has a strongly matched pair with hot romantic chemistry. The story line is intense and fast paced with an ex-fiancé who is dangerous and deathly. In t [...]

    19. Jock and Katie are the cutest couple. Their love story is amazing. Jock has no limits as to what he will do to protect Katie. I mean what woman doesn't dream of having such a man. I love how the Jaycee goes into how their lives turned out in the end. I truly loved the epilogue of this book. I hated Landon and loved when Jock basically ordered him dead. I loved it. Katie although in the begining of the book seemed a little spinless, totally did a 360 and in her own way stood up for what she wante [...]

    20. I loved Jaycee Clark's other books in the deadly series. They were sexy, fun and full of action with great characters. This book is the story of the Kinncaid Brothers' parents Jock & Katie. Deadly Beginnings felt nearly the opposite of the other Deadly books- not sexy and not fun though there was some action. There was no chemistry between Jock & Katie and the whole story felt flat. I think it felt flat and rushed because this is a short story instead of a full length novel like the othe [...]

    21. Excellent. Just my kind of book. Weirdo has the girl, good guy gets the girl and lives happily ever after. This is an excellent one to start with if your like me and haven't read the deadly series, also listed as 0.5 in the series it was released after the other 5. The story centres around Jock Kinncaid and how he saves Kaitlyn O’Reilly and the birth of Aiden ( Aidens story, first 1 of the series /book/show/2 )I must read for romantic thriller lovers.Just the right amount scary moments and ste [...]

    22. I have never read any of Jaycee Clark’s books and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. The story was easy to follow and I love how Jock and Kaitie met and then fell in love. I am not fond of Landon one bit and when you read it you will see why and probably agree with me. Although, the story takes place in the Summer of 1969 I still enjoyed reading it very much. (I’m more of the here and now type of book) Very quick read because it is a novella that takes place before all the rest of the b [...]

    23. Received ARC for reviewAnother great book by Ms. Clark. I loved getting to read Jock and Kaitlyn/Katie's book. It was just as romantic and suspenseful as their children's books. I think every family should have a mottoThis I will defend.The only thing that bothered me was the actual demise of the bad guy. It was a little vague.The epilogue was great. I just love a happy ending. I'm sad to see the last of this side of the family, but maybe Jock's brother and his children could have some storieshi [...]

    24. Excellent A+++Excellent A+++wow, great book. the ending to one of my favorite book series. the Kinncaid family is an awesome family and true to right was cursed with lots of danger before they wed but then lots of love, faith and dedication Now I have to re-read the series again just so I can feel the love. buy the books, I guarantee it will become one of your favorites too.

    25. Although this book started off kind of cheesie, the story line really picked up. Kept on reading as I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. A story of an abusive Dr. trying to make a woman into his perfect woman, a woman who is independent (a nurse) and a very attractive rich man falling in love with a dasmal in distress, it does have a kick to it. As I said, could not put down and definetly can not wait to read the next book in the series, Deadly Shadows.

    26. A great start to an equally great series.Jock and Kaitie's relationship goes together so well, like the whole rest of the series did. I wish there was a little more suspenseful moments that kept me on the edge of my seat. You could feel the love, attraction and spark between these two characters. Enjoyed getting to know both Grandma's and how the family saying started. "This I will always defend."I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    27. If you are devotee of the Kincaid 's and the Deadly series, this is a must have to complete your collection. If you are a newcomer, as I am- this will be the catalyst that causes you to go on a buying/reading spree! Just the glimpses I got of the family has intrigued me enough to do just that. So, as a novella it's strong and has a balance between character development and story. I'm hooked. *I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    28. The story takes place mostly in 1969, but sadly, this could happen today. This is one of those stories that makes you forget you are actually reading, not experiencing it, until you realize you are are practically hyperventilating. Some scary people out there. I was dying to find out what the mob guy did to him in the end. I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    29. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about the beginning of this dynamic family and the parents at the centre of it. The story was solid, engaging and at times exasperating (in a good way!) As always with Clark's books, it kept me on my toes. I've left it at four stars, because, even though the story was complete, I truly felt the characters deserved a complete novel instead of a novella.

    30. This was the first book that I read in this series. I am definitely going to read the rest of the story. I was holding my breath at times hoping that Jock and "Kaitie" would get their happily ever after and was not disappointed! I love a sassy female character!

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