The Stories We Tell How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth The average American watches hours of TV every day Collectively we spend roughly billion on movies each year Simply put we re entertainment junkies But can we learn something from our insatiabl

  • Title: The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth
  • Author: Mike Cosper Timothy J. Keller Collin Hansen
  • ISBN: 9781433537080
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • The average American watches 5 hours of TV every day.Collectively, we spend roughly 30 billion on movies each year.Simply put, we re entertainment junkies But can we learn something from our insatiable addiction to stories Mike Cosper thinks so.From horror flicks to rom coms, the tales we tell and the myths we weave inevitably echo the narrative underlying all of historThe average American watches 5 hours of TV every day.Collectively, we spend roughly 30 billion on movies each year.Simply put, we re entertainment junkies But can we learn something from our insatiable addiction to stories Mike Cosper thinks so.From horror flicks to rom coms, the tales we tell and the myths we weave inevitably echo the narrative underlying all of history the story of humanity s tragic sin and God s triumphant salvation This entertaining book connects the dots between the stories we tell and the one great Story helping us better understand the longings of the human heart and thoughtfully engage with the movies and TV shows that capture our imaginations.

    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth - by Mike Cosper Timothy J. Keller Collin Hansen ✓
      101 Mike Cosper Timothy J. Keller Collin Hansen
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    One thought on “The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth”

    1. Every culture has its stories. Our Western culture’s stories are, more and more, presented in movie form. So, for us and our children to engage the culture, we need to consider movies, both the ones we watch and the ones we don’t watch.However, because we Christians are part of God’s much greater culture, we also need to understand our culture’s stories in the light of God’s truth. This is especially important because the emotions involved in stories often allow an author’s ideas to [...]

    2. In “The Stories We Tell”, Mike Cosper looks at major biblical themes and translates them through the lenses of current television and movies. The book is not a guide to what shows echo specific themes such as the fall or creation. What it does is seek to guide the reader towards viewing these programs with an eye towards recognizing the human story and condition in the art we consume on a daily basis.I enjoyed reading Cosper’s connections between television shows and movies to the major th [...]

    3. Fascinating exploration of how the BIG story that we're living in is expressed in television and movies. Cosper is not saying that all culture is redemptive, no, instead he's saying that cultural products can't escape telling stories that yearn for and echo the True Story, no matter how twisted or diminished they are.Cosper writes about many shows that I couldn't watch in good conscience and also wish that had never been produced, but he sees them with a clear biblical lens. I profited from ever [...]

    4. My hubby teaches a worldviews class at a Christian high school and uses movies to show what the different "isms" look like in our culture. Because movies are the primary vehicle for philosophies to reach the general public today, we are movie nerds. We watch all the special features and are familiar with directors, producers, and film companies. We also read a lot of books on movies and the movie-making process. Cosper did a good job of putting the love of movies thru the grid of faith. Looking [...]

    5. Pastor Cosper has tied the tales of TV and cinema together with mankind's longing for redemption. He has done it admirably. Stories of creation and fall and salvation and future glory are woven into the fabric of the movies and television we watch. I don't watch TV nor go to many movies but I knew the characters Cosper describes and the plots he summarizes. I believe he is fair with the facts and personal with his application. (His own life being affected.) This book is a window into our culture [...]

    6. I adored this book and found myself underlining/highlighting like a crazy woman, making numerous connections to literature that also echoes the Truth of Scripture. Cosper uses engaging examples that help TV and movie lovers see that all truth is God's truth and the grandest story of all is the Creation/Fall/Redemption story.

    7. A good book overall. The basic premise is that traces of the biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation, can be found in every story we tell. A bit repetitive at times in illustrating that point, but still interesting overall.

    8. Let me first say this: if you're looking for a book about what a Christian should and should not watch, this is NOT that book. If you're looking for a book that will challenge you to actually engage and interact with the shows and films you entertain yourself with, you're in the right spot.I may be giving this book an extra star but I really enjoyed, and was challenged, by Cosper's writing. Regardless if the shows he used for parallels were "Christian-okay", he does a great job of highlighting h [...]

    9. I read this book alongside a similar book, Grant Horner's Meaning at the Movies. Both books compare and contrast movies with themes from the Bible, arguing that every human being, whether they realize it or not, has an inborn yearning for God, who is best known through the Christian gospel. Cosper focuses on similarities, while Horner focuses on differences (one of Horner's major arguments is that although we know the truth about God deep down, we consciously or subconsciously suppress it, and t [...]

    10. Very approachable and easy to read. Mike echoed the kind of ideas that I've had since I was a little kid. That all stories and narrative are broken fragments of what's made whole in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved how he used most of my favorite tv shows and movies as references to explain my great God and how I can see God in the TV and Movies that I watch. But also that that doesn't mean that I have a license to watch whatever I want.

    11. Hugh help in appreciating modern film and tvLots of good commentary on what makes good art, primarily in film and literature. Since I have a hard time understanding literary works, this book was helpful to me in seeing what is behind the words. I am used to technical writing and needed this help!

    12. I loved this book! It's amazing how the stories shared in the movies and television shows echo the gospel.

    13. Good read but not highly benefical I enjoyed the book and his enlightenment on symbolism. Not necessary to read to really grow, but still fun to read.

    14. This is one of the better books of this genre. That is, showing how examples of popular entertainment point to the greatest human longings.

