Elizabeth Is Missing Maud is forgetful She makes a cup of tea and doesn t remember to drink it She goes to the shops and forgets why she went Sometimes her home is unrecognizable or her daughter Helen seems a total stra

  • Title: Elizabeth Is Missing
  • Author: Emma Healey
  • ISBN: 9780062309686
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maud is forgetful She makes a cup of tea and doesn t remember to drink it She goes to the shops and forgets why she went Sometimes her home is unrecognizable or her daughter, Helen, seems a total stranger.But there s one thing Maud is sure of her friend Elizabeth is missing The note in her pocket tells her so And no matter who tells her to stop going on about it, toMaud is forgetful She makes a cup of tea and doesn t remember to drink it She goes to the shops and forgets why she went Sometimes her home is unrecognizable or her daughter, Helen, seems a total stranger.But there s one thing Maud is sure of her friend Elizabeth is missing The note in her pocket tells her so And no matter who tells her to stop going on about it, to leave it alone, to shut up, Maud will get to the bottom of it.Because somewhere in Maud s damaged mind lies the answer to an unsolved seventy year old mystery One everyone has forgotten about.Everyone, except Maud .A page turning story of suspense, Elizabeth Is Missing hauntingly reminds us that we are all at the mercy of our memory Always compelling, often poignant, and at times even blackly witty, this is an absolutely unforgettable novel.

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      186 Emma Healey
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    One thought on “Elizabeth Is Missing”

    1. Elizabeth is missing!!!This novel is quite creative and an unusual mix of several genres, since while the mystery is the lead genre, you also can find humor, romance, drama, even horror, maybe on this last one, not as you can expected but certainly it has elements truly horrific and creepy.Elizabeth is mmh is mmh what was I saying?Trying to explain what you can expect here, this is like "Memento" meets "Manhattan Murder Mystery" with some elements present on other films like "The Lady Vanishes" [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/WARNING: I’M GOING TO SPOIL SOME OF THIS ONE, SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISKI finished Elizabeth Is Missing all the way back in September, but never wrote a review. Those of you who know me are already aware that I’m always behind when it comes to posting reviews, but this one fell off the radar for a different reason . . . A reason I like to call the “meh factor.” ^^^^selfie of my reaction upon finishing this book^^^^However, after having a conversatio [...]

    3. Maude is 82 yrs.old and no longer lives solely in the present day. Her memories of the past and the disappearance of her sister Sukey have become confused with the disappearance of her friend in the present day, Elizabeth. Suffering from dementia, her days have become a jumble of things, images and thoughts that don't seem to fit. I would imagine how challenging writing a book from the perspective of a woman suffering from this malady , but the author has done a wonderful job. At times humorous, [...]

    4. I loved this!Funny and sad. So different from that sort of perspective. Really well done. Loved Maud. I knew there would be a connection between the 2 time line stories and I really liked the ending.

    5. What in the hell did I just read? I feel lost, much like Maud did in this book.There's two stories going on here Maud an 82 year old woman who has dementia and then young Maud, who is desperately searching for her sister who has just vanished. I will say the author was spot on with dementia. I worked with my grandmother for a full year before she passed this January and she acted a lot like Maud. That's all I can say because it is still a touchy subject for me and the wound from grandma passing [...]

    6. A 70 year old unsolved mystery lies at the heart of 'Elizabeth Is Missing'. It's not your conventional crime novel, but it certainly is compelling. The main protagonist is an 82 year old lady suffering from dementia. The way the author has dealt with the subject of dementia is quite remarkable. She's captured brilliantly the anxiety, the confusion, and the fear associated with it, so much so, that it's hard to believe she's not yet thirty herself! It's beautifully written, hilarious at times, he [...]

    7. My Cuban mother — God bless her soul — used to lament, “Ivonne, ¡llegar a viejo es lo último!” (Ivonne, getting old is the absolute worst!) Still in my 30s, I nodded sympathetically, but I really had no idea at all. Emma Healey’s Elizabeth Is Missing brought those memories back for me — rather ironic for a novel about the gradual fading of memory. Elizabeth Is Missing ostensibly recounts how Maud Horsham, a tenacious 80-plus-year-old Englishwoman battling dementia, tries to investi [...]

