The King In Yellow The King in Yellow recently featured in HBO s hit series True Detective is a classic collection of short stories the reading of which will curse one to a terrible fate You have been warned This ed

  • Title: The King In Yellow
  • Author: Robert W. Chambers
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  • Page: 287
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  • The King in Yellow recently featured in HBO s hit series True Detective is a classic collection of 10 short stories, the reading of which will curse one to a terrible fate You have been warned This edition features an introduction by H.P Lovecraft As an added bonus, it includes An Inhabitant of Carcosa, by Ambrose Bierce, another related story H.P Lovecraft wroThe King in Yellow recently featured in HBO s hit series True Detective is a classic collection of 10 short stories, the reading of which will curse one to a terrible fate You have been warned This edition features an introduction by H.P Lovecraft As an added bonus, it includes An Inhabitant of Carcosa, by Ambrose Bierce, another related story H.P Lovecraft wrote The King in Yellow, a series of vaguely connected short storieswhose perusal brings fright, madness, and spectral tragedy, really achieves notable heights of cosmis fear

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    One thought on “The King In Yellow”

    1. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ5 Stars for the wonderful opening story "The Repairer of Reputations". although i wonder if 'wonderful' is the correct word. after all, this is a story that opens with a bizarre, sometimes dire alterna-history leading up to a 1920s America where on-lookers gather to contemplate terminally dispirited disportment within suicide-abetting "Lethal Chambers." and after this bit of surprising strangeness, the reader is plunged right into the mind of a classic Unreliable Narrator (the poor lad [...]

    2. Čejmbersova zbirka priča "Kralj u žutom" doživela je drugu mladost zbog emitovanja popularne HBO serije "True Detective". Seriju sam pratila, ali ne mogu da kažem da li je bolja serija ili knjiga, pre svega jer je reč o potpuno različitim proizvodima, a drugo jer se ne može reći da je serija ekranizacija Čejmbersovih priča i ideja, već pre da je poslužila možda kao inspiracija scenaristi serije koji je od Čejmbersa "pozajmio" par motiva.Zbirku "Kralj u žutom" čini 10 priča, i k [...]

    3. Can art drive a person insane? Could there be a book, or a film, or a piece of music that vibrates against the cortext in a certain way, or opens great gulfs of revelation so profound and so shattering that you could never be exposed to it without being changed forever? If the truth of such a piece got out, wouldn't anyone and everyone want to be exposed to it, scoffing and thinking that they, above all else, would be well equipped to handle any dangers, and yet feeling inescapably drawn to find [...]

    4. این کتاب رو یکی از دوستام به‌دلیل علاقه زیادی که به فصل اول سریال <<ترو دیتکتیو>> داشتم برام خرید.کسی که اون سریال رو دیده باشه بهتر می‌تونه فضای این مجموعه داستان رو درک کنه.فضای این کتاب، فضایی هست پر از مالیخولیا و اتفاقات عجیب و تاریک و ساکت و رازآلود. شاید بهترین کلم [...]

    5. Kitabı; "Sarı Kral" isimli benim bilmediğim bir karakter etrafında toplanan gotik öyküler derlemesi olduğunu tahmin ederek almıştım.Çok yanılmamakla birlikte kitap bundan daha fazlasıymış, okuyunca anladım. Öncelikle ; Gotik edebiyat meraklıları bence çok sevecektir. Türün duayenlerinden Poe ve Lovecraft da birer öyküsü ile yer alıyor. Kitap Poe'nun meşhur "Kızıl Ölüm'ün Maskesi" hikayesi ile başlayıp Lovecraft'ın "Karanlıkta Fısıldayan" isimli insanın kan [...]

    6. Along the shore the cloud waves break,The twin suns sink beneath the lake,The shadows lengthenIn Carcosa.Strange is the night where black stars rise,And strange moons circle through the skiesBut stranger still isLost Carcosa.Songs that the Hyades shall sing,Where flap the tatters of the King,Must die unheard inDim Carcosa.Song of my soul, my voice is dead;Die thou, unsung, as tears unshedShall dry and die inLost Carcosa.Cassilda's Song in "The King in Yellow," Act I, Scene 2(I probably shouldn't [...]

    7. This is a hard book to give a rating.There are more things that made me wanna stop the book than to continue. But I stand firm and continue my path unfortunally the last two stories were too much for me. I read and skipped several paragraphs at time because it was too damn boring without any purpose or interest. But there are some cool stories.First of all, if you would like to try reading Robert W Chambers start with the first four short stories/novellas. These are the beginning of Weird Fictio [...]

