Row Row Row Your Boat Climb on board with this adorable family of bumbling bears as they row row row their boat into a merry adventure Hold on to your hats and get ready to laugh as these irresistible characters rock ba

  • Title: Row Row Row Your Boat
  • Author: Iza Trapani
  • ISBN: 9781580890229
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Climb on board with this adorable family of bumbling bears as they row, row, row their boat into a merry adventure Hold on to your hats and get ready to laugh as these irresistible characters rock, bash, and splash their way into your heart.

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    One thought on “Row Row Row Your Boat”

    1. 1. This book has not won any awards.2. I think this book is appropriate for kindergarten and first grade.3. In this book a family of bears are rowing down a stream. Along the way they have some issues with their boat cooperating. Through song and awesome drawings of bears full of expression, this book comes to life.4. My favorite part of this book was the look on the bears' faces when they lose control of the boat for a little bit. I think the words to the book offer a few vocabulary words which [...]

    2. 1. Awards: None2. Appropriate grade level(s): preschool through second grade3. Original 3-line summary: This book is about a family of bears that go on a journey to row their boat. The bears run into a few different obstacles, and a few other animals on their journey down the stream. They find their way past them all and head home after the storm.4. Original 3-line review: I think this book is a cute story to tie into the song most of them will know. It gives the song of rowing your boat down th [...]

    3. Awards the book has received (if any): noneAppropriate grade level(s): 1st nd 2nd Original 3-line summary: This book tells of the classic song Row Row Row your boat with a family of bears going down a stream. In the book, it shows the bears going through some sticky situations. In the end of the book, there are the lyrics to the song so you can sing without reading the whole book. Original 3-line review: I liked this book because it added a story to the classic song. I also liked how it showed t [...]

    4. No awards.Grade level: Pre-K to 1stThis version of "Row Row Row Your Boat", is about a family of bears rowing down the stream. The rowing is easy and it is a beautiful sunny day out. The bear family is enjoying their time going down the stream. Then all of a sudden the streams turns into rapids and it starts to rain. The bears have to keep rowing and rowing. the family then almost hits a beaver dam so they take the boat out of the water and run into some other animals having a picnic. The bears [...]

    5. This book would be for 1st and 2nd graders.There are no awards for this book. This book takes the classic rhyme of Row Row your boat and expans on it. The illistration is of a family of bears that endures hardships while out boating. The book also offers the song with the notes in the back of the book as well as all the lyrics. I personally did not enjoy this version of Row Row your Boat. It seemed a little graphic for a nursery rhyme. It had more drama than the actual nursery rhyme has. Activit [...]

    6. No AwardsThis is a unique story on the song row row row your boat, where a family of bears are rowing their boat down the stream. They encounter many obstacles in their adventure, falling out of the boat, having to carry their boat because of the beavers and many more. At the end they get through all of their obstacles to enjoy a nice sunny day without any inconveniences.The author does a great job taking a simple nursery rhyme and turning it into her own story of overcoming obstacles. Children [...]

    7. This book is for student in elementary school and it is poetry. The book depicted a family of bears that were rowing a boat through thunder, beaver dams, and several different locations. This book helps with rhythm in the classroom and can even be turned into a song. The author does a good job showing how a family should spend time together and even when the thunder comes there is always a way to get home. The illustrator uses soft pastels to paint the pictures which flows with the book being ab [...]

    8. This illustrated and extended version of the familiar song provides a fun music break for a story time featuring forest animals. Trapani serves up plenty of adventure and fun a'la` bears, beavers, and more. Perfect!There are plenty of Onomatopoeia (words that make sounds)and playful verbs. Vocabulary is a key element of emergent literacy. There's plenty of that here and it's all in fun!Rocking, bashing, water splashingChomping, snacking, slurping, smackingScurry, scuttle, hide and huddle

    9. Trapani breathes new life into classic songs. A bear family goes on a boating adventure! The reader can singalong (or read) to the classic song, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." The book begins with the well known verse, then Trapani expands upon it, but keeps the original first line for each verse. The back of the book features the melody and all verses together. It was a fun book to share at storytime. We sang the first verse together then the first line for every new verse.2017 storytime theme: Boo [...]

    10. This author makes books out of kids' songs (she adds lots of new verses) and most of them are really cute. I think this one is my favorite so far. Eden loves all these books and is always trying to get me to sing them to her.

    11. Picked this up at the thrift store for the boy who loves books that can be sung. We have a few of these books (Itsy Bitsy Spider and I'm a Little Tea Pot) by this author and this is by far the easiest one to sing new lyrics to the familiar tune.

    12. I love the details in Ms. Trapani's picture books, and this is another that I enjoyed from front cover to back. Favorite details include the name of the boat, the munching critters, fishing, drying out after the storm, and home again before the sun sets. I am such a fan!

    13. If you love to sing, these books by Iza Trapani are for you. We own a copy of I'm a Little Teapot. Trapani adds many, many, MANY verses to popular nursery rhymes, turning them in to a story. Until you get very, very, very tired of singing. Very tired.

    14. Another fantastic adaptation by Trapani. Fun illustrations with lots of little details, and great additional verses to some of our favourite songs. My daughter loves books we can sing and this was a definite hit!

    15. The illustration of this book was super cute and it had fun rhyming words that children can repeat. At the end of the book, there was a song that aligned with a story. So, I will sing that song as a follow-up activity.

    16. This is a good singing book that has lovely illustrations to go along with the expanded story of a bear family and their day of rowing the boat. My son giggled his way through the book as we sang to him. Overall, an enjoyable book.

    17. A new, expanded take on an old song. Okay, not so new because the book is about 17-years-old. Join a bear family for an adventure day spent on the water. They encounter numerous obstacles and get into a lot of scrapes. Fun pictures, an entertaining story, and enjoyable to read (or sing) aloud.

    18. This take on the children's song is adorable. I sang the entire book in story time and the kids liked it very much. Illustrations add humor to the song book as you watch what one bear family goes through on their boat ride.

    19. A fun book. There are many new verses to an old song that I either didn't know about (or perhaps the author came up with them all).

    20. A fun sing-along book of the classic children's song, expanded with multiple verses to describe the journey of a bear family rowing down a river.

    21. This sweet and funny book starts off with the familiar Row Row Row Your Boat song, then changes the lyrics several times to depict the Bear Family's adventures. Quite original!

    22. This is more of a sing along. It even has the notes at the end. The illustration are very cute. It's also funny that bears have pet dogs. The kids in pre-K loved to sing along with this book

    23. My kids love these books because they're "singing books" and I sing them to them. My kids laughed at this one because the bear family comes into several obstacles with their rowing adventure.

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