    8. Elizabeth is missing was an emotional story about an elderly lady who is living with dementia.I liked the story as I found it extremely effective at highlighting how difficult the illness is on family members; I found the character of Helen so real in this story and I am sure there are daughters and sisters and family out there reading this book and can identity with the character of Helen as she tries to look after and understand the world in which her mother finds herself struck in. Interestin [...]

    9. Did I read the same book as other reviewers?!?!?! This book was horrible, annoying, repetitive and wayyyyyy too drawn out. I love a good mystery and found myself not even caring what happens to Elizabeth, or Sukey, or ANY character in this book, because this book was just boring. I read the whole thing waiting for the aha-moment that just never came. Thought this book told from the view point of an elderly women with dementia would be unique, but I just found it frustrating.

    10. An old woman, whose memory is fading away slowly, is caught in the web of a mystery surrounding her missing best friend and her missing sister.Elizabeth is Missing written by Emma Healey is a thoroughly intriguing and a highly compelling novel.Thank you Penguin for providing me with an ARC.Maud is a 82years old woman, suffering from dementia. She is getting forgetful hence she writes notes to remind herself of petty things and to keep up with her own life. She couldn't reach her best friend Eliz [...]

    11. Emma Healey did an extraordinary job of putting me into the mind of 82-year old Maud who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. From paragraph to paragraph, you never knew if you would be in Maud's past where her older sister, Sukey, disappeared or in her present trying to find her close friend, Elizabeth, who she believes to be missing. Yes, I wanted to know what happened to Elizabeth and Sukey, but I got so involved in Maud's thinking process that I felt like I was reading three novels at onc [...]

    12. Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.I've had a copy of Elizabeth is Missing since last year, but wanted to leave it until closer to the release date to read it so I could be part of what I felt was sure to be an interesting conversation surrounding the book. I must say, my expectations were high given its early hype. Originally titled Strange Companions, it was much remarked upon for drawing global interest and sparking a bidding war between nine publishers at the London Book Fair; [...]

    13. As in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, the story is told through the lenses of a certain mental condition that only few have access to. In this case, it is Alzheimer’s that disables the protagonist from reaching what her mind has set before her: solving a disappearance of a beloved one. But whilst providing an old lady with countless obstacles, the disease does more; through forceful emergence of what was trying to be forgotten, it opens the sheer possibility of the task. The [...]

    14. So, I've finally read it, and can confirm, it is worth all the fuss. I can hardly believe this is a debut! It is written with such confidence and eloquence, but then Healey did study creative writing.The story centers around Maud, an 81 year-old woman descending ever deeper into dementia. The book is told both from Maud's present and her past, and as the story moves along, the line between these times becomes ever more blurry, disintegrating slowly as Maud grows more confused. While Maud is the [...]

    15. When I got this book from NetGalley back in 2014, I put it away for a long time because I didn't even know what NetGalley was all about back then. But now I know I should have read it much sooner. It is a great book. It has really been an emotional experience to read it.The book tells a story of an old woman, slowly sinking into senility (perhaps Alzheimer's? It's never pointed out). She seems to be stuck on the fact of her friend Elizabeth being missing, and although she's heard the answer befo [...]

    16. "I feel as though I'm failing to catch something precious." This is a line taken out of context from the stunning debut Elizabeth Is Missing. Ultimately this is how I feel, that the few words I can say will fail to catch its essence. Told in alternating time frames, it is the story of an elderly woman suffering many losses including friends, family, youth and memory. Described as both psychological and mystery fiction it is that but so much more. I found it touching and well plotted. As a woman [...]

    17. A bit let down, review to come. I finished this over a week ago and still am a bit ambivalent about it. Something for me, besides Elizabeth, was missing. I loved the concept of this story. Maude is creeping into the world of the unknown. She is kept adrift with sticky notes and routines. That in itself is terrifying, (as I look at all the reminders to myself tacked to the desk on a sticky note!) The author did a wonderful job of conveying that teetering on the edge feeling that so many elderly m [...]

    18. Maud has one of the most poignant, memorable and distinctive voices I've ever read. She's eighty-two years old and suffers from Alzheimer's disease, meaning that everyday life is struggle for her, although she doesn't always realise it herself. Maud buys tins of peaches even though she has a cupboard full of them. She makes cups of tea and leaves them to go cold. She has to be told don't leave the house, don't cook, don't keep calling the neighbours.One day, Maud finds a piece of paper in her po [...]