    15. I primarily enjoyed this book, because this is exactly what goes through my mind anytime I watch movies or TV shows. Movies and TV have always been the best way to 'take a temperature' on the 'state of the culture'. It's hard to say if we reflect our entertainment or if our entertainment reflects, but no matter how symbiotic that relationship is, entertainment is a window into the soul of our culture. The most intriguing part about entertainment is that you not only witness the depravity you exp [...]

    16. Read my full review here.The art we consume says something about us, the lives we live, the ideas that drive us, and the beliefs that make up the fabric of our lives. We love stories that resonate with human experience and our deep longings.The Christian faith also describes human experience by explaining that we are sinful people living in a fallen world with a hunger for a something greater and redemption after our lives here are done.Mike Cosper’s new book called The Stories We Tell: How TV [...]

    17. Straightforward and clear writing style. Simple yet profound and I think that's because the entire book points to the gospel which is also completely unique, profound, and simple. He's somehow both unapologetically passionate about what he thinks while still humbly admitting his ideas are not the end-all and be-all. An enjoyable quick read that's well worth the time.*edit*I recently remembered this quote by J.R.R. Tolkien which reveals a similar perspective on this topic:"We have come from God, [...]

    18. If you like interesting, insightful, spoiler-filled, and sometimes eloquent discussions of Mad Men, Superman, and Honey Boo Boo, this book is for you.

    19. To start, I am very glad that I have not watched half of the movies/tv shows that are used as reference in this book. A lot of them I hadn't ever even heard of. Some sound down-right terrible. Depressing, disgusting, or just not like what I would find to be good entertainment. But there are some that I have heard of, have watched and have enjoyed. After reading the book by Jerram Barrs about literature echoing Eden (truth, beauty, goodness), I thought this might be an interesting read.The writin [...]

    20. Who doesn't love a good story? It's a human love, conditioned into our minds, used to spellbind children and pass along cultural messages and eternal truths since the beginning of time. Jesus was the master storyteller in his day, often using well-crafted parables to teach important lessons. In the first century world, the dominating stories were those told verbally. As time wore on, the stories got transcribed to paper and bound in books. For hundreds of years after that, the written word was t [...]

    21. The Stories We Tell by Mike Cosper is a look at how human mythology reminds us of our need for grace and redemption. Unlike a great academic treatise, though, Cosper does spend gallons of ink on obscure myths or distant stories. Instead, he goes to the American Myth Machine: TV and Movies. These are our stories, after all, truly the places where America developed a culture different from anywhere else, and then began to export it. This is a book that sit on the fence about. First of all, I am hi [...]

    22. Chances are, you most likely would spend at least some times watching television or movie every week. The approach that christians often take in respond to this are usually asking what can I watch or not watch? What is right or wrong about this film/video? It seems as though Christians thinks that the shows and movies tell us nothing more than that.Mike Cosper thinks otherwise and wants to show christians that movies and television does tell stories, stories that christians can easily resonate w [...]

    23. Really enjoyed this book. Learned a lot about TV shows and movies I've never watched—or care to watch, really. Again and again Cosper shows how the stories we tell reflect—to greater or lesser degree—the grand story of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. There are echoes of Eden all around us. And this books helps us hear them well.Here are some great quotes:“The world is like a faded beauty who looks in the mirror remembering her youth, mourning the long-gone glory of Eden. Sh [...]

    24. What do Dexter, Pulp Fiction and Honey Boo Boo have in common? They all fill our desire for entertainment while, also revealing our need for redemption.By examining movies and television, Mike Cosper demonstrates that every story we tell is longing for the truth of the gospel in his new book, The Stories We Tell.Cosper goes into great detail of certain characters and plots from movies and TV shows, revealing how each one points to one of the four main gospel implications: Creation, Fall, Redempt [...]

    25. I have often found great joy in noticing Christian themes in movies that didn’t intend to have any. I think the best stories resonate with us because they have captured a tiny amount of the real and true Story written by God. Even men who hate the Lord can’t escape that His stories are the best stories. They try and try, but in the end the tales of friendship, love lost and regained, redemption, self-sacrifice, family, saving, good winning over evil are what resounds with the every-man. From [...]

    26. I'm not much of a TV watcher, and never have been. Occasionally I'll get wrapped up in a show though. ER was my go-to choice for many years. Currently The Walking Dead and Parenthood are two of my favorites, along with watching the current Superhero conglomerate of shows with my youngest boy (Gotham, Arrow, The Flash).But, even if I'm not huge into TV and for the most part it is turned "Off" at our house, I am not unaware of it and it's impact on society. I'll occasionally catch episodes of a mi [...]

    27. Absolutely brilliant book. I didn't connect with every single thing, but it was a fantastic read overall. Cosper does a great job in really helping you find echoes and traces of the scripture and the Gospel throughout many popular T.V shows and movies, and helps you learn to spot these traces in whatever you watch. Cosper seems to have similar tastes to me, so maybe that helped. Touching on Seinfield, LOST, The Wire, X-Files, Tarintino flicks, Mad Men, Arrested Development, and many others was g [...]

    28. I have an obsessive compulsion for reading books /about/ stories, their Pysch, and how they intersect with the Christian Worldview. I've read several about the ethics of storytelling, the criteria for a good story, and how to evaluate worldview in stories but "The Stories We Tell" provided a new angle for me. It looks at the stories our culture has already created and asks, "why are they telling these stories?"Most of the films and TV shows the author discussed in great detail are not films I ha [...]

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