The Shattered Crown Heroes must riseThe King is dead His daughter untested and alone now wears the Steel Crown And a vast horde is steadily carving a bloody road south hell bent on razing Steelhaven to the groundor th

  • Title: The Shattered Crown
  • Author: RichardFord
  • ISBN: 9780755394067
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heroes must riseThe King is dead His daughter, untested and alone, now wears the Steel Crown And a vast horde is steadily carving a bloody road south, hell bent on razing Steelhaven to the groundor the city will fall Before the city faces the terror that approaches, it must crush the danger already lurking within its walls But will the cost of victory be as devasHeroes must riseThe King is dead His daughter, untested and alone, now wears the Steel Crown And a vast horde is steadily carving a bloody road south, hell bent on razing Steelhaven to the groundor the city will fall Before the city faces the terror that approaches, it must crush the danger already lurking within its walls But will the cost of victory be as devastating as that of defeat

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    One thought on “The Shattered Crown”

    1. Without doubt, one of the best book 2's I have ever had the enjoyment of reading. This has become a wonderful series and one that I am enjoying immensely. Whilst I found book one a little slow in the beginning, all of that world and character building is starting to pay off as the story begins to develop into a fascinating adventure.This book has a lot of what I like in my fantasy, great character building and then development, a rich over view of the world, some political intrigue, twisted sub [...]

    2. Honestly one of the best book 2s you ever read. None of the filler we normally get to move us on too book 3l of the characters are maturing into likeable interesting peoplee tension is measured and we kept interested and guessing till the end, starting to wonder if its a 3 book series or more with all the new plotlines and new characters inserted its a must read the same as the first book.

    3. 2,5/5Segunda parte a remolque de la predecesora que, en mi opinión, empobrece el global de la trilogía, y que si no se lleva peor valoración es debido al interés suscitado por el desenlace en el tercer y último libro. Paradójicamente, esto hace que las ganas de completar la saga (y las de asesinar) aumenten.Reseña completa:libros-prohibidos/rich

    4. Writing 4/5Imagination 4/5Plot 5/5Setting 4/5Characters 5/5My Overall Enjoyment 5/5"Many more deaths." is how this second book in the Steelhaven series ends, and how appropriate for a book that makes you crave to find out more about it's excellent cast of characters. This is one of the best books I have read this year, and one of the best in the grimdark genre. The author accomplishes more in 400 pages than many do in twice as many. Richard Ford has become one of my favorite authors with this bo [...]

    5. Herald of the Storm was a surprise hit of 2013 with its mixing of the familiar with a somewhat outrageous twisting of it in the various story-lines that follow the multiple (and wonderfully diverse in all ways) cast. I was wondering a little if that was a one time trick only as there is a clear logic to the "usual" fantasy storyline (whether new gritty and ambiguous or older traditional with clear sides) and what reads new in a first series novel can look gimmicky and become tired fast in a seco [...]

    6. Richard Ford has crafted the best book 2 of a series I have read in a long time. My disappointment at having to read a paperback aside, I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to book three. The character development is excellent. It's action packed from beginning to end. "The Shattered Crown", like I said, is the best book 2 in a long time.Let's see if John Gwynne's "Valour" beats it. Shall we?

    7. A very good follow up. Some good character work and a good pace. Recommended - full review coming closer to publication date.

    8. Originally posted at: thebookplank/2014A short while ago I read Richard Ford's first book in the Steelhaven series, Herald of the Storm, this strong character driven book won me over from the start and got me quite eager for the sequel. Richard Ford managed to create an interesting "grimdark" fantasy setting and just as the title of the book, Richard Ford heralded a storm, a storm so powerful that only leaves one question remaining, will Steelhaven survive?Just a not up front, The Shattered Crow [...]

    9. I suppose its something you have to accept when you're on a publishers mailing list, getting a book that is part of a series or trilogy. I know of Richard Ford - members of the same forum - and I know of Klutus his first novel. But until I received The Shattered Crown in the post I'd never heard of the Steelhaven trilogy. But even so I still decided to give it a go without any foreknowledge.Its the mark of a good author that you can pick up the middle book of a trilogy and not feel lost. Even th [...]

    10. c2014: FWFTB: daughter, untested, Sentinels, Wyvern, hammer. Sometimes, the second book in a series does not live up to the first and this must play on the minds of the relevant authors and publishers. Not so in this case. It's another great instalment with a few unexpected plot elements. The only reason that I did not do a fab five star is that there was no map and - even worse- not even a hint as to what has happened before. I am not sure why this is constantly allowed to happen. Perhaps it is [...]

    11. Mon avis complet : leblogdeptitelfe/2016/1En quelques mots, le tome 2 d'Havrefer ressere les liens entre les personnages rencontrés précédemment. On découvre de nouvelles trahisons, des complots visant à assassiner la Reine Janessa, et on voit l'ombre de l'armée d'Amon Thuga se refermer autour de la cité portuaire. J'ai trouvé qu'il y avait vraiment beaucoup de révélations dans ce tome, la multinarration aide à se plonger encore plus facilement dans cet univers, et l'écriture de Rich [...]