    19. This is one book I was really looking forward to reading. So when it arrived I picked it up right away to start reading. I actually thought this book would be more psychological thriller. It kind of did mess with my mind but the problem was that I found most of the characters lacking personalities. Also the story seemed to drag on and move at an incredibly slow pace with little action. Another thing that I did find distracting was the many different characters introduced though out the story wit [...]

    20. But it’s not true. I forget things—I know that—but I’m not mad. Not yet. And I’m sick of being treated as if I am. I’m tired of the sympathetic smiles and the little pats people give you when you get things confused, and I’m bloody fed up with everyone deferring to Helen rather than listening to what I have to say.Elizabeth Is Missing is one of the weirdest books I've ever read. It is also one of the most unique ones. The story of this novel is quite simple: we follow our main char [...]

    21. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healy is a 2014 Harper Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. For me this was a stunning novel, not only as a mystery but one that gives an unique insight into the mind of someone dealing with dementia and the effects it has on them and their family.When Maud who is 82 years old, realizes her friend Elizabeth is gone, she desperately tries to convey this to her daughter, Helen, who is her sole [...]

    22. Τούτο δω το βιβλίο έπεσε θύμα αυτού που θα αναφέρω από δω και στο εξής σαν Το Μεγάλο Reader's Block του 2016. Ναι, αυτό το βιβλίο μου πήρε κάτι μήνες να το ολοκληρώσω γιατί, εχμ, απλά σταμάτησα να διαβάζω, αλλά κοιτάξτε: Ήταν καλό.Η Χάρτινη Μνήμη είναι ουσιαστικά ένα αστυνομικό μυθιστό [...]

    23. Talk about an unreliable narratorWhen we first meet Maud- the older woman seems kind and a little scattered. She flashes back between the past- when her sister, Sukey went missing and present day. Her friend Elizabeth is missing and she can't quite figure out what to do. Everyone she tells struggles to believe her and usually by the time she gets someplace, she quickly forgets why she is there. Maud struggles with the onset of dementia. Watching her spiral into her own head was heartwrenching. I [...]

    24. What happens when an aging woman begins to lose her memory, bits and pieces at a time? When the past and the present seemingly come together until her identity slowly dissolves?Set in England, "Elizabeth Is Missing" is that story, and as it unfolds in the first person narrative of Maud, the aging mother and grandmother, we are soon catapulted into her interior world, almost as if the losses are ours.Most poignant of all is the terror and fear that Maud feels when she begins obsessively searching [...]

    25. Elizabeth is Missing is told from the perspective of Maud, an 82-year-old woman who suffers from Alzheimer. Maud is trying to lead her life as well as possible. With all her struggles there is one thing that bothers her in particular: her friend Elizabeth is missing. While trying to find her, Maud remembers another unsolved mystery from her youth: shortly after the end of WWII her sister Sukey disappeared never to be seen again. As the story evolves, Maud’s condition slowly but steadily deteri [...]

    26. Eighty two year old Maud is slowly slipping into dementia. Her memory is failing and she can't always find the words she needs to tell people her inner thoughts and feelings. She is very concerned that her friend Elizabeth is missing. She's been to her house (several times) and she's not there, she told her daughter Helen (many times), she's phoned Elizabeth's son Peter (several times) and even been to the police (several times) but no one will listen. In her confusion her mind keeps harking bac [...]

    27. What a beautifully, touching, endearing and heartbreaking story.Prepare to very quickly feel love and an intense desire to look after the main character, Maud, a woman in her eighties, suffering from dementia.You may also find you want to repeatedly scream at the book every time Maud desperately tries to get someone, anyone to listen to her claims that her friend Elizabeth is missing. Experience the frustration building to almost bursting point as the book progresses. Please, someone listen to h [...]

    28. Three and a half starsEighty two year old Maud is having problems with her memory. She may not remember what she did earlier in the day or even five minutes earlier, but there is one thing that keeps coming back to her repeatedly. Elizabeth is missing. At times Maud does not even remember her daughter Helen or her granddaughter Katy, but she remembers her sister Sukey who went missing years earlier and was never found. These memories surface and intertwine with her present and the idea that Eliz [...]

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