    8. The Repairer of Reputations: **The Mask: ****In the Court of the Dragon: ***The Yellow Sign: ***The Demoiselle D' Ys: ****The Prophets' Paradise: *****The Street of the Four Winds: ****The Street of the First Shell: **The Street of our Lady of the Fields: **Rue Barée: ***3.2Before Algernon Blackwood, Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury, Thomas Ligotti and many more, there was Robert W. Chambers. But the one who was influenced the most by Chambers was H. P. Lovecraft. Some basic ideas from the myth o [...]

    9. ‘El Rey de Amarillo. Relatos macabros y terroríficos’ es una recopilación que recoge cuentos de tres libros de Robert W. Chambers (The King in Yellow, The Maker of Moons y The Mystery of Choice), siendo los pertenecientes a ‘El Rey de Amarillo’ los mejores. Estos fueron precursores del llamado horror cósmico y los Mitos de Cthulhu, e influyeron en parte en la obra de H.P. Lovecraft. Si los personajes de Lovecraft enloquecen al leer el Necronomicón, los de Chambers lo hacen al adentra [...]

    10. Camilla: You, sir, should unmask.Stranger: Indeed?Cassilda: Indeed it's time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.Stranger: I wear no mask.Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask!- The King In YellowI came to this by way of the HBO show True Detective, which is pretty cool although not anywhere near as clever as it thinks it is, and which features references to the Yellow King and to a ruined city called Carcosa. Robert Chambers was the first guy to write about the Yellow K [...]

    11. In 1986 Robert Chambers killed a young woman in Central Park in New York. The media called Chambers the Preppie Killer.This Robert W. Chambers is not the same guy. Robert W. Chambers died in 1933 and, as far as I know, didn't kill anyone. Just so we're clear on that.The first four stories or so in this collection are loosely related, in that there's this connecting theme of a fictional drama called The King in Yellow. Those who get their paws on it and read it wind up going crazy. These stories [...]

    12. This was an odd collection. My version contained 10 stories of which only 5 had some correlation to The King in Yellow. I could find no relevance to this theme in the remaining five stories. I went into the book figuring all the stories would have some tie to the main concept but I suppose that was my own fault for presuming. The interesting part about this idea of The King in Yellow is that those who read the book become madmen but you, the reader, never find out exactly what this book/play con [...]

    13. Tutto qui?! Ma iniziamo dal principio… Leggo il primo racconto di questa antologia, “Il riparatore di reputazioni”, e lo trovo eccezionale! Tanto simile ai migliori scritti di Lovecraft, di cui ne è precursore e ispiratore, e a quel punto credo di aver capito anche il perché. Il magnificamente grottesco signor Wilde, il tratteggio cupo che definisce ogni singolo componente di questa storia, non ultimo il Re Giallo - un volume che basta solo nominare per sentir sprigionare follia e malign [...]

    14. Lovecraft evreni için Necronomicon ne kadar önemli ve tamamlayıcı ise R. W. Chambers için de Sarı Kral o kadar önemli. Aslen bir tiyatro oyunu (tabii ki kurgusal) olan Sarı Kral, özellikle ikinci bölümünde tasvir ettiği sahneler ve anlattığı olaylarla okuyanları delirtme ve yoldan çıkarma gibi özelliklere sahip. Chambers, Sarı Kral’ın içeriğinden asla tam olarak bahsetmeyerek harika bir denge tutturmuş ve oyunun adı her geçtiğinde içinizde derin bir merak oluşmas [...]

    15. I read this book because I saw an article that mentioned it as a source material for the HBO series True Detective. And yes there are parts that might have been pulled from this book, but they aren't the only source for the show. I found this book pretty interesting from a historical perspective because it was very influential to many horror authors who came afterwards, very specifically HP Lovecraft. Now I've always loved HP Lovecraft and i could see where he might have found inspiration in The [...]

    16. A classic of proto-weird, bearing all the marks of decadent era during which it was conceived (ie 1895; Chambers was likely exposed to the currents of fin-de-siecle writing when studying in Paris a couple years before), at turns uncanny and voluptuous. Borrows some names from Ambrose Bierce, lends some themes, much later, to H.P. Lovecraft. Opening story The Repairer of Reputations is justifiably the most noted here for its projected dystopian 1920s, creeping unease, and rather spectacularly unr [...]

    17. بحثت عن هذه المجموعة القصصية بعدما شاهدت المسلسل الرائع "ترو ديتيكتيف" الذي تكررت الإشارات فيه من بعيد إلى هذا الكتاب. الكتاب يتضمن مجموعة من القصص لا رابط بينها سوى تكرار ذكر كتاب مشئوم يدفع بقرائه إلى الجنون أو ما هو أسوأ! يظهر الكتاب ويختفي ولا نعرف عنه إلا أقل القليل. هذا ا [...]

    18. FTC DISCLOSURE: I am the publisher of this book.Are you a fan of the hit HBO show "True Detective?" I sure am! And after finally checking out the real 1895 horror collection that this show's Satanic mythos is based around, Robert W. Chambers' 1895 "The King in Yellow," and especially after being disappointed at all the crappy, sloppily done editions currently for sale at , I decided that my arts center could do better; and thus volume one of our new "CCLaP Victoriana" series, in which we present [...]