    12. Good series with interesting chars, not so many point of views in the second installment an a increase in pace was very beneficial to the story. Epic fantasy about a besieged city of the more gritty and grim variant. Thanks to grimdark-fantasy-readersp for pointing this one out :)

    13. 4.5*Pensé que en esta segunda parte iba a haber más acción (guerra), pero fue más un libro para llegar a ella y no me quejo. Lo que sí hubo fue una evolución tremenda de los personajes, mis favoritos (Nobul y Kaira) demostraron lo que valían, se hicieron más fuertes y se volvieron indispensables para la historia; a los que detestaba (Rag y Janessa) los seguí detestando, pero evolucionaron y maduraron, lo que agradecí con el alma porque comenzaba a cansarme de ellas; los demás (Waylian [...]

    14. Last year I was quite taken with Herald of the Storm, the first book in the Steelhaven trilogy, so I was very much looking forward to this second instalment called The Shattered Crown. I liked the setting, the tone of the first novel, and the fact that there were many different flavours of type of story in the book. On the other hand I had some difficulties with the pacing and some of the characters. I was hoping that Ford would improve on the points I found lacking and keep everything I liked. [...]

    15. ¡¡¡Cuidado¡¡¡Si no has leído el anterior¡¡¡¡¡francisforcoppolaEn Steelhaven todo ha cambiado desde que comenzamos con esta maravillosa aventura épica.Ahora Janessa es la reina y debe anteponer a su amor su propio reino. Deberá entablar relaciones con comerciantes, empresarios y otros señores que llenen sus arcas para la batalla que se acerca. Las hordas del sur cada vez están más cerca y el Gremio de ladrones de Steelhaven va a hacer todo lo posible para acabar con la Corona de [...]

    16. A fine instalment of the Steelhaven trilogy. After the "heralding" of book one, this sequel ramps up the pressure and the atmosphere. Ford is very strong on plot; whilst his characters sometimes seem familiar, recognisable fantasy mainstreams this is not really a weakness as they do not always stick to the rules and do what you might expect. There is barely time to gather breath as hectic yet finely crafted events come thick and fast. By the conclusion it's all set up nicely for the final novel [...]

    17. While this is a 5-star book, this is a very difficult book to review, which is often the case for any book 2 in a trilogy, but even more so when the trilogy is clearly more like one long book instead of 3 separate books. There's not really much to say here that's different from my review of book 1, but it bears mentioning that by this point I love every single character. At first I wasn't sure about the introduction of Regulus, a new character viewpoint, but I quickly enjoyed his storyline as we [...]

    18. Just like its predecessorok 2 of the Steelhaven series is alive with action. We delve a little deeper into the souls of our favorite characters, are introduced to new magics and new creatures with a unique point of view and even a little insight into the threat looming on the horizon. Mr Ford continues to impress with well-written, strong, female characters whose vulnerability is well balanced with their fortitude. Can't wait to start the next one.

    19. Moves on from book one, which introduced you to the multiple characters and builds on that with aplomb, although, the story is central throughout, the development of each character is compelling and stages you in. An absolute must read for fantasy lovers.

    20. Well. it's hard to give a fair rating when I downside of a book is finishing and feeling the book was too short. I'm very impressed with this series, the characters are a great mix of a likeable motley crew facing impossible odds.

    21. nyx-shadow/2016/11/havJe reconnais que j'ai eu un peu de mal avec les premières pagespuis je me suis retrouvée happée par l'histoire et j'ai dévoré la fin !

    22. Something is clearly wrong with me, as I have rated this a five. Original - no. Enjoyable - hell, yes.

    23. The epitome of character driven storytelling. Many characters are placed in different settings and from the turn of events they connect and become tied by one purpose.

    24. This book was so much better than the first book in the series. It was truly epic and a fantastic read.

    25. Chronique tirée de mon blog : Je dois avouer que j'ai eu un peu de mal à me remettre dans le livre au début, mais après quelques dizaines de pages je suis vraiment rentré dedans et je n'ai plus lâché jusqu'au bout.Bon, si vous lisez ce second tome c'est que vous avez au minimum apprécié le premier (normalement), donc vous ne serez pas déçu par celui ci. Il reprend exactement les même codes et le même ton, et continue l’aventure de nos personnages.Les liens entre les personnages se [...]

    26. Ayant lu le premier tome il y a de ça un bon moment, j'ai mis quelques pages à redémarrer la machine qui me sert de cerveau. Et par reconnaître les personnages découverts dans la première partie. L'histoire se poursuit donc avec l'approche de l'invasion des Khurtas de plus en plus imminente. Havrefer subit en plus de cela, un début de famine et la nourriture est rationnée. La division des manteaux verts doit faire face aux émeutes. Les sentinelles à la mauvaise morale des mercenaires q [...]

    27. If you're reading book two of this series then - like me - you probably enjoyed book one Herald of the storm. Overall, you'll not be disappointed here, book two has almost everything that made book one so great. Brilliant characters, plot and world building as expected. There's also a new main character: Regulus; a talented and ferocious warrior from a southern tribe, who along with a small group of loyal fighters has been exiled from his homeland after a coup and has come North to try and help [...]

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