    19. When I re-read Ambrose Bierce'sAn Inhabitant of Carcosa in February, I decided to finally revisit The King in Yellow after trying to get into it several months back and never managing to gain enough enthusiasm for it. Now the situation was completely different.The first story, The Repairer of Reputations, is a great introduction to Chambers's universe. It starts as a sci-fi story of sorts, but then it slowly makes you question everything you've read previously. In The Mask, an unusual scientific [...]

    20. Изумителен откриващ разказ. Едно от най-любимите ми неща в жанра на психопатския ужас. Не е чудно, че Лъвкрафт е харесвал Чеймбърс и е подел идеята му за мистично-космичното, съпътстващо човечеството и дебнещо го едно измерение встрани.Чеймбърс е силен в описанието на лудос [...]

    21. The term "weird fiction" could have been coined to describe “The King in Yellow”. First published in 1895, and soon to be reissued in a deluxe "gift edition” by Pushkin Press, it features elements of horror and the supernatural and even a touch of science fiction and yet fits uncomfortably under any of these categories. It is frankly, just plain “weird”. The book consists of four short stories which are linked some common characters and, more importantly, by a recurring leitmotiv, a my [...]

    22. I read this short volume of "interrelated" stories some time ago, but wanted to go over it again before I rated or reviewed it. The "book" is built around the existence of a fictional play, "The King in Yellow". In the opening story, The Repairer of Reputations" (which can be seen not only as horror but also as a sort of alternate history, though in it's own time of writing it was placed 25 years in the future), we are told that the book is universally reviled, condemned, and censored. It "appar [...]

    23. Non-text note: This particular Ace paperback edition of The King in Yellow contains an ancestor of the online pop-up ad: the cardstock paper cigarette advert embedded into the binding approx. midway, for True and Newport cigarettes. True: slashes tar in half and a taste worth smoking! (illustrated with a Sesame Street-ish big white No. 5 sitting proudly atop the phrase "mgs. of tar") Newport: Alive with Pleasure! (the concept of "pleasure" illustrated as a mustachio'd Bo Duke looking dude tryin [...]

    24. Il re in Giallo è una raccolta di racconti a opera di Robert W. Chambers. L'edizione che possiedo è così strutturata:(Valutazione per ogni singolo racconto)- Il riparatore di reputazioni (****)- La maschera (*****)- Nella corte del Drago (****)- Il segno giallo (****)- La Demoiselle d'Ys (****)- Il paradiso del profeta (****)- La via dei quattro venti (**)- La via della prima bomba (**)- La via della Madonna dei campi (**)- Rue Barreè (***)E in appendice altri due racconti:- Il fabbricante d [...]

    25. A maioria dos leitores, após lerem consecutivamente uma ou várias obras de literatura intelectualmente exigentes e exaustivas, tendem a procurar literatura mais ligeira para recuperar da "ressaca intelectual" que tais obras deixam por vezes no leitor. Os géneros literários a que recorrem nestas ocasiões são habitualmente os policiais e livros de romance ligeiros. Embora também recorra ao ocasional policial para o efeito, os meus livros de "descompressão intelectual" são habitualmente ob [...]

    26. Kralj u žutom (1895), prave poslastice za sve one koji vole prozu natopljenu stravom; prve knjige u izdanju smederevskog Gavrana. Zahvaljujući ovoj zbirci (ili, preciznije, njenoj prvoj polovini), Čejmbers može, pa makar i delimično, da parira klasicima žanra poput Poa, Hofmana i Lavkrafta. Ovaj izuzetno plodan pisac je napisao na desetine dela, uglavnom petparačkih ljubavnih romana, ali njegovo najpoznatije i umetnički najvrednije delo je upravo Kralj u žutom, zbirka koja je nastala go [...]

    27. The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers is a Classic collection of ten short stories with a creepy supernatural feel and a book within a book.The first five stories all have one recurring item linking them together; a old and twisted book that seems to have incredibly disturbing and damaging effects on all who read it. This book's title is of course ‘The King In Yellow’. All these five stories worked really well, both on their own and together. Having this weird and inhuman book affecting a [...]

    28. The Repairer of Reputations 5 stars- Excellent story!The Mask 4 stars-Brought to mind a Twilight Zone episodeIn the Court of the Dragon. 3 stars- Didn't really make an impression on meThe Yellow Sign 5 stars- Loved this one!The Demoiselle d'Ys 4 stars- Enjoyable readThe Prophets' Paradise 1 star- Can't say I liked these short snippets of conversationsThe Street of the Four Winds 4 stars- Really liked this one!I didn't finish the other 